Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Virginia lost

Congratulations, Robert Sarvis, Libertarian;   you helped Terry McAuliffe win the governorship of Virginia.  17% went for Sarvis.  Think Cuccinelli'd have lost had Sarvis not run?

Let this be a lesson to you "third party" fans.  Not as long as it's a rightwing third party,'s never worked.  

This stinks.   The good news was how close this race was, anyway.   And no, I'm not a big Cuccinelli fan;  I don't know much about him but he seemed too milquetoast for me.  Still...........anything's better than McAwful...I mean McAufille.  sorry. 




Ed Bonderenka said...

I am so sick and tired of people who can't see the big picture.
Cuccinelli was THE MAN.
He fought Obamacare (Obama) in the courts.
He's a social conservative also, so a libertarian who has no problem with homosexual marriage, abortion and drug use would vote for someone else.
Thanks. But no thanks.
There's a guy here in Michigan, one of many, who could not vote for the Mormon.
So now he calls radio shows and complains about the loss of his healthcare under Obama.
Sorry, dear reader. but if you're offended, so am I.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Here's the fundamental problem with the argument, a vote for a third party is not a spoiler because votes are not proprietary to the Democrat and/or Republican parties.

The LP is not a right wing party, and to ask Libertarians to vote against their core principles when you are not willing to do likewise, is illogical. Libertarians could have simply stayed home, with the same results.

A more cogent argument would be, why didn't the Virginia GOP muster more of it's registered voters, to come out to the polls?

Always On Watch said...

Cuccinelli probably would have won if not for Sarvis.

Even with Sarvis in the race, the results were close, close, close. It was the heavily populated, liberal districts that determined the race -- just like in the 2012 National Election.

I think that the GOP retained control of the Virginia Assembly, so McAuliffe clearly does not have a mandate.

Jerry Critter said...
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Speedy G said...

Where was "the Architect" Karl Rove with all his bundled establishment money from the American Crossroads PAC? Was he donating generously to the Cuccinelli campaign?

oh THAT's right, Rove stayed home... as he WANTS Conservatives to lose so that he can control the Republican agenda.

It's NOT the third party voters who are the problem. It's the Republican establishment 1% er's live Rove, McConnell, McCain and Bush.

Speedy G said...

The FAT WHALE from New Jersey is going to have all the establishment AMerican Crossroads money behind him in 2016.

Conservatives... STAY HOME and/or vote Independent!

Edgetho said...

The dimocraps out-spent Republicans almost two to one?

The dimocraps brought in dozens of National figures to campaign for McAuliffe?

The Cuccinelli closed a 12 point gap in a matter of days with NO MONEY?

The Cuccinelli only had 2 weeks to campaign against obamacare and the rest of the Republican party has a year until the mid-terms?

The a dimocrap scumbag and MAJOR dimocrap bundler financed a PHONY FREAKEN LIBERTARIAN to siphon votes away from Cuccinelli?

That's what was hard to overcome.

And Federal Employees.... Union scum to the core, vote overwhelmingly dimocraps. Why not? They make double what the same job pays in the Private Sector

Speedy G said...

Thar she blows!

Robert Sinclair said...

I heard someone say the other day that Savris was a Democratic shill. Is this even possible? I think so, but don't mention it in polite company. All you'll get is rolling eyeballs.

Edgetho said...

The Tea Party wants and needs a Ronald Reagan style GOP
Do you remember that time? When Reagan swept dimocraps in two elections and then a 'moderate' rode his coattails to victory and SCREWED the Republican Party?
Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
I lived through that time period. I heard the HATE from the DISGUSTING FILTH in the Lame Stream Media, Hollywood, and on TV .
Except that back then they were trying to tell us we were all gonna fucking die because of Reagan.
Some of you weren't there. I was. the dimocrap scum wanted co-existence with communists. And today it’s starting allover again.
Reagan would have LOVE the Tea Party if he were around today. I lived through that time. That was when America was PROUD. When the future really was BRIGHT. When their was reason for 'hope' and 'change' was for the better.
And Reagan took down the most evil, most murdering empire in the history of man. Without firing a shot and with absolutely NO help from dimocrap scum..... Or anyone else besides Maggie, for that matter.

Your libs of today are clueless. You have no idea what we're about, what we represent and how much good we can do.
Your Progressive party are cultist dead-enders.
Your life ended years ago. You just haven't stopped breathing yet.
That’s theTypical leftist.
But there's still hope. All you gotta do is admit that your entire existence up until now has been a joke. That everything you believed and thought was right was actually -- Very wrong.
It's called “growing up” and it's not easy. We've all been there. It happened to me in my mid-thirties. It happens to many later than that.
But we were almost ALL liberals at one time or another. The key word there is “Almost” Sure we wanted to hop the poor, but we do not want to keep Giving and Giving, today there is NO end to the Giving!
It's called growing up. But you won't. And I know why. Outside your comfort zone. Work, friends, family, social networking......You have to grow a brain, sometimes in your life!
The Tea Party is FAR bigger than the libertarian movement and they saw what a mistake it would be to start their own party. dimocraps wanted them to. But they refused. And rightly so. Now we have internal wars in the Republican party that dimocraps don't understand..... They're GOOD for the party.

