Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Faith Blog

Today, it occurred to me to say that I am so grateful that our blogs provide us with a place where old and new 'friends'  support us in our love of the Constitution and the importance of following it, in our pride in America as we celebrate her great achievements and as we work toward making her even better, who admire and support our military, believe in true religious freedom, who support the idea that helping others should come from our hearts and not from secular laws, who believe we were all better off when there was a healthy respect for morality and life, who believe in strong and God-inspired families.

"Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another."  Proverbs 27:17 ESV
Have a terrific Sunday.......find a whole bunch of stuff to be grateful for.  I'm sure they're there!

Thanks, everybody,



sue hanes said...

Z - I like what you said in the paragraph above. A good description of what America should be like.

Have a great Sunday.

Z said...

Sue, thanks.
Don't you think we need folks in every walk of life, particularly in the pulic eye, to emphasize those descriptions and not quite the opposite? This is why I have to turn from your favorite Bill Maher. Do you see what I've always tried to say?
I hope you have a really great Sunday, too. Thanks for always coming by on Sundays!

Anonymous said...

I feel certain that America will one day become just as you’ve described ... the description of America that Sue Hanes endorses. Just as soon as all conservatives sit down, shut up, and do as they are told.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Anon: Not knowing who you are, have a history of your positions, it's hard to interpret what you mean.
If your last phrase is sarcastic, I don't get it.
If not, how do you see that as a solution?

Impertinent said...


It's a riddle ED!

Impertinent said...


Excellent sentiments and statement...I think that's a fact ... and wouldn't we all be better off if more of our PC addled "leaders" adopted such a philosophy and stand?

Ed Bonderenka said...

Imp, I like Z's premise that our commenting here helps us sharpen each other for the battle.
Even if we have disagreements among ourselves.

Ducky's here said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Z said...

I'm deleting what people believe they've written as insults from now on.

Big changes happening to GeeeZ in the very near future if I can figure out HOW. Stay tuned. I won't be talking about it till the day it happens, so I'll let you know then.

But, I do want to ask if any of you see my post as a post from an evangelical. I consider that a huge compliment, but know it was meant with bitterness that signifies such hate I pity the writer.
Also, I think all good Catholics don't besmirch any mention of God, isn't that true?

Ed, I don't quite get that from Anon, either...
We Conservatives would read "shut up and do as they are told" as a tongue in cheek joke because it used to be THE most un-American thing going, but considering the rest of Anon's comment, considering profs in universities, Pelosi, Reid, etc.., it could actually be meant. wow

Imp; not sure what you think is a 'riddle'? If you mean 'hard to figure that comment out,' you're so right!

Ed, the battle has already become worse only now in early June with only a midterm election coming, so it's going to be a wave of leftwing hate like we've never seen on the blogs...or anywhere else.
They KNOW they're winning but I think there are some cracks showing and they're scared to DEATH the wussification and economic breakdown of our country hasn't yet reached the point where 'government will provide..' and, you know what, Ed? None of our libs here has ever suggested where that money's coming from other than from rightwing rich people, never mind that stats show there are a lot more leftwing rich! (a deep, well kept secret almost as good as "germans don't pay for health care"! I love that one!) !

Bob said...

Good article, great message Z. Thanks.

I don't understand why you want to delete insults from comments as long as there is no profanity. For example, I might want to call Ducky confused or any of several names, and my genius comment would be summarily erased. Now, if he were to call me a name, chance are he would not use profanity and I think it should be allowed.

The big problem is the use of the words like idiot, moron, stupid, or dumb. They all might fit one of your commenters, but part of debating liberals is controlling the use of these words.

One could substitute words that describe a tormentor having the IQ of a banana peel, or an IQ that was at the level of concrete. This can be done artistically, and all in good fun.

Impertinent said...


"use of the words like idiot, moron, stupid, or dumb.."

Considering that there are more vile substitutes, I'm fine with those as they show some restraint. Why limit the passion some might want to express from time to time. Some comments are idiotic, moronic, stupid or dumb..IMO!

This PC could really go too far, I'm afraid. Just sayin' my 2 cents.

Z said...

Bob and Imp; neither of you read the comment I deleted or quite know the history, did you.

And, I don't think profanity is anything to do with "PC". It's my blog, I can swear in person and often do, but I don't want my blog to become any less than any of my friends' blogs are; and there isn't ANY of that there. That's all I expect.

And, by the way, 'idiot, moron, stupid, dumb'...have you EVER seen me delete for those words EVER?

