Friday, November 8, 2013

Obama said WHAT?

I heard Obama yesterday on the way home from work, on the car radio, supposedly apologizing for what's happened to so many people who've lost their health insurance.   I got home and heard it again on FOX, then had to go out and, when I got back, I couldn't wait to find the words and publish it here and talk about it.   It's NOWHERE.  

That was the beginning of my post this morning, but my wonderful commenter "Always On Watch"  (her blog is in my blog roll!) found it..........

"If you had one of these substandard plans before the Affordable Care Act became law, and you really like that plan, you are able to keep it."

 In other words, "if they're stupid enough not to want something better, Let 'em!" 

What's he mean by that?  That Americans are too stupid to know better?   That they're happy with 'substandard' anything??    What could he mean other than "If you had one of those awful insurance plans before my law, and you somehow like that, KEEP IT!!""

I find that incredibly patronizing and wrong, of course.   How do you find it?

The folks I know who lost their insurance or whose premiums are going so high were satisfied with their insurance or they'd have shopped around and found other companies/plans.   

Do you know any personal stories about this situation?



Always On Watch said...

Try this link.

Always On Watch said...

Here is another video.

Bodecea said...
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Bodecea said...

President Obama apologizes to Americans
who are losing their health insurance?
You call that an APOLOGY? He sure as hell didńt offer any assistance did he!
When will his mother apologize for not aborting the fetus?
This sickening, Marxist fool Obama is unarguably the worst president this once great country has ever had and he needs to do the right thing and resign his presidency immediately so we can start to rebuild the America that fool has already destroyed. He has been lying to us for 5 years! The lunatics who voted for this man should be apologizing.

Bob said...

CNN: Mr President, are you sorry that you mislead the American people on the Affordable Care Act, and now millions of these people are losing their insurance.

Pres Obama: Look, guys. You can't blame me for those ignorant slobs finding themselves in a position without health insurance. What? Do you think I am responsible for their misery? Just think back. Not one Republican voted for the bill, and therefore they bear culpability for this unfortunate loss of medical care for an insignificant portion of the American population.

CNN: But, Mr President. You said, unequivocally on 40 different occasions that this tragedy would not happen. What went wrong?

Pres Obama: Do you really believe a bunch of Tea Party extremists instead of your glorious President?

CNN: Mr President. When do you think the problems will be fixed?

Pres Obama: What problems?

Z said...

"If you had one of these substandard plans before the Affordable Care Act became law, and you really like that plan, you are able to keep it."

Always On Watch..that's it. They must have played a week old quote as an adjunct to what he said last night.


SO....Do you like YOUR "SUBSTANDARD" plan? Everyone I know who's had their insurance cancelled or the premium go way up for less doesn't think the plan they've happily had is "SUBSTANDARD"".

What do you think of his saying that???


Ed Bonderenka said...

Bob: excellent!

Z said...

There's something many people just can't grasp but even some Democrats are waking up to:

The plan is too big
It's too fast
it didn't take into consideration suggestions about crossing state lines for insurance, etc

MEDICAL COSTS ARE TOO HIGH; let's try to fix that.

Let's make sure everyone is covered and let's not hurt the productive people with their own insurance to do that.
And let's not force small businesses to hire fewer people or force them part-time because the companies can't afford the new insurance.

Let's GO SLOW. Let's FIX THINGS. Nobody needs an entire new system which, by the way, might get worse AFTER the website's finally running correctly.

And please, let's do something about the fact that those who'll be seeing the records of folks signing up on obama care could use that information in really dangerous ways.

Wake up, folks.

Contrary to popular lib opinion, nobody wants people to NOT have insurance. We want SMART insurance; we want careful, considered, informed decisions.

that's all!

Always On Watch said...

The plan I have may not meet ObamaCare "standards" (no maternity coverage, which I don't need at my age; no prescription coverage, which I don't need and which shoots premiums to over the moon; copays and coinsurance that suit my budget because I rarely need medical care; and an extensive network.

The plan I have is one that I can afford AND works well for me. I save some of what I'm saving on premiums, and I spend some of what I'm saving on premiums. If my policy is canceled because of ObamaCare, my standard of living will be lower, and I won't be stimulating the economy.

Always On Watch said...

Do you expect the fixes that you mentioned? Frankly, I do not.

Z said...

Always.... I expect them to make changes that people HEAR ABOUT, that LOOK GOOD, but the stuff inside the bill nobody understands will only bite Americans in their butts in a while, after being on the plans.

