Monday, November 18, 2013

FIRED?? Transparency Obama Style

According to a report in the Washington Post by Aaron Davis and Mike DeBonis, there is a penalty for daring to disagree with the President of the United States—particularly if his name is Barack Obama.  According to this story:

“A day after he questioned President Obama’s decision to unwind a major tenet of the healthcare law, and said the nation’s capital might not go along, the District of Columbia’s insurance commissioner, William P White, was fired.”

My, my, my … that’s a new slant on total transparency, isn’t it?  Well, that is to say unless Mr. White is lying because he’s a racist, or a Republican, or a zombie-like devotee of the Fox News Channel (suggesting also, a rabid Tea Party antagonist). 

As it happens, White was one of the first insurance commissioners to push back against Obama’s attempt to compound his lies by suggesting that he can just snap his fingers and everything will be okay –that millions of Americans who have already lost their health insurance due to Washington’s incompetence, will be saved.

Our readers can form their own opinions, of course.  As far as we are concerned, we think Mr. White is fortunate that he is not this very minute standing in 50 foot of ice-cold water wearing his new Obama Care cement shoes.

-Mustang Sends


Robert Sinclair said...

So here is a guy who works for the city of Washington, and he has the nerve to sass Barack Obama? He’s got guts … no job, but guts. But honestly, I think your suggestion that the Obama administration employs a Capone-like methodology could be high highly offensive to Democrats (who are mostly mentally ill).

Thersites said...

...another Obama promise BROKEN... as he said he would leave the decision about the regulatory rollback to Insurance Commissioners.

Thersites said...

...oh that's right. DC isn't a "State". It's always a "technicality" that the President's defenders will point to...

Porter Salasberry said...

It has been 14 months since our Ambassador and the other 3 Americans were murdered in Libya. It was on September 11, 2012, to be exact,

In 2001, within 4 weeks post-9-11 we were already bombing Afghanistan, because as George Bush said, he was going to bringing al-Qaeda to justice. Because we knew who it was and we wanted to act and quickly. As it sshould have been and as it was.

This Administration watched the terrorist attack unfold in REAL TIME and did NOTHING. There is video-tape and audio-tape that is being suppressed by this Administration & worse, the Press is ignoring it. Let that sink in: the American Press corps is ignoring this story of National Security importance. With in 3 days after Obama and his stooge Hillary Clinton was out their trying their best to shift the blame to a Video Tape rather than face the truth. And Obama stood there and said, “WE WILL BRING THE ONE(S) RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS TO JUSTICE”

You can call it whatever you want to but, four Americans were butchered & nobody has been held accountable, that can not be disputed.

We are STILL waiting Mr. President. I’m hearing Crickets Chirping.

Z said...

Porter, thanks, we've discussed that VERY much here at geeeeZ.

Robert.."highly offensive".. Gee, I'd just hate that :-)

Thersites...that 'technicality' AND they'll say that it didn't REALLY happen because he stood up to Obama; they'll say he wasn't a good employee and it's coincidental timing.

Darn, I just beat Ducky to the draw :-(

Z said...

PORTER: also, I'm not saying that can't be discussed enough.
We are all saddened and outraged at the pass Obama/Clinton have got after Benghazi.
What I think a lot of liberals don't understand is that we didn't know how long that firefight might last...people could have been sent in.

By the way, is the video maker still in jail...??

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

People who work for the federal government are welcome to their own opinions as longs they agree with the Leader From Behind.

Porter Salasberry said...

Z asked, By the way, is the video maker still in jail...??

I believe that he was released a short wile ago. But not sure.

A Tea Bager said...

“Progressives" are really Communist and Communist Sympathizers, and are not merely Democrats.. This is really scary stuff. And it's precisely what is happening in this country now that half of the people are progressives. Most people who call themselves "progressives" today are leftists, and or socialists. Porter Salasberry "Progressive" is used as a subterfuge by fascists, socialists, moochers, parasites and demagogues.
And never forget even if Hussein Obama believes he can sweep Benghazi under the run. Never forgive him, never forget. Always remember that Obama lied, and our Ambassador along with 4 other people died, Where is the out-cry, where is the outrage?

Duckys here said...

Article brings a little perspective

It would be beneficial for everyone to step back and take a breath.

Ed Bonderenka said...

That wasn't perspective.
It was opinion guised as data.
Historically my health insurance costs have risen at a rate of 5-10% annually.
This year over 50%.
This year Obamacare kicked in.
That article proposes "Who knows? Might have gone up that much anyhow."
Deep breath.
Can't with the stench.

Always On Watch said...

Isn't it an insurance commissioner's job to make sure that insurance policies conform to existing regulations and, at the same time, protect consumers? I've appealed a couple of time to the Virginia Insurance Commissioner, and he put a stop to some shenanigans on the part of the insurance company.

Duckys here said...

Anecdotal Ed.

Doesn't give much detail.
Should I assume mine went down because of the ACA?

