Monday, January 13, 2014

Chris Christie......impeachment? Chris Christie guilty?   Man, some are saying "How could he not know about the BIG PROBLEM IN FORT LEE?"    If every really horrible traffic jam occupied our dopey Governor Jerry Brown here in California, he'd have no time for anything else.

They're calling for IMPEACHMENT of Christie...........really?

I'm not a huge fan of Christie's but he's done a lot of good for New Jersey.  Is this just the lefties sharpening the knives to make way for Hillary, or do you think he was revengeful against Ft Lee's mayor for not supporting him?  What do you think?  



Always On Watch said...

I don't like Christie. He gives me the hinkies. There's something thuggish about him, IMO.

Now, I could be wrong about his being thuggish. I don't know all that much about him and am going on my general impression of the man: he seems ruthless.

But if all this is true, then we have good reason to be wary of Christie.

JonBerg said...

I'm not a big Christie fan either. However, in a rational society, if his [known] involvement in the Fort Lee incident is an impeachable offense then B.O. and Holder should be impeached, as well. In addition, Hillary would not even be considered for further Public Office. Alas, we no longer have a "rational society"!

Always On Watch said...

From this source:

...Nothing in the approximately 2,000 documents released on Friday by the Assembly committee investigating the matter suggest that Christie knew of the lane-closure scheme beforehand. And they shed little new light on whether administration officials targeted the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee because he did not endorse Christie....

Mustang said...

There is a lesson here for politicians of either persuasion: it is possible to bully someone for a set period of time, but sooner or later, those people will be in a position to get even—and, human nature being what it is, they will. The advice attributed to John Paul Getty may apply here (paraphrased): “Treat people decently as you climb the ladder of success; you will see those same people on your way back down.”

The Screaming Eagle said...

In every headline, on every TV show all I see and hear is What Did Governor Chris Christie Know And When Did He Know it! It’s really extraordinary, that after a two-hour news conference, this story is still alive! Christie said he found out for the first time Wednesday that one of his top aides had been connected to the scandal, and that he hadn’t known about it prior to then. But the Libs won’t let go of this. I’d only wish that they would be as diligent to the Benghazi story as they are to Bridgegate. This is New Jersey politics, and yet it’s news all over America. How about Bengazhi? I know that the Libs are sick of hearing about it, but I’m not.
Just how much of a news story we can make out of a traffic jam? After all, if we can't occupy the media for a few days, we'll have to report on Obamacare collapsing, Obama lying about people losing their care, the IRS being used by the president to silence political opponents, or worse, they would have to talk about the dreaded Benghazi attack, and a host of examples of Obama incompetence and corruption, and we wouldn’t want that, or would we!
How can anyone even support anyone that would say “what difference does it make”
Would you say “what difference does it make”? If Chris Christie covered up the story about the George Washington Bridge? I’d bet not. If fact you libs are having a field day blogging about it.
How can you not believe that she was part of the problem in Benghazi!! She did nothing to help those 4 Americans nor does she care at that time. Do you idiots seriously want a leader like that? Haven't we suffered enough from Obama? Why do you idiots want more of the same? Other than her racking up milage points please give us a few of her most successful accomplishments as secretary of state. And what has Obama done that is so great, other than rack up one scandal after another, and you sit behind your computers complaining about Chris Christie! Just compare a story about a traffic Jam and the attack in Benghazi where 4 Americans were brutally murdered in our own Embassy. while it was burnt down. Hillary and Obama are both liars, leaches, and phonies and I don't want either of those callous morons running this country. Liberalism is what is killing America. What difference does it make? Obama and Hillary along with the rest of that bunch sat by and watched them die in Benghazi, that’s what difference it makes! How about this for a new slogan... Hillary and Obama LIED and American Hero's DIED. Or does that sound too familiar?

The Political Chic said...

AOW, I don't dislike him as you seem to, but to be fair, I don’t think Christie, knew about it – simply because any governor that would get involved in something like this would have to be simple minded, it's a huge liability and for what purpose- to extract some petty retribution, against some small town mayor? make no sense. However, it does show- how the people below him may have concluded they received a wink in nod from, that fat slob. Unfortunately for the governor , this fits hand in glove with, his big mouth and tough guy bs, so it sticks no matter how he tries to talk his way out of it. That's the problem, in politics and business in playing the bully- Though blaming him is possibility is far fetched and remote, I don't think that he had anything to do with it, nor do I think that he knew about it prior to the other day when he held the news conference. . Should he have known about it? Does anyone believe Obammy didn't know about F & F , The IRS, Ben Ghazi.
So the bottom line is that the same people who believe Barry and his lies on numerous issues including Ben-Gazi chose to disbelieve Christie on this one issue.
The facts WILL come out just like they did ans will for Barry, sooner or later.