That's why I think the Plan is going to be much worse than just website problems.

I hope no; I really hope not.

But, I just wish that they'd slowed DOWN and this bill was understood by all lawmakers before it was passed/signed, etc..

What liberal would have stood for "we have to pass this bill to really understand it" or whatever the lousy quote was?

They'd have been on FIRE if a Republican said that. We all know that..any wise person knows that was idiotic.
And now we're seeing she was right; it's worse when we "read it"

Our WorldAs We See It said...

Thousands of people lost their insurance because of the BAD choices, or should I say this “disaster” that this Clown made! As for you Progressive Clowns, quit making these stupid excuses, and quit crying and trying to pretend that we don’t know this was political bomb just waiting to explode. The biggest problems in this country is this president, along with the 47% of the moochers.

Always On Watch said...

Does the White House web site still show "If you like your health plan, you can keep it"? More information at the link.

Our WorldAs We See It said...

The White House website ( still shows the original “If you like your health plan, you can keep it” promise. See the text here on

Always On Watch said...

Uh-oh: "Poll: Uninsured not using ObamaCare site."

Always On Watch said...

Ex-MSNBC Host Dylan Ratigan Has His Insurance Canceled For Much More Expensive One

Always On Watch said...

Why am I reminded of Orwell's Ministry of Truth? See Pro-Obamacare team trains reporters on covering Obamacare website problems.

Always On Watch said...

Sorry to be dropping all these links. But I've been looking at Weasel Zippers before heading out to give a piano lesson.

Look at this one: WaPo Doubts Sincerity Of The Obama “Apology”. According to the tag line at Weasel Zippers: WaPo makes the most important point-that the cancellations are a functional part of the Obama plan, they were not unanticipated or a “mistake”..

Rottweiler said...

I continue to emphasize here, because our leftist “Progressive” friends will not, there are only two choices of reasonable conclusions re Obamacare and Barack Obama:

1. He is a shameless, blatant, calculated, and deliberate liar with no conscience or sense of remorse and no concern about how many people get hurt


2. He is the most ignorant, incompetent, clueless, and willfully stupid person to have ever occupied the White House.

Take your pick.

JonBerg said...


You're right but let's not lose sight of the fact that if we had an informed electorate, deserving of the potential greatness of this Nation, this POS wouldn't be there in the first and second place!

Rottweiler said...

JonBerg said...
"Rottweiler,You're right but let's not lose sight of the fact that if we had an informed electorate, deserving of the potential greatness of this Nation, this POS wouldn't be there in the first and second place!"

Oh, don't worry about that, that's one thing I'll never forger, or forgive

Mustang said...

Chris Stirewalt hit it on the nail this morning; “Obama told NBC News, ‘I am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me.’ Obama did not, however, apologize for misleading voters in 2012 or for the underlying decision that led to what are now more than 4 million cancelled policies.”

Remember, Obama is a lawyer. He uses words to confuse people. He sure is good at that.

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

Guys, ObamaCare was never meant to help you. ObamaCare was designed so you could for the insurance of those who can't afford insurance. It is and alwas a wealth redistribution program to take from the middle class and give it to the under class. It is working the way Obama wanted it to work. Period!

Silverfiddle said...

Tens of millions of people are apparently happy with a substandard president.

President Obama should apologize for his horrible performance over these past 5 years.

JonBerg said...


OH, how right you are! The ultimate result of any Communist regime has been the creation of a massive "under class" under the control of a finite elite; to wit: North Korea and the former Soviet Union. "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need" = a diminished "middle class", pure and simple.

JonBerg said...

"President Obama should apologize for his horrible performance over these past 5 years."

Yeah, just prior to his resignation!

We The People said...

Dear Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, Commies, Marxists, and Assorted Idiots,

