Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pelosi lies...Pres. Obama in Israel? oops

Nancy Pelosi recently said that "Obama has been in Israel 'over and over again'".  The trouble is, he's never been since he was president......and only twice before that.

Daniel Halper has called attention to Nancy Pelosi's remarkable interview with Al Hunt on the topic of Barack Obama and Israel. I'd note one comment in particular: Pelosi's claim that President Obama "has been there [Israel] over and over again." 
obama and pelosi
William Kristol says:  Wow. I'm involved with the Emergency Committee for Israel. We have an ad up in several states calling attention to the fact that President Obama, who's been quite the world traveler, has never visited Israel as president. Did we make a terrible mistake? Were we unjust to President Obama? Do we have to pull down the ad?
No, no, and no. Contrary to Pelosi's apparent claim, President Obama hasn't been to Israel over and over again. He's never been as president, which is certainly what Pelosi implied. Well, maybe he visited Israel "over and over" before becoming president, and that's what Pelosi meant to say? No. When he was senator, Obama went on two trips to Israel, once with several other freshmen members of Congress, and then as a presidential candidate. And he'd never been interested enough in Israel to visit as a private citizen. So much for the notion that Obama's been "over and over again." 
So Pelosi is wrong, and the Emergency Committee is right. But Pelosi's resort to a whopper to try to reassure pro-Israel voters does suggest how worried Democrats must be about the reaction to Obama's attempt to create distance between his administration and Israel, as Obama's Israel policy gets more scrutiny.

By the way, did YOU know that Republican Jews are being 'exploited' by the Republicans?  Mrs. Pelosi says so, but she's very careful to add "and THEY'RE smart people!"    Ya, Nanc..as the old, sad saying goes ."some of your best friends are Jewish!" :-)  what a suck up.  Of course, 'they're smart people,' and I'm banking on their being smart enough to see through her.   HERE is that article.

Are Republican Jews being EXPLOITED?  And did Pelosi lie about Obama's trips to Israel?   Does that mean SHE'S trying to EXPLOIT people?    



Always On Watch said...

Nancy Pelosi recently said that "Obama has been in Israel 'over and over again'". The trouble is, he's never been since he was president......and only twice before that.


I think that the Botox has migrated to Pelosi's brain -- or something.

Right Truth said...

They will say anything, pass it off as truth, and their minions will believe and repeat it.

Right Truth

Silverfiddle said...

Pelosi is senile, or more likely, being a San Fran Sicko millionaire liberal, she's living in a hermetically-sealed bubble that protects her from reality.

Anonymous said...

These people lie so much they are not even aware when they are doing it.

Anonymous said...

My frustration is that these people, oops, I'm being racist, continually lie and are rarely called on it by the MSM. The Churchill bust lie is another in a long line. Even when they're caught they escape any scrutiny.

Just look at the verbiage Romney has been subjected to for telling the truth about the Olympics and the Palestinians. It's all very frustrating.

Lisa said...

the woman and the rest of ilk are trained in word-mince.
Notice How Al Hunt didn't flinch?
Yeah I caught that

Z said...

It's a huge lie and the msm doesn't care to broadcast it. We can only learn these things thru Conservative blogs...
FOX might carry something and it's "well, that's FOX, it can't be true!" Drudge, etc..."it can't be true!"
This is dangerous to not only honesty but to the psyche of liberals, as well. They not only buy that nothing conservative can be true, but they have no problem being complicit in the coverups.
That's not good for people.

L&0...I saw a lib at Silverfiddle's insisting that the Churchill bust never got returned to the Brits, even with someone providing many links confirming that it did (we all knew that, anyway, remember when it happened and the conservative press told the truth about that?)...

As for Romney, "disconcerting" at the preparedness not being in place for the Olympics. Oddly enough, the Brits were complaining about that in much stiffer terms before the Ceremonies...
AND CBS had the interview with Romney saying that but never ran with it UNTIL the Brits got overly sensitive, made a big fuss, and then our msm piled it on. He was right, of course, being thousands short in security people IS disconcerting when you're putting your life on the line by attending!

Lisa..Al Hunt LOVED it. I don't know how they can live with themselves, but this lie'd been said by a Republican, it would have been all hell to pay.

