Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A sloppy White House?

Last night on television, FOX was discussing a woman who'd written to Obama, crying with joy that she could finally afford health care.  He read that letter at some occasion, obviously using it as a great example of the ACA.  Later, she found out the premiums were double what she thought and there was no way she could afford it and she'll be paying the fine instead.  She was very upset that she'd been used in this manner.  Obviously, Obama couldn't have known she'd made an error but I like to think he'd have his people check for sure before he makes yet another supposed misspeak.

My astonishment came when Alan Colmes said "there are anecdotal stories one can find on both sides of the ACA issue.........."    The interviewer had to remind him that it's a little different when THE PRESIDENT uses an incorrect "anecdotal story".

I'm thinking that the White House is so out of control with so many issues that it's getting sloppy.
Thankfully, they still have true believers like Colmes out there stumping for them, but could he be THAT obtuse?  

I think it will be sloppy, too, if Obama does write a letter to Afghanistan mentioning "mistakes" WE have made.   Do you?   I'm wondering just how far our international reputation's going to go down with this president.  THIS article says it's more a letter saying we won't abuse our powers there anymore by going into Afghan  homes, etc.   And it must acknowledge the "suffering of the Afghan people."

If you were a soldier who fought there, or a mother who lost her son there, or a child who lost her dad there, how would apologizing for mistakes go down with you?

How will Colmes spin this?



JonBerg said...

This is a direct quote and, yes, I have submitted it elsewhere but I feel that its relevance fits here, as well.

From NEWSMAX yesterday:

"Just one year after President Barack Obama roundly defeated Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election, a new poll has found that a rematch today would put Romney in the Oval Office.

According to a Washington Post-ABC News poll of 1,006 adults conducted Nov. 14-17, 49 percent would back Romney compared to 45 percent who would support Obama, a flip in the 4-point popular vote loss Romney had in 2012.

The results reflect just how much support the president has lost as a result of the Obamacare debacle which has undermined public confidence in both the president and the viability of the new healthcare law.

The survey also indicates that Obama's biggest loss of support comes from women, the young, the less-educated, the poor, and among liberals.

In 2012, the president beat Romney among women voters by 11 points, but if the election were today, he would lead by only 1 point. His support among young voters has dropped from 18 percent to 2 percent since the election last year, while those with less than a college degree flipped from giving him a lead of 4 points to a deficit of 9 points.

Perhaps most surprising is that support among liberals for the president has dropped to 59 percent from 75 percent, with roughly 20 percent now saying they would vote for Romney if the election was held today.

The Post points out, however, that the survey findings cannot be definitive since there are other factors that affect the outcome of a race, including margin of error in polling and the fact that the Electoral College — not the popular vote — elects the president.

Nevertheless, an 8 point swing in the popular vote toward Romney would have given him an additional 125 electoral votes, allowing him to win the race by 331-207, or virtually the same margin as Obama's 332-206 win."

Too late now, hugh!

Mustang said...

I think Colmes typifies what is wrong with our politics; the man is so dishonest that he is unable to criticize his own party, his own boy in the White House. I am a conservative, but few people are more critical of George Bush than I am.

As for the supposed apology for blowing away “innocent civilians,” our dilemma is that we are unable to tell exactly who is a civilian, and who is an enemy insurgent. They all dress the same. So in the war zone, the safest bet is that anyone you see is trying to kill you. This is not something US policy created; it is a tactic that works for the landless jihadis.

But let me also say that I worry about a government capable of using drones and hellfire missiles to attack villages. Most assuredly, innocent persons are killed or seriously maimed in such attacks. My concern is that a government capable of using such weapons against goat herders will also not hesitate to use them against our own people. This, I feel, is a very real threat to American democracy. But that aside, we don’t owe the Afghan’s an apology until the Mohammedans start lining up to apologize for Daniel Pearl and hundreds of other individual acts of terror and murder perpetrated by those subscribing to the religion of peace. Still, I am not surprised that Barack Obama is more concerned about the feelings of Afghans than the American people. He is not, after all, culturally an American.

Your supposition is valid: the White House is out of control because the American people somehow imagined that a community organizer could be an effective chief executive. Idiots.

Anonymous said...