We tried to tell you but YOU told US we were crazy. You called us all those vile names, and you called all those people who also warned you like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Sara Palin, but you thought it was so cute to make fun of them and rheir families, didn;t you!
Well what happened a few months ago when you got your 1st paycheck of 2013 last and SO many, MANY of you were astonished that it was smaller than it was the Friday before. Well, Guess what cuties?
Elections have consequences, you wanted that inept, DOPE, who didn’t give a rats ass about you or your families. Or for America!.
YOU voted for what? A Community organizer who is a Muslim sympathizer. A man who told you that he would side with the Muzzies had it come to a choice! .
You did what you wanted to do and you did it twice.
For the last 5 years, the Emperor has made it very clear that he wanted to stick it to the “rich” and hike THEIR taxes. Well guess what, $250,000 a year is not rich.
WE, as conservatives, TRIED to tell you that HE was lying.
We tried and we tried and every time we told you he was going to hike YOUR taxes, even though YOU are part of the MIDDLE CLASS that the Emperor said MUST NOT be harmed by higher taxes…
YOU told us that WE had NO IDEA what we were talking about, and called us every name in the book. YOU called US crazy. You called US names. YOU said WE were lying.
Well, now that you’ve seen your paychecks and you’ve seen that Miserable thing called Obamacare, what do you think now?
77% of ALL Americans, regardless of their class, lower, middle or upper, have had their taxes jacked up. And Tens of thousands of us had our Health Insurance WIPED OUT, Caput, Gone!. And maybe YOU are among them. WE were telling YOU the TRUTH.
Remember when we wanted to stop Obamacare?
Remember us telling you so.

Your payroll tax went up too, didn’t it? We were correct about that too.

Over the weekend, Pelosi made it clear that YOUR socialist party is not yet done with you yet.
And just wair till they hike tour Healthcare also. Where do YOU think they’re going to get that “EXTRA” revenue?
But have no fears, If you like your Insurance company , you can KEEP your Insurance company.
Isn’t THAT what Obama told you???
Here’s a clue for you regarding Obamacare, the bill was 2700 pages long but, since it was passed, before anybody read it, more than 13,000 pages of government regulations have been written FOR Obamacare and they aren’t done yet.
ALL of those regulations are going to end up costing YOU money.

For those of you who say, “it’s okay that my taxes went up, if it helps the country…”
Think again.

For every dollar raised in this new tax deal that you were SO sure wouldn’t affect YOU…YOUR socialist party plans to spend an additional $40.00.
Not one red cent of the extra they took out of YOUR paycheck last Friday or every Friday to come will go toward paying down our annual deficit or our national debt.
Not one red cent.
For those of you who are saying, “Well, at least they got the big evil “rich” guys and corporations too…”
Not so fast. Yes, those who are very rich got their taxes hiked but guess what? They own many, MANY businesses that YOU rely on every day.
If you buy gas or food, guess who ultimately pays the tax hike that THOSE companies got hit with? Maybe you or someone you know needs an x-ray or a wheelchair or any one of a million other things called…Medical devices.
Guess who winds up paying the new Medical Device tax?
THAT is what YOU voted FOR when YOU voted for Obama and every other Socialist democrat running for congress.

JonBerg said...


Well Done!

JonBerg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
We The People said...

Obama…Said, “I’m Sorry” I Misspoke! ”MISPOKE” when he told Americans that, “If you LIKE your plan, you can KEEP your plan and, if you LIKE your doctor you can KEEP your doctor?”

He…MISSPOKE??? Give me a break! He Didn't "Misspeak, and he's not sorry, what he did was very calculated and deliberate. He knew exactly what he was doing.

Misspeaking is when you call a woman Sally when her name is really Mary.
Misspeaking is when you say you’re in Cincinnati when you’re really in Cleveland.
A “misspeak” is when one gives untrue information… UNintentionally and corrects it quickly, not getting it wrong again.
But a LIE, on the other hand is something quite different…A Lie is when Hillary Clinton said that she “Misspoke” about when she landed in Bosnia under sniper fire, blaming tiredness for a dramatic description that was shown to have been a BLATANT LIE

"I remember landing under sniper fire," she said "There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base."
And then we ALL saw the News footage of the event showing her claims to have been an outright LIE, and reporters who accompanied her stated that there was no sniper fire. Her account was ridiculed by the whole country . That was a Lie, not mispeaking as she wanted us to believe. She LIED and her daughter Chelsea was quick to swear to it. Benghazi anyone?

PS...I was ANTI -OBAMA before it was cool!

Our WorldAs We See It said...

The "Lying King" is only sorry that he got caught is more like it.

Anonymous said...

FROM Z of GEEEZ at work too busy to comment :-(

I just quickly read your comments and I have to say: I LOVE MY READERS!


Can't wait to have a minute to respond...see you later :-)

Thersites said...

