Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day

"Veterans Day is an official United States holiday which honors people who have served in armed service also known as veterans.  It is a federal holiday that is observed on November 11."

Then why doesn't everybody have Veterans Day OFF?  

I have the day off (though I'm going in for a few hours)...and I think everybody should have the day off.

I hereby issue the following edict:


This has nothing to do with Veterans Day, but I thought that, for those of you who have to work, a moment of gorgeous serenity was called for.  This is taken by Ms Z in 'Eua.... She is on her way today to New Zealand, by the way.............lots of water ahead.  Isn't this a lovely shot?


Our WorldAs We See It said...

Good job here Z, And we should tell Mr. Tom Cruz that NO, his Job is NOT as hard and as grueling as fighting the war in Afghanistan!

What a freaken obnoxious liberal Nut Case. He thinks it's all about him.

I've never been much of a big fan of Tom Cruise, but this Tom Curise guy seems like even more of an asshole.

Congratulation to Katie Holmes for telling hem where he should go.

Not to mention he loves jumping on couches with Oprah Winfrey!!

And Thank You to All Our Vets, be it World War II, Korean, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans. Thank You for your Courage, your valor. and your Patriotism. Thank you for your Service, and your Bravery. God Bless You All and Your Families..

Always On Watch said...

Some of the public schools systems in the D.C. area have class on Veterans Day. I doubt that today's lesson plans include a word about the significance of this day. **sigh**

I want to take this moment to thank for their service all veterans who visit Z's web site. Some of us have not forgotten your sacrifices -- and your families' sacrifices -- om service to our nation.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

For some of us, this day has meaning.....for the rest, it's just another excuse for store sales.

Like the saying goes - the Armed Forces are at war.....America is at the mall.

Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus said...

Thank you to all Vets, Past and those Currently serving. And a salute to my family members that served that are standing guard at Heavens gates now,

sue hanes said...

Z - Yes - that is a beautiful picture. As usual.

You raise a good point. Some people have the day off and others don't. Everyone should have the day off to honor our veterans.

Happy Veterans Day - Z.

The Political Chic said...
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The Political Chic said...

To all our Service Men and Women, serving our country all over the world. When that Bugle calls you to get out of bed in the morning, please know that you and our Dear VETERANS, from every branch of the service, and where ever you have served, Please know that you are appreciated. THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU.

Duckys here said...

Debonair Dude, how does a Scientology nut bag like Cruise become a "liberal" in your bizarre world?

JonBerg said...

"Then why doesn't everybody have Veterans Day OFF?"

Given the complexities of our society, as a practical matter, I don't see how that would be possible. I do, however, hope and pray that, at least, a majority of Americans consider exactly why this commemorative day exists and that the great sacrifices, in the name of FREEDOM, sustained by Veterans throughout our history shall not be lost by lack of domestic vigilance.

Z said...

Always On Watch; you can count on the fact that lessons won't include Veteran's Day. Maybe some teachers will have the decency to make sure it's there, but I think you're right...not many.

Political Campaign Contributions by Tom Cruise (1999 to Present) - $21,000
Contributed To Party $ Amt Date
FRIENDS OF BARBARA BOXER Democrat 1,000 03/31/2003
NEW YORK SENATE 2000 Democrat 5,000 06/30/2000
NEW YORK SENATE 2000 Democrat 5,000 12/27/1999
MAJORITY 2000 Democrat 10,000 09/02/1999

Z said...

Jon Berg...I believe Memorial Day IS off...what do you mean suggesting it's an impossible practical matter?
I THINK Memorial Day is celebrated by most...maybe 7/11s and other shops are open, but ..?? I'm not sure.
I could Google it, but when I Googled Vet's Day, it said FEDERAL HOLIDAY, too, and I remember ALL Federal Holidays were off only a few years ago.
Or correct me; I might be wrong.

Z said...

I just turned on the TV and saw Obama's last 3 minutes of his speech for Veteran's Day...
In it, he celebrated a 107 Black soldier who served in WWII...still driving! Amazing man who lived a hard, honest life.
Obama found a way to divide us further by mentioning how this man came back to a race-divided country and did his best.
I felt so sad about that. Of all days to mention race. OF ALL DAYS, when our armed services aren't about race.

And Obama promised the world to all vets ... free educations on a larger scale than we've done, medical care (though SO MANY aren't getting what they need!!), etc.....

I couldn't HELP but think "But, you don't have their backs in Benghazi" and "...what's the real story about the Navy Seal who died in Afghanistan and whose parents have written a book about the unanswered questions surrounding it when their son had known he'd probably not come back because something was wrong in the support of him and his SEAL buddies?"

What about Fast and Furious and protecting our guys like Bush did...only using that as a way to spy, not dropping arms off and LEAVING THEM :-)...OUR PEOPLE died because of that.

Oh, Mr. Obama...I hate to pick this day to criticize your treatment of it, but............really? you picked this day to bring up RACE?
Let's worry about our soldiers ON the field and, if, sadly, we have to worry about their injuries and their surviving families, let's do that right.
Let's not just use this opportunity to emphasize your policies while you don't uphold our service people.

Always On Watch said...

Road traffic today in Northern Virginia is a nightmare. All those shoppers scurrying about so as to get bargains in the stores.

Ed Bonderenka said...

To the general population:
If you want to thank a vet, vote to restore the country he fought to protect.
Not to "fundamentally change" it into a socialist nightmare.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hope youre well Z>>and Happy Vets DAY! I ALWAYS remember our beloved troops and our blogger soldiers in the trenches too my friend~!:

Z said...

Always...sad, isn't it.

Ed...excellent advice.

I wonder what Liberals DID think when they heard Obama say "fundamentally change" when the country he wants to change is AMERICA.

And he SURE is.

Mr. Z used to ask me why America was suddenly copying Socialist countries in Europe when what they do has proven not to work (Germany's been begging private citizens to buy private insurance for years because it can't afford the load anymore...ever heard THAT on our media!?)
(France is dying under a weight of taxes that, when I lived there was causing young Frenchmen I knew to want to move to America...and now their taxes are going even up MORE!)

We don't hear that much here. And most Americans don't really care if they DID hear it.

I believe Obama voters don't know how bad it's going to be because of who they voted for.

Meanwhile, they're on Virginia streets driving around for the best deal when all they really have to do is drive to their local welfare office; now THERE are deals. :-(

Laughing at Stupid Things Liberals Say said...

Duckys here said...
"Debonair Dude, how does a Scientology nut bag like Cruise become a "liberal" in your bizarre world?"

Ducky, in your bizarre world. What Tom Cruise said makes him appear petty, he's comparing making movies to outright heroism. He sounds like another narcissist that we ALL know so well.

The Most Interesting Man in the World said...

I wonder which Veterans Day Parade the heroic soldier Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin will be marching in today?

SEMPER FI, ALWAYS FAITHFUL, NEVER FORGOTTEN – To all of our Veterans… Thank you for your service

Mustang said...

I just turned on the TV and saw Obama's last 3 minutes of his speech for Veteran's Day...
In it, he celebrated a 107 year old Black soldier who served in WWII ... still driving! An amazing man who lived a hard, honest life. Obama found a way to divide us further by mentioning how this man came back to a race-divided country …

We should understand this. It is certainly true that there was a time when the Armed Forces were segregated; this was not the doing of the Armed Services, it was the doing of the racists who controlled our government. We called them Democrats. It reflects the values of the hierarchy of the Democratic Party, form Woodrow Wilson to Barack Obama.

Things have changed, over the years. Those who serve today don’t much care about the color of a man or woman’s skin. Oh, there are still some remnants of racism; we won’t end it all any time soon. Thankfully, the Democrats are around to remind us all what racists everyone else is … but it isn’t really true.

Personally, I’m proud of the Tuskegee Airmen; I’m proud of the 175 regiments of black troops who fought in the Civil War. I’m proud of my brothers who served with me and who never once noticed what color I was.

I feel shame, too. I feel shame that my brothers came home to sneering citizens who reviled their service, who spit on their uniforms at airports. I am saddened that my brothers had to witness the liar John Kerry give false testimony before the Congress, and who along with Ted Kennedy and Jane Fonda conspired with the enemy, and \were never punished for their treason. And I am ashamed that Barack Obama has to make up stories about the service of his father in World War II; ashamed that Hillary Clinton invented accounts of coming under “enemy fire” while on a shopping trip to the Middle East.

Just like the 107-year old veteran on television today, my brothers who survived came home, took off their uniforms, went to work, raised their families, and tried to understand how any country could send its young men off to war, and then later treat them so disrespectfully as the winds of politics shifted toward Marxism. Marxists who, as Z said, use race to divide our country even further.

JonBerg said...


"what do you mean suggesting it's an impossible practical matter?"

All I mean is that, in a literal sense, given all of the essential functions required in our complex society, it would not be possible for [everyone] not to work on this day. Perhaps I misunderstood the intended meaning of "Veterans Day Off". I, in no way, meant to be taken as being at odds with the spirit of this as a sanctioned "Federal Holiday". I am, myself, a Veteran! Also the portion of my comment, in question, was nothing more than a prelude to the main body of what I had to say. My apologies for any confusion that I may have caused.

Z said...

Jon! I didn't mean to sound challenging...what I thought you meant was that nobody ought to get the day off. You're right, not EVERYBODY can get off, but I'd have thought most businesses ought to be. I'll bet you agree!!
Thank you for YOUR SERVICE, my friend! We owe you all so very much.

Mustang....fantastic comment.
It is SO sad that Obama'd pick this day to continue his racism, isn't it.
I'll bet that 107 yr old soldier just got on with his life; living a life of exemplary OR white OR yellow OR brown. Just LIVED HIS LIFE and set an example for Americans of ANY color.
But, Obama couldn't miss a chance.

Imagine if he'd introduced him as JUST HIMSELF, mentioned no color, just applauded his service and amazing 107 years of living!? What a compliment to us ALL. Alas..he could not.

It's sort of like when the dope Pelosi took the Speaker gavel and held it up like Popeye, remember? Showing her 'muscle'?
I remember blogging here that it was astonishing that a woman got that position and had to hammer (pardon the pun) it home to America that I AM WOMAN and I GOT THIS POSITION.
How about I AM A PERSON WHO'S EARNED THIS POSITION? (of course, in Pelosi's case...notsomuch, but..)
No, she had to remind everyone that WOMEN ARE downtrodden that she was chosen to that position!? (smile)

I also hate when Hillary has to kiss others on the Cabinet, etc.
What man do YOU know would KISS another cabinet member?

and the left talks about equality?

Z said...

but, what the heck, the mainstream media's all over Michelle "kicking off the COAT SEASON" as she visits soldiers' graves wearing a teal wool ... .

Get your coats on, ladies...Michelle's wearing hers :-)

my GOD

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

The Greatest Generation is just about gone, but the American Soldier IS, indeed, the last, best hope of the entire planet.


Z said...

Meanwhile, FOX is covering a double amputee, burned over 80% of his body, who considered suicide during his 'recovery'(and he'll never recover, of course) ...He is an AMERICAN SOLDIER and he now makes motivational speeches to other vets who've lost SO MUCH, physically and emotionally.

From suicide to speaker...that's an AMERICAN SOLDIER.

Pray for him. WHat a man. What pain he went through; unimaginable pain... a true HERO.

Impertinent said...

"Political Campaign Contributions by Tom Cruise"

What a cheap little bastard he is....a multi millionaire, typical of stingy dems.

Average of $1500 per year? That's what he drops on lunch.

JonBerg said...


" I'll bet you agree!!"

Yes, I absolutely agree; all, so called, non-essential employees should have this "Day Off"!

Impertinent said...

"Road traffic today in Northern Virginia is a nightmare..."

All those nuts who voted for "clinton's clone" are trying to stock up before he raises the taxes 100%.

Impertinent said...

"who spit on their uniforms at airports.

to witness the liar John Kerry give false testimony before the Congress.."

And now that POS, SOB, horse face scumbag is SOS? Fitting that it's in the current regime. Sickening. Kerry should've never come back from wherever he lied about being.

Robert Sinclair said...

Betrayed, The Shocking True Story of Extortion 17 as told by a Navy SEAL’s Father. This is a story that details the horrific events on 6 August 2011 when 22-members of SEAL Team VI were lost during the operation called Extortion 17.

The operation involved a firefight that erupted between Afghan Al Qaeda and US Army Rangers. At stake: the capture of a high-value Al Qaeda leader. Extortion 17 was tasked to carry 17 SEALs into the engagement, who would capture the Al Qaeda leader alive.

A crew of five from the Army National Guard operated the Chinook. In addition, one Afghan interpreter was assigned to the operation and, mysteriously, seven Afghan commandos were assigned to the mission at the last minute.