What We Need Is New ideas, new blood, new people.
What do the dimocraps have? Same old dipshit. Hitlery is the same old LIAR that she always was. What's the difference?
In fact, can you tell me any meaningful difference in any of the dimocrap scumbags that will run for the 2016 nomination?
There isn't any.

Always On Watch said...

Speedy G,
Yes, Christie will very likely be on the GOP ticket in 2016.

Silverfiddle said...

Welcome to the "New Normal."

We are a progressive nation now. Not conservative, not libertarian, progressive, where people voluntarily surrender their rights and liberties to soulless, faceless bureaucracies in exchange for a warm, fuzzy feeling that believing in fairy tales gives them.

You can't win an election against Santa Claus.

Anonymous said...

Cuccinelli lost because he received no support from the old boys network of the R's money machine.

He was outspent at every turn....let the azzhats in the beltway have the clinton knockoff.

And let the old guard one more dime...

Edgetho said...

Always On Watch said...
Speedy G,
Yes, Christie will very likely be on the GOP ticket in 2016.

I like Christie. I don't always agree with him, but I like the way he calls it like he sees it.
He doesn’t hold back and says it exactly as he feels.
He would be the only republican, at the moment, that I would consider voting for president. I think that Christie is going to make a very strong showing in 16. He will beat out the other candidates and give Hillary a very good run for the money. His only problem is that Christies wife is ALMOST as uglier as Michelle Obama. But that’s ok, it would still be better than seeing Hillary’s face for 4 or 8 years!
The real story today is this:
Though Cuccinelli managed a closer-than-expected showing against McAuliffe
A Tea Partier who was clearly painted as such almost beat an Established DemocRAT name.
The trend here isn't away from Conservatism... Christie isn't an Indicator of where Conservatism needs to go and the New Jersey "Election" is not a Template for the US.
Only Liberals even attempt to entertain this Tripe.

Duckys here said...

The E. W. Jackson result may be more indicative.

That extremist was soundly thrashed.
No way to spin it. Bad day for the Tea Party.

Gerry Mander said...

It's interesting to read the conservatives excuses for their stunning defeat in Virginia.

They blame the Democrats and their "big government" giveaways for luring people to vote for them. They blame stupidity on the voters part, they blame the media for spreading lies against their candidates.

They blame everyone but themselves and their self-destructive extremism.

Cuccinelli was a BIG GOVERNMENT candidate. He wanted the state of Virginia to insert itself in the most personal aspects of it citizens' lives. E.W. Jackson was an anti-gay idiot who said President Obama was "forcing schools to teach homosexuality to children." And that President Obama declared war on God.

No, conservatives, Democrats didn't win by promising to give "stuff" to the people. Democrats won because the public sees how crazy and fringey the GOP has become. No matter how outrageous, and how stupid the tactics of the TeaJerkers are.
As long as you cons keep denying the truth, you'll keep losing. They can’t keep complaining that their opposition are entitlement jerks and or, uneducated voters. They should be looking in the mirror instead.
Look, a win is a win, no matter how much cash the other side spends, no matter how small the margin of victory is, voters eventually decide ... sometimes in spite of all the backing by the sugar daddies.
At some point you just have to conceed the inevitable - republicans are losing ground due to tactical errors; not their message.
I am sure the establishment GOP is looking at this and scratching their head trying to figure out how to get the TeaBaggers from funding, supporting, and demanding extremist such as Cooooch. They had their best chance in 2012 when they had Obama in a vulnerable position, but they continued to blow it with a flawed candidate, (what else is new?)
Their message has become to attacking the dems, name calling ,lying, and dixing elections.

BTW, remember how the TeaPublicans howled at Christie for cooperating with President Obama during hurricane Sandy, and how they called him a traitor?
Now explain to us how Christie's respect for President Obama hurt him?
The modern TeaPublicans are blind to their craziness.

Silverfiddle said...

McAuliff was helped by malleable voters easily manipulated by propaganda:

The Clinonesque spin machine was in overdrive, twisting a remark by Cuccinelli on environmental laws into him calling Latino immigrants rats.

A blatant lie, but it worked beautifully. This is why the liberal democrat party is unstoppable.

Mustang said...

Two things to remember here. First, all politics are local. Second, party trumps country every time. It has been thus from the beginning.

JonBerg said...


"You can't win an election against Santa Claus."

Yes, but what happens when it's discovered that Santa Claus doesn't exist? As a case-in-point we have a very high profile issue currently in the forefront. Had voters faced reality would the Fraud-in-Chief have been reelected?

Insofar as 3rd Party and "stay at home" voters are concerned: Is it worth it to end up with a winner, diametrically opposed to your values, just because the major party candidate isn't/wasn't PERFECT? I don't know to what exact extent but such stubbornness contributed to a repeat of the disaster we have at 1600 Pennsylvania!

Duckys here said...

Get used to it, Silverfiddle.

Christie was the only candidate the Republicans could elect.
There's a moderate in your future if you want the party to survive.

The Tea Party nonsense is pretty much dead outside Texass and the Florida panhandle.

Z said...

Yes, Sarvis definitely drew votes from Cuccinelli.