The "old plans" were the old "standard". Obamacare is the new "standard". To call the old plan's "sub-standard" is to draw a correlation that is NOT true. For BOTH represent the "standard" (but for different temporal epochs). The term "substandard" COULD only be applied to plans developed AFTER the new standard was applied.... for even the old "standard" plans got "grandfathered" in as part of the Obamacare "standard" (and ARE still the so-called "standard"). It was only if/when those grandfathered in "standard" plans "changed" in any way/shape or form (for example "price"), that they had to meet a new/different standard... but they were NEVER classified by the government as "sub-standard" UNTIL AFTER were they changed, and when they were changed, they were eliminated (and so the "sub-standard" plans being addressed as being "Keepable" NEVER, in fact, existed)

Pris said...

One more reminder. Don't forget that the rationing board for Obamacare was passed in the first stimulous. Yes, healthcare rationing.

I have a relative who had a second heart bypass at the age of 85! Does anyone here think that would be approved under Obamacare? Hell no.
Btw, my relative is now 90 and doing very well.
My doctor told me that in Britain, no one 70 or older can have a heart bypass! Wait for it.

The first denial was a lung transplant for a 12 year old. It was denied by the head of HHS, Sybelious! However a court decided otherwise. That child would be dead today, if the Govt. had it's way!!
Obamacare is about power and control over the American people, and this is just the beginning.

Btw, WTP, well said!

Interesting isn't it that there are no lefties commenting here today!

Thersites said...

"If you had one of these substandard plans before the Affordable Care Act became law, and you really like that plan, you are able to keep it."

There were no substandard plans before the ACA became Law. If there had been, the government would have prosecuted the sellers of said plans.

Obama could have just as easily said, "If you were possessed by demons before the ACA became law, you can keep your demons." There were no demons then, and there are none, now. It's a completely nonsensical/empty statement.

Pris said...

Oh I see that AA, showed up while I was typing. One lefty.

sue hanes said...

Z - I don't know any personal stories about health insurance but it soundds to me like there are plenty of them. People are stupid - they can see what's going on. And it isn't pretty.

Thersites said...

If the Plans that got "grandfathered" into the ACA were "substandard"... why were they grandfathered in as part of the ACA? They became the de-facto "standard" the very moment they were grandfathered in. Had they EVER been considered "substandard", they never would have been "grandfathered" in.... unless Mr. Obama is today willing to concede that the ACA is WHOLLY and "in totality" comprised of "sub-standard" plans.... for if a single regulatory change is ever made to the ACA in the future w/regard to health care coverage, every plan that HE has created to date was/is "substandard" to that future changed standard and that the ACA is by definition a "substandard law."

sue hanes said...

Z - I need to correct myself. That should read:

People AREN'T stupid.

Sorry about that - people.

Joe Conservative said...


Always On Watch said...

Obama's "apology" does nothing to correct the situation. His fondness for issuing executive orders does not extend to empathy.

Every day, I dread checking my mail to see if I have a cancellation notice.

Mustang said...

Come on, everyone. No body said that Obama's apology had to be sincere ...

Anonymous said...

All in all, nice move by Obama to give some cash to insurance companies. I now understand why they contributed so much to his election. I'm convinced insurance companies used the opportunity of those new standards to increase their prices as well. Nobody's innocent in this story.

Robert Sinclair said...

Nobody's innocent in this story..

There is no greater truth than this. Obama didn't elect himself on two occasions.

Anonymous said...


Always (almost typed your real name again :-)...when did you buy your policy? They say you might be fine if it was before the act was enacted.
On the other hand, those are Obama's words, so.........maybe it's not true.


Pris...Who's AA?? I think AA got deleted, but it couldn't be Avg American, right? He's no lefty!

Victim of Fate said...

Obama Hates, America, big business, the wealthy,just like all commie's do. And yes the stock market has been doing well lately, but ask yourself why. Their over head and employees have been cut o the bone. that’s why we have such high unemployment. These democratic moron don’‘t see that and can’t understood it. But it’s true, think about it. Some people think at if the Market is going up then things are wonderful! But no, it’s not so wonderful at all, that another typical stupid ideat by someone who has no idea what is happening in business.
Small firms, particularly the mom and pop shops have been closing their doors like no other time since the Great Depression. And the threat of upcoming Obamacare will make it worse. It’s not hard to see the reasons for pessimism. Yu don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist. And as for the rich, Obama has promised to tax them to death as will the new Mayor of New York who sounds like a off-spring of Obama. Two peas in a pod.
It is not hard for Obama to threaten our country. We already have enough problems that we desperately need to work on. He works like this.
If we were an alcoholic, he would offer us a drink.
If we were a fat person on a diet, he would offer us chocolate.
1. Right now we have runaway entitlements that are driving us into debt and he champions those in need as if it is a sacred duty.
2 We have a border problem to our south and he takes the side of the illegals.
3 We have racial tensions and he ignores black on white crimes while making a national issue of one white on black one.
4 He came in promising to reform, to come down on the rich, and none of the crooked bankers have been arrested but given bailouts as well.
In every place that we need to make hard choices to survive, he works against our resolve and our judgement.
There's nothing wrong with being rich, working hard so that you can enjoy the good life is that’s what the American Dream is all about! Suck that up Liberal.

