Wednesday, November 13, 2013

You will be embarrassed............

............of being an American.   Watch this video of 'navigators' and "nonpartisan' democrats whose job it is to turn Texas blue.   You know, "nonpartisan' folks they define as Planned Parenthood , the Urban League, and other obviously partisan groups.:-)   You will NOT believe this video and it gets worse and more damning as you watch, trust me.   Oh, and check out how they talk about getting vetted by the IRS so quickly, with no training, etc.   Gee, it sure was tough for Conservatives to get through the IRS vetting, huh?  This is amazing:

Did I tell you you'd be humiliated to see Americans like that?    If that doesn't make you sad and worried, you're not breathing.

What do we DO about these people and the lies and subterfuge of the Democrats?  Seriously...what's blogging do to help?   And, trust me, some jerk will come and blame James O'Keefe as if, again, he doesn't HAVE IT ON TAPE.  Please.............why aren't we FIGHTING?



Always On Watch said...

Conspiracy to defraud the U.S. Treasury is a penitentiary offense. Just sayin'.

Always On Watch said...

PS: Those conspiratorial giggles and guffaws speak volumes. Sheesh.

Ed Bonderenka said...

"Conspiracy to defraud the U.S. Treasury is a penitentiary offense. "
Yeah, I'm gonna insist to the DOJ right now they should prosecute.
Just sayin'.
Sorry AOW, no malice intended, but with no enforcement of the law and no hope of impeachment due to the composition of the Congress (spit), we are royally screwed.

Ed Bonderenka said...

"what's blogging do to help?"
I wouldn't have seen this video without reading your, or others blogs.
Blogs have become news aggregators.
Canaries in the mine, even.
I get a lot of info at AOWs also.

Always On Watch said...

You're right, of course.

But as the daughter of an IRS auditor, I know just how dangerous conspiracy to defraud is -- and how such conspiracy was prosecuted mercilessly in times past.

Always On Watch said...

Yes, we are sounding the alarms here in the blogosphere.

However, we don't have any political power!

PS: Thank you for the compliment about my "Nincompoopery" posts.

Curmudgeonisms said...

Funny how the Dems and the Libs were so eager to get rid of Bush they forgot about repercussions. I'm friggin' loving it!

Right Klik said...

Can you EVER really humiliate a liberal enough to get them to leave office on their own, no matter how much they LIE, or no matter how much they embarrass themselves? I have not seen it yet, and I’m sure that we won’t see it with this narcissistic egomaniac.

As for the Liberals /Progressives that support this president, I simply want to know what planet these people come from and when is their mother ship coming to take them home.

Rottweiler said...

Even Bill Ayers admits the Nazi-like tactics that are being used by the left, and that';s pretty low!

Mustang said...

You can't shame some people. Not those associated with ACORN (they just changed their name). Not those who boast about their Obama Phone. Not Shirley Sherrod, who thinks that I owe her something because her ancestors were slaves. Not those who corrupt the voting process. Not those who will lie in order to receive welfare benefits paid for by others.

These are the beneficiaries of communist policies of the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, Wasserperson is proud to be a Democrat. Go figure.

The Watchman said...

Obama's Approval Rating Are Continuing to Drop
His approval rating of 39%
Maybe now these Liberals will stop this BS that the Republicans are dead? They are just not in tune or in denial with the facts.

Robert Sinclair said...

Who are the 39% still supporting Obama? Effing amazing.

JonBerg said...

It's just as I expected when I first heard about the "Navigators". I'm shearing this with many.

The Watchman said...

Bill Clinton Tell Obama, That He Should Honor His Keep Your Plan Promise
Now you know that Obama is in trouble when slick Willie Clinton talks about Honor!

JonBerg said...


"Who are the 39% still supporting Obama?"

Well, for starters, all of the so called "Navigators". This appears to be "Acorn" all over again. Do I dare ask: WHEN will we ever LEARN?

Z said...