I love lefties using "Thrashing" when the vote was that close. One more week of his telling the truth about Obama Care and more, and Cuccinelli could have won. "THRASHING?" :-)

Christie looked like a damn fool when he slobbered all over Obama and then learned months later "Hey, he promised, but he hasn't done much!" There are still people struggling but Obama's gone to trying to put the fire out on his next scandal.

Silverfiddle's right and lefties should be ashamed by it "You can't win an election against Santa Claus."

And, of course, we all know Santa has a toy factory in the North Pole spinning out toys for FREE!
I'm wondering what the left thinks is going to pay for all the freebies down HERE? :-)

Mustang..this third party did him in.

Robert...I've always thought that could be true. Eyes rolled or not :-)

Voice Of Reason said...

If you are an American, Freedom of speech. is one of the most valuable rights afforded to you a citizen of the United States. And you should be really upset that your president was caught in a whopper of a lie! Freedom of speech. It has been throughout history tested and tried, but it stood the test of time. People say, "My government infringes on my right to freedom of speech!" well, I would count my blessings if I were you. China does not value that right, and will without hesitation take it from you. It is getting to that point here, with the NSA watching what you do on the internet and who you call on the phone. Our freedom of speech is now in danger, in China it's gone. A chilling reminder of our future if we allow it to happen.
Those who defend Obama's lies by insisting that Obama “didn’t know” are ignorant and only fooling themselves.
And now we have a bunch of retarded, imbecilic, zombies, lacking common sense and an ability to properly reason supporting his recent lies about obamacare.
His last ( or should I say his latest) lie is when wh said, “I actually said, ‘You can keep your insurance, if it hasn’t changed since the law passed…” is so incredible, that it gives us a clue at how little regard he has for the American people.
His latest LIE is obvious. This is HIS bill, he has been prompting it for the past 5 years now, so don't give me that he didn't know Bull....Obama lives and breathes lies.
And YES, Obama's lies are worse than Nixon’s! Nixon’s lie didn’t effect the people, Sure, all politicians lie, but Obama has taken it to a higher level. Obama may be the greatest liar of all. He was a world class liar before he was elected. So I ask again, why are you surprised? What did you expect?

I await the rubber room or the circus of insults from the left..... Especially that JERK who goes around coping my posts and pasting them on that vile Progressive blog.

Jack Whyte said...

The notion that we deserve the blessings of liberty is absurd when we continually vote in favor of less liberty in order to have the so-called social safety net. A systemic and deeply flawed notion that there is never any risk in life (here or abroad) has to be one of the greatest lies ever told to the American people. I simply wonder why so many people believe these lies.

Voice Of Reason said...

Obama Hates big business, yes the stock market has been doing well lately, but ask yourself why. Their over head and employees have been cut o the bone. that’s why we have such high unemployment. These democratic moron don’‘t see that and can’t understood it. But it’s true, think about it. Some people think at if the Market is going up then things are wonderful! But no, it’s not so wonderful at all, that another typical stupid idea by someone who has no idea what is happening in business.
Small firms, particularly the Mom and Pop shops have been closing their doors like no other time since the Great Depression. And the threat of upcoming Obamacare will make it worse. It’s not hard to see the reasons for pessimism. Yu don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist. And as for the rich, Obama has promised to tax them to death as will the new Mayor of New York who sounds like a off-spring of Obama. Two peas in a pod. Just wait until New York becomes another Chicago. You can say what you want about Bloomberg’s Nanny State programs, but he had the best record against Crime in America. And that’s going to be gone. He will bring back David Dinkins’s failed policies and give the City back to the Crooks, Hoodlums, Racist Riots, and panhandlers./ The safe streets will become a Horror again as they did Pre Rudy Giuliani, who cleaned New York up and made it into ac lean and prosperous city, where Terrorists wanted to come to. You can Kiss All That Good-bye now!
It is not hard for Obama to threaten our country. We already have enough problems that we desperately need to work on. He works like this.
If we were an alcoholic, he would offer us a drink.
If we were a fat person on a diet, he would offer us chocolate.
1. Right now we have runaway entitlements that are driving us into debt and he champions those in need as if it is a sacred duty.
2 We have a border problem to our south and he takes the side of the illegals.
3 We have racial tensions and he ignores black on white crimes while making a national issue of one white on black one.
4 He came in promising to reform, to come down on the rich, and none of the crooked bankers have been arrested but given bailouts as well.
In every place that we need to make hard choices to survive, he works against our resolve and our judgement.
There's nothing wrong with being rich, working hard so that you can enjoy the good life is that’s what the American Dream is all about! Suck that up Liberals...

Spidey said...

Obama's Parents, Grandparents, Friends, & Mentors were ALL Socialists & Communists.

And He was raised to Hate America.
And now we have Bill de Blasio as the Mayor of New York! I say that it won’t be long before New York, becomes the next Detroit, or Chicago. Well as they say, . you deserve what you have just voted for...God help all of you., you’re going to need all the help that you can get.
Ya’ll can take your “I Love New York” slogan and stick it.

Speedy G said...

Is it worth it to end up with a winner, diametrically opposed to your values, just because the major party candidate isn't/wasn't PERFECT?

As opposed to a Big-Government Democrat-wannabe like Christie?

There IS NO difference... the result is the same... MORE BAD government and MORE crony capitalism.