Duckys here said...

There is a general move left in the country and now the R's have to flail around and find a candidate who has a modest chance.

Too bad your bench is so thin.

The 2016 primaries may top the 2012 clown show.

Kenosha Marge said...
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Kenosha Marge said...

"Impeachment?" Are they kidding?
Enough is enough already, after a several weeks, and 1000 pages of records, emails and communications later, there is still no evidence of Christie orchestrating this stunt to begin with. So what now? When will they start tearing Hillary Clinton's computer and emails apart?
This is still a "real" scandal, but Hillary and Obama's scandal's don't count?

Yes, People Want Accountability.
All I'd like to say about "Bridgegate" today is I sure wish that the Democrats/ Progressives showed as much outrage with the Obama scandals starting with Benghazi as they do with the New Jersey Governors bridge debacle. Where is the “Accountability.” for the Four men dying at the embassy in Benghazi?
The U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was attacked and burned down with four of OU brave men including a United States Ambassador and we still have not brought anyone to justice as our president promised he would! .

People want accountability.
Is Bridgegate a real story and scandal, and Benghazi a non-story, anon-scandal?

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Perhaps Christie is a bit thuggish. Every politician is. But if Christie's worst trait is that he narrowed down some lanes on a bridge, how does that compare to the usage of drones in PAKISTAN by BHO, or the sweeping-under-the-rug of BENGHAZI, or the purposely-thuggish shutdown of certain government venues (as in the WWII memorial) and national parks, or the passage of ObakaKare in the dead of night with a completely partisan vote, the takeover of the automobile industry (with the concomitant decision of which dealers live or die), or the tanking of the economy, the swelling of our debt, the increase of welfare, his being the New Food Stamp King?

Just how are those things equal?

Christie's an AMATEUR compared to the pettiness and nation-corruption of Barack Hussein Obama.

Christie needs to go back to school.


sue hanes said...

Z - I hate to think that already things are gearing up for 2016.
I don't care for Christie but I don't want to see things drudged up that aren't true to get him off of the ticket for the next election.

sue hanes said...

Z - I hate to think that already things are gearing up for 2016.
I don't care for Christie but I don't want to see things drudged up that aren't true to get him off of the ticket for the next election.

Z said...

Always: I agree...very thuggish. true about Hillary; if ONLY so many things were known, understood.

They're going to find nothing on Christie; he's too smart and way too savvy to have talked that long and lied the whole time.
As I said yesterday "If Gov Jerry Brown knew about every really HIDEOUS California traffic jam, he'd be spending his whole LIFE dealing with those and nothing else."

Mustang; good advice.

Screaming Eagle; imagine if any of the questions were addressed to Obama? And they should. On SO many subjects.

Sue Hanes; you do it again. You're a Lefty but you sure do understand what they're doing to us. Yes, EVERY SINGLE TEENSY WEENSY thing will be drudged up and FAST. They're scared to death that if only ONE Obama scandal REALLY got exposed, any Republican could win.

Marge...all the Dems care about is staying in power; if only Republicans weren't quite so introspective and more clever and varying in solutions to so many situatinos, etc. They're not monolithic enough, which helped when we had an unbiased media and Americans were still smart enough to ponder differing points of view WITHIN A it's "Hey, Democrats gave me 3 free Obama phones...that's where I'm VOTING!"

BZ; they're not even CLOSE to equal but leftists just don't seem to care.

Z said...

Ducky "general move left?"

EVERYBODY wants to go LEFT now! The Dems have nailed it; free obama phones, health care they don't care to understand, hispanics promised the world, foodstamps for almost 100 million people, gay worship, ...gad, we could all go on and ON and on..

Hell, maybe most of US will vote Democrat in the future;


good job, stupid'll be sorrier than WE are because you literally don't see it coming. :-)

Always On Watch said...

Just how are those things equal?

They aren't.

But we may have reached the point that a viable GOP candidate has to be squeaky clean because the mainstream media will not expose corrupt and failed Democrats.

Dr. H.S. said...

Christie's an AMATEUR compared to the pettiness and nation-corruption of Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama needs to go back to Mister Geppetto.

