Friday, November 22, 2013


So, you're ticked off at what's happening in our dear and grand country...
You'd never actually leave, but you get to thinking.............."It might be nice in...................."

Fill in the blank.  And why?

And please don't tell us how you could never leave America...blahblahblah.  We know that.  Use your imagination;  let yourself go...........humor me.  IF you MIGHT entertain the thought.............where is it and why?!



Jen Nifer said...
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American Jihad said...

As for Harry Reid and Barrack the (Dictator-In-Chief) Obama Changing Filibuster Rules The Libs are going Ape Shit over the Dictator-In-Chiefs latest trampling on our Constitution So, I guess the minority should just be trampled underfoot when it suits you? So what would happen if the shoe was on the other foot? Wouldn't be too happy about it now would you
Do you realize how dumb you liberals sound?
Political terrorism? I think so.
Harry Reid does not need to be protected from society. Society needs to be protected from him.

We are always talking about the "signs" that might show when a person is dangerous; if Harry Reid doesn’t show us these signs I don't know who does.

Always On Watch said...

I'd go to a Spanish-speaking nation because I can speak the language.

And I don't want a place with any snow or ice, either!

Mista Anonymous said...

Come on Amer Jihad and all you other RACIST'S, Z and all you other hard working people, step in line and get on the Obama Bandwagon! Stop acting like a bunch of spoiled brats.He wants tor redistribute your wealth because you're a RACIST and welfare recipients deserve all your money because you HATE BLACK PEOPLE. Who cares if your premiums are going up? Other people are getting free healthcare now! And they get more food stamps too. If you disagree with this, you obviously hate black people. And let's ignore the fact that this insinuates that black people can't help themselves, and brush that under the rug. Because you're a RACIST. And that's a fact

Voice Of Reason said...

The Obamas (Our Dear Leader and The First Wookie) tell su what to wear, what to eat, where you can sleep, who you can sleep with, what kind of car to drive, what kind of bulbs to put in our lamps,what kind of Healthcare we HAVE YO HAVE, and even who we should kill.

But the good news is that many of the “former” Obama supporters are now - finally - beginning to see and feel the dictator's hand on our backs. Even they don't like it and are beginning to feel the fear the worst.
But, the fact remains you should not call him a dictator until the liberal media says so.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog is nothing more than a conservative soapbox? Just a forum for junkies opinions. You creeps here have tried you best to silence Obama and the American’s who voted for him since day one. But as you have noticed, we didn't cave.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

I would never say that I would never leave America. The path our nation is on, already bears no resemblance to the ideals of the Republic which was founded.

I already have a framework of a bugout plan to Belize.

Sick Of All Of You Cons. said...

You people here are out of your minds. This is the part of the Right Wing lunatic fringe, who sees Obama as a socialist.

I don’t know about you people, but I love my country, and I wouldn’t leave her not matter who became the president. The president is only a temporary position, I and so many other had to SUFFER thru the Bush administration years, not it’s you time to Suck it Up. Kind of like that which the Rev. Martin Luther King articulated in his “Why I am opposed to the war in Vietnam” sermon. We were opposed to the war(s) in Iraq, and in Afghanistan. and guess what? We are still here.
I don’t normally comment on Obamacare because it’s not a problem to me, I strongly believe in it.
As for the economy, LOL. The economy is falling apart? Thats why investors are making more money then ever before in history?. Why is the stock market higher than ever in history ? What communism are you referring to? Grow up! President Barack Obama isn't the only politician who broke his promise.

Robert Sinclair said...

It might be nice in Latin America, where they know how to deal with scum like "Sick of Cons" and that other idiot. What they do is drag them out of their homes and put a bullet in the back of their heads, a la Che Guevara. Instantly, problem solved; no more progressive; everyone lives happily ever after.

Z said...

Jen, I don't think I could live in Italy, but I sure do love the food and the ambiance! And even the driving!

American Jihad; Reid's a little out of control. I think Americans will see that if the media covers it.
It won't.

AOW...good point.

Vof Reason...they're saying college kids are getting burned by ACA now.. this could get interesting.

CNN covered nothing about the problems, but talked about some Republican plan to 'sabotage' the ACA. Of course they're going to try to stop anything they knew was going to be THIS bad! But no mention of WHY the Reps are upset for Americans. I have to admit Cuomo did a fairly respectful interview with some politician named Yoho..not sure if he was a congressman or senator but he was Republican and FINALLY reminded Cuomo that 'yes, they DID have ideas other than the ACA to help people get less expensive healthcare'.

