Saturday, November 23, 2013

Matt Walsh. OUCH! Agree?

Dear President Obama,
You strike me as the sort of man who spends a lot of time staring at his own reflection.  I wonder, what do you see when you gaze so admiringly at yourself? What image do you find in that mirror of yours?  Let me guess:  a graceful Greek god with a golden crown, draped in luxurious robes, perched on a giant, magnificent throne atop a mountain in the sky?  You see a throng of angels singing your praises and masses of subservient peasants prostrated before you, trembling with fear and awe?  You see a man who is more than a man, and a president who transcends the presidency; you see a historic figure of immortal importance?

Yeah, that’s what I thought, and I can’t blame you, Mr. President.  By all accounts, you’ve always been an arrogant, haughty narcissist — and that was before you became president.  Your supporters and your enemies may argue over whether you descended from heaven on the back of a Pegasus, or were birthed from the bowels of Hell to bring about a Biblical apocalypse, but they both agree on one thing:  you are a figure of great significance and immense power.  You are either the anti-Christ or the Second Coming, with no room for anything in-between. Surely, this talk might cause even a humble man to slip into a state of vanity and pride, so I can only imagine what it must do to a man such as yourself, already so aloof and so conceited.

That’s why I’m writing this letter.  My impression of you is quite different, and it has only been solidified by your performance during this shutdown/Obamacare debate.  I find you to be a very small man, Mr. President.  Far from larger than life, you are petty, frivolous, pathetic; sneering and pompous but also trifling and narrow.  I don’t mean to dismiss or underestimate the damage you have done to this nation — it has certainly been profound and lasting — but I want you to know that your legacy will not be one of grandeur and brilliance; it will be the legacy of a shameless, desperate bully.  Both your opponents and your proponents hoist you up as a world leader with a grand vision, whether benevolent or malevolent.  I, on the other hand, believe you have the vision of a temperamental two year old.  You simply want to feel like you’re in control; you want to “win,” you want everybody in the room to pay attention to you, and you’ll stomp your feet and whine until you get your way.  You govern like a coddled toddler; it’s inappropriate to pejoratively refer to you as a “dictator,” but only because it lends you a certain unwarranted credibility.  I think you wish to be a dictator, but instead you’re just a bumbling bureaucrat; easily replaced and even more easily forgotten.  You have the ethics of Genghis Khan, but the leadership skills of Michael Scott.  This is why we are forced to witness the spectacle of, for instance, our president brazenly threatening to invade another nation for no reason, only to clumsily abandon the idea after being publicly spanked by Putin.

Your legacy, Mr. President, will be defined by small, shameful things, as your presidency has been primarily a succession of small, shameful things.  The platitudes you spouted during your campaign— the theatrics, the pomp, the hype — have all faded.  Replaced by the scheming partisan machinations that have come to define your tenure.

Every president has a moment that encapsulates their time in office; your moment, Mr. President, happened this week.  Sure, future generations will look at you with mockery and scorn because of bigger scandals — Benghazi, the IRS targeting conservatives, Obamacare, the birth control mandate and your attacks on religious liberty, spying on journalists, arming terrorists overseas, Fast and Furious, the crony green energy scams, the bailouts, your support for infanticide, the billions you’ve given to the abortion industry, your cowardice in refusing to address the Gosnell murders, your reckless exploitation of the Zimmerman trial, the out of control deficit spending, your refusal to enforce immigration laws, the massive expansion of the Welfare State, the lies, the broken promises, etc — but I think, in an understated way, what you’ve done this week is a better microcosm of your entire reign.

I’m not just referring to the fact that you are peddling the lie that “Republicans” have “shutdown the government,”when, in fact, they have attempted to pass several bills that would fund the government.  Mr. President, you tell these fables to the trained seals in the media and your voting base, but you know darn well that any American with a capacity for critical thought will roundly reject this absurd narrative.  YOU have chosen to “shut down” the government because you have made Obamacare the ultimate priority.  You have said, “Obamacare or nothing,” and then accused Republicans of being the “hostage takers.”  They are holding the government hostage by trying to fund it?  What a silly idea.  But then, you are a silly, ridiculous president.  Speaking of which, this takes us right to your defining moment:  barricading memorials and monuments in a ploy to win an argument.