Sloppy ?
I could find lots of thing to say about it, sloppy would be the last .

Anonymous said...

Dave Miller

Interesting take... are you just as fed up with the mantra of "never forget" regarding the Holocaust?

Porter SalasberryNovember

What a stupid and typical LiberalSlime snotty remark.

And I agree!

Anonymous said...

Adrienne Saod

"I think he's criminally insane and in the midst of breakdown. His handlers better keep him very busy on the golf course and monitor everything that spills from his lips."

By God, I think she's got it!

Laughing at Stupid Things Liberals Say said...

Sloppy, Do Ya Think? Wait til y'all read this!
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Up to 40 percent of the technology needed to run the new Obamacare health insurance marketplace has not yet been built and will not be ready when insurance companies start sending in bills when coverage begins January 1, the project manager of told the U.S. Congress on Tuesday.

The missing "back-end" technology may not be ready until mid-January, Henry Chao, deputy chief information officer for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, told a House of Representatives oversight subcommittee.

If the business functions are not in place on time, it could create havoc with a system through which billions of dollars in federal tax money will flow to subsidize coverage for consumers who otherwise could not afford it, insurance industry officials said. The first payments are due in mid- to late January.

The disclosure added to an atmosphere of uncertainty that has engulfed President Barack Obama's signature domestic policy achievement since crashed soon after its October 1 launch.

The absence of the back-end technology behind healthcare marketplaces that have sprung up in all 50 states and the District of Columbia does not prevent consumers from enrolling for coverage through market portals such as

Administration officials said the technology was set aside in the run-up to Obamacare's October 1 rollout, so that CMS could concentrate on the consumer features of the troubled federal website,

Obama's Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act requires most Americans to be at least enrolled in health coverage by March 31 or pay a penalty.

It just keeps getting *BETTER AND BETTER*.....a half a system expected to run by a Half wit!
I actually do believe that Obama is stupid enough to run around touting his website even though he´s been told it´s rubbish. Obama is a profoundly stupid person.

Bottom Line: No matter how bad this gets or what he´s done, they won´t dare touch him because he´s black.

And the Progressives are still championing this monstrosity. Our president is a clown!!

IM Krabby said...


"My concern is that a government capable of using such weapons against goat herders will also not hesitate to use them against our own people."

And if he did he wouldn't be safe in a bunker or NORAD's center in Cheyene Mountain.

We'd burn the WH down...1780 all over again.

Duckys here said...

If you were a soldier who fought there, or a mother who lost her son there, or a child who lost her dad there, how would apologizing for mistakes go down with you?

Of course if you are an Afghan who has lost a relative for no good reason, well, your just one of the extra people.
Then how does no remorse, even the most superficial, go down?

Speak Up, Or Shut Up! said...

In regard to these "Knockout...Hate Crimes”

If your Great, Great Grandfather killed my Great, Great Grandfather , does that give me the right to kill you?

How long will people alive today accept that blacks have a right to payback and revenge? The answer is not long.

"Tis a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing" Shakespere knew liberals

George Zimmerman said...

George Zimmerman was innocent, Trayvon Martin was guilty!

Duckys here said...

Radical Redneck just will not stop.

Anonymous said...

From Z of GEEEZ: Lots of deletions today? They must have been quite some comments!??

Ducky, we have remorse whenever an innocent person is killed. NOBODY is 'extra'. In contrast, it is the aim of Al Qaeda and other muslim terrorists to get the biggest collateral damage possible; I think you realize that.
Again, instead of going to attacks on my ethics, how about responding about AMERICANS? My question is about AMERICANS: I know they're not as important to YOU as the Afghan people are, but I thought I'd ask.

Defusing The Liberal Lies. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Defusing The Liberal Lies. said...

Obama omits 'under god' in ken burns Gettysburg address...what a slimey POS, there's no way around it. In his lame duck presiduncey he's comfortable in exposing himself.

He has no right to be president of the United State of America. His filthy muslim ass belongs in prison. Him simply speaking the words of the Gettysburg Address is an insult, he soils it with his disgusting mouth.

I doubt America will ever have a worse president than this one..

Anonymous said...

"I doubt America will ever have a worse president than this one.."


Kid said...