The Karl Rove/Crossroads GPS Establishment GOP IS the "other half" of the crony capitalism equation destroying what remains of the laissez-faire capitalist system that the founders built and instituted upon the principles of Adam Smith's "Wealth of Nations".

Silverfiddle said...

@ Ducky: Get used to it, Silverfiddle.

I am used to it, and I will shock you by agreeing with you (partially). I don't like it, but this is probably how it will be:

The path to GOP recovery will probably be to become even more indistinguishable from democrats. Status quo ante 1980.

Chris Christie? Anyone who can't see the setup hasn't been paying attention these past decades.

The liberal democrat party mouthpieces in the press praise to high heavens a 'sensible' GOP 'moderate,' until he makes it to the presidential general election, where he is suddenly revealed to be satan himself.

I can't wait to see Christie painted as a dangerous right winger.

I'm really not that smart of a guy, just a country bumpkin, but if I can see through this red team/blue team charade and the political kabuki that goes along with it, why can't everyone else?

I'll end with this: Virginia did not 'lose.' Virginia won. They elected them man they wanted for governor. Hate the outcome, but the people got what they voted for, and that is a victory for our democratic system of government.

Speedy G said...

The GOP establishment if perfectly willing to trade "social values" (ie- Abortion/Gay Marriage/Healthcare Independence) for "corporate subsidies". THAT is why they donate the big money... to be the one's who "sell out" conservatives for PRIVATE gain.

Silverfiddle said...

@ Speedy: There IS NO difference... the result is the same... MORE BAD government and MORE crony capitalism.

The Karl Rove/Crossroads GPS Establishment GOP IS the "other half" of the crony capitalism equation destroying what remains of the laissez-faire capitalist system that the founders built and instituted upon the principles of Adam Smith's "Wealth of Nations".

Yes indeed. Time is better spend learning how to hack the system to your own advantage or learning how to get around it.

The oligarchic axis of evil that controls our lives (Big Government-Big Business (w/subsidiary, Big Labor)-Big Finance) is apolitical. The whole democrat republican-red shirt/blue shirt crap is just a diversion for the proles.

Don't waste your time fighting the system. Learn how to hack it and subvert it.

Speedy G said...

Saul Alinsky, "Rules for Radicals"

RULE 1: “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.” Power is derived from 2 main sources – money and people. “Have-Nots” must build power from flesh and blood. (These are two things of which there is a plentiful supply. Government and corporations always have a difficult time appealing to people, and usually do so almost exclusively with economic arguments.)

The Tea Party is GOP "people power".

Speedy G said...

Don't waste your time fighting the system

I've got kids. CHANGING "the system" is THE only hope for the future.

JonBerg said...

@ Speedy,

Are you suggesting that we are no worse off with B.O., for the second time, than we would have been with Romney? I'm just asking.

Speedy G said...

Are you suggesting that we are no worse off with B.O., for the second time, than we would have been with Romney?

Are you suggesting that there is a major difference between Massachusetts "Romney Care" and "Obamacare"?


Duckys here said...

Silverfiddle, what you don't seem to notice is that outside DiBlasio in NYC the candidates elected in NJ, Alabama and Virginia shared two qualities.

1. They weren't Tea Party

2. They received big cash infusions from the likes of the Business Roundtable and other business organizations.

All you've seen is business getting tired of the idiotic brinksmanship of the likes of Cruz.
You're still going to get a plank rammed up your butt but it will be from a "moderate" pro business candidate.

The Tea Party has been abandoned. No matter where these guys stand on culture issues, it has been decided that they are bad for business.
And right now the economy stinks for working folks but it sure is great for business.

Dave Miller said...

CI, you hit the nail on the head... the insurgent campaign by the Libertarian no more thwarted the will of the people than Naders did in the Bush v Gore in 2000.

Your second question is of great value given the closeness of the race. Why did the GOP abandon Cuccinelli as a candidate?

As close as this race was, perhaps the GOP could have pulled it out had they better invested in their candidate.

That to me is the bigger story. Maybe the party did not want him as governor.

I probably think like Ducky on this... The candidate was Tea Party through and through... it was a tough night nationally for that group.

Silver, you are probably right on the coming deglorification of Chris Christie, indeed it has already begun with the publication of "Double Down"

Do you think as the GOP swoons over him, we can expect the blogosphere and the more conservative folks to overlook their past hate for the guy in the hopes of winning?

Speedy G said...

The only difference between Romney and Obama is that with Obama the "poorest of the poor" can commit more fraud w/o consequences, and with Romney, there is more corporate welfare for the 1% to spill around.

The ever "shrinking" Middle Class gets screwed EITHER way.

Anonymous said...

Wow how the hypocrisy absolutely reeks in here..

Dave,the next time, before you repeat another Obama lie, try reading about our Constitution instead.

I usually start yawning when I explain where someone is wrong over and over and yet they continue to insist that they are right.

Anonymous said...


One of the big considerations is the media again, of course; we just don't hear of finagling among the Dems....except on conservative sites which somehow get wind.

Does anybody here believe that there isn't the same 'back door arranging' in the Dems as they claim the Reps have? :-) Voila.