Mustang, you're right about ACORN. The staff and administrative heads of that are still in place; just different name.
A liberal on FOX last night jumped in to a Conservative's discussion and said "ACORN doesn't EXIST" with a smug look.
Perhaps they REALLY don't know what we know, as Ed says?

To be fair, just after I readied this post for midnight publication, I turned TV on and Hannity was showing a little of the video.

Sure enough, the same liberal jumps in that "even Glenn Beck says O'Keefe lied"...and, of course, as any thinking person would say to her "But this is you HEAR what they're SAYING?"

Libs are great at shooting the messenger to avoid the message and I laugh when they suddenly tout Beck as the expert :-)

JonBerg said...


"Libs are great at shooting the messenger to avoid the message "

Yes, by nature, they are quite childish!

Duckys here said...

We'll see if this latest report has any legs. I'm intrigued that "even Glenn Beck says O'Keefe lied".

I was unaware that Beck apparently does have a sense of shame. Any details.

If I were a conservative I'd be careful not to overplay my hand. The ACA act has some clear problems and much could be resolved by single payer and the elimination of for profit insurers which the current act still allows to run wild.
You may fuel a growing progressive sentiment in the nation if you aren't careful.

Meanwhile you're preaching to your shrinking choir and asking why Obama had support. Easy:

Ted Cruz
Michele Bachmann
Louie Gohmert
Paul Ryan
The reproductive system just shuts down
Virginia Foxx
Mike Lee
Eric Cantor
Newt Gingrich
Rand Paul (L - Plagiarism)
Rick Scott (R - Medicare Fraud)
Allen West
... and it goes on.
You really have to tell them to stop talking to you as if you are even a significant plurality, let alone a majority.

Duckys here said...

@z --- Gee, it sure was tough for Conservatives to get through the IRS vetting, huh?
You make it sound as if conservative individuals are being hounded by the IRS rather than political action committees that were looking for a loophole to avoid taxes.

For all the whining the right does you have to marvel that they still have the gall to criticize the "victim mentality".

Now A.C.O.R.N. is scaring them again so they send out (drum roll please)
Deja-vu all over again. You folks ever have a fresh idea?

Duckys here said...

... oh, why so silent on the 60 Minutes Benghazi sideshow?

Talk about the liberal media.

Thersites said...

The ACA act has some clear problems and much could be resolved by single payer and the elimination of for profit insurers which the current act still allows to run wild.

Just your typical Trotskyian variant upon the theme that only universal global communism can ever be effective... regional communism's are "perversions" which can't EVER work.

Thersites said...

why so silent on the 60 Minutes Benghazi sideshow?

Talk about the liberal media.

60 Minutes ISN'T the liberal media?

Who knew?

The Left catches a glimpse of their own monster, and then complain that the Right doesn't start hyperventilating with them...

Jack Whyte said...

I’m sure ducky is right: Acorn has never been caught scamming the people; never been exposed showing people how to commit fraud; never been exposed helping to prostitute underage women; never been found participating in election fraud; has never been determined to misuse tax-free income.

Also, Shirley Sherrod is not a corrupt USDA employee (now we understand pushing SNAP in Mexico), Bill Ayers never murdered a police officer, and Barack Obama is qualified to be president.

Tune in again tomorrow and hear Poppa Smurf discuss ducky’s unreasonable fear of patriotism and the Tea Party Movement.

Anonymous said...


Jack, and because one guy lied, the whole Benghazi scandal's been perfectly explained, right?

Ducky...the rest of your comments are hilarious. :-)

Anonymous said...

Why is it that "minorities" are continuously found to be at the helm of all this corruption?

Anonymous said...

From Z of GEEEZ:

Anonymous, that really bothered me, too. That's why I say "embarrassed" to watch this stuff.

Then we have people like Ducky and his comments :-) the way; WE can't AFFORD Single Payer. NO country with it is thriving economically. How many times does that need to be said to you?
Why do liberals think money grows on trees? THINK, man.

Anonymous said...


I was just thinking; to hear that full video, remember the ACORN videos, most of which was incontrovertible or, trust me, ACORN wouldn't have had Congress on them (OK, they're back in operation with a different name, same staff, etc., but Congress is STUPID, so..) and offer ANY words but "THIS IS DESPICABLE" is........well, 'despicable' in itself.

