Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Immigration Illustrated

I have always said that I'd rather our dollars went to people in their poor countries (if we could be guaranteed they were going to actually get it, of course) than having them leave the environments in which they were raised and whose relatives and culture they must leave behind (though, lately, they bring their cultures here instead of acclimating like immigrants did before the last 25 years or so).

This video is powerfully convincing and I wonder what you think?

If you were poverty stricken in your country, would you rather be helped there to start a business, make the best of your country's natural resources, have education with which to improve your life and that of your children, or would you rather come to America and be forced to work menial jobs to try to get ahead and never feel quite at home?

Yes, I know many from Latin America are feeling at home here in America as they have enough numbers here to start changing the American landscape and culture, and I know America pays for a lot, even if you are illegal, and I know you don't really even have to learn English, but I'd rather be in my own culture, wouldn't you? 

Dear taxpaying commenters, would you rather support illegals here or, if assured the people were being helped there, send money to those countries INSTEAD (not also)?  For their well being, their pride?   We want immigrants here who work hard, want to fit in, want to become citizens and learn the language, wouldn't take a penny of America's money even if they needed it from sheer pride (as my grandparents wouldn't even when they first came and did need it).  These are the new Americans America needs and wants.  We're spending SO much money on illegals.....why not develop programs to help them at their home countries?



Mustang said...

Tackling “world poverty” is code for “global socialism.” Now as it happens, we’ve been reaching out to the poor people of the world for many years and in several ways. The voices of appreciation for doing this seem slight, however.

The cost for reaching out is significant. It goes far beyond me reaching into my wallet and taking out what I think I can afford. I don’t have to do that because the federal government will decide that for me. It will take some substantial amount of money and add that to my tax bill —or worse, borrows it from China, to send to Africa. The federal government not only determines how much I will give, but also how often. And because I live in America, where everyone is rich, I will pay four or five times the amount of money for prescription medications so that someone in Africa can receive the same medication free of charge.

They call this “redistributing inome.”

So all this hype about reaching out to the world’s poor is boilerplate for some communist idea that gives such governments more power over us—which is their primary concern. In point of fact, there are few places on earth more deadly to human existence than any African country. The average life expectancy is 40 years of age, most people die from disease or starvation—both of these caused by overpopulation and unsanitary living conditions and drinking toxic water.

As I said, we’ve been reaching out to the world’s poor for a very long time and it has yet to make a difference to the hundreds of millions of people so affected. This man in the video is 100% correct in his argument.

Z said...

Mustang, I forgot to mention that the one basis of his argument (though I'm totally with him on this) was that we bring in immigrants to solve poverty across the world. I've never thought, nor heard, of our doing it for that reason.
It'd be ironic if it were true because the huge amount of illegals living here now have closed hospitals, raised the deficit in the spending we've done, etc...driving our own country into fiscal fiasco

Duckys here said...

We are already taking advantage of their natural resources.

But the balance is changing and even American are going to realize there aren't the resources to maintain the Western lifestyle and something's going to give.

Of course we can always call out the marines and keep them in their place.

WomanHonorThyself said...

interesting slant on this issue Z...brrrrrrr...its freezing !!! xoxox

Sam Huntington said...

It could be just me, but I don’t think there is a more unsophisticated view of the world than Ducky’s. Anything not contained in the Marxist talking points or Alinsky’s Rules for Idiots must be refuted ad nausea, always bearing in mind that if you speak foolishness long enough, it eventually becomes the truth.

Anonymous said...

Foreign aid is just money to keep rulers in power and does little good for those who need it.

We have an immigration problem because our corrupt politicians refuse to address what is needed. We say we do not condone illegal immigration then ignore it hoping no one notices.

If you are illegal in Mexico you get deported or go to jail. If you are illegal in the US you get welfare food stamps and medicaid.

Duckys here said...

That's nice Sam. Now refute something.

Waylon said...