Always On Watch said...

My policy took effect on April 1, 2009. I purchased a private policy so as to get off COBRA coverage.

Jack Torrance said...

Hey President Obama, did you forget that you still have 50,000 troops in Afghanistan? I was just checking because I have not heard you say much about us since October 2012...
I'm sure that our Guys out there haven't forgotten. But you seem to be so busy with your Obamacrate Bull Shit and they are out there fighting for their lives!

Yeah, we Repugs care!

Bodecea said...

I wonder if Ambassador Steven had healthcare before he was murdered on 9/11, because his rescue plan was cancelled by Obama because the old way of no man left behind did not meet the new standards of profile in courage!

I would have moved hell and high water to help the Ambassador and the others, but that the old ex-soldier in me, and the mind-set God gave me!

Pris said...

He must've deleted his comment. It wasn't Avg. American, it was A Anonymous. Can't remember the first name.

Anonymous T. Irrelevant said...

What a jackass. He lied. He knows it, we know it, and everybody knows it.
He had no other choice than to lie again.....he's not sorry, he knew what he was doing. I don't believe that he kept repeating those words and not ONE of his crony's that knew the law, didn't set him straight after the first 3 times he said it!

Louis H. said...

Obama Care is a junk law, passed by junk politicians, signed into law by a junk president, who was elected by junk people. What other result could we expect?

Kid said...

Jack Torrance, Sarcasm begins...
obama must keep the troops in Afghanistan to fight the taliban, because after, or maybe before he pulls the troops out next year, the taliban are going to be recognized as an international entity with an office in Qatar after which no doubt, we'll find ways to send them billions of dollars in Aid. Dang, there seems like there is something amiss with this story. Let's try it this way.
We must kill the taliban! but we must not hurt the new international taliban entity that will be represented at the U.N. The UN? They're the Enemy! No Wait. TELEPROMPTER WHERE ARE YOU!?!?! I NEED HELP!!!!!

If you are there, I sure hope you come home whole as well as as many as possible that are still there.
Bush should have shut this down prior to leaving office. There will be nothing accomplished there that will be beneficial after we leave.

Kid said...

If we can make it short. oBAMa told the truth twice.
1.) I'm going to steal Your money and give it to losers.
2.) You might have to get by on pain pills.

My suggestion is start stocking up on pain pills.

Kid said...

Have a great weekend folks. Seriously, Have some fun.

Z said...

Jack Torrance's email REALLY BUGGED ME.
If he's not there, he is SO RIGHT in asking "What the H........?" We hear nothing about them, yet we have so many soldiers away from home, risking their lives.
If he IS there, we owe him a lifetime of gratitude.

MY GOD, how can we EVER forget our soldiers?

Impertinent said...

"MY GOD, how can we EVER forget our soldiers?" do we do that? It's easier to to let others to do the heavy lifting...and it will always be so.

Past, present and future.

Liberalmann said...

Had a friend who had prostate cancer three years ago. A year and a half of treatments and he was 'in the clear.'

He was supposed to go back last year for his check up but he was out of work (becasue of his illness)and had no health care. So he didn't.

Now he's covered again and his check up this week revealed cancer in his lungs.

Think about this.

Liberalmann said...

Bodecea said...

I wonder if Ambassador Steven had healthcare before he was murdered on 9/11, because his rescue plan was cancelled by Obama because the old way of no man left behind did not meet the new standards of profile in courage! "

Funny how this is out a few days now and Fox News isn't covering it:

60 Minutes apologizes for Benghazi report

You got nothing. Again. But, nice try!!

Bob Qat said...

The insurance I wanted to have has been cancelled. It does not meet the minimum standard required by law for coverage I do not want and will never need.

Only an arrogant snot politician could say the person with the best information can make a poor choice.

Z said...

liberalmann, you can't be THAT ignorant, are you?
Do you even understand the Benghazi situation? MY gosh.

JonBerg said...

Luis H:

"Obama Care is a junk law"

Even someone from another Country understands what we have done to ourselves!