Impertinent said...

Obama's very own WMD...His lying mouth and now...."Honest Abe, BUBBA"?

"When I first saw the headline saying Bill Clinton was advising President Obama to “honor his commitment,” I had to laugh. The idea of Monica Lewinsky’s boyfriend as moral referee always cracks me up.

Then I got to wondering. Which commitment was Clinton talking about?

Is it the one Obama made to the Israeli people, that he had their backs and would never let Iran get a nuclear weapon?

Or was it his promise to enforce a “red line” in Syria?

Or maybe it was Obama’s promise to “never rest” until we caught the terrorists who killed our ambassador and three other Americans in Libya?

Or was Clinton talking about the many times the president said he would “never rest” until every American who wanted a job had one?

Or maybe he was talking about the pledge to change the tone in Washington?

Or to go through the budget “line by line” and cross out the waste driving up the deficit?

You get the picture — any of those whoppers would qualify. But, of course, Clinton was talking about the broken promise of the moment, the one where Obama vowed that “if you like your health insurance, you can keep it.”

It ranks as one of the biggest presidential lies of modern times, all the more so because Obama repeated it 30 times. The fallout of millions being forced from their policies, an experience exacerbated by the hapless Web site, has created a crisis of confidence so vast, it threatens to swallow the second term.

JonBerg said...

Given the financial disaster, that being the reported >$ 80,000,000,000,000 unfunded liability of the current "Single Payer" plan, known as Medicare, how will a universal version of it not exacerbate an existing, untenable fiscal malignancy?

I've requested that Ducky address this issue but, so far, there has been no cogent response. To that end I wait with breathless anticipation, his sage enlightenment!

TheTruthWillSetYouFree said...

Hey Libs, enjoy your Muslim Messiah Commie Obama and the rest of your shitheads in his regime while you can. I personally will enjoy all the scandals and failure that go with him. Apparently, this guy doesn't know or care jack squat about what happens to this country!

Obama is a disgrace to America
And so are the things who voted for him twice.

Duckys here said...

Well JBerg and Z we can't afford single payer as it is currently funded and in a for profit system with no cost constraints.

I got a kick out of the likes of Paul Ryan (R - Galt's Gulch) who started touting the point that Obama was going to reduce Medicare by several hundred million dollar.
Now what had actually been proposed was the elimination of for profit insurer administration of certain portions of Medicaid and a resulting savings on the reduced costs through government administration.

Sibelius kept this expensive corporation give away in place. She caved to the insurers.

Remember, the left is here to help you live the life of the mind.

Im Krabby said...

"his Son’s 4 foot wide hairdo,.."

Impenetrable with TSA scanners too. They'll have to risk the lives of two TSA agents to climb into that mess with a compass and a machete to do a search for a suitcase bomb.

JonBerg said...

"Remember, the left is here to help you live the life of the mind."

Spoken like a true alumnus of the Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo Institute Of Actuarial Science!

Lib Buster said...

Like they say, The people deserve the government they elect.... Anyone here from New York? De Blasio WILL handcuff the police and as the other comment said, Yes, people and businesses will leave New York and violence will return and run wild all over again. If you live in New York, you should be deeply troubled .

Too bad we can't send all the Progressive slime to some Commie island like Cuba.

Sam Huntington said...

I’m very happy to see that the left is looking after our interests, Ducky; people such as Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid, Kathleen Sebelius, and Barack Obama who have actually increased their wealth into the tens of millions of dollars at the expense of the American people. By all means, help us to expand our minds with your illegal substance of the week. Your communist talking points don’t work here, Ducky. HHS is reducing Medicare by hundreds of millions of dollars in order to funnel that sum into the disgrace called ACA that NO ONE who voted for it bothered to read before voting on it. It is really quite curious how that doesn’t seem to bother you. Okay —just kidding. It isn’t curious at all. But of course, do continue to muddy up the water. The American people should be used to your smokescreens by now.

