Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mr. Z couldn't resist

Can you blame him?


Deborah on the Bayside said...


Anonymous said...

Are two pictures worth 2000 words? Yep!

It is irresistible Mr. Z.


shoprat said...

Birth certificate?

I want to see one that says he ever graduated from Kindergarten. That's about the level of his worldview.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if I can make a "hot" Link?

Mark Steyn

Z said...

thanks, Imp...Steyn nails it again.
Just another illustration of Obama throwing people under the bus.

Good point, Shoprat..

Girls? He's a PIP, my hubby! xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Imp. Steyn says it all. Amateur hour is back after a 30 year hiatus.

Same old same old. Nice to your adversaries and to hell with your friends. This, they call diplomacy.


DaBlade said...

I can almost hear Putin saying... "Barack, I am your father. Welcome to the dark side". Good one Mr. Z!

Z said...

I just watched a CSPAN Books presentation from March this year...A woman wrote a book about Gitmo .."The Least Worst Place".

Some old guy gets up and talks about the past administration as if it were filth personified..."and that alcoholic president".. We were "meanies" and how we're just yanking people out of Afghanistan to fill Gitmo.

You can't make this stuff up.

These old leftwinger hippies who never grow up... and it's so clear to see there are millions of Americans who think WE are worst than ANY other country or culture.....I sat there disbelieving, and I've known this for years, but the realization hits you hardest when you realize how in jeopardy the leftist teachings have been to our young people, too. They honestly believe WE are the WORST....Gitmo people are 'so innocent'..all of them are, RIGHT? :-) And they'd have stayed nice and friendly if only Rumsfeld hadn't insisted on capturing our enemies! DARN :-)

The Vegas Art Guy said...

My son has the same lightsaber, although it has seen plenty of use since last year for my birthday he got me a red one so we can have light saber duels.

Sue said...

What irony to find these two pictures this week.

Sad, but true. I wonder what Cheney thought after his back surgery when he heard what B.O. had done to our allies...

RightKlik said...

Now that's good!

I'm sending some twitter traffic your way.

Leo Pusateri said...

I wonder if this could be Obama's tank moment a la Mike Dukakis?

Z said...

Leo, welcome to GeeeZ...I'm thinking that he's had so many Dukakis moments that nothing will EVER stick to him :-) or should I say :-(?

Steve Harkonnen said...

I wish I could shove that big ol' blue lightsaber up his piehole.

Anonymous said...

At first, it looks as though Putin is preparing to lift a violin to his shoulder. {{{SHUDDER}}}

Quelle image!

Obama just looks like the adolescent he truly is playing Dungeons and Dragons while his grand plans to revolutionize health care by dint of his great personal magnetism and powers of persuasion swirl down the drain into the sewers of Oblivion.

Everyone makes fun of Obama's EARS, but haven't you noticed how much longer his NOSE appears to grow with each policy speech?

~ FreeThinke

Always On Watch said...

The photos show a contrast that couldn't be starker.

MK said...

That's a nice one Z.

Ducky's here said...

Let's see, Magic Missile gets scrapped in favor of a less expensive system that might be effective against the actual threat and that's considered "amateur hour".

Have you folks lost your capacity for rational thought?

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Duckling, you forgot about stabbing our allies in the back and not bothering to inform them until a couple of days later. And appeasement is a short term gain and a long term loss.

The Gray Headed Brother said...

Sure live it up, post those dumb assed pictures of the President..The fact remains that he IS the President, no matter what that clown Rush Limbaugh says.. Examine his background and credentials. He’s a loser with no more authority on any issue than the man on the moon. Why Limbaugh receives rent space at the public trough is a disgrace.

The truth is, Limbaugh in his death throes, scared to death and knows the truth, there is no one left to resurrect their evil doctrine under the fraudulent label of the Republican brand. Because the only people who gave the Republican’s credibility are all but dead belonging to my Father & Mother’s generation who lived through depression#1 and WW II.
Their history! There’s not enough left to do squat.
Bomb-throwers like Limbaugh, O’ Reilly, Beck etc to foment hate and fear mongering that served to discredit the Republican party and the values once represented.

The philosophical machine of the Republican party was co-opted by extremist Right Wing demagogues,( National Socialists Germany 1933-45 ) IE., Greenwood & his Christian Coalition mobilizing Christian voting blocs to stuff ballot boxes and change blue states in the south to red states. They adopted a political strategy to control Congress with Gingrich and the Contract with America beating the propaganda enterprise.

That’s history as the American electorate realized the destruction of the American fabric, once the envy of the world.

Best thing to happen to the Republican Party- abandon Limbaugh and the rest of those people that set out to brain wash the public from any association to their real values

Z said...

Truth isn't brain washing, but thanks, Grey Headed...and, don't look now, but Rush is going nowhere, unless your side forces him out because they finally have completely had it with someone getting the truth out there. As usual, the liberals want to CUT THE RIGHT OFF for speaking their minds..VERY patriotic, very American, huh? (hardly)

To suggest, for example, Rush is wrong for wishing Obama's plans to fail in this country is not unpatriotic, not racist, it's trying to protect this country FROM Obama. You can't understand that, but don't demean more than half of America for not agreeing with you.

Thanks for coming by.

The Gray Headed Brother said...

Hoz it feel not having your side in the White House?

It feels great too me.

Would you like some cheese with your whine?

Z said...

Grey Headed..Conservatives don't care who's in the WH as long as they understand America's constitution, love America and put her first...ALWAYS.

So far, no good. Thanks for coming by.

beamish said...

Lighten up, Grey Headed Bother.

We listened to y'all bitch and moan for 8 years.

You only gotta listen to us for 4.