Comparatively insignificant when stacked up against your war crimes and constitutional infringements, but it is nonetheless an apt illustration.  The Lincoln Memorial is just a giant statue.  There isn’t any reason why people shouldn’t be able to look at a statue during a government shutdown.  In past shutdowns, the memorials were open, with only the information centers closing down.  The Lincoln Memorial has never been completely closed off from the public until now.  You have decided to spend money to block and guard open-air monuments, when it would be cheaper, require less staff, and be less onerous to simply leave them be.  Is this some sort of bizarre punitive measure against the American taxpayer?

Infamously, you even attempted to stop WW2 veterans from visiting the WW2 memorial.  That memorial is mostly privately funded, and is open 24 hours a day. You SPENT MONEY to physically guard the monument from a group of elderly war veterans.  This is truly unprecedented.  We have had horrible presidents in the past, but none quite so shallow, cheap and contemptible.  You tried to close down Mt. Vernon, which is privately funded, but had to settle for closing its parking lot — even though the parking lot requires no immediate on-going maintenance or surveillance from any federal workers.  Did you have to shut down the Normandy cemetery and memorial?  Are we saving money that way?  I doubt it. 

It’s the same game you played during the sequester, and it comes as no surprise to those of us who pay attention (which means it came as a surprise to a large number of people).  Rather than leading like a statesman, you hide in the shadows; scheming, conniving, exploiting.  You emerge only to make hyper-partisan speeches, with rhetoric best left to Democratic talking heads on afternoon cable news shows.  Far from being a “new kind of politician” (as you were advertised), you are the most political politician this country has ever seen. You are political to your core, in your essence, at an atomic level, and so you are unable to offer any direction or clarity when the nation needs it most.  Sometimes, Mr. President, the affairs of this nation require a man, not a politician, and it is during those times that you are especially useless.  You don’t have any interest in fixing our present crisis because you’re too busy finding ways to keep a busload of 90-year old war veterans from looking at a memorial.

Closing down parks, monuments and memorials just to score political points is hardly your most insidious deed, but it’s certainly one of your pettiest.  That’s why it stands, ironically, as a monument of its own.  If we ever build a statue of you, Mr. President, you won’t be triumphantly holding a flaming torch like Lady Liberty, or standing authoritatively with a look of determination, like the MLK memorial.  No, it will be a statue of you pulling the wings off of a fly, or spitting in someone’s orange juice.  It will show you in your essence, as monuments are meant to do.  It will show you as a petulant, skulking, juvenile bully.  It will show you as you are.

And we’ll make sure it’s always open, especially during a government shut down.


Matt Walsh
In God We Trust


Joe said...

One of the best and most accurate descriptions of President BO (the man who would be king). He is a despot to the core and as petty as petty can get. He is a bully and a vile man without moral fortitude.

The Gallantwarrior said...

Democrats just proved themselves the biggest freaken hypocrites on the planet. Back when Bill Frist was Senate majority leader some were urging him to change the filibuster rule to get Pres Bush's judicial appointments through. The Dems were stalling appointments of very good choices simply because they were Bush's. Frist refused. All the Dems gave big speeches about how the filibuster protected the rights of the minority etc etc. One of them went on to be the first mulatto president.
Fast forward to today. Dems change the rule. Minority rights? Who gives a crap?
Dems are the biggest freaken hypocrites on the planet.

If democrats weren't total ftraken hypocrites, they'd police their own better, too. If you are so truly concerned about integrity and character, you'd denounce the liars, cheats, pedophiles, and other assorted perverts, as well as drug abuses in your own party. Hey, why don't you demonstrate your integrity, start at the top, call for the impeachment of the unqualified, lying sack of crap you all managed to put into the White House? Go on, show us how it's done.

sue hanes said...

Z - Matt seems to have covered everything - hasn't he.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

The worst part:

1. We have an ignorant electorate, and
2. We have a media that has lost its ability to be inquisitive and unbiased.

The Perfect Storm for disaster.


Craig said...

If Obama's intent is to turn America into a Socialist Hell Hole or turn it over to the Muslims and, as the writer says, He's a "bumbling bureaucrat" and incompetent, what have you got to worry about?

Duckys here said...

Who is Matt Walsh and why is he in the monkey cage rubbing poo in his hair?