-FJ said...

Now what had actually been proposed was the elimination of for profit insurer administration of certain portions of Medicaid and a resulting savings on the reduced costs through government administration.

Yes, the "reduced costs" obtained by replacing an $8.00 /hr, no benefits, clerk in the private sector with a GS-14 Accountant and the Senate's Health Care plan from the Public sector....

BIG savings there!

*rolls eyes*

GrouchyFogie said...

This clown don’t just look stupid he is an embarrassment to this country.

Robert Sinclair said...

I have a request, please. I would like the government to stop looking out for me quite so much. I don’t think it is good for my health, my long-term finances, or the rapidly declining demographics in my neighborhood (which used to consist of mostly employed people). Thanks!

Impertinent said...

"have actually increased their wealth into the tens of millions of dollars at the expense of the American people..."

Don't forget Faux-a-hontis she's doesn't have any stock in her portfolio and believes Congress members shouldn't either as its a clear conflict of interest.

Turns out Mother Jones, that fascist, far right, extremist rag...found otherwise. And she's definitely a 1% er at a salary and "consulting fees"of $700K last year.

Scumbags all....

Duckys here said...

Well Sam, you name a class collaborationist rogues gallery for sure.

And they are certainly going to join with your fringe right brethren in seeing we get more free trade(LMAO) agreements, austerity,business subsidies and the like.
The massive upward income transfer the Reagan put into motion has needed bipartisan support.

Now if you want to return to government by the people you might pay attention to Sherrod Brown, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and others in a nascent progressive movement.

See you tout your "knowledge of history" and don't seem to understand that the laissez-faire system you espouse is incompatible with a broad government by the people which we'll assume the founders espoused (although we know they fudged it).

Corporate cash on hand at a high.
Taxes on the most wealthy at an all time low.
Income transfer upward continues at a rapid pace.

Why aren't those laissez-faire heroes of yours creating jobs? The seem like a bunch of slugs to me and all the fringe right wants to do is compound the problem with austerity.

Pitch till you win, Sam or buy a vowel, your choice.

Sam Huntington said...

Don’t be ridiculous, Ducky. No one argues that there is not a place for government regulation. I simply reject your vision for America –the one whose flag contains a hammer and a sickle. Here’s an interesting take, though dummy … the government doesn’t create jobs. Businesses create jobs. They do this whenever government leaves them alone to fulfill their ambitions, which is to make a profit. I know this is all lost on you. I don’t blame you, though. I blame your parents. I’ll buy a vowel if you’ll get an education beyond Zinn. Try it, there’s a whole new world out there.

Duckys here said...

Yeah, the one with a hammer and sickle.

Please stop.

-FJ said...

Now if you want to return to government by the people you might pay attention to Sherrod Brown, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and others in a nascent progressive movement.

because Socialist's are ALL about government by the "people".

How about we try "self-government" for a change, duckman?

Duckys here said...

Businesses create profits, Sammy. Got it, profits first.

If adding jobs increases profit then they will do that but when you make it easier for them to retain profits and lower wages then you get a diminished middle class and a huge wealth discrepancy.

Both are incompatible with a stable prosperous society.

-FJ said...

...oh THAT's right. If we had self-government, then we would all have to take "responsibility" for ourselves and our actions. Can't have that. Best let a committee decide and hold no one accountable.

My bad.

-FJ said...

Yes. "profits"... can't have any of those. No one should derive any "profit/benefit" from ANY transaction.

You really need to read Plato's "Hipparchus", duck.

-FJ said...

A stable/ prosperous society...
...think USSR circa 1989.

-FJ said...

...or Cambodia in 1979.

Sam Huntington said...

@ Foghorn

It is impossible for businesses to create profits (and jobs) when government goes out of its way to destroy consumerism. Here’s your solution: increase taxes. Good plan, moron. Increased taxes means less disposable income, which equates to less consumer spending, which means higher unemployment. Meanwhile, you want to increase the minimum wage. Yeah, you’re a genius all right. Have you put your WARREN/STALIN 2016 sticker on your tricycle yet?