Mista A; yup

Anonymous; nobody's asking you to 'cave'...Obama's messes are doing a good enough job in showing Americans they erred in voting for him. Sorry about that. Think WE shot our ambassador and 3 other American heroes in Benghazi? Do you still not understand the difference of Bush's Fast and Furious and what Holder pulled?
Still think katrina was Bush's fault? :-)

Sick of your sense of play. Ya, we DON'T love our country, right? That's why this fun day of talking about other great places we might want to live?
Yes, we DO love our country enough that we STILL don't think FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE is necessary as Obama and you do.
If you love something so much, and it's working for most people, what's the FUNDAMENTAL change? Or are you one of those who finally started loving this country only after Obama was elected, like Michelle said?

Const. Ins...I've lived in France and Germany and would go back yesterday if I could. Their taxes and anti-entrepreneurship is killing them (particularly in France), but it didn't hurt so bad for me to see that mess there; it hurts worse to see what our left's done since I moved back from Paris. MUCH worse.
I have no interest in a banana republic, and I mean that in an unpejorative way. I'm more a city person than a beach person, that's all. And MAN, what cities Munich and Paris are!
I'd like to go to Ireland, too...Dublin, maybe. Never been, but I hear that's a nice place to live.

Robert; voila!

-FJ said...

Switzerland... you need (3) citizenships (national/canton/local)... and you can't become a citizen UNLESS your "neighbors" allow you to become one!

PS - The state "borders" change based upon what state the owners of land in the border regions decide to join.

JonBerg said...

America just isn't socialistic and restrictive enough yet; I'm getting impatient. If total "Hope & Change", as envisioned by our Dear Leader, doesn't come to completion soon I'm looking to North Korea.

Duckys here said...

I'd move to Florence in a heart beat.

Lower island New Zealand ain't bad either.

Anonymous said...

From Z of GEEEZ:

FJ...Are you sure about that? They're having the kinds of problems England's been having with Muslims and placards saying they're taking over their country, etc. Very sad to see that beautiful country and those muslims spoiling it for all muslims.

JonBerg, that is HIARIOUS..."N Korea!" :-)

Ducky, I haven't been to either, but I understand New Zealand is fabulous and very liberal. You'll enjoy it.

Sam Huntington said...

I think I’d like to live in a country that forces people to purchase the government health insurance plan, which is more affordable and more comprehensive than anything you can find in the private marketplace. I’d want to live in a country where voting mechanisms are easily sidestepped (at the voting precinct and in the Senate), where leaders are above the law, where the administration is rife with corruption, where religious preferences take on a decidedly Islamic slant, and where the taxpayer’s money is liberally spent on first family vacations. So I’m torn between living in the USA and Kenya.

-FJ said...

Yes, I'm sure.

88.3% of Muslims in Switzerland are foreigners...which means only 1/10th of the 5% Moslem are citizens... or 0.5% (1 in 200)

-FJ said...

That's HALF the USA's Moslem population.

There are 2.6 million Muslim adherents across the country in 2010

Rita said...

Late one night in May, when I was snuggled under some heavy quilts in the middle of Volterra on a pn agriturismo I contemplated being an ex-pat and spending my remaining days working on this wonderful farm and learning how to cook even more wonderful Italian food.

However a couple days later we spent the afternoon talking to our wonderful hostess and she began to tell us that her taxes were 52% and the government was passing ridiculous laws that the Italians were beginning to revolt.

One of the laws was that anyone operating a tractor on a farm was required to get a drivers license and pay for drivers training totaling 400 Euro. She had an 80 year old farmhand who had been driving tractors for 7 decades and never had a drivers license. After talking it over with the old guy they all decided to ignore the new law. she said most Italians were so fed up with the extreme tax situation that they were talking about how close they were to a revolution.

Although I loved Italy! I have become way too use to our conveniences to ever spend more than a couple months there.

My dream would be to spend a few months at this lovely "Cookery School" we happened upon.

Rita said...

I don't know why I'm continually amazed at how obtuse these new libs that have been frequenting your page.

You have to be a special kind of stupid to continue these idiotic comments. It's like you have a stalker. I don't know what they are getting from coming here. Apparently their own blog is too boring to generate any conversation.

Impertinent said...

Well...if I really wanted to leave the US / America, I'd move to Mass or CT or NY or NJ!