Mustang. Hmmm, I'm pretty critical of GWB. DHS/TSA, Not closing down Afghanistan. Not dealing with Gitmo inmates, not doing Anything domestically for 6 years with total repub majority(2001-2006)
Hi apparent love of the military and the military of him was refreshing but in the end,we got a rotten deal.

So There ! ;-)

I agree with your drone comment. There is no question, Achmed on his way home to take care of wife and family gets the privilege of being collateral damage from an obama drone strike. That is unacceptable in this context.

As far as Alan "Can't we test the landing gear on planes before they take off" Colmes goes. Well, he's simply as brain dead and agenda focused as our beloved ducky.

That the population doesn't demand he be re-assigned to a McDonald's french fry cooking station is the real problem.

Kid said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kid said...

I think a more high level issue is at play here.

The media protected obama through everything. They are clearly more willing to voice negative opinion on the dude now. Why.

They know the useless repubs will not impeach obama and he's on his 2nd term, so no actual damage can be done to the guy. They don’t care about his ‘legacy’. You can rewrite history anytime anyway now in today’s digital world.

I believe it is for the purpose that the focus has now shifted to "Good God, we gotta make sure a democrat (communist) remains in the white house in the next election." The tactic then is to allow obama to be a bit more exposed as the imbecile he is (“We're shocked!” says the media “We were as snookered as you were!”) and setup whatever democrat creature is selected to succeed him as 'the new savior'. Could be hilrod. That murderous beast who loves America more than anything.

The zombie supporters can then dump their baggage of obama being a non-person imbecile who did nothing but say Ok on a phone call to kill osama to reorganizing their fantasy addicted brains to loving the next worthless POS to be placed in the white house.

None of that pesky right wing "See We Told You!" guilt and baggage to have deal with because they'll already be "Yea, we knew obama was worthless too!, next subject!" on us. Nothing to atone for. They'll pretend they were as smart as the smart people and how will you proved them wrong when they don't have to defend their boy anymore.

Know what I’m sayin?

Impertinent said...

Oprah, Sharpton...all of them were not ready for a "black" POTUS, were they? The country wasn't ready for one either, were we? They voted for this guy cause he was "cool"....calm...hip and spoke well. Did they all actually think that he'd not come under a microscope or any scrutiny or...god forbid, responsibility?

Why? Cause if they were...they'd accept the criticisms that come with any administration, wouldn't they? Without having to paint every one who sees the mans racist.

In that respect, his time is a complete failure to those who had high expectations for this guy. And IMO...we'll never see another black POTUS in the near future again. He's worn the country out with his refusal to toss off the "racism' baggage that has kept us divided and given his lack of performance cover.

I find it hard to believe that any smart black person could not accept that he is not a god...that he is fallible and he is not without serious flaws.

Should we now thank him in advance for sparing us the same agony in the future?

Duckys here said...

Oprah, Sharpton...all of them were not ready for a "black" POTUS, were they? The country wasn't ready for one either, were we?

Well that's refreshingly honest.

Duckys here said...

"Good God, we gotta make sure a democrat (communist) remains in the white house in the next election."


kid, make my day and tell me where you are located.
I'm guessing Pennsylvania (you know, Pittsburgh/Philadelphia or Alabama). Be a sport.

Come one, be a sport

Duckys here said...

@IMP ---
I find it hard to believe that any smart black person could not accept that he is not a god...
Oh stop.

I find it hard to believe we have low functionals who call an Eisenhower Republican a communist.

Impertinent said...


It's Thomas Sowell that thinks we're being set up for a race war. Actually, I think he's right. We've been in a very heated standoff for the past 5 years. With everything from Zimmerman to Philly polling to Holder to the Cambridge nonsense. And have given the race pimps and whores like Sharpton, Jerkson new life. Where one would have expected them to just disappear into their own special mental illness.

They even have TV shows and unlimited venues to spout their hate and disdain for the majority of save face for their god.

And not one word...from their god.

Kid said...

IMP, You make fantastic points. But I still say, I'd vote for Allen West 8 days a week.

Impertinent said...


" I'd vote for Allen West 8 days a week..."

Catch up Kid...the sheen has worn off this guy...seriously.

Kid said...

Thanks IMP. Really ? A Fake as well?