Duckys here said...
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Z said...


Gallantwarrior: They are changing the rules, aren't they. And Americans aren't getting it. CNN's barely covered it. And they almost never discuss the foibles of the ACA; cracks me up.
The pres of the Doctor's association is advising nobody signs up. Dr Amerling; am going to try to find his editorial. It's apparently an important read by a person who knows a lot more about healthcare than the WH. you agree with ANY of it? that he's hurt the media and hitting people in their pocketbooks, I think they're waking up...but he's got a bunch of powerful lib media he invited to the WH to get their mojo going again. "Forgive him!" :-)

Craig. Did you read your comment?

Duckys here said...

This little screed is instructive for a couple reasons:

1. It does go to demonstrate that so called Hollywood speaks out against Obama.

2. It is part of the universal (left and right) noise machine that accomplishes absolutely NOTHING and keeps the public from focusing on serious issues.

I'm sure you'll scoff but I wonder why a column is devoted to a low functioning rant when absolutely nothing has shown up on right wing (or left for that matter) sites about the climate summit in Warsaw especially after the storm in the Philippines.
Actually Democracy Now! covered that. There is still a bit of reportage out there.

We either get beyond useless finger pointing or we get consumed by the corporate Borg.

Ed Bonderenka said...

You may have seen this:
If not, you should.

Z said...

Ducky, when you finally start a blog, please make sure you include all the more erudite and scintillating information you deem appropriate, okay?
Every day of your life..write a couple posts. Enjoy.
And thanks.
Oh, and I'm wondering if any of the conference experts mentioned that the storm there isn't the first...I love it when the weather folks talk about disasters as if it's all this new 'global warming'(now called 'change' instead because they finally figured out it isn't just warming) but then, at the end of reports and articles, we read "this was almost as bad as the storm of 1923") :-)

Ed, thanks...good article. But sad; sad that anybody of us has to feel that way about a sitting president. (hard to even type that about Obama...)

I think it's important people are reminded of all that's going on. And that they get real information from both sides.

TemplarKormac said...

Dear Mr. President:
I can't say that I approve of your policies, and I can't say I really respect you as a person, but you are the President. My grandmother taught me at a young age to respect the office you hold, she never said anything about respecting the person holding it. But I must congratulate you on being the first black man to be elected to the presidency, that much credit is due you. And you do carry a great deal of prestige with that title.
I am a 26 year old libertarian living in the Southeast United States, who has grown incredibly displeased with the direction you have proceeded to take my country. In the following body of this letter, sir, I will address some key issues I have with some of the decisions you have made during your presidency.
You have made a great effort (or so you say) of insuring the uninsured, but you were kept in the dark about the failure of the Obamacare website. I must question why you haven't fired or at least disciplined Kathleen Sebelius for the disastrous rollout of the Obamacare website, along with the entire law itself (hey, please don't get mad at me for calling it that, it does have your name on it and you did introduce it). On top of that, you may or may not have known 1,496,000 people have now lost insurance in five states under your new healthcare law. How will you explain yourself to them? Why sir, are you not required to participate in the very law you created?
Moving on. You have all of today's modern technology at your fingertips, and with all of that technology you managed to spy on hundreds of millions of unsuspecting Americans via the NSA. But what strikes me odd is that you couldn't craft and launch a simple healthcare website with similar technology. Why is that Mr. President? Why sir, did you willfully lie to us about being able to keep our plans and our doctors under Obamacare? Did you somehow not know this was the case? Or did you know all along?
You say you have presided over a record number of deportations under your watch. Alright, then why, sir, did you grant amnesty to 800,000 illegal immigrants and their children? I am as an American citizen appalled by this act. One of your biggest responsibilities to Americans is to ensure our border is secure, not overly porous. We have laws on the books that you have refused to enforce, or have outrightly broken to give amnesty to all of those people.
In regards to what happened on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya: What were you thinking, Mr. President? The families of four brave men who died that night in the consulate are still searching for answers, Mr. President, why do you insist on lying about it? Why didn't you simply tell the truth to them and to the American people?

TemplarKormac said...