I will say it again, people are unwilling to step back and look at the facts of what's happening.
To say your premium went up 50% because of the ACA is strictly conjecture. 50%?
That seems to be a popular number. Everyone knows someone who's premiums are up 50% or claim to have experienced it themselves.

I know myself and friends have sen reductions but being in Massachusetts there may be some atypical forces at work due to the Romney plan being in place.

JonBerg said...

Isn't "shooting the messenger" a sign of extreme desperation? It's past time to quit attempting to perform damage control on the Titanic. Let it rest!

JonBerg said...


" people who call themselves "progressives" today are leftists, and or socialists. Porter Salasberry "Progressive" is used as a subterfuge by fascists, socialists, moochers, parasites and demagogues."


"steady improvement, as of a civilization"

American Heritage Dictionary

When used in the context that you so aptly identify the word "progressive" becomes, not just a misnomer but, an antonym of itself!

Impertinent said...


" Let it rest!"

In the same place the Titanic is too!

Ed Bonderenka said...

"50%? That seems to be a popular number."
It's not popular with me.
Or anyone else I know.
Are you implying I'm lying?

Bob said...

" Mr. White is fortunate that he is not this very minute standing in 50 foot of ice-cold water wearing his new Obama Care cement shoes."

Oh, that's Chicago Gangland Style.

Duckys here said...

I am stating, Ed, that a lot of stuff is thrown around and blamed on "Obamacare".

Take Gannett. Employee premiums went up considerably but the company is self insured and can't maintain a rising stock price without increasing employee premiums.

Didn't have a damn thing to do with the ACA and based on what you have presented there is no reason to believe yours doe either.
More often than not these stories don't.

... and you are not unbiased.

Kid said...

If Millions Must Die for the Good of .... Me then So Be It !

Kid said...

Well, here ya go duck. How about 1800 %"


Now open your eyes, get your hands off your ears and put that obama photo shoot magazine away.

Duckys here said...

Well isn't that special, kid. I notice you use 1800% for effect, you little devil.

Yeah, that's the deal. Low risk insured are going to have to buy insurance and see an increase in order to fund availability for pre existing conditions and the uninsured. That's how it's designed and $900 a year doesn't seem onerous.

But find a case where the premium did rise in order to accomplish some of the goals of the act and that certainly invalidates the act from the point of view of your thorough analysis.

Notice that there is nothing in the bill to restrain costs or eliminate the useless private insurer vigorish.
We do have a way to go but it's a start.

Picturing Obama with Stalin and Hitler pretty much marks you as a low functioning cretin.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Kid, that's a lot of stuff thrown around and blamed on "Obamacare".

Duckys here said...

Kid, did you buy Tesla?
Wat a tank job.

Kid said...

duck, our fantasies are So Precious aren't they.

Sam Huntington said...

I hate to be the one to throw ice-cold water on everyone in this love-fest, but here’s a few things that Ducky doesn’t want to address. Americans who no longer require maternity care are being charged for it in order to pay for someone else, who remains in the childbearing years. Now the Duck can call this whatever he wants, but the ugly fact is that it is part of the redistribution of wealth scheme. I know this is okay with Ducky –it is not okay with Americans. Real Americans, I mean.

Don’t worry, we’re still only at first stage communism. We’ll get to stage three (inoperable communism) when the left finds away to convert America’s health care system into a single-payer arrangement. And you know … this makes perfect sense for the leftist morons. I mean, with Medicare (single-payer system) being billions in the red, what kind of nitwit could argue for Medicare for every American? I mean, besides Ducky …

Kid said...

Ed, I respectfully disagree.

I believe obamacare is All About:
-control over the population. Can you think of a better lever?
(In brief, if you don't do what the man wants, you may have your HC cut off, or premiums shot through the roof- the 'population' will support this as young kids paying out the ass for something they don't need will view senior citizens as a major pain and good riddance - tell me I'm wrong - why do they need review boards if they they don't intend to deny HC to people-costly HC-the kind Seniors get. I could go on.)
-cull the aging population to solve the math problems with 'baby boomers' combined with social security bankrputcyand tons of giveaways to brand new freeloader democrat 'voters'.

Absolutely. File this one away and read it again in 5-10 years. Not intended as a "Gee I was Right" thing - just a bead on what is really be perpetrated upon us.

Kid said...

Duck, I use 1800% because that's what is quoted in the article. (just a little lesson in Reality, small one)

Kid said...

Duck, Did you keep Tesla? Not wise. Plenty of warning signs and you said you were getting out with 20% profit. So what so you want from me?

Kid said...

Sam, One of the main problems with HC Was that people could not get major medical. Individuals could get it but it wasn't offered through workplace group plans until a year or so ago when HSA's came along.(In a panic move I might add)

So, imagine you have an insurance policy on your car and ANYthing that happens with it only costs you 10 bucks (prescription and doc visit co-pays as the example in HC)

tail light goes out-take it to the dealer - 10 bucks.
oil change 10 bucks
need air in the tires, top off of fluids - 10 bucks.
air filter 10 bucks
Imagine how much that insurance would cost.
That's one of the things that inflated costs and has now been completely removed from the picture. It's going to be expensive

And of course, add up all the new taxes that people are going to be paying on Everything they do and add that to your premium as a hidden part of your premium. (last 7 words added for duck as a favor to duck)

Kid said...