However, Northern Arizona suits me fine.


Impertinent said...
"Well...if I really wanted to leave the US / America, I'd move to Mass or CT or NY or NJ!"


Anonymous said...

Dave Miller said...
I'm waiting for the GOP folks to start whining... it's not like President Obama has nominated anyone unqualified, ala Harriet Miers.

Well you don't have to wait any longer, douchebag

Anonymous said...

Dave Miller said...
I'm waiting for the GOP folks to start whining... it's not like President Obama has nominated anyone unqualified, ala Harriet Miers.

Well you don't have to wait any longer, douchebag

Anonymous said...

When will the GOP finally realize they cannot work with that Party of Idiots called the Democrats, who specialize in double dealing and backstabbing? I call it Legislative terrorism.
We have already we see evidence any hope for getting along or compromising flushed down the toilet with the likes of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and the Dictator in Chief.

K. E., Atlanta, Georgia said...

It is my Conclusion that George Bush & Laura.. Are a Class Act..

But Barrack and Mooshell.............?

Impertinent said...

So...he's not a socialist far left loon?

"On Thursday's "special edition" of "Media Mash" on Fox News, Sean Hannity talked to Juan Williams about a meeting of journalists and cable-news hosts he was invited to by the Obama White House. Williams said attendees included MSNBC's Ed Schultz and Lawrence O'Donnell, David Corn of Mother Jones, Howard Fineman of the Huffington Post, and Washington Post bloggers Ezra Klein and Greg Sargent."

Real "fair and balanced", right?

All softballs and tingles for the emperor.

Anonymous said...

From Z of Geeez:

Imp; I heard this morning that Obama's White House is pushing REAL REAL HARD to start diverting people from the ACA, building Obama up, etc. That's why they're suddenly back on Bush's handling of Katrina, which they seem to understand as well as the difference between Bush's Fast and Furious and Obama's, which is not AT ALL.

I hope Americans see through it all : They probably will because the media/WH has been able to divert from F&F, NSA, IRS, etc etc, BUT...that didn't involve the pocketbooks of most Americans, the words of their doctors (horrible plan), and now the threat to their company health insurance next year.

Duckys here said...

@Z --- That's why they're suddenly back on Bush's handling of Katrina ...

When did this happen?

Z said...

On CNN yesterday..big discussion again. It's not new, Ducky...many liberals have used "Bush and Katrina" when talking about Obama's screw ups lately, too.
Sad state of affairs.
They've particularly used "When Bush FLEW OVER KATRINA..." as if he should have swum around lifting people off house tops. Odd.

Mustang said...

Not to mention that Katrina was an epic disaster caused by the gross incompetence of a democratic governor, corrupt and negligent city officials, and citizens with the IQ of a rock.

Dave Miller said...

My apologies Z that others feel they need to bring my comments from other blogs here, out of context instead of commenting on your posts, or where they are posted.

I've had to delete several comments from my ministry blog because of offensive language from these folks.

Regarding your post, if I was to leave the US, I'd move south of the border near some of the best friends I have in the world...

Kid said...

New Zealand.

#5 On The List

I skipped 1 thru 4 because of language and climate.

Kid said...

CI, Agree with your comment.

If you look at libtards to, you can sum it up by this.

America was founded by people who threw off the masters (England) yoke of servitude to the King and created a land of freedom.

Today, libtards have a firm grip on that yoke and are pulling as hard as they can to get it back over their shoulders.

Everything they verbalize they are for equates to government control over them and everyone else.

Fascinating really.

Kid said...

Z, You'll get GREAT food in Ireland. Maybe I'll change my mind about New Zealand :)

Kid said...

Rita,I honestly believe they believe what they're saying. Yes, Italy's economy is destroyed. They, in the PIIGS were closes to being the same economically. Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain. Economic Parasites of the first order.

But what the hey. Maybe move to Greece and join the parasites. "The world' is still lending them money.

Impertinent said...


"Not to mention that Katrina was an epic disaster caused by the gross incompetence of a democratic governor, corrupt and negligent city officials, and citizens with the IQ of a rock..."

Spot on...I was getting to answer that for Z too...until I read yours. But see...the implication is...Katrina hurt "blacks" more than anyone. And because it was they that refused to leave despite days of warnings....proved that Bush and Fema's motives were..."racist".

