Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Starbucks/Obamacare.....great comparison...

Please send this around to, particularly, the young people you know.....they need to see this information and maybe mentioning LATTE  will get their attention!!

Pretty darned good, huh?

So....does this VENTI-SIZED takeover make more sense now?



Anonymous T. Irrelevant said...
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How’s that Hopey-Changey Thing Working Out for Ya? said...
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Anonymous said...
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Ed Bonderenka said...

Today must be "totally ignore topic" day.

DaBlade said...

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing Z. I love a good cartoon :) with my coffee.

Fredd said...

Flawed analogy, Z.

People don't die from a lack of coffee (well, I at times feel that I may perish without my morning cup of joe, but I digress...).

People can and in fact do die from lack of medical help.

Not that I am a flaming, no brain liberal whacko, whose philosphy seems to be in vogue at the moment and guiding the Zeitgheist at the moment, I'm just saying the coffee analogy blows chunks, nothing more.

The Crusader said...

I read that a 60 year old woman shot 2 of 7 Knock Out’ Attackers last week, it’s that great! I guess that Pay Back’s a Bitch, remember that all games have winners and losers.!
And by the way, I took a little vist to the Wicked One’s blog this morning to see if “She” had a story about this, but NO, just a stupid dumb childish cartoon story about a so called “TeaBagger” that looked idiotic. And that all her USUAL commenters made jokes about.
The truth and irony is that most liberals in general are mentally and emotionally weak, insecure and incapable of independent thought
Also I heard on this mornings news that it happened again early this morning, this time to a Jewish man in Brooklyn.

Robert Sinclair said...

Pretend you’re living in Europe, where everything is free; everything. Well, okay; almost everything is free. When Europeans complain about the high rate of taxes, which ranges from 55-65%, government mutton heads proclaim, “Listen … everything here is free —including free college, unless you’ve raised a nitwit who doesn’t have the brains to attend college, or a real brain who has no interest in attending college.”

But if you have offspring who doesn’t attend college, do you get a rebate? Heck no. Were you thinking you lived in a free-market economy? This is the way socialism works, and none of the dim bulbs who argue that Obama Care provides for quality medical care at a reasonable cost should be allowed to operate a motor vehicle. This too is socialism; it is redistribution of income. Your income so that Sandra Fluke can have unbridled sex while you pay for her sex toys.

By the way, don’t snicker at Europeans paying 55-65% taxes. Figure your own tax burden up first. What do you pay in federal income tax? What do you pay in social security and Medicare? What do you pay in state and local income taxes, or property taxes, or sales taxes? Add it up, suckers … it may not be 55%, but depending on where you live in the land of the free, it’s close to 55%. And if you want to know why, it is because you haven’t been paying attention to what the government is up to these last few years.

The video is perfect!

SmilinJackSez said...
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Darth Bacon said...
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-FJ said...

Government Healthcare IS being sold on the "Starbucks" model!

-FJ said...

Obamacare is guilt free healthcare for "progressives"...

Evidently, they're too cheap and lazy to do what Christians have done to alleviate their personal guilt for millenia.... contribute to Catholic Charities.

-FJ said...

May the farce of "progressive charity" be with you always... :P

Z said...

Ed, thanks...was considering deleting them (tho they were good comments), changed my mind, then saw your comment and did it!
Ya, you see, we don't build our blogs for new commenters to do posts :-)
So, my apologies to those I deleted, but if they read the caveat I have for comments, they'd have known.

Fredd...use your imagination. The coffee analogy is exactly right if you don't take it to your extreme. I think we're all aware coffee doesn't kill.


Robert, my German stepdaughter pays $1000 for 'free' health insurance...Americans don't know it's NOT FREE, AND her taxes are HUGELY high.


Miss T.C. Shore said...

Thank you all you lefties and especially you progressive putrid leechs for exposing yourselves so thoroughly without honor, concern, your lack of consern for your country, those political ideologies who would throw away the very protections and the safety of our country, and the safety of our allies. The very concept of equal protection under the law in your blind partisanship.
You are the lowest of the low, without principle, and a very real danger to the well being of this country.
By exposing your true nature, any decent human being among my countrymen have turned from you and your ilk in disgust and revulsion.
I for one am glad the mask has finally come off, and we see you people as you really are..

Obama never intended to stop Iran from going nuclear, but his promises gave people who should have known better, including American Jews and the Prime Minister of Israel, the idea that he would stand firm and side with Israel. Bur the truth is that he has more alliance with Iran’s leaders than with the Jewish leaders, especially with Benjamin Netanyahu

Now Obama has made it clear to the world that he will do nothing to stop Iran from going nuclear, and sabotage Israel.

The Political Chic said...
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The Political Chic said...

For ANYONE to dare and quote Our Veterans and slant their vies by saying that they “Side with Obama” and that “The House Republicans send a big FU! to the hungry on this Thanksgiving Holiday” is just about as disgusting as these progressives can get!

That’s the definition of insanity

We would thank you but it’s difficult when you are on the bottom of the slime pond!
With “love” from across the aisle.
How many times are you liberals gonna repeat this ridiculous claim? If Obama wasn't over-spending, the debt wouldn't be $7 trillion higher than it was when he came into office. The facts just ain't on your side. Sorry we ain’t gonna fall for your BS any longer..