Duckys here said...

No Sam, see you grab one of those rabies radio memes and try to run with it. In the process you look foolish.

1. Free enterprise and kapitalism are NOT synonymous. Learn the difference and you'll be able to carry on a conversation.

2. Taxing Kapitalists will return money to the economic system to promote growth and create jobs. Paris Hilton doesn't now nor will she ever create jobs but you want her taxed at an effective rate less than yours.
Now who's the bimbo?

Remember, the left is here to help you live the life of the mind.

highboy said...

" The ACA act has some clear problems and much could be resolved by single payer and the elimination of for profit insurers which the current act still allows to run wild."

Single payer system doesn't solve anything unless your goal is to have crap healthcare and inefficient service. The government isn't fit to run bath water and its hilarious people think an entity that can't even get a basic website to work properly can still run something like healthcare. Profit isn't the problem, its the solution.

Anonymous said...


Thomas Jefferson; you're not welcome at this site. Please go somewhere else.
I'll be deleting as soon as I can. Am at work right now and can't take the time/trouble.
Go away and don't come back. Thank you.

Ducky; it must be WONDERFUL to really think you have all the answers; Talk about 'memes'...
You almost never have anything to say that's not dismissive and un-linked..but YOU ARE SURE and YOU ARE INSULTING.
STOP or you're getting deleted, too.

What I'd particularly like you to stop is your taking the smallest kernel of a comment and extrapolating ridiculous conclusions. Nobody EVER said that ALL CONSERVATIVES were being hunted down by the IRS, but we ALL KNOW VERY WELL that they were stopping or delaying tax exemptions for conservatives so just stop your ridiculous wrong conclusions.

The day YOU can help Sam THINK is a dark day, indeed. It'll NEVER HAPPEN:

Remember, people who disagree with you are almost never WRONG. Thanks.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you write about someone with so clear statement about labelling, maybe you should call her something more respectful than: "Bill de Blasio’s Formerly Lesbian Wife".
I think that is more pertinent to talk about Mooshell .

Sam Huntington said...

Well Foghorn, your grandiose Marxist solution doesn't appear to be working, does it? What does it take ... do we have to hit you on your thick head with a ball peen hammer?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And who cares what this woman past was? At least she did not hide it like Hillary Clinton.

Always On Watch said...

This can't be true, can it?

Please tell me that the above is a spoof!

-FJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
-FJ said...

Taxing Kapitalists will return money to the economic system


Capitalists are the only one whom real-world Government's DON'T tax, lest they take their money offshore and out of reach.

Nice plan, duck. Good luck with it.

Anonymous said...


How can ANYONE in this day insult Michelle Obama with "MOOOCHEL?" NONE of us admires her, NONE of us probably likes her ONE BIT but what's with the "MOOO"? It sets back any decent conversation 30 years and we should all be ashamed.

Also....can you imagine an anonymous commenter who called himself THOMAS JEFFERSON slammed DeBlasio for having a black wife and family? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
We might disagree with his politics but you're going to hate because of a mixed couple? And who the heck KNOWS if his wife used to be a lesbian or not? And what BUSINESS is it of OURS?

I have rarely, if EVER, been embarrassed of this blog because of commenters, but those who deride mixed couples or imply a First Lady is a COW, or anything else like that are NOT welcome here.

I've been called every name from BITCH to much, much worse here by liberals and one conservative....I'd take that over these NUTS who were here today ANY day.


Always On Watch; sadly, I heard about that, too. It is absolutely true. THIS is where we've stooped in our country.
DAMN the left.

Anonymous said...

From Z:

Sam, well said about business.,'re so right. It's TOTALLY inefficient and people aren't treated in time, etc etc etc......and would put us gazillion dollars MORE into debt; sounds like just the ticket for our left.

Honestly...sometimes I think Obama's TRYING to screw this country down to the nub. I really do.

Anonymous said...

From Z of Geeez:

Hey, guys...what's that rule or law about percentage of black in an American ...the one that libs use to show we were racist?
The one that was shown to actually work in FAVOR of Black folks?
What's it called? Do you know what I'm trying to say here?

