Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gold Star Families and an important event....

Hoosier Army Mom mentions the following in her excellent post HERE: She's hoping someone in the media mentions it. Me, too.
This weekend in Washington DC, many of the families of our nation’s fallen troops, Gold Star family members, will converge on our nation’s capitol, for the “Weekend of Remembrance”. The Gold Star Dinner will be held at the Hilton in Washington DC in the evening of September 25th and the families will attend the “A Time of Remembrance” ceremony on the steps of the Capitol on September 26th.
She's hoping someone in the media mentions it. Me, too. She reminds us to keep them in your prayers. God Bless our soldiers, their families, and this great country.

Please weigh in below on the UN situation this eager to hear what you think of what Obama's doing to us. Europe and Canada are even saying he doesn't seem to be on our side. Thanks Z


Anonymous said...

My one hope for these families at this dinner, is that they are spared the appearance of President Obama.

They deserve this evening to be one of sincerity and true belief in our brave men and women.
They deserve a President who will do everything he can to enhance our military's ability to fight and win.
They deserve a President who will not stand in the way of as little risk to our troops as possible.
Finally, they deserve a President whose love for our troops is obvious.

They deserve to have President Bush address them.

God bless these families, every one. They are American heroes, and there is no amount of gratitude, which is sufficient.


shoprat said...

These represent the best of America. I hope they can achieve what they want and make the deaths of their loved ones meaningful to the world at large and to their country.

God bless them all forever.

heidianne jackson said...

i have family who's going to be there. i'm hoping the country gets informed, too.

Anonymous said...

My best wishes & thanks are directed to the Gold Star families for what they have given this nation. Our debt to them can never be repaid. I also hope, along with Pris, that O. is notable by his absence, but if there's a camera & a microphone----

Benjamin Natanyahu was magnificent yesterday, & I'm so glad that he is in office in Israel at such a precarious time for the world. It's stunning to think that the tiny country of Israel may turn out to be our best protection against the Iranian madman who would be well advised to remember the slogan of the Jews since the WW II: Never again.