Well, that's a video that should shock even the most obtuse "progressive" into recognizing the idiocy of solving the world's poverty problem by opening the flood gates to immigration and offering "social services" on an expanded scale.

Like Mustang, I agree that that using "world poverty" as a code for global socialism is the driving force behind this. And it's coming straight from the cited sources in the video: The World Bank and the United Nations, both vehicles ready and waiting to move forward with global government.

Doesn't seem like that long ago that peak oil theory was asserting that every last drop of oil had been discovered and exploited in the USA. Now the story has been revised: America is soon to become an exporter of oil to the world markets and will not have to import oil in the future.

What happened there, Ducky?

Impertinent said...

Roy has certainly made the case for restrictive world wide birth control.

It must be a condition of any aid given to them period.

Especially in 4th world countries where 80 million more people already sentenced to death, disease and poverty each year.

It's virtually an unwinnable task in any case. But to better the conditions in their home countries.

Duckys here said...

@Waylon --- Well, that's a video that should shock even the most obtuse "progressive" into recognizing the idiocy of solving the world's poverty problem by opening the flood gates to immigration ...
Do you really believe that idea is common on the left?
If so you are extremely misinformed.

It's amusing when the fringe right states their conception of leftist beliefs. So far outside they aren't even knocking on the door.

It's a red flag like right wingers pretending they have any concept of Alinsky or Marx. You just wonder if anyone gets their ideas from sources other than the rabies media.

It's all rather sad.

Duckys here said...

That's more to the point, Imp.

Hard to get around it.

Impertinent said...


Yes...sad isn't it? More than likely some will protest that it's "genocide" and that large families are necessary and "needed"...to replace those who never make it past 5 years old.

It's a terrible situation, born of ignorance and superstition, where flies rule the future of a country, isn't it?

Anonymous said...


Ducky, I think Sam's comment is pretty clear; with you it's "America always bad, everybody else (the poorer the better) is good"

no, we have not used all their resources and, as a matter of fact, we can barely use ours with your president regime.

And, yes, there is 'more to the point' but we're talking here about the point of the video; THAT, there is no 'getting around.'

Ed Bonderenka said...

I'm reminded of the help we gave Africa by banning DDT.
How much of our help can they take?

JonBerg said...

"I know many from Latin America are feeling at home here in America as they have enough numbers here to start [changing the American landscape and culture]"

So they do that and sooner or later they're back in the same place. If I wanted to live in Latin America, someplace I would move there, learn Spanish, learn the culture and not try to change a thing. I think that the United States of America deserves the same from those who migrate here. And please don't give me that 'multicultural-diversity' song and dance routine!

Waylon said...

Do you really believe that idea is common on the left?


There are other solutions put forth by corporate socialists such as Ted Turner such as reducing the population of the planet by upwards of 85% or 90%.

Do you support Ted Turner's dreams of paradise on Earth, Ducky.

I try to keep informed with leftist thinking by tuning in to MSNBC, but it's a difficult assignment. I need to keep a barf bag handy for that.

Anonymous said...

From Z of GEEEZ:

Ed, you KILL me :-) I laughed out loud here at the office! Oops!
And you are SO right. I'm thinking most libs still think it was a good idea; thank God for Bono and others who woke up; they put aside their typical "I'm a liberal and won't think this through just in case I'm wrong" and finally got it right.....so many have died because that was done in Africa.

Waylon; MSNBC's ratings are above CNN's, imagine? I watch more and more CNN as the FOX channel is constantly screaming between the left and right. Ok, maybe CNN doesn't give much opinion other than mildly leftwing, but they don't talk over each other as much as FOX.
Still, imagine them BEHIND MSNBC with the mess of people they have there? GAD. The blithering unthinkingness of it all...I'm sure lefties (and even some conservatives like a few I have here) think FOX is nothing but one opinion, either, but PLEASE...all you have to do is watch even the editorial people like O'Reilly and Kelly...they DO have MANY lefties on fighting for their cause.
It IS a 'difficult assignment,' Waylon; you're a GOOD MAN :-)

Kid said...