I think the GOP has to 'swoon' over ANY Republican just to finally get the uncontrolled spending and SOMEONE in the White House who just MIGHT say "WHERE ARE WE GETTING THIS MONEY THE DEMS ARE PROMISING EVERYONE SO CONSTANTLY???? THEY CAN WIN VOTES THIS WAY, BUT $$$??"

We hear it again here; "Christie's not Republican enough"

Well, that might be the best we can get. He's not an idiot; he's done a lot for New Jersey and it's not BIG SPENDING, at least not STATE Big Spending.

Odd that the TEA PARTY phrase only just came back during Cruz's 'speech'...we hadn't heard it for a while. My belief is the media kicked into overdrive to malign him with that moniker because he made such sense.

It works every time because most people don't bother to read anything but headlines.

For instance, today's headlines are that we'll be asking "Where did Florida go?" and "Why is Egypt a swamp?" because of GLOBAL WARMING. :-)

Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus said...

Look, let's be clear here. The Obama bootlickers will go to the ends of the earth to defend this incompetent slob. The "tape don't lie". Of course Barry lied and he lied repeatedly. Now, caught in the act, he is backtracking his butt off and his legion of moronic followers are all too willing to "forgive and forget".

Jesus, if republicans had been as brain dead as these liberal limp-wrists, Nixon would have never been forced out - and all he did was to lie about knowledge of a break in. My God, how this country has fallen………

Anonymous said...

Cuchinelli lost because he was an awful candidate. Period. Blaming the GOP establishment or Sarvis is just a cop-out.

What happened to the party of personal responsibility?
This race has very little bearing on anything Nationally...just like New Jersey.
To cherry pick Virginia and say this means death and doom for the Republicans in 2016.

Anonymous said...

From Z of GEEEZ:

By the way:

DAVE: We can only HOPE the 'swooning' to continue...and that the stronger Conservatives will follow suit in time. Sadly, I have to hope for that.

By the way,
if it's "SWOONING" for Christie, what do you call OBAMA LOVE?

Anonymous said...


Speramus; agreed about "all he did" was bad, but NOTHING like the list I posted yesterday. Did you see that? Take a look...then take a look at how few comments in comparison with a normal day. The libs couldn't say much, I guess. Who could?

My Message: He was an awful candidate and I think it's pretty clear he could have won considering how many points Sarvis got! Part of that is ridiculous Republicans hoping to "show the GOP" (and risking VA, as they risked our country five years ago, of course) but do you think McAwful would have rec'd many of those SEVENTEEN POINTS had Sarvis NOT run? :-) no.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

C.I. makes a point.

Here is one very important thing I learned in high school from my very Left-leaning Civics/Political teacher, Mr Helms:

"Democrats don't usually win elections; Republicans lose them."


S said...


You keep speaking to me of 'saving the GOP' and 'tea parties,' as if I care about team sport politics. I do not. I care about freedom and personal responsibility, which means electoral politics, where the big government progressive wearing the red jersey runs against the big government progressive wearing the blue one, means little to me beyond the margins.

Given the system we have now, I agree with this statement of yours:

You're still going to get a plank rammed up your butt but it will be from a "moderate" pro business candidate.

The soulless clanking machine will overreach, and the pendulum will swing back. I think Obamacare will be the catalyst. Our government is not smart enough or efficient enough to pull off such a ridiculously complex project. Hubris at its finest, only millions of real people are being crushed.

If the Big State Progressives can ride this one out, they've got it made from now until they eventually collapse the system, and continuing on their trajectory, they will collapse it, probably in my lifetime.

Silverfiddle said...


You keep speaking to me of 'saving the GOP' and 'tea parties,' as if I care about team sport politics. I do not. I care about freedom and personal responsibility, which means electoral politics, where the big government progressive wearing the red jersey runs against the big government progressive wearing the blue one, means little to me beyond the margins.

Given the system we have now, I agree with this statement of yours:

You're still going to get a plank rammed up your butt but it will be from a "moderate" pro business candidate.

The soulless clanking machine will overreach, and the pendulum will swing back. I think Obamacare will be the catalyst. Our government is not smart enough or efficient enough to pull off such a ridiculously complex project. Hubris at its finest, only millions of real people are being crushed.

If the Big State Progressives can ride this one out, they've got it made from now until they eventually collapse the system, and continuing on their trajectory, they will collapse it, probably in my lifetime.

christian soldier said...

Sarvis' "independent" run was 'secretly' funded by a democrat special interest group--
Saying this to put a different
turn on the THIRD option to the failed elitist republican groups--

Remember- the NRSC and CRP GAVE US HUFFINGTON when a man of honor Congressman William Danneymeyer (R) was winning the primary --we got Feinstein because of it --

I could name a few more sabotaged by the elitist Rsss but- brevity in commenting is the soul of wit...
a "Recovering Republican " now a @Carol-CS

Anonymous said...

From Z of GEEEEZ:

Here's a very amazing thing:

A high school teacher with a classroom full of incredibly bright seniors from ALL walks of life just came down to tell me that they discussed, among other things, Obama Care, and ALL who spoke were against it.
Some like the idea of everyone being insured (who doesn't?) but one particular family with six kids' insurance just went up $400 a month and that is devastating to them with kids going into college soon, etc. There are about 20 kids in the class...ALL the families are suffering and we have some VERY poor families. One girl is a diabetic and she said her insurance is going UP...
People WANT their insurance, it worked for them!