How do we correct or make tell the truth something as important as the media, that machine which informs Americans? I don't know.

How do journalism teachers live with themselves now that agenda has replaced WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHY??

Anonymous said...

Nancy what's her face is in La La land

Z said...

Darth, more like LIAR LAND.

And so's our media.

IMAGINE ANY Republican saying "We have to PASS the bill before you can know what's in it" and getting away with that?

But, I'm getting the impression that the ugliness of the Left will just keep hammering and hammering and most AMericans buy this stuff. It's very hard to have conservative values anymore...Allinsky set us up and we were sleeping.
Wait till the left wakes up and realizes what they have lost. wow.

thanks for coming by.

Bob said...

I have always thought that Nancy Pelosi was stupid. I might be right, but she does have some particular talents that make her a good leader. Since the Democrat Party doesn't have a clue when it comes to economics or foreign relations, she can make stuff up as she goes along, and nobody in her Party knows enough to call her on it.

It is like the stupid leading the stupid, or something like that.

Lisa said...

Z-well good news is they are getting called out on it more than ever now. On another good note I saw for the second time in 1 week a bumper sticker on 2 different cars "I DON'T BELIEVE THE LIBERAL MEDIA" I have to start carrying mine around with me so at least when I see them I can beep and show them my sticker/ I just don't want it on my car due to the nastiness of the left. Although once in a while I put on my magnetic one that says "Your Wallet-The only place the democrats want to drill"
I throw it on when I am in an obnoxious mood.

Z said...

Bob....she really is stupid but stupid like a fox.

Lisa...I love the drill sentiment and the other one.
Today, my ENT doc brought in two young students from some high school program for kids who are considering medicine...Of course, he was looking up my nose about the (incredible) nose bleed I had a few weeks ago, but I did have to say "Glad you're not a gynecologist" when I saw the students come in :-)

When I was leaving, they left the exam room, too, and I said "I hope you're praying Obama Care doesn't get going if you're considering medicine" The girl stopped and said "Ya, we were talking about just that thing today!"


Ed Bonderenka said...

Liberal Progressivism is a debilitating disease that slowly attacks the brain causing dementia.
Coincidentally, dementia is the root word for democrat.
I think.

Liberalmann said...

Obama visited Israel in 2008 as a candidate.

'As Romney Leaves Israel, Israeli leaders Praise Obama;


Anonymous said...

That he visited as a candidate isn't the point. As president he's made it clear that he's not a friend of Israel. The point is that he's sold out Israel. I'm sure that's going to gain him respect with our many other friends in the Middle East.

Ticker said...

Her brain, what little she had, is so soaked with booze that she wouldn't know chit from shinonla.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I must say, I can't fathom the article that Lib pointed to.
It strikes a cognitive dissonance.
This from Haaretz:
"This is the root of the loathing and anger that the current government and the man who heads it feel toward Obama. One could overlook an American president embarking on a campaign of reconciliation with the Muslim world. "
"Despite his rocky relationship with Israel and with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu,"

Z said...

L&O..that's right, sadly.
Obama's been to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etcetc...not Israel.

I loved Pelosi saying "OVER AND OVER AGAIN" (twice) and never as president :-)


Ed, I know. but the left feels like the louder they say it, the more we'll believe it!
I'll never forget when Obama kept Netanyahu waiting while he had dinner...it was horrifying.
Obama forgets this isn't Chicago thuggery about someone you don't like...you have to suck it up and represent the people.

Lisa said...

Z glad the kids are thinking. Sorry about your nosebleed. My neighbor is dealing with the same thing. She has bad sinuses and is on way too much medication for it if you ask me.
Did you get a prognosis? If you don't mind my asking.
Why anyone would want to be a doctor today is beyond me. Specialists will be limited and doctors will no longer be calling the shots for their patients when they have to start following protocol.
Too bad so many people are unawre of how this is going to be.They think it's going to be sooooo wonderful.

Liberalmann said...

Well then try this on for size:

Israeli leaders praise Obama (video)


Ed Bonderenka said...

Lib: I didn't say I don't believe you. I just can't corelate that with other media sources.

Liberalmann said...

Well, it's is own words.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Z: I referenced this on Bennett: