Saturday, November 16, 2013


Tell me how he's wrong...............



Joe said...

"Tell me how he's wrong"
I can't. He isn't.

Ducky's here said...

Just ask Jamie Dimon.

Thersites said...

Jamie has a "regulator" and pays billions in fines. Barrack's got "none".

Thersites said...

After Barrack gets the insurance of 5 million Americans cancelled, he tells them "Never mind... you can keep your cancelled policy... if you can get the insurance companies to ignore all the laws I made that they'll be breaking."

Dave Miller said...

Ducky, or the Bush Admin...

Its a truism for every President...

sue hanes said...

Z - I'm not sure how he's wrong - but I think he has made big mistakes on the health care problem. He doesn't have to worry about being reelected but he does have to wonder how he will be remembered.

Ducky's here said...

Dave, are you saying that history didn't start on January 20, 2009?

Ed Bonderenka said...

No, but one of the biggest tragedies in American History since the Civil War did.
The Civil war defined the American Government as much as this episode.

Ed Bonderenka said...

@Thers: +1 each.

Z said...

Joe, you got it.

Ducky "history didn't start until 2009?" But it hasn't ended there, either, with the continual blame of Bush.

Dave, it's getting apparent that this president's lies are rising to a new height and frequency.

Thersites...not many understand that...

Sue....I just wish he'd told the truth because the ACA might not have passed and we could have heard the Republican suggestions of Americans buying insurance across state lines, etc.....Or perhaps if they'd had time to read it?


Here's quite an excellent article..take a look.

Divine Theatre said...

I have long admired Dr. Sowell. I never disagree with him.


Z said...

I just heard Fredericka on CNN say to Blitzer "clearly, the president's TRYING to be transparent by saying he didn't know about the website problems!"
They just accept anything they want to believe about Mr. Obama and report. And we wonder about voter information?

I keep wondering if CNN said that for Bush "clearly, the president's TRYING to be transparent by saying he didn't know...fill in the blank" :-)

Ducky's here said...

Interesting post Farmer John. It brings up the question of why we have allowed for profit insurers with an antitrust exception to make decisions when they face no moral hazard. Sowell doesn't have a clue but I though you might.

I'm going to violate the Bonderaka Theory of History and say this is part of a continuum, not something unique to Obama.
Start with the transformation of Blue Cross from a non-profit and trace it through the prescription drug medicare fiasco and explain why Sowell believes kapital won't just buy whatever government is in there. Their business is profit not providing health care.

Of course we can just disenfranchise the poor as z would suggest. But I'm more interested in the use of the rabies radio meme "low information voter".

z, do you have anything to say about the House education bill which allows teachers in charter schools to be graduates of unaccredited for profit diploma mills?

How about the effort to "fast track" the Pacific and Atlantic trade deals which was leaked and has all us "low information" voters on the horn to our reps?

It's all a little messy and trading in aphorisms as Sowell does may be comforting but it's really a vote for the status quo.

Sam Huntington said...

I’m trying to imagine why Mr. Smith would wake up one day and proclaim to his wife, “Today, I think I will create a not for profit company in order that a communist slug living in Boston will like me.”

Ducky’s rendition of capitalism is embarrassing. How anyone ever produced such a slug in a free market society is completely beyond my understanding. Maybe his parents were illegals.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance companies (note, more than one) are licensees, independent of the association and each other. They offer insurance plans pursuant to the regulations imposed upon them by state legislatures and the state insurance commission. The group offers some form of health insurance in every state of the US and also provides coverage to state and federal government employees. One of these is a consortium covering 14 states—and a publically traded company. Whoops … so much for the not-for-profit meme.

Personally, I have a lot of hopes for the future, among them that Ducky will one day stop embarrassing himself by trying to pass his bullshit off as utterances of a well-informed citizen. Ducky is many things, I think … but well informed is not one of them.

As for Dr. Sowell, the man has more intelligence in his little finger than exists in the entire Ducky family.

Unknown said...

One example of reality detachment is attempting to lay the blame of escalating health care costs on insurance companies. How many billions of dollars have these “medical corporations” had to eat because the federal and state governments refuse to get a handle on the number of illegal aliens helping themselves to emergency rooms? Before the leftist quacker answers, try talking to people who actually do work in large hospitals. Makes you wonder why so many hospitals are hiring brand new doctors and cutting back on their nursing staffs and hiring the AA Nurse, rather than the BSN. This doesn’t stop Tweedle Duck from spreading his blarney around, though. What a dolt.

Louis H. said...

Well, I don’t know … I guess I’m surprised that M. Ducky has not solved this easy to fix problem before now.

Pris said...

I agree with Joe and Andie. Thomas Sowell is a brilliant man.

Let's see Ducky! Profit is bad, but higher taxes aren't? Govt debt isn't? Wasteful Govt. spending isn't? Control and power over the American people isn't?
You get a clue!!

Oh, and BTW, Obama doesn't know anything. He says that over and over again as if he's just along for the ride! What nonsense.

Always On Watch said...

I just heard Fredericka on CNN say to Blitzer "clearly, the president's TRYING to be transparent by saying he didn't know about the website problems!"

Excuse me, but ObamaCare is his "signature legislation." It's his job to make sure that things are properly managed.

Is he the Liar In Chief or the Incompetent In Chief? Either way...

Always On Watch said...

And one more thing....

Are some people so dumbed down or misinformed that they cannot see the reality as to why so many policies were canceled? It was the ObamaCare regulations, stupid! Sheesh.

JonBerg said...

Gee, if I remember right the former Soviet Union was a non-profit organization. What sort of a moron would want to go back to that? For about the 10th time now, Medicare, a NON-PROFIT health care plan (I won't call it insurance) has an unfunded liability of > $ 80,000,000,000,000. I keep hearing those Liberal idiots, who defend "single payer", talk about the success and popularity of Medicare. NOBODY with an ounce of business acumen could possibly believe that! But then, no sane person with an ounce or more of business acumen could possibly be a Liberal, either!

Z said...

I suggested we disenfranchise the poor? Wow...
Who knew? :-)
Yes, Ducky..all Republicans hate the poor, hate the sick, hate women, hate everything. We get it that :-)
Do you REALLY read my blog?

I don't really get too excited about the public school system anymore, Ducky. It's so full of ideologues cheating our kids I can't worry about charter school unaccredited teachers.
By the way, I know teachers BEYOND excellence who are not accredited according to the public schools. FAR better than most public school highly accredited CRAP.

Sowell's comment isn't "rules to live by,"'s a matter of interest and worth discussion.

The lies never end, yet you continue to support; and we're to take you seriously?

Jack Whyte: I have yet to see one liberal smart enough to realize we're heading toward English health care and not realize it STINKS for EVERYONE>
And they say they are more for helping the poor than we are. :-)

Sam, thanks for reminding us of the FACTS behind the insurance business and how it's being misrepresented.

I guess, to the Ducky family, anything "PROFITABLE" is wrong.
But, hey...they DO love the poor. :-)

Pris; imagine the excuses people are buying from the WH? Where were the excuses for Bush?
good comment!

Always..don't stymie the left with FACTS :-)
I'm just hearing, by the way, the perfect beatable candidate might run for Pres in 2016...Elizabeth Warren !! let us pray...........

Z said... do we TEACH? They just wno't listen.

Unknown said...

In the news: The White House rushed implementation of the inept website in order to accelerate the destruction of the private health care industry. It was done intentionally, and so this business from Obama about how he is “angry” about the “glitches” in the rollout is one thing: A DAMN LIE.

Meanwhile, the leftist lies continue. You see, according to them, 97% of the American people won’t be affected by Obama Care (unless they have junk insurance plans, which are defined by Obama as anyone who chose their own health care plan) … and so now we should wonder why the Obama Administration spent $684 million dollar on a system that only affects 3% of the American people.

You know, we must have the DUMBEST effing government on the entire planet. And the Duck is probably Kathleen Sebelius …

Titan Uranus 2 said...

why we have allowed for profit insurers with an antitrust exception to make decisions...

Insurance companies are making "decisions"? What is your all knowing, all powerful "regulator" doing?

Oh, THAT's right, he's saying, "I REALLY F'd up guys... PLEASE IGNORE my rules and regulations cuz I was too stupid to realize that you can't insure 30 million additional people for NO COST."

Always On Watch said...

In today's Huffington Post (AP):

Obama Struggles To Save His Signature Health Care Law

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama's health care law risks coming unglued because of his administration's bungles and his own inflated promises.

To avoid that fate, Obama needs breakthroughs on three fronts: the cancellations mess, technology troubles and a crisis in confidence among his own supporters.

Working in his favor are pent-up demands for the program's benefits and an unlikely collaborator in the insurance industry.

But even after Obama gets the enrollment website working, count on new controversies. On the horizon is the law's potential impact on job-based insurance. Its mandate that larger employers offer coverage will take effect in 2015.

For now, odds still favor the Affordable Care Act's survival. But after making it through the Supreme Court, a presidential election, numerous congressional repeal votes and a government shutdown, the law has yet to win broad acceptance.