What a shame.

God help the media get ALL the stories out, not just those the Senators and Sebelius are spouting in the hearings "we heard from one woman who'd have died if..."

Ya...nobody wants her to die. NOBODY, contrary to what some on the left think.
Just PLEASE, folks...would that we'd listened to the idea of insurance over state lines and other great ideas that might have worked without bankrupting our families and our country.

Anonymous said...

From Z:

CS..if only we could prove that.
I don't doubt Soros backs these people for a second $$$

And then the left has the guts to slam the Koch Bros. EVERY time we mention Soros; wait for it.

Dave Miller said...

Anon... what about my comment contradicts the COnstitution?

Z... Yep there is Obama love too... maybe that is the lefts version of The Christie Swoon...

Duckys here said...

@Silverfiddle -- The soulless clanking machine will overreach, and the pendulum will swing back.
Or maybe not.

Today's environment reminds me of Bunuel's film, The Exterminating Angel. Never one of my favorite Bunuel's, it has really grown on me of late.

Group of swells are at a dinner party and find they can't leave. No apparent restraints but they just can't leave the room. Chaos breaks out and they trash the place as they devolve into their most libertarian nature.
No, if you think the solution is in "freedom" then uninhibited human nature has the last word.

It is a quandary.

JonBerg said...

"Are you suggesting that there is a major difference between Massachusetts "Romney Care" and "Obamacare"?"

Yes, The people of Massachusetts [wanted], so called, "Romney Care" and have retained it. If the people of America ever thought that they wanted "Obamacare" it has been made clear that it is NOT the case now. If in the event that some in Massachusetts didn't want to be encumbered by "Romney Care" they were free to leave. Since Obamacare is mandated throughout the entire US where do we go? Do I really have to point out that B.O. (the community organizer) is a hard core Socialist/Communist while Romney has a successful history of Private Sector business experience? I submit that Romney's perceived imperfections pale when compared to B.O.'s disastrous agenda-PLEEEZE! "WAKE UP", indeed!

Gerry Mander said...

Just when you did´t think it could get any worse................A stack of daily updates written by Obamacare contractors shows the October rollout hit more walls than previously known: In the first days, half of the calls to the phone center had problems, paper applications could not be processed and up to 40,000 people at a time were sitting in the waiting room of

The 175 pages of internal updates during the sign-up chronicle the growing ailments and efforts to heal the system during October. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, led by Republican Darrell Issa, obtained the documents from contractors involved and released them Wednesday.
50% of the call center calls had issues, also there was evidence of a widerspread problem (with the call centers),
On day one, October 1, the system mistakenly rejected 90% of Medicaid applicants. The next day, estimates counted out of 40,000 people in the waiting room, just 100 people had enrolled. By day three, it was clear that insurers were not getting the data for people who had signed up for their plans.

What did you expect from Obama, Pelosi and Reid? They lied and created a big mess all by themselves and do not know what to do or how to fix it. Now, who can they blame except for themselves? You could not dream up a worse nightmare for America. This monster(Obamacare) will completely destroy the greatest health system the world has ever seen.
Wouldn't it be refreshing if he just stood up and told the truth? If he admitted his error and said "time out….we are going to start over and see if we can do this right…"
This whole debacle has showcased his enormous ego and lack of character. There are so many things to not like about this guy but in the end, his lack of character trumps all. I would like to know how those who voted for him feel now? I have consistently been a critic but do most "progressives" still feel OK about him? Most people on that “Progressive” site have never been critical of Barry but would love to see some of those supporters faces now! But I’d bet that the air-heads jaws are dropping. …Wake up, you Progressive ! OBAMA LIED. Obamacare was doomed from the outset. You cannot centralize health insurance for a nation of 320 million through a law of 2500 pages, understood by no one and that violates the law of supply and demand. Prices had to go up while services decline. And, most seriously its passage was tainted by lies from the president to Pelosi to Reid and to all who voted for it
Do you STILL love it when I wake up in the morning and Barack Obama is President! Or do you smell the stench coming from the White House as I do!
Are you still blaming Bush and Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh for Obama’s incompetence?

Gerry Mander said...

If this were a private sector corporation the CEO would have been fired the very next morning. And the worse is yet to come. It is NOT worse than we thought. IT'S EXACTLY AS BAD AS WE IMAGINED.

Silverfiddle said...

Point taken, Ducky, but it also reveals the progressive left's inherent mistrust of human beings.

Why must any talk of rolling back government, even a smidgen, result in the reflexive specter of chaotic anarchy?

I find this statement curious, coming from an rabid, tea party hater:

"The Tea Party has been abandoned. No matter where these guys stand on culture issues, it has been decided that they are bad for business.

And right now the economy stinks for working folks but it sure is great for business.

So, by your logic, wouldn't you at least pause and reevaluate your hatred of an an organization that big biz considers 'bad?'

There are strains in the tea party that want to take away all corporate welfare. Isn't that a good thing?

I am not defending tea parties as an organization, but evaluating an idea.

Gerry Mander said...