Two Apache escort helicopters had all the visibility and firepower needed to resolve the battle before Extortion 17 delivered the SEAL team. But owing to newly revised Obama Rules of Engagement, the Apaches were denied permission to engage the insurgents. No fire could be directed on a target where there could be the presence of civilians -- never mind that all Al Qaeda and Taliban are civilians. Knowing this, the Afghani insurgents calmly stood on the roof of the building where they were hiding, carefully aimed three rocket propelled grenades, and shot the Chinook out of the air killing all on board.

Happy Veterans’ Day. Your president values your service. And, by the way, doesn’t this all sound remarkably similar to Benghazi?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - "Imagine if he'd introduced him as JUST HIMSELF, mentioned no color, just applauded his service and amazing 107 years of living!? What a compliment to us ALL. Alas..he could not."

I disagree, but perhaps it merely cam across differently to me. It was a singular mention, but wholly appropriate. Overton not only maintained honorable combat service during WWII, but was also a veteran of the segregated Armed Forces, and when discharged, lived through a social paradigm that afforded him less respect than other veterans, solely due to his skin color. Overton certainly lived through and overcame more hardship than I had to, and I salute him.

Duckys here said...

@IMP --- Average of $1500 per year? That's what he drops on lunch.
Tip money.

His donations to Scientology aren't public but he will campaign for Republicans approved by the Scientologists. That's his "party".

Liberalmann said...

I loves me my Michael Moore! Now more than ever!

The Most Interesting Man in the World said...

No Matter What Liberalmann says.

For all that have fought and died for their country and for those who survived the ordeal, we solute you!!

Z said...

Ducky, please see my comment above showing Cruise's political giving.
This link above is interesting, too.

And, I was want to link something about Scientologists being Republicans? :-)

Z said...

I think bringing race into it was typical and wrong.
Glad to hear your point of view.
And, by the way, I couldn't honor that man or respect him more if I tried.

Robert; EXACTLY. I mentioned that, too. For a president to talk about how much he supports and cares for our military when things like this have happened is painful. I heard the interview with those parents and the SEAL knew, as did his buddies, something was deeply wrong; but they follow orders.

And yes, Benghazi, too.

I don't think it's enough for Obama's promises of helping our vets; he needs to help our soldiers on the front lines. ALWAYS. I pity our country when our armed services start to realize what our diplomats now know: we do NOT have your back.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - "And, by the way, I couldn't honor that man or respect him more if I tried."

I don't doubt that for a moment, but [to me] Obama didn't interject race so much as he recognized the hardships a veteran had to endure upon returning from combat. I don't think we can truly honor one's sacrifices if we ignore their tribulations.

Rita said...

Imp. Since you don't have a blog, I want to thank you here, along with all your service brothers and sisters for your service, Sir.

Impertinent said...


Thanks Rita. I'm humbled and very appreciative. As any vet here would was a honor to serve. I think we all wish we could do it again.

Impertinent said...


I posted a question for you on your blog.

Z said...

You know, CI, EVERY soldier has tribulations.
This Black man had the tribulation of coming back to an America still divided by race but better...
Some Black and some White men came back with no limbs.
I don't honor him any more than I do anybody else but I honor him mightily.

Except that I generally tend to pick the Black person if given the choice to spend some time with a 'nice Black person' or 'nice White person', so I'd probably be nuts about this old man with 107 years of living and loving behind him.
That's just the truth. I can't deny it....and don't want to.

Kid said...

That's a lovely shot Z.

My Veteran's day thoughts are at my blog.

Kid said...

Obama? dividing the country? Yep. Got to. Has nothing else to use to his benefit.

Impertinent said...

@Kid...Nice post today.

I wanted to respond....but I don't meet the profiles..LOL

Kid said...

@IMP, cruise, yea.Geeez.

And hey, kerry did need a band-aid for One of his purple hearts...

Yea, sorry, I don't allow Anons at the blog - if people won't tag themselves with an ID I don't need em. I know you're a special case so that comment doesn't apply to you.

Anyway, Thank you very much.
Maybe I could give you My ID, or I could set you up as a guest author?

Impertinent said...


"A special case"? LOL I've been called worse!

I'm a skypin'.

Kid said...

IMP. I love ya man ! Who ya skypin with? You cheatin on me?

Impertinent said...


"IMP. I love ya man.."

Crap...don't tell me you joined the Navy?

Kid said...


Hey Man, Skype shows you as on a mission to Mars, and unable to communicate with...

Lisa said...

MS Z is fortunate to experience the beauty the world has to offer.

Hopefully all our working veterans who served got the day off.