Skittishness among supporters was evident in the 39 House Democrats who Friday bolted their party to vote for Republican legislation on cancellations, ignoring Obama's veto threat.

Politics is not the only consideration.

The people who are signing up now are likely to be those with unmet medical needs. Younger, healthier customers probably don't see much reason to spend their time tangling with the website. To hold down costs, the law aims for a mix that includes a hefty proportion of younger enrollees whose medical expenses are low.

Z said...

always, have you known many young people who have bought their own health insurance? What were the Obama folks thinking? Don't they know that??

And, of course, this is all going to be on OUR BACKS now because the sick will be clamoring...,.they're supposedly going to be giving hospital ERs a break because "now they have doctors they can go to..."

WHO?? A doc with 20000 new patients? REALLY

We were far better off, ALL of us, the poor and the middle class, without the ACA.

How I WISH they'd been nonpartisan, really examined the bigger problems and solved those.

Obama had to have his BIG GOV'T CURE...
he'll go on. we're stuck.

Always On Watch said...

have you known many young people who have bought their own health insurance?

Not many.

Right now, I know of one mildly autistic 26-year-old who bought his own policy. His policy with Coventry was recently canceled, and the rate for a new policy is triple what he was paying.

His sister, not autistic, is self-employed (film composer) and bought her own insurance upon graduation from a school of music. I suspect that her policy was also canceled. She's about 23 years old.

I know of three or four more as well. None of these young people have pre-existing conditions.

Conversely, I know of several young people with serious pre-existing conditions (multiple sclerosis, kidney disease, lupus). I don't know how the old rates and new rates for them compare. Probably doesn't matter for them because they are on Social Security Disability -- and rightly so as they are unable to work.

Anonymous said...

From Z of work :-(

Always On Watch; VERY VERY VERY few young people buy health the Obama people depended on them for the cash to float this mess is way beyond a thinking person's capacity!

what a mess. If ONLY people had WAITED and worked on a bipartisan basis.

OR, Mr. Obama's thrilled with this mess and counting on it for SINGLE PAYER..

Impertinent said...

It's way, way too late to rewind this thing. The insurance companies just cannot pull back. Rewrite the new rules to accommodate the whim of this incompetent moron...who has no understanding of those rules nor the industry.

The deadline is what? 12/15 to sign up or 1/14/2014??? Do the morons think that the companies can rewind all this...notify the policy holders by letter...have then respond either on line or by an 800 time to rescue this assholes dreams...which is now a national nightmare?

The he's doing is totally illegal.

His arrogance and hubris is breathtaking...I'm hoping the carriers tell him to shove it up has arse. He thinks he can snap his fingers...say "Oh, my bad"...and it'll all go back to before the Obamacare nightmare? the end of's's a wreck...people hate it....and don't want it ...but will the fraud get the message.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Well said, Imp!
Z: that link no longer exists.
Duckys here said "Dave, are you saying that history didn't start on January 20, 2009?"
I was replying to that, saying history didn't start with O's inaug.
I was saying that while history didn't start then, alternatively, the greatest tragedy since the Civil War did.
The Civil War (a tragedy) defined the relationship of the federal government to the states, thus the people. The launch of the dictatorial presidency of Obama on that date is a tragedy that is also redefining the role of the federal government. Rule by fiat. By dictate. A dictatorship.

Kid said...

Z, that sure says a Lot there.

And yea, the entire government entity is guilty of this for quite some time now. The writers of the Constitution sure screwed up when they let congress pass laws that they are not subject to.

Kid said...

Pris, Beautiful.

I'd type some more for duck, but it's a waste. And frankly, I don't think I want him to wise up. They need to feel the burn to learn so it would be a waste of time and counter-productive. I hope he's young enough for all this to have full impact on him.

That anyone could read this post, then their first comment is about a guy running a bank is very telling as to their lack of grasp on reality.

Ducky's here said...

Oh come on kid, don't deny me the pleasure.

You're the glibbest of the true believers here.

Thersites said...


None of us "true believers" are going to pull the full metal jacket. So take your "ironic distance" back to the Catholic Workers and apply it there. They are MUCH more likely to experience it.

Pris said...

Hi Kid,
Thanks. I know Duck's a waste of time, you're right, but sometimes I just can't help myself!

Kid said...

Hi Pris, well on that score I'm probably more guilty.

Libtards are jsut amazing. It seems the more they get screwed by the man the more they like it. And the man in this case is an imbecile surrounded by people who probably should be in an institution, like biden and pelosi. Maybe they're aliens.

Pris said...

Ah yes, the inmates are running the asylum.