As for Terry McAuliffe winning I’m sorry to say it but the once great state of Virginia is doomed. He's a bleeping CROOK! And another ex Clinton sleaze bucket opportunist who will cynically exploit the people and the system, as he already has in the past. McAuliffe won because he had loads of money and he was able to flood the population with ads targeted at ignorant people. And I am sick of the Clinton’s acting like their God gift to the world.

Defusing the Liberal lies. said...

Obozo knew full well he was lying, he doesn't care, he know the MSM will give him a pass and all he has to do is weather some criticism for a couple of weeks and then just refuse to talk about anymore. Hell just this week Carney has already moved in that direction saying the were not interested in Monday morning quarterbacking, basically saying we are not interested in analyzing what went wrong, next subject. It's all about rules for radicals again, the ends justify the means

Always On Watch said...

Apparently, E. W. Jackson gave one good speech and got the nomination to run. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

It's a sad day for the states of Virginia,and New York, a

They are screwed for at least 4 years. New York is going to miss Bloomberg and Rudy Giuliani. especially when the streets become Holy Hell. And Al Sharpton becomes the Prince of the City

Anonymous said...


Dave, if you think Christie love is comparable to Obama Adoration, you're not paying attention, my friend :-)

Was just on the phone with a medical group, one of THE best orthopod groups in California, and their billing people are horrified with what's going on with Obama Care. Their billing's a mess.

A friend this morning told me her dad isn't being treated because his ins. co. doesn't know what's going to happen in January so they're dragging their feet.

This is working exactly into the ONE PAYER situation....exactly what I believe they wanted all along.

"make it so horrible, they'll be clamoring for single payer".

Thank GOD some are finding out how bad Government care will be, however; we can hope.

Anonymous said...


Anon...I think you're right. Bloomberg was a nut but the streets were getting safer.
I don't know what DeBlasio (or whatever his name is) feels about the Frisk situation but have you heard how the numbers have gone down in relation to STOP AND FRISK? Apparently, it's more important to let New Yorkers be attacked or killed than it is to hurt the feelings of possible attackers/killers.
NOBODY wants people stopped and frisked, but it was WORKING, folks. Apparently, they were stopping and frisking the right people?

Liberalmann said...

Despite gerrymandering and voter ID laws to suppress the vote, the Dems still win! Gotta love it!

Duckys here said...

Well z, DiBlasio intends to work to suppress stop & frisk.

I know that an individuals civil rights aren't worth anything when someone's false sense of security.

The largest drop in crime in NYC (and other metropolitan areas) came well before stop & frisk was implemented and the stats are in question now.
There have been numerous complaints about quotas and non reporting. This American Life and Democracy Now! have run the stories by NYC police officers protesting.
I know, those are commie sources and there is no reason this non story should run in the "liberal media" when the right wings sense of safety is at stake.

It's all very similar to the extensive, extremely expensive spy program the NYPD ran on Muslims which turned up nada. Absolutely nothing.
I don't think Fox ran that story either.

But we shouldn't spare any expense to make the right feel safe from scary Muslims and minorities.

Anonymous said...

From Z ..

Ducky, you don't have to be so frickin' ugly; I would love to see stats that prove otherwise than what we're all hearing.
Bring it on.

And no, DUcky, it's YOU who have this ridiculous, hackneyed view of "scary Muslims and minorities"...
Odd that it's SCARY MUSLIMS who've caused the most heinous acts in America recently, but we get you're down with that. After all, they're muslims.

And, by the way, this blog is not known for coloring all muslims with the same brush and you very well know sound ridiculous.

Am wondering if they'd done an "extremely expensive spy program" in Boston on muslims if they'd turned up 'nada' as well...right before the Boston bombings?

Go ahead...STOP the frisking NOW if it's not working; I'm eager to see the stats. Odd that it's only we who need to prove anything to you but, when we ask you for backup on any allegations, you run and hide.

Every single time.

Anonymous said...

Ducky knows so much. It's fascinating. He knows about everything including what the NYPD does and how effective they are.

Ducky or the art of making grand statements without any data point.

I've been missing it.

Duckys here said...

z, I gave you two alternate sources for info on stop & frisk. One is today's Democracy Now!.
Download it, you won't break out in hives.

Now why don't we have lots of police spy programs so that Muslims feel comfortable and are willing to come forward. The Boston bombers mosque kicked them out for being extremists but that's as far as it went.
Maybe it would be better to encourage trust?

Yeah, I was nasty and I think that's called for when someone thinks the best we can do in this country is stop someone for being black because it makes someone else feel more comfortable.
Freedom! Right?

Feel free to step in Silverfiddle. I have an idea where you stand on this one.

Speedy G said...

President Obama called New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) Wednesday afternoon to congratulate him on his reelection.

Yep. That's all you need to know.

Anonymous said...

"so that Muslims feel comfortable and are willing to come forward..."

They'll never be "comfortable" in the US. Which is why they stay to themselves and in their mosques. Hearing how ugly and depraved we are. They don't want to assimilate...they want us to and want to see us under their flag and under sharia law. If they do become "comfortable" they become apostates. Which is why 99% of them have kept their mouths shut since 911. Except to bitch about how "oppressed" they are.

Kid said...

The libertarian guy was financed by obama. Maybe someone said that already. Election Rigging.

Kid said...