Conservatives should not compromise with anything unless it defunds Obamacare.

Stephanie said...

One of the ways House Republicans want to impose cuts on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, otherwise known as food stamps) is by bringing back, a policy item that had been removed by the states: is “Assets tests”.

Assets tests are a type of test designed to see if the family has or hasn’t the means to survive without aid. Rather than just throwing out all the Free Stuff and entitlements that our Dear leader ‘s administration is doing now.

This way the Republicans are actually using a program that will both work and save money from fraud. The bad programs used now by the administration only makes making a good program work badly. They are also giving up on allowing states to run programs how they see fit.

So all you liberals who are in favor Free Stuff and entitlements, Sec 8, Obama care, welfare and a million other things which make as much sense as waging war with the people who starve their youth and use their welfare money to play the Lottery or by dope and cigarettes, why don't you find another way to the madness that have already been tried? Or better yet come up with acts of civil disobedience that haven't even been dreamed up yet, rather saying that the House Republican is both cruel and dumb. and saying “FU to the Vets”!

Mustang said...

I have heard the leftist mantra about how House Republicans are denying food stamps to veterans and those serving on active duty … and of course, the condemnation about how the horrible way conservatives are treating our military personnel.

It is all B.S. of course.

Nevertheless, here is what is happening within the DoD. Barack Obama has demanded that DoD consider closing all stateside military commissaries. These grocery outlets have been around since 1825; they sell foods and household items to military families at cost plus a small surcharge. They operate as “non-appropriated fund” instrumentalities, so tax dollars are not part of the equation. Military commissaries are one of the top non-compensation benefits because the save military families on average 30% on groceries. Now, a Democrat president wants to do away with military commissaries at the same time the SecDef is attempting to cut the pay and allowances of active duty military personnel. Talk about hypocrites…

Darth Bacon said...

Hypocrites ? You are much too kind!

Z said...

Stephanie, thank you so much. MANY people don't have a clue what the Republican plans included and I didn't know about that one.
But there are many.
I blame the media (again, and again).

Americans are being kept stupid and lied to.

T.C...off topic, but of concern, for sure; particularly when we hear learned pundits suggesting this timing stank and that the iran deal is NOT good for us or Israel.......
DID Obama do it to look like the BIG COMMANDER IN CHIEF?
I honestly pray he did not.
I don't like putting our lives or lives of those in the Middle East in jeopardy for his reputation. NOT ONE BIT.

Political Chic: WHAT THE H.......?

What's going on with our vets? I hadn't heard this.

I'll be back later and respond to all of you fantastic people.

xxx Z

A maverick said...

Late Breaking News!

NBC cancels Alec Baldwin show
Alec Baldwin’s news program, 'Up Late,' will no longer continue on MSNBC, the network
and actor's representatives say in a statement. (FoxNews)

Good for you FOX News, And for all you Liberal Baldwin lovers,
TOUGH SHIT. Suck it up...you Fascists LOST

Always On Watch said...

Have you seen THIS? Hahaha!

Always On Watch said...

I just linked this video at Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

Great find!

Always On Watch said...

Now, on the serious side, please consider reading this article: "How American Health Care Killed My Father."

One excerpt:

...Every proposal for health-care reform has featured some element of cost control to “balance” the inflationary impact of expanding access. Yet it goes without saying that in the big picture, all government efforts to control costs have failed.

Why? One reason is a fixation on prices rather than costs. The government regularly tries to cap costs by limiting the reimbursement rates paid to providers by Medicare and Medicaid, and generally pays much less for each service than private insurers. But as we’ve seen, that can lead providers to perform more services, and to steer patients toward higher-priced, more lightly regulated treatments. The government’s efforts to expand “access” to care while limiting costs are like blowing up a balloon while simultaneously squeezing it. The balloon continues to inflate, but in misshapen form....

In his book of the same title -- a book that I'm engrossed in right now -- Mr. Goldhill makes the point that we should not confuse health care and health insurance. They are not the same thing!

Please, please, read the article. It's thought-provoking and worth your time. So is the book!

Always On Watch said...

I think we're all aware coffee doesn't kill.

Well, until I get that first cup of coffee in the morning, I'm a bear! **wink**

Always On Watch said...

Is it proven that not having health insurance causes death?

I know that the question appears absurd. However, I haven't seen definitive studies proving that a lack of health insurance results in someone being turned away -- particularly in an emergency situation.

Liberals Suck said...

Start calling those Knockout Attacks what they really are, Vicious acts by criminals. thugs, and hoodlums.

Calling it a “game”,is minimizing these acts done by sick people Black Thugs. Call a spade a spade. And properly describe the perpetrators.

And YOU New Yorkers better get used to it, you asked for this when you elected that Progressive Mayor De Blasio, you are going to get your wish.

JonBerg said...


"Flawed analogy, Z."

I disagree; the video is meant to emphasize the absurdity of ObamaCare along with other forms of Big Government tyranny and that's, exactly, what it does. OMG, what does it take to get some people to understand????