You can't 'help them there' given the current environment as you point out Z. I like the guy's plan to curb unbridled immigration, and hey, we're not "Trying to help them' by immigrating anyway, we're importing voters, Period - mostly democrat. So the video is full of falsehoods and childish fantasy.

Plus, you can't 'Help' people who don't want help. You can't help people who have boxed themselves into the victim box either. They Like being victims. You can see that here in the US.
You also can't help people who have no foundation to continue on and help themselves - "teach them to fish".

What was also disturbing were the people gasping in the audience like they didn't have the slightest idea of what the world population was or what is was made of - and they all appeared to be adults. And I do believe vast numbers of people are stupid and not informed or mis-informed. Thanks media communist-democrat propaganda machine.

Lastly, what does 2 dollars a day buy in some of these countries? 2 dollars is a living wage in some places. And in China, while some things are practically slave labor, other things are getting expensive enough -labor cost-wise that now it's making sense to bring the mfg back here. Very mis-leading vid.

Anyway, Here's my plan.

Kill the dictators. Take anyone who isn't making measurable progress in their country and put them on a hit list. kim jong, assad, indonesia, bangledesh, 3 feet above sea level - many places in the middle east, anyone not recognizing basic human rights or making measurable progress for increasing the standard of living gets killed. Period. That'd pretty much outlaw the cult of islam too.

Stop this pissing around with this kindergarten world court that the UN plays with at the kiddie table and create a real one. Put the evil bastards on notice and take no prisoners.

Kid said...

Sam, That's a libtard for you. make up stuff to suit your own opinion, no basis in fact, no effort to defend your own opinions, not even own your own opinions for longer than it takes you to write them down on the Geeez comment section.

Lib is mental disease, which btw should Immediately disaqualify any lib from owning a gun.

The life of the liberal is purely emotional, moving from one feeling to the next, never connected to the past or the future or reality, since reality Is based upon the past. Nothing more than feelings. A slide through existence on this rock moving from one feeling to the next disconnected feeling.

I want decentralization. I want single payer. I want capitalism. I want the government to run everything. Ducks' own words through some of his recent trips down the feelings highway of life ;-)

Kid said...

Waylon, I've actually heard women on the radio Screaming for the USA to cast open the borders and take them All in.
Probably gave that black congressman a near heart attack as he envisioned the USA capsizing into the ocean when too many people hooped on board. :)

Kid said...

Hell, I don't wanna Bogart the comment section, but Excellent point on the DDT Ed. Add Freon, and many other useful products that the patent happened to run out on, or that some corporation simply wanted to replace for more profitability.

And we think we can make Progress.

Baysider said...

We have never taken in immigrants to 'solve world poverty' and hopefully never will. So he starts with a straw man. Immigrants, like my ancestors who all started as part of the world's poor, but by the grace of God (and the English naval press gangs) landed here and applied their energy, industry and learned English, can find a better life when they 'become Americans.' It's attitude, character and the fertile soil it's planted in that have made us what we are. How do you transplant all that? With difficulty. Especially when you are trampling on it domestically, destroying the 4 pillars of our culture: honesty, industry, religion and marriage.

When good values are afoot and the 'soil' changes amazing things can happen - as when India stepped away from its dismal system. Suddenly, millions have a chance. We think of the teeming poor in Bombay, but surveys have shown there is a lot of upward mobility out of that group. There are the same number of poor, but they are not the same people, largely. People newly arrived from 'the farm' replace many who have moved on to better circumstances.

So ... to the extent we can export the attitudes, character and soil to plant them in, we can help others to rise from dire poverty. It happens.

If their country is run by a tinpot dictator who is collecting subsidies from the UN or World Bank they are SOL.

Baysider said...

PS. I left off my conclusion. To answer your question, limit immigration to people who bring skills and want to integrate. I'm more worried about what we will do to immigrants with our lose of will and culture.