How a hurricane is racist I'll never know. I do know first hand, that I was here for Andrew....and we south floridians didn't see help for around 5 days or more either. Roads were impassable...debris was everywhere....FEMA, Red Cross, or any first responders just couldn't get in here. No one down here said..."Raaaaaaaacccccists" either. Where we have plenty of migrants, blacks and lots of brown people in Homestead that was totally destroyed.

Oh...and we shot looters too...mostly from Liberty City that came into the best neighborhoods to steal. That solved that problem.

Kid said...

Katrina - Mustang "Not to mention that Katrina was an epic disaster caused by the gross incompetence of a democratic governor, corrupt and negligent city officials, and citizens with the IQ of a rock."

Sums it up.

And how's the North East doing after their category ONE hurricane.

It's not the liberal stupidity, it's the hypocrisy.

Kid said...

IMP, yea. specifically, the governorette blanco did not allow the National Guard in for 3 days becuase they thought the black folks would get too comfortable at the Super Dome. Who is the racist?

And FEMA wasn't going in without the protection of the Natl Guard. Not with all those armed looters and corrupt cops.

Duckys here said...

@kid -- Z, You'll get GREAT food in Ireland. Maybe I'll change my mind about New Zealand :)

Nah, around Christchurch is great and the whole country is rather libertarian (despite single payer health care).
You'd dig it.

Ed Bonderenka said...

They may actually be waking up from their socialist dalliance.

Bob said...

"It might be nice in"... Texas!

Good barbeque. Good beer. Great looking women. Great attitudes.

Z said...

Dave, did you delete your comments? I didn't see any other than the apology. I'm sorry that's happening. You may not believe this, but I TRULY wish everybody could remain civil and not insult.

Kid, the food in Ireland was BAD, so was England's, until about 10 years ago, maybe 15; the BEST chefs are coming out of the 'land of overcooked veggies' now.
And, you can't FIND corned beef and cabbage there. A detriment, in my opinion :-)

EVERYBODY: thanks for getting back to the subject, Bob, Ed, Kid, Imp, Ducky, etc.

Kid said...

Bob, I heard Tejas was being taken over by the libtards.

Plus don't they have to secede also? ;-)

Kid said...

Z, That's a surprise on Ireland. The Irish places over here have the best of everything. Even on the stores where you buy Irish cheese and other products.

England has definitely been bad ! Talk about Bland ! Wow.

Duckys here said...

This may shock but some of the best restaurant meals I've had were in South Africa.

Hungary is quite good also.

Avoid Poland.

Impertinent said...

Blast from not that long ago past...remember the liberal darling low life stripper from the Duke LaCrosse days? The slimy hooker who accused a few boys of rape? And was the downfall of NC's attorney general? Another poor maligned little innocent black girl? And to date...not one of the 88 scumbag professors that accused thew kids...has ever apologized?

"A jury found Crystal Mangum guilty of second-degree murder Friday in the stabbing death of her boyfriend, Reginald Daye, in 2011.

Superior Court Judge Paul Ridgeway sentenced Mangum to a minimum of 14 years and two months to a maximum of 18 years in prison.

Mangum, 35, stabbed Daye, 46, in the side of his chest on April 3, 2011 during a fight at Daye’s apartment. Daye died 10 days later at Duke Hospital from complications from the wound.

Mangum claimed she stabbed Daye in self defense after she fled to the bathroom and he dragged her out by the hair, but Daye told investigators before he died that Mangum attacked him several times with knives before stabbing him in the chest.

In 2006, Mangum accused three Duke lacrosse players of raping her at a party. The charges were dismissed after the evidence did not back up Mangum’s story, but not before her story and accusations made the local and national news."

Maybe she needed some other social programs to help her out? Well...there's plenty of them in prison.

Another "hero" of so called "racism" is now where she belonged all the time.

Anyone angry yet?

Impertinent said...


Oooops...sorry Ms.Z....I just came across this gem and had to post it.

Impertinent said...


"meals I've had were in South Africa."

Did you check the chef's kitchen? Might have been some white farmers in the know how they are down there.

Winnie can probably fill you in. Or fill you up.

Impertinent said...


"Hungary is quite good also."

Why do you think they call it hung-ar-y?

Impertinent said...

Way to go Union thugs and'll vote yourselves out of a job...

Boeing May Partly Move Production Out of Washington State Following Union Vote

A company spokesman told the Washington Free Beacon that the company had no choice but to consider moving construction of some of its largest planes out of the Evergreen State after International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Local 751 rejected changes to wage and retirement plans.