Anonymous said...

Just how obsessed is the Main Stream media with Bridgegate?
Just how obsessed is the Main Stream media with Benghazigare?
Regardless what the issue of the day may be, the Liberal Media will pick and chose which story to give legs to.
I guess it all depends on what “Is” “IS”! Or should I put it this way!
I’d say that most are interested in Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious etc. etc, and etc...
Bin Laden is dead GM is alive. Al Qaeda is one the run. BUT WE are “evacuating our Embassies.
Just more evidence of the extreme hypocrisy of these "bridgegate" critics who came to the defense of Obama with Bridgegate over Benghazigare! And let us not forget that the New York Times already gave Obama and Hillary a pass with their PHONEY Investigation.
But don’t you worry, have NO fears, Obama is on it! Obama is on the Golf Course where he thinks best. and over the weekend he will make up his mind and tell us all what he’s going do when he’s on and the Jay Leno show. Or while he’s relaxing on and Martha/s Vineyard or in the Hampton’s where he can think best in the quite atmosphere of the beach.
Or maybe he should go in a hand shaking apologizing tour with his friend friends with them Putin?
Or better yet, maybe he should send Al Sharpton over to Yemen to protest against al-Qaida and tell them to "Stand Your Ground"!
Or send Dennis Rodman that dumb drunk ex basketball player to North Korea to negotiate for us.
Oh Yeah, Obama has al-Qaida on the run. Right? Running all over us!

Dave Miller said...

Z... I am not aware of any call for impeachment of Gov. Christie. A leader of the Dem controlled Assembly in NJ said that if Christie knew of the lane closures and participated in the coverup, that his behavior could be an impeachable offense.

That's a far cry from calling for it. Just as when the GOP speculated about impeachable offenses for Pres Obama, they were not calling for his impeachment, in spite of the breathless reporting of it by the MSNBC types...

Sam Huntington said...

What a shame that we no longer have a credible press.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Am I missing something ore, or has one State lawmaker been the only person to state that impeachment was an option?

I don't for a moment think that it's remotely appropriate, even if Christie knew of the event in real time....but this is a temporary tempest in a teapot.

Duckys here said...

The Passion of Frank Luntz

The usual litany from a loser who knows it's over.

Poor Frank, screaming Obamaphones and Benghazi just gets him deeper in the hole.
Say good bye to the extreme right. Game over.
Nothing but the gerrymandering of the House (where you lost the popular vote) is keeping it alive.

Bob said...

Folks: We are not talking about a normal state or political situation, here. We are talking about New Jersey.

New Jersey is special in that the entire Democrat Party was at one time under indictment (or should have been). They don't bother to do drive-by shootings, there. They just walk up to you in the courthouse, or on the street and kill you there.

Nobody in the entire state knows nothing, and they know how to stick to their story.

I would not be surprised if Christie were guilty of this heinous deed. He might not even know he did it when one morning at breakfast he told his assistant, "We oughta' just shut down the f***ing bridge to stick it to the mayor".

World War III could start in New Jersey over a scuffle in a lunch line. Those folks are serious about their politics.

Pris said...

Well Ducky, I'm not sure you're correct about the left. I think that there is more of a move to the Independents.

The majority of the American people aren't crazy about either Party anymore.

As for Christie? The state run media is gearing up to do to him, what they've done to conservatives! Yes Sam, you are so correct.

Z, as for Gov. Jerry Brown, we used to call him Gov. Moonbeam, I still do! You are right though. Wow, talk about traffic jams, we Californians know all about those don't we!

Pris said...
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I Am Right! said...

It's time to stop vilifying Christie before he is proved to be guilty.... if he is at all.

Sam Huntington said...

Re: Luntz

Everyone has demons, except ducky of course … who is probably the only one in the entire country that does not realize what an insufferable ass he is.

Z said...

Dave, you're unaware because you didn't read the link. I didn't make a word like impeachment up for this silly thing, believe me.

Sam, THAT is the worst problem in this country today. People can't even make educated decisions because they don't hear the truth, all sides, etc.

Ducky, never QUITE sure what you mean by 'extreme right'...I have very little hope of finding a leftist who isn't truly 'extreme',...I think it's pretty darned extreme to veer so far from the constitution, to insist utah lets gay marriage when the state said no! Imagine that having happened under Bush!? HAAAAAAAAA mY fast COULD they have impeached him in that case. Hilarious.
Ya, it's extreme to lie and get away with it, too.......but you folks didn't care. Shows how sad society is today. "I didn't know Bill Ayers! oh, and you can keep your doctors, too!" :-)

and yes...the obamaphone is a joke. How many do YOU have?