Ok, then I'll vote for the 3rd party that won't have a chance in the next 1000 years.

And - I'm writing your name in if I have to.

Impertinent said...


"Fake" exactly. But he's been reduced to throwing out red meat to retain any following. I live in his district so I see / hear about the guy every day. He's played an important part in being an alternative to the One....but truthfully...his significance is waning if not gone...just like Herman's.

Impertinent said...


I think he's become addicted to the sound of applause is all.

But...still one brave MF to me...more so that McPaininthe ass IMHO.

Kid said...

IMP.Understood. Too early maybe. Read: Not enough people hurting yet.

btw, Canadia went through their Conservative Recognition period - right after the canadian government destroyed healthcare in canadia - like ours is about to do.

People came out Massively voting for 'conservatives' who snookered them as well. I'll expect the same thing here.

Impertinent said...


WTF are you mumbling about...Eisenhower....? What's that all about. Don't be cryptic for chrisssake OK?

Z said...

Imp... Hermans's sheen left because the media led with that story about his infidelity to his wife, remember? They very effectively sucked the air out of Herman Caine, which is fine with me, frankly. Although I'd have voted for him (infidelity and all) over Obama's platform ANY day.

What's West done other than lost a following because he didn't make it on the national scene, Imp?

Anything other than just not catching fire?

By the way, I heard on FOX tonight something about Bush and his treatment of Katrina....some guys bitching about it. I thought "perfect, Obama's in REAL REAL REAL hot water, so they drudge up BUSH again!" cracked me UP.

Poor Obama's FINALLY getting what he deserves:
-a doubting public
-tarnished charisma
-waking up to his lies
-etc etc.

FINALLY. Prayers ARE answered :-)\

P.S. I love it when the left says "the ACA isn't happening because the Republicans aren't supporting it!"

REALLY? THEY HATE IT, folks...why would they SUPPORT IT???

Kid said...

IMP, I think duck is now Jack Nicholson in cuckoo's nest post forehead scar. Not to imply duck was ever Pre-forehead scar.

Impertinent said...


Hey Duck...has Obama's tenure eased your reluctance to roam all of Boston: And avoid walking at night in Dorchester, Mattapan and Roxbury, or be wary of “petty crime” in Chinatown, the North End and Fenway.

Jus sayin'.

It certainly has given the low lifes a license to attack when they want and where they want...hasn't it?

So much for racial diversity, no?

Kid said...

Z, I didn't even like Herman's 999 plan. That meant an 18% tax rate for meand it's currently around 11%. No thanks.

2- which will take longer to resolve? Katrina hit by cat 5 hurricane or North East hit by Cat 1 hurricane with christie and obama spouting BS and walking hand in hand on top. ? ;-)

What would be different about oblammycare if Every republican took out ads weekly in the major papers saying they Loved it. ?

Impertinent said...


"What's West done other than lost a following because he didn't make it on the national scene, Imp?"

It's a bit late and unconstructive / silly to be harping on Obuttheads genealogy, ya think? He needs to stay in the media though...he's got to make a living I suppose. Hell...PJ Media even parted ways with him too.

He kind of...ahhh..."Trumped" out?

Sam Huntington said...

If I can chime in for a moment, here’s what I see wrong with Alan West. First, a decent man, staunch conservative—no problem. But then he decided to run for congress without ever making the transition from battalion commander to suck-ass politician. Now, did I think he exercised exceptional restraint in not choking to death that horrible wench Debbie whateverperson? Yes. He gets two gold stars for that (although it would also be possible for him to get four stars for actually doing it) … but he in his new personae didn’t seem to know that the BS you can get away with at the O Club is not something long-haired liberal civilians will understand. Therefore, West is EPIC FAIL.

Duckys here said...

@Imp --- With everything from Zimmerman to Philly polling to Holder to the Cambridge nonsense.
You still holding on to that nonsense.

The pathological Zimmerman has had his guns confiscated after this recent battery and assault beef. But a black kid not getting justice is hardly new.

The Philadelphia voting? Are you bleeping me? It happened during the Bush admin and it was the ultimate nothing. Tempest in a tea pot.

Yeah, Barrack got suckered by his friend, race pimp Henry Lewis Gates but that isn't much of a catalyst fr race war.