As far as our spending is concerned, why haven't you done anything to address our growing national debt and out of control spending? Why are you allowing Harry Reid to repeatedly block any attempt by the House to address the issue? Our national debt hit $17 trillion immediately following the end of the government shutdown. However, you continue claiming you "inherited" that mess from President George W. Bush. You have been personally responsible for spending over $6 trillion, and adding just that much to our debt in the five years you've been in office. When will you get around to that?

I have also noticed how callously you treat our soldiers and veterans. No greater example of such came during the partial government shutdown when you refused access to thousands of WWII veterans to a memorial they helped to create with their own blood, sweat and tears. How come you feel like these men and women don't deserve any reverence for the literal hell they've been through? Why did you feel it necessary to barricade them?

There are numerous other issues I take exception to that you yourself are responsible for, namely your wavering stances on gay marriage, and your abandonment of the Defense of Marriage Act among other things, I know you are a busy man, Mr. President, so I'll close with this final question: Just how long do you think Americans will remain ignorant of what you and your colleagues are doing there in Washington? Again, I thank you for taking the time to read this rather lengthy letter.

Kid said...

Imbeciles always think they are geniuses. Only the smart man realizes how ignorant he is.

Kid said...

Z, re: duck. What is the easiest thing to do in life?

doo dee doo doo doo dee doo.. (Jeapordy theme)

That's right folks. The easiest thing to do in life is sit on your porch like a useless unintelligent non-contributing slug and throw rocks at everything that passes by.

There you have it.

Kid said...


Why do you show respect to those who show you none. Let along those actually Charged With showing you respect according the Constitution ?

obama is a racist, anti-American, muslim activist POS, the democrats are all POS's and the vast majority of the repubs are POS's. Those that aren't are useless clowns.

Let's at least call it like it is if we hope to make any progress here at all.

Kid said...

PS - respectfully.

Laughing at Stupid Things Liberals Say said...

Kid I must have missed something, where did he "show respect"

Porter Salasberry said...

TemplarKormac, I think that was excellent.

Kid said...

Calling him Sir for one.

WomanHonorThyself said...

wow...well said !!!!

Kid said...

@Laughing at Stupid

There is a new game in town. If you think you can change things by following the rules of civilized society, mainly voting.. with the intention of removing corruption and returning America to something resembling of a country that respects individual liberties above all else, you couldn't be more off target.

The politicians read the kind of stuff you write for comedy. I guarantee you, they are splitting their sides watching you navigate the political scene following the rules of civilized society.

They'll eat you up and spit you out. In fact they already have.
We have a one party system. Writing letters, calling your congress critter, etc is a Useless exercise.

Warm Regards.

Impertinent said...


the democrats are all...what the Viet Cong were to Vietnamese... and are now to the US.

Duckys here said...

kid, for your own safety I'm going to have to ask you to give me the car keys.

Z said...

I'm just trying to get over the fact that TemplarKormack is 26.
Bravo, sir. May I ask how many of your friends your age are wise enough to share your opinions?

Kid, I couldn't agree more/ and you're right...writing letters isn't going to help.

Did you hear Obama had "the media" into the White House the other day? All leftwingers, of course.
There's a REAL PUSH on now to DIVERT DIVERT DIVERT from if they can.
They're desperate, poor things............

this could get very interesting.

Meanwhile, they're suddenly asking Kerry to tell the world "We know Iran's only building nukes for peace"....ARE THEY INSANE?

Impertinent said...

Like I said Z...

On Thursday's "special edition" of "Media Mash" on Fox News, Sean Hannity talked to Juan Williams about a meeting of journalists and cable-news hosts he was invited to by the Obama White House. Williams said attendees included MSNBC's Ed Schultz and Lawrence O'Donnell, David Corn of Mother Jones, Howard Fineman of the Huffington Post, and Washington Post bloggers Ezra Klein and Greg Sargent."

Real "fair and balanced", right?

All softballs and tingles for the emperor.

Impertinent said...


"Meanwhile, they're suddenly asking Kerry to tell the world "We know Iran's only building nukes for peace"....

Kerry might have to move his yacht rich.

Kid said...

Thanks Z, and no one is putting anything past you.

Porter Salasberry said...

Kid said...
"Calling him Sir for one."

Hell I call my Plumber "Sir"

Kid said...

@Porter. Your plumber deserves a lot more respect. He/she actually learned a trade and did something with their lives and actually works a job.