Jack Whyte said...

There is no greater example of leftist thinking than Obama Care ... besides this, I mean:

All veterans are mentally ill in some way; government should prevent them from owning firearms.” —Senator Diane Feinstein, 2 September 2013

Z said...

maverick...imagine giving BALDWIN a show at ALL?

I'm going to tell a story about him here; I don't think I've taken the time in the past but I've alluded to it. Here it is, if anybody is interested. It's perfectly true:

Mr. Z and I were traveling to Europe via Atlanta...
I was sitting across the aisle from Alec Baldwin whose seat mate was unknown to him...the guy sitting against the window was asking why he was going to Florida (I guess we all were changing planes in Atlanta) and Baldwin was whining on and on about the important speech he'd been asked to make there at a university, I think...

SO...Mr. Z's on my left and I'm sitting there doing my NYTimes Crossword puzzle ...we're traveling DELTA and I see a question like "it's hub is .." and I thought HOLY COW, it's DELTA AIRLINES! So I wrote it in...kind of a coincidence to be ON Delta Airlines when I get that question, I thought.

BUT THEN, it says something like "Steven Baldwin's older brother" and I realize his older brother is SITTING NEXT TO ME, JUST ACROSS THE AISLE.
Well, I thought that was a REAL weird coincidence!

Meanwhile, Baldwin had put earplugs in his ears and was reading something. I decided to do and say nothing, though I thought any human being would get a kick out of THAT.
A little later, I was returning from the bathroom and decided "What the heck!" and picked up my puzzle and he looked up at me and I pointed to the puzzle...he looked carefully, as I pointed it out to him and probably said something like "Look at this!" He looked at me, shrugged his shoulders and twisted his face like "So WHAT?" And I sat down.

I thought at that moment, THIS IS THE BIGGEST ASS ALIVE (God forgive me! :-)

Z said...

AOW...the last line of that video nearly did me in with laughter!

"I'm Wolf Blitzer..the Assassination of President Kennedy begins...RIGHT NOW!" Oh, MY GOD!!

Sorry, that was my own addition....probably not SO funny, considering... heh heh!

Z said...

AOW...I'm glad you posted that; thanks for the 'tip'!

Z said...

FJ, interesting stuff and you have an excellent point about Catholic Charities, etc.

Jack..I'm not a violent woman IN THE LEAST...but that woman should be SOCKED IN THE MOUTH.

Ed Bonderenka said...

AoW: Exactly! An insurance card is not a doctor.
It's like inflation, watering down the value of an insurance card.
How many doctors per card will there be?

Kid said...

Z, I only hope we end up in the same re-education camp. And some others too.

Z said...

"Thomas Jefferson" I deleted that photo link.
I asked you to leave once, something I've never done in all seriousness, only jokingly or half-heartedly to Ducky :-)...but I have to ask you again not to link or post that kind of stuff here.
Go to a site that better suits your hate.
Thank you.

Impertinent said...


Excellent video. I've passed that around my universe today...Thanks.

I saw a similar one that explained Air Fares in the same ObamaCare manner.

As if they weren't ridiculous enough already.

Impertinent said...

For those of us here who wonder why liberals hate us...I offer this:

They despise your sense of morality, your religion, your devotion to family, your God, your Churches, your Sundays, your Bible, your holidays, your insistence on a good education for your children free of liberalism and lies, your patriotism, your flag, your prayers, your anthems...for veterans, your service.

And most especially, your right to vote your conscience...as well as those people whom you trust and believe in.

Kid said...

IMP, While it's hard to generalize, I believe you describe a great many of them.

Impertinent said...


I don't give any of them a pass or the benefit....most of this...fits them to a tee.

Kid said...

If you really read what liberals write a lot of the time, it's pretty obvious they Hate individual liberty and freedom. Your right to free speech, for example, ends when you disagree with their views, and you can extend that through every facet of individual freedom. They're Fascists. No question.

Kid said...

IMP, No pass. Yea. I was just writing from the POV of an observer rather than a judgement. If you want judgement, it's not pretty when it comes to liberals/sociopaths.

Impertinent said...


Liberal loon mentality: "If I don't like it, you can't...if I don't think you should have it...you can't....if you don't like my opinion...I'll force you to or call you a bigot or a racist."

Impertinent said...


Don't "observe"...that time has passed....judge.

Always On Watch said...

The book that I'm reading -- Catastrophic Care by David Goldhill -- makes that point that many medical procedures are done precisely because health insurance/Medicare will pay for those procedures.

Just because something medical is "a good idea" doesn't necessarily mean that the procedure should be done. The interests of the patient -- financial and physical -- should be considered and BY THE PATIENT AND THE PATIENT'S FAMILY.

Those of use with insurance rarely ask, "How much will this cost?" Is there any other product (medical procedures and services are indeed prodcuts) that we or our surrogates (health insurance/Medicare) buy that the receiver of that product doesn't know the price of in advance?

David Goldhill makes the valid point that we speak of medical costs instead of what we should be talking about: medical prices. Prices and costs are not necessarily the same thing!