Kid said...

That wasn't me IMP - west/national scene

Impertinent said...


"Hermans's sheen left because the media led with that story about his infidelity to his wife..."

Insane they are. Yet they'll vote for the Hildebeast when she knew of Bubba's roaming schwantz...Jennifer Flower ( a 12 year romp ) the bimbo Monica and the blue dress, Juanita, Kathleen...shit...he made JFK look like a boy scout.

Nah...that shit doesn't's all " a Vast right wing conspiracy"...right? We made all that shit up right?

Impeachment and disbarment too? We imagined it all.

Kid said...

Sam... West... Agree.... Which is why we're (USA) going No Where.

The Great Reagan didn't even cancel a single evil libtard program.

Duckys here said...

Hey Imp. I've asked for directions at midnight in East St. Louis.

Fenway's no big deal. I walk past the fenway on my way home from Thursday Night at the Gardner with regularity.

North End is fine.

I'd avoid being around Bowdoin & Geneva at night but the danger in Dorchester is exaggerated.

Kid said...

Imp. democrats are immune. They got the free stuff.

Duckys here said...

Imp, don't tell me you can't figure out what an Eisenhower Republican is.

Impertinent said...


Yea...but the Philly thing fell to Eric the Red Holder, right?

But Duck...two out of 3 ain't bad.

Duck..if you were in Zimmermans'd want a gun too. With every black / white vigilante calling for his might get a bit F'd up too. And...the women in his life don't like what's going on...they scream "date rape" or some such bullshit. The know damn well the man is an easy target for their BS. And hey...the damn judge saw it too...he made bail.

His guns were not confiscated...and his permit was not revoked either. But...this is all horse manure. He's just the lefts insane desire to gut SYG and 2A. Rather than focus on insane, mentally ill assholes who get guns...Zim ain't crossed that threshold yet. Or do you hope he does?

Which fell flat on it's face in Fl too.

Duckys here said...

Canadia, kid? You typed it twice.

Is that a land mass on your home planet?

Impertinent said...

Ya know...without a Discus format's really hard to follow some of these threads. Especially after the 3rd cocktail...LOL

Now...who's next to take a GO at me again?

And where was I?

Impertinent said...


" I've asked for directions at midnight in East St. Louis..."'s that magnificent halo that surrounds you wherever you wander....Duck..the magnificent. Will you loan it to me for a night in Newark?

No sarcasm intended either....just...just...awe.

Impertinent said...


"Imp, don't tell me you can't figure out what an Eisenhower Republican is..."

Oh gawd....pretend that I'm your idiot savant cousin.

Z said...

Ducky, do you understand that when kids start university in St Louis they're warned by their Black friends to stay away from East St Louis?
Is that to say ALL blacks in the neighborhood are violent? OF COURSE not, but when black kids from the area are telling my new med school nephew to STAY AWAY, you're not smart in 'asking directions in E St Louis'.
I happen to have that same gene; I never think anything bad will happen to me, particularly not by black folks, but let's not be touting our silly naivitee around here, huh? :-)
It means not that nothing would EVER happen to you.
it's all ODDS>

Z said...

Imp "idiot savant cousin"..good one :-)

Impertinent said...


" But then he decided to run for congress without ever making the transition from battalion commander to suck-ass politician..."

Point taken and on the money...that's kind of what I'm saying. He's now the latter without the office.

Otherwise...I would have followed him into combat if it were my time and place.

Impertinent said...


" my new med school nephew to STAY AWAY, you're not smart in 'asking directions in E St Louis'."..

Good occupation to have in East St. Louis, I'd say.

Impertinent said...

Oooooooooo rah...I got my mojo back.

Impertinent said...

Uh O....past midnight on the eastern front...ya'll turn into pumpkins?

Duckys here said...

Breaking news, Harry Reid pulled the trigger on the nuclear option.

Twilight of the Tea Party continues.

They've even pushed Mr. Milquetoast too far.
Stick a fork in them.

Sharrod Brown/Elizabeth Warren 2016

Average American said...

Jon Berg, you can't expect that poll to show anything but what it did. You have to remember, they had no way of polling all those dead people that voted, hence the 8% swing. At least 6% couldn't answer their telephone from their caskets!