Sam, Single payer in 3 to 5 years tops.

Isn't it interesting that libtards Love to pay more for everything? They probably helped created monopolies for cable TV. (NO, No Competition! I wanna Pay Maximum Price!)

We had some vegan communist acquaintances (nice people but .....) where the guy was trying to explain to me how $10/gal gas would be Fantastic. Really.
They Love government control. No idea why. As comrade Bresmanov says "They won't have any idea until the military boot crashes into their fat bottoms. And that's the tragedy of the situation"

Kid said...

Duck, Here is the last thing I said very publicly about Tesla.

I take stuff like this seriously and don't leave anyone hanging on something like this. If you followed this advice, you'd have been out 170+ and 20+ $ a share profit.


If you still in it, it looks to have minor support around $110. If the market says good, and I don't think it will (All time highs in this economy?) you might get out with a higher price. If the market starts tanking, run for the hills. Again - last advice was given above.

Duckys here said...

@kid ---
Isn't it interesting that libtards Love to pay more for everything?

Kid are you aware that administrative costs for Americans covered by private insurance are over $600 per person, well over twice the next highest nation?

I don't believe you've thought this out.

No, I didn't buy Tesla. Remember you were touting it and I said watch out for speculative issues?

Kid said...

Oh, that was FSLR you'd asked whether you should take a 20% profit on. FSLR is rocking pretty good btw, but it shook me out.

Anyway, This next question is going to be so hard to ask without inserting a huge amount of expletives...........


Tell me what the "Administrative Costs' of the US government are. For ANYTHING they are involved in. Tell me. and don't give me some BS answer. I mean it.

(I did good !)

Kid said...

duck, you got your ears on bud? Come on back, channel 19..

Tell me what the "Administrative Costs' of the US government are.

Z said...


How furious can you be about THAT when you hear Carney and the rest of the jerks backing the ACA saying, constantly, "Oh, well....most companies are constantly dropping their insured!"

BALONEY, DUCKY. I'm always wondering "WHAT? who's dropping WHOM?" but you don't ask about THAT, do you. Trust me, with Mr. Z's disease at the very end of his life, WE didn't get dropped and they could have.'re not curious about THAT lie, are you.

Sam, I hope you say my explanation yesterday ...I was not at ALL chastising YOU of all people!!

Imp,..."the Titanic"..good one :-=) won't get any me! :-(

Kid said...

I know Z, and if I don't he goes on an extended cruise on the good ship Ignoramous.

JonBerg said...


" File this one away and read it again in 5-10 years."

I, honestly, believe that will not be possible for very many.

Kid said...

JonBerg, I sure hope that's not true. Good luck.

Duckys here said...

Well, let's see, z. Ed B. started with a statement that his insurance premium is up 50% and blames the ACA.
I mentioned Gannett as an example of a situation where premiums were raised substantially and it had absolutely nothing to do wit the ACA.
With all the pearl clutching going on I don't believe we can reasonably state jst what effect the ACA has had on premiums.

It's good that your husband had coverage clearly. However, others do not and the bare bones plans that don't qualify under ACA would continue to collect premiums and not cover an situation like your husbands. I'm not sure what people do in that situation, medical bankruptcy?

Frankly, I'm curious about the whole thing and I will maintain that unless we all stand back ad take a breath it's just going to be one useless noise machine, or maybe some want that.

Im Krabby said...

Elections aren’t going to improve our situation. No one who could possibly change anything for the better will be allowed to run.

If, by some miracle, that was allowed, that person will be serving our new socialist state, by default.

Democrats/Communists rule now even when they’re not in office. The socialist system will be there regardless of who is “in power”, and the “Rs” will have to pay homage to it.

This is collectivist rot.

Liberty is restored, or we fall. It’s just that simple.

The laws that FORCE socialism on us have to be done away with or we continue are fall into the collectivist abyss.

I hope the election provides a bit of hope for you all. But it won’t alter our course a bit.

We’re on our way out.

Hate to burst your bubble–it is what it is.

JonBerg said...

Krabby Said..

"Elections aren’t going to improve our situation. No one who could possibly change anything for the better will be allowed to run.

But those who are not: legally here, who have no idea about: basic economics or civics or much of anything else and refuse a picture ID ex
pect that the "Government" (us) owes them something just because they have a pulse, get to vote! Do any of you wisdom deficient Liberals understand the concept of the 'lowest common denominator' ? No I doubt it!

Average American said...

"Elections aren’t going to improve our situation. "

I sure do hope that is wrong! It's our last best hope for any kind of a brighter future.

Kid said...

Duck, not a noise machine at all. Myself and other reasonably smart people predicted the effects of obammycare 3 years ago, and now it's all coming to pass like clockwork.

If there is confusion, it is with you not us.

Kid said...

@Im_Krabby. I agree.