I Am Right! said...

What's next is the Feds investigating Christie for eating the foods that Michele Obama told him not to eat?

Duckys here said...

z, the long answer involves the fringe right's move to destroy representative democracy. Consciously or not.

The short answer is anyone so far outside the norm that they actually believe Obama is a socialist.

Liberalmann said...

The Sceeching Eagle (and other ta baggers said: "...I’d only wish that they would be as diligent to the Benghazi story as they are to Bridgegate"


Right on cue with the GOP talking point of the day. Good for you!

Liberalmann said...

The Sceeching Eagle (and other ta baggers said: "...I’d only wish that they would be as diligent to the Benghazi story as they are to Bridgegate"


Right on cue with the GOP talking point of the day. Good for you!

Z said...

Ducky, you're becoming a joke.
Sorry, but..........yikes.
Ya, as this president destroys the constitution and 90% of the voter fraud was your people, we're destroying rep. gov't!
By the're right; Freebies, huge welfare, welcoming law breakers...all those things ARE becoming "representative" just can't let yourself admit it.

Libdope...and GOOD FOR YOU because the news now, breaking news, is that the generals did know Benghazi was absolutely terrorism.
Absolutely "false narrative~!" Oh, I'm so sorry, you wouldn't know because FOX is the only one which has read the report that came out today and feels Americans need the truth. Yah0oo hasn't caught up yet. OUCH! I was hoping at least CNN's breaking news would have caught it by NOW...

what's WITH you leftists? It's not news if it's not GOOD news for you?


Dave Miller said...

Actually Z, yes I did, many times... here is the salient quote...

"The Assembly has the ability to do articles of impeachment," he said, suggesting that would be an option if it turns out Christie was involved in a cover-up. However, Wisniewski added: "We're way ahead of that, though."

Where does this quote call for impeachment? As i said in my comments, which you would have seen if you had read them [see, I can be snippy too] the legislator said "IF" Gov. Christie was guilty of, and involved in a coverup. He also said we are way ahead ahead of that.

Of course impeachment would be a possible response for any government official if it can be proved that they used the levers of government to cover up a crime that they themselves ordered.

Just as former President Nixon did...

Also, can you cite any evidence from the various Secretarys of State [the elected officials charged with overseeing elections] that our elections are rife with voter fraud as you seem to claim?

Kid said...

Z, I'm admitted no news reader, but what has Christie done for New Jersey? I haven't sen any success stores regards Sandy relief, and believe they'd be rampant if they actually happened. All he did was walk arm in arm with the moron president who donated 5 minutes of lip service to the problem.

I don't know if Christie was involved in the planning of this, knew about it or didn't know about it.

If he didn't know, he's incompetent. If he did know and did nothing, he should be impeached. If he was in on the planning he should do some jail time for gross abuse of the population.

Kid said...

JonBerg, obama, clinton and most of the rest of the obama administration have been doing things for the last 6 years 1000 times worse than christie ever thought of.

Not gonna happen though.

Kid said...

Dave Miller, "Just as when the GOP speculated about impeachable offenses for Pres Obama,"

That's because the GOP is useless, on the take, and looking the other way. Lip Service is all the country will get from them.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Kid, I'm no Christie apologist, but he did bring the Jersey state financial house in order.
Just answering your question.

Kid said...

Ed, I'm not sure what that means. I know he told the teachers union he wasn't going to give them money he didn't have, but beyond that I don't know what he did on that score. I haven't heard of anything else.

I'm NOT trying to task you into laying it out any more, so please
Don't unless you really want to.

I do believe as far as fiscal responsibility he is miles ahead of most states and of where NJ was when he sat down in the Governors office in place of Corsine. Mr "Lost a Billion and a Half" and donnu know where it went. Gee, Shucks guys, I dunno.

What a place.

There is just something that rubs me about Christie. it's not his weight, it's not his demeanor, saying it's nothing external that most people might complain about. I don't even see him as a bully. I see him as one who has to be kinda tough in a tough environment.

I've just got this bad feeling about the guy. Like he's another McLame or worse. I'm damn good judging people and that's as much conceit as you'll get out of me in seriousness.