“Since the union rejected the offer, we were forced to pursue all options for locating the 777X,” Boeing spokesman Doug Alder Jr. said. “That process is actively underway, although we are not disclosing which locations we are considering.”

Ohhhh rah...Texas here we come.

Kid said...

IMP, Boeing - it is loosely on topic eh? it is amazing that libtards refuse to learn anything. California has been ejecting company after company (ie. Toyota moving the Tundra assembly plant to San Antonio) with their liberal policies.

How do they expect to survive? They plan on feeding off of anyone actually turning a profit which would be states like Texas. If they succeed, then the subject of moving to another country will be a forgone conclusion.

LIBS - I'll be damned if I'll stay here and work to support You. And you can be sure there are a great many others who feel the same way.
This is where your socialist dreams fall apart.
I hope they do actually, and I hope it hurts like hell.

Kid said...

PS, I have to wonder how California stays in business. They were in trouble 15 years ago, long before the mass exodus of companies. Honestly, how are they surviving.

I'd heard moonbeam Brown just defaulted on all the debt when he took office and declared the state as out of debt. True? Don't know actually and not much interested in researching it but it had to be something along these lines.
Is the Fed backing them through some back door money laundering scheme?

Impertinent said...


"Honestly, how are they surviving."

He keeps raising taxes...more and more and more. Meanwhile the deficit is 17 billion and 10 billion is spent on illegals.

If moonbeam had the balls to cut them off ( they remit over 56 billion back 'home" )...they won't need the San Andreas fault...the shits will burn down the entire state.

Duckys here said...

LIBS - I'll be damned if I'll stay here and work to support You. And you can be sure there are a great many others who feel the same way.

You couldn't cover my freaking tips.

Don't be a fool.

Dave Miller said...

Z... I believe you... I didn't delete anything... there is one, or some commenters who are copying and pasting my comments from other blogs across a few blogs, including yours and they are completely out of context...

That's all...

Have a great Thanksgiving... I'm headed for Chicago...

Any food suggestions there? Anyone?

Kid said...

Dave, I don't think you can get bad food in Chicago unless you try real hard.

If you're going to be downtown, then Rosebuds, or if you're near Arlington Heights, I'd suggest Palm Court on Arlington blvd.

No doubt there are better places, but I've been to these and they were good.

Some of the best places are your neighborhood restaurants. Hopefully you can get a local rec near your location.

Impertinent said...


"You couldn't cover my freaking tips."

Thank God...we were worried that you weren't a 1% er.

Kid said...

Ha !

Impertinent said...


'Any food suggestions there? Anyone?"

Best deep dish on the planet Dave.

Impertinent said...


God bless and Back at ya....Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

While we still can???? LOL

Impertinent said...


Kid said...

Imp, The HA was to your tips 1%er comment

Impertinent said...

@Kid: ya.

Z said...

Hungary's restaurants are fantastic for a short while...then I got tired of paprika and sour cream; something I never expected to get tired of.

Greece is the same...I couldn't look at lamb and feta anymore after a week, and that's saying something because I LOVE those things.

While in Vienna, getting on a hydrofoil at 8:30 AM for the trip to Budapest on the Danube, 20 Japanese got on; got the best seats inside, and, when lunch was served and we had FABULOUS little boxes of Hungarian sausage, cheeses, fruit, bread, etc. (DELICIOUS), I saw all the Japanese open their boxes and take out sushi and chopsticks. I could NOT believe it.........they found sushi at 8:30 AM and couldn't eat the country's food they were in. I'm sure they were happy; I felt so badly for them to miss that great stuff!

I lived and traveled to Munich probably a total of 18 months...and lived in Paris for four years. I'll bet I had three lousy meals between them in all those years in restaurants.
NEVER in a home.

Ducky, for a socialist, you NEVER EVER forget to try to impress with all your riches.
I find that astonishingly hypocritical. Why not give all of it away? Maybe you'd start feeling better about's hard to be a limousine liberal, isn't it?

Dave..HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU, TOO! I hope you find the great places in Chicago; I think Kid's right...difficult to find a bad restaurant! ENJOY. God bless you.

Imp: 'While we still can..?'

beamish said...

I've seriously looked at retirement in Belize. The locals mostly speak English, and money goes a lot further there. Land is cheap, taxes are low, the economy is more stable, and it's likely gonna be that way 20 to 30 years from now when retirement is an option for me.