Duck still believes in campaign promises. hahahaaa

Also, yea,the repubs will probably run either christie or jeb bush. Good Lord. Doesn't matter though. The repubs have proven they are Anti-America after the last election. Probably before that actually. Probably immediately after the Great Ronald Reagan's two terms were up.

The last American president was Ronald Reagan, and before him JFK.

From there we went from worthless slug to communist. Next up? - 70 + year old lesbian communist murderer. Uglier than a .. well some of you may be eating.

Kid said...

Duck, you know the TSA Can stop you on the road and perform a full strip and body cavity search without giving you a reason. You know that right?

Duckys here said...

What's you're point kid?

z's the one who will sell out probable cause rights in order to feel safe, not me.

You get confused easily. Take a breath.

Z said...

"stop someone who's black"

Ya, they stop black businessmen in Brooks Bros suits, right?

No, they pick ANYONE who looks suspicious according to their training. You're the racist to think they'll pick on anybody because of their color, Ducky.
And gee, maybe even those who look like perps are grateful to be checked because they know they'd do nothing and their families are safer because the cops are on it.

Gee...I believe that more blacks commit crimes. but I'm not allowed to say that, right?
OH MY GOSH! Z IS A RACIST...never mind the stats.

And, no I don't take editorials by lib rags as gospel, thanks.

Come on, show us the stats; I'm eager to hear how Stop and Frisk hasn't worked. Very eager.

Kid...exactly true.

Z said...

I wanted to mention how none of the usual drop-by libs had the guts to address my last post with all the lies and the links to the truth in them, of Obama.

Fascinating.......just fascinating.

dead silence.

Kid said...

Z, Proof positive libtards are like cockroaches, AND they know it. They KNOW it.

Shine the light on and they all scurry behind the baseboards.

What can it be to try to Live Like That?
Duck? C'mon back good buddy. Got your ears on?

Duckys here said...

Almost 90% are innocent

... and I'll bet tat the bulk of the 10% are minor drug busts.

90% are innocent? Says a lot for their "training" doesn't it, z? Might have more to do with filling their quota.

In fact a large number of cops oppose the program because it makes it more difficult to get community trust to do real policing.

Fewer than 10% of those stopped are white but there's no profiling going on here.

Quit while you're ahead, z. This is just something to make the statistics sound good and raise some income.
It's a disgrace.

Duckys here said...

kid, are you on dope? Really, you're incoherent.

Kid said...

Duck, what a bunch of dishonest BS lame attempted comeback nonsense. Can you talk like an adult? Well, Can ya punk ?!

Btw - did you read where GW Bush will likely be commissioner of MLB after 2015? LOL !

Z said...

“encouraged the targeting of young black and Hispanic men based on their prevalence in local crime complaints,”

Their PREVALENCE? Wait, is the person who said that a RACIST? :-)

This is priceless...from THE NATION. And you have the guts to slam FOX? :-) Ya, FOX is biased. :-)

So Bloomberg's a racist now, too? Or is he basing HIS fighting the federal court on the "PREVALENCE?"

As I said before, think they stop black men in Brooks Bros suits or nice work clothes just because they're black? Of course not.

Get a grip, Ducky.........nobody wants to have to stop innocent people and check if they're's a sad world that we even have to consider it. Must be a bunch of Republicans they're stopping and frisking, right? A bunch of Romney voters?


Kid said...

Duck, you and your ilk are transparent as glass.
When adults like me or Z, or most of the commentors here say something that is a truism, the effect is that it attacks the libtard fantasy world.

You're fantasy world. You can't Have that. You are Dependent on the libtard fantasy. So what do you do? You knee jerk response, striking me and others with a vague insult, hoping other like minded people like yourself will simply accept it and completely discount what We said. This strategy only works in Kindergarten. Maybe. It doesn't work in real life.

It makes you look weak, like you can't hold your own in a debate with an adult. Dig? I'm tryin to help you here.

Kid said...

Z,Yea, Beautiful.

Libtards are all for free speech, as long as they agree with what you're saying. libtards are as fascist as any slime hitler nazi. The only thing they are interested in is their own habitat and that They will not be affected negatively.

They act like spoiled 3 year old's and it's so transparent, it's hilarious. Yet, they'll never see it let alone admit it.

Like little kittycats with their head under a blankie, the rest of them in plain view and they think they're hiding. hahahaaaaaa

But sad fact is, these evil little children have been in charge since 2007 and there's no one to counter them because the repubblekins are totally consumed with trying to figure out how they can get back into the primo money stealing position of white house + either senate, or house, or both.

Z said...

I NEVER thought I'd hear you compare a lib with a KITTY KAT :-)

WHAT???????????? (but you're right here)


Kid said...

;-) The best of them of course. Most of them are more like skunks.

Anonymous said...

Duck quack:

Here's one for you...your future Muslim assimilation:

Iowa Muslim Imam Claims Prosecuting Him for Molesting Women Violates his Religious Freedom....

Are we out of our phooking minds allowing this POS to practice his so called "religion" in this country?


cwhiatt said...

Don't blame libertarians for your own fucking ineptitude you sorry loser.

Look at the data you fucking crybaby.

Kid said...

Anon, I saw today where Marvel Comics has introduced a muslim superhero character. Isn't that just peachy?