I found myself believing coulter had gone certifiably insane when she started crying that he wasn't running last time. Really, he's the best we can get? To put some color to it.

We've had a libtard anti-American, muslim activist dicator running things for 8 years, we need someone as strong on the conservative side to balance things out, but it ain't gonna happen.

Impertinent said...


Half my family is stil in Jersey.

Taxes, especially property high. Cost of high. State income tax, high sales tax....if you live in Jersey and work in NY....65% of your salary is gone to taxes.

Jersey is among 4 states that don't honor 2A in the constitution! I say...WTF? How can that be? Arizona gets sued for enforcing a law and NY, NJ, IA and MD don't honor 2A?

Jersey has probably 5 cities that are some of the most violent in the country, rivaling Shit-cago.

Their citizens are among the angriest, unhappiest SOB's on the planet...all 9 Million of the mustachioed, pasty white ( lacking vitamin D ) robots west of LonnnnnggggIsland.

JonBerg said...


"clinton and most of the rest of the obama administration have been doing things for the last 6 years 1000 times worse than christie ever thought of."

Spot-On my friend! How could any thinking person think, otherwise?

Impertinent said...

Christie, Clinton - Obama....a lousy cheap shell game. Look over, over there...look scandal here...look over there.

Media hype and typical everyday bullshit. Who's surprised anymore?

As far as the bridge? Driving anywhere in NJ is a challenge.....even if there's no one driving.

Kid said...

JonBerg, My conclusion would be bad parenting, lack of education, lack or moral and patriotic standards, and the inherent nature of people to be lazy.

Well, and the communist plot to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids !

Kid said...

IMP, Misdirection is the Numba One Son tactic of incompetents and ne'er do wells.

Kid said...

IMP, If someone forced me to live in Newark NJ, I'd either commit suicide or mass murder.

Impertinent said...


"mass murder.."

Better choose that route...why waste yourself when theres always a more deserving one behind you? Especially in Newark.

Kid said...

Neither choice would serve me in the after-life, eh? Are there any media people who live in NJ, guess that's a thought.

Duckys here said...


It's Camden for you, bubba.

Baysider said...

Look, it's pretty slimy to bog down peoples' commutes for 4 days by four hours for a political gripe. Really slimy. Did Christie know? Likely. That's 16 hours he bought out of a few peoples' hides -- for what??

Contrast that to President Obama. HIS political hubris is making me work a full 80 hours more a year -- TWO WEEKS!! (if I can get the extra work) -- just to stay even with last year and pay the ridiculous toll for his Obamascare fiasco. And suffer with crummier insurance. And this will go on for .... LIFE. Multiplied by millions.

Now who should be impeached?

Impertinent said...


Of course they's all relative. Live in a 200 year old brownstone for 7K a month...or some "rehabed" shitty fish warehouse..or move to the sticks in Joisey? And have a 500K 1000 sq ft. house....but ya got a yard?

Impertinent said...


I have never gone across that bridge in either direction when a lane or two wasn't closed. Or the upper level was closed and all rerouted to the lower level...then funneled into one lane to pay the toll.

If Christie heard about meant nothing to him. It was the Port Authority's problem.

Impertinent said...


Sorry...but you're paying for this too. It's one of Ovomits priorities.

Use's real.

Baysider said...

Imp - your comments are just what I needed after a looong day making money the old fashioned way (I earned it). Ouch!! We're quickly approaching that place where the socialistas will run out of my money ... and yours!

Z said...

Dave, I wasn't being snippy; It was a fact. I did NOT bring up impeachment myself and I just plain can't make that clearer; it's all there in my post and the link!

Think Hillary or Obama should be impeached if the news today in the report that came out is true? I'd have thought a coverup is as bad as ordering something; and keeping our Americans under provided for, too.

Baysider...right about Obama.

Imp; my thoughts exactly; what governor would get involved in a traffic jam no matter HOW bad it is.
I am no fan of Christie's in particular, and he may be guilty as SIN, but we don't know that yet and anything like the attention he's getting when Obama's done SO much worse is just emblematic of what's going to happen for the next 2 years to ANY Conservative possible presidential candidate..they're going to EAT CONSERVATIVES ALIVE and it's already started.

Z said...

Well, for heaven's sake...Yahoo homepage STILL, of ALL their headlines, doesn't mention the transcripts that came out today about Benghazi which say Obama was briefed that it was terrorism. Fancy that?
Let me go check CNN:
Nope...maybe they just didn't notice the NEWS yet? :-)