Lots of criticism lately; I'm done with it.

Impertinent said...


No I haven't...and I was reminding Bob of all. There was no criticism of you intended.

I know who's blog it is...always have.

Sparky said...

@Z ~ As the young people say, "What you said!" and an Amen from this corner. I have true hope for our country. As long as their are Christians in the world (and there will be until The Rapture), God is still in control. We'll just keep fighting evil and trying to vote for people we pray will do the right thing.
Y'all have a peaceful, happy Sunday. Keep up the good work! ~:)

Ed Bonderenka said...

I'm with Bob on civility.
Bob, were you adopted?
You could be Rita, CPC, and my brother! Still could.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Phone autochanged CnC to CpC. Man.

Bob said...

"Bob, were you adopted?"

No. My mother had so many kids that when I came along, she thought I was a tumor. I was the neglected one.

Geeeez, Z. I was only funnin'.

Baysider said...

Z, I just finished reading Darlene Deibler-Roses' book that you blogged on recently. This followed Wild Swans (warlord and Maoist China) and the Orientalist (Bolshevik Russia and Nazi Berlin). Revolutionary Berlin of the early 20's was a place where 'all moral restraint seems to have melted away.' God help us when functional legal structure is upended.

70 years of intense, physical, emotional and spiritual battering encircling the globe. Every step I've taken today I can be grateful for the treasure our forefathers gave to us.

Z said...

Baysider, the Darlene Diebler book was just what I needed just when I needed it.
This happens to me often; a kind of miracle I can't talk about happened today, and I'm not quite through taking it in. God is powerful and observant AND, as C S Lewis said, can be "LOUD"! :=)

Bob and Imp....
I'm kind of sick of blogging and don't much like what's been happening here suddenly....I've just never quite seen the kind of rancor or nastiness anywhere else (but lib blogs) as I have here and that's not what I built geeeZ for; NOT SAYING that has anything to do with YOU GUYS...BELIEVE ME, NOT AT ALL!! but I'm getting more sensitive than I usually am and so something has to change. ..I'm feeling better just thinking about it!!! Took a LONG TIME but I'm ready.

I'll let you know when I know.

Rita said...

Sadly, I think that is their purpose Z. To get you sick of blogging because you are a class act. Obviously several months ago some Internet trolls decided to bombard your blog with fake posts and repeating comments from lousy blogs not worth mentioning.

I know I couldn't do what you do. You have run a first class act here. One of the reasons I keep my blog largely away from politics. I couldn't stand having idiots making inane comments. You have managed to handle it quite well.

OT. Ed, do we have another brother? Man, our family is getting crowded. Maybe we should all apply for food stamps.

Z said...

Rita, it's been FAR FAR worse than this; and those jerks didn't bug me that much, though you're right; what a waste of time! Plus, I knew where most were coming from, so....consider the source, right!?
No...It's something else I can't put my finger on, but I appreciate your encouragement.
I REALLY appreciate your kindness.

Am working on the next phase of GeeeeZ but it's tougher than I thought it would be.

Stay tuned! XXX

Bob said...

"Am working on the next phase of GeeeeZ "

That's encouraging. I am not sure what a next phase would look like, but you have enough regulars to put some ads on the blog. Of course, I would be very pleased if you did a WordPress blog, but I won't hold my breath on that one.

Good luck. If I can be of any help please email me.

Kid said...

Just a note to the libards. Your words Might carry a little more weight if you weren't demanding that conservatives a Pay Your Way through life. Therefore you need Conservatives and Conservatives would be much better off without you.

For 10 points, which group is walking the high ground?

Your welcome not.

Kid said...

Ed, sharpen ourselves. I like that. I've gotten much of my schtick from others over the years one way or the other. Of course my 160+ IQ doesn't hurt either.

Kid said...

Bob, just read your comment. heh

Kid said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kid said...

too many errors...

he internet does need more general functionality. For example, I'd love to be able to filter things out on my news page just as I'm able to filter things in. Why can't I eliminate anything that mentions kardashian for example. Ad revenue? I don't think there would be any appreciable effect regards this. In fact, I think filter out functionality in concert with data mining by the purely evil marketing people, would actually be beneficial to them.

In this case, filter out used for various posters would be great. Years ago on the yahoo stock message boards you could put someone on Ignore, and voila, you no longer saw that person's posts.

Come on Blogger, let's add some much needed functionality, that in this case was available Years ago.

Z said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Z said...

I hope to be up tomorrow :-)
Mustang's helping me but I SURE appreciate the offer!