Liberalmann said...

Anyway....back to O'Keefe. O'KEEFE?? LOL!

Z said...

Ya, Liberalmann...we expected you not to watch, not to listen, not to believe..."O'Keefe!?" the one everyone thinks Congress got rid of ACORN for except ACORN's still around with a different name and a big part of the ridiculous ACA? (that's the Affordable Care Act, by the way)?? :-)

Gee...ODD. I thought you'd have an open mind when you SAW and HEARD with your own eyes and ears what's on this video. :-) (no, I didn't....that'd be nuts, wouldn't it!)

Thanks for remaining true to yourself.

Z said...

EVERYBODY: How the HECK do they think a bill saying "You CAN keep your healthcare" is going to WORK?

Suddenly, Blue Shield's going to write me and say "We were JUST KIDDING! You can pay what you WERE paying.........thanks!"???

And what of the new companies people might have changed to because their insurance was canceled?

This is the Democrat mind; Let's tell them they can have their medical insurance....just TELL THEM. They're not smart enough to see IT DOESN"T WORK!

This is a bill by Landrieux...she's dead in the Louisiana waters with THAT one.


Kid said...

Why aren't we fighting? Wonderful question.

- Because there is no one fighting for us in this supposedly 'checks and balances' system. It doesn't exist anymore. We have a one party system.
- Because even if he repubblekins were useful, they've beclowned themselves or have let imposters do it to them without so much as a whimper.
- We're not fighting because both parties in congress voted to cancel our 1st amendment rights.
- We're not fighting because 'this country' voted in a racist, anti-American, muslim activist Imbecile Non-Person TWICE along with obammycare, and his enterouge of homosexual or otherwise uninterested in America incompetent Clowns. Twice. I think I said that Twice.
- We're not fighting because deep down, we know that none of this is going to turn around until the morons have been beaten about the head with moronicy and economic destruction to the pint they actually put a little effort into figuring out what has put the hurt on them. (hint:democrats in charge since 2007)
- We're not fighting because we're hunkered down until 2016 becuase many of us are still in the Denial phase of the Denial - Anger - Depression - Acceptance metamorphosis.
We're not fighting because fighting with children in charge is like punching marshmallows that are nothing but air and do not respond to anything in the real world.
We wait for a sufficient number to be brought to their senses.
It will be too late by then.
Hopefully I'm wrong.

Kid said...

Reading some of the comments, I'm forced to say....

Libby did some time and was fined 250K for 'lying to congress'.

The dems lie to congress 24/7/365. Right?

Someone tell me about checks and balances again. K?

Mustang said...

I want to know why Madoff is in jail, and Pelosi and Reed is in Congress.

Kid said...

Duck, do you do this for free? or are they paying you.

Kid said...

Mustang, and did you hear?
The Kmart girl Martha went to jail for insider trading to the tune of a few grand (at the time) She'd have actually made money if she stayed with the position, yet the billionaire head of SAC gets no jail time and a 1.8? billion fine (for insider trading) that everyone knows the guy will make back in a year and put behind him.

Z said...

Kid, your question to Ducky cracked me UP! And yes...those are excellent reasons for why we're not fighting.

Mustang...good POINT!

JonBerg said...

Mustang and Kid:

Damn good questions! I doubt that we will get answers from those who they were directed to but even if we don't that will speak volumes.

Z said...

Here's the REALLY rich thing:

I spelled embarrassed with one 'r' in my post's title and it was there all day. Now THAT is EMBARASSING :-)

And I want to thank everyone for not mentioning it !! !!

JonBerg said...

"I spelled embarrassed with one 'r' in my post's title and it was there all day. Now THAT is EMBARASSING :-)"

Hey, we all do that-no big deal! Sorry I'm such a dolt in that I don't have a clue as what :-) means but I now see it often.


Z said...

Jon, you're NO DOLT!
That's a smile :) eyes and can add a nose, too


believe me, you are NO DOLT :=)