Monday, January 20, 2014

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A complex man.   I think he was a brave man.  What do you remember best about Dr. King? 

BZ has an article from about Obama saying his ratings are low because people don't "like the idea of a black president."  Don't look now, but they liked the idea enough to elect him, didn't they. 

This makes me grieve for Dr King.  And I'm surprised Obama would go this far because people don't approve of him.  Just plain don't approve of HIM, not his color.



Silverfiddle said...

MLK led a non-violent revolution in this country, and we are better off for it.

His genius was in appealing to the Christian values the racists and bigots claimed to adhere to.

He forced a "put up or shut up" moment on a supposedly Christian nation, and he did it peacefully and with charity.

God bless him. We could all learn from Martin Luther King and how he carried out a struggle for his people and his nation.

sue hanes said...

Z - I remember most about Dr. King that he was a peaceful protester, and that he gave his life for his people.

Rita said...
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Mustang said...

We are celebrating the life of an American who cared about his country and its people, irrespective of their color. Was Mr. King perfect? No. He was human. If he had an enemy, who was it? Was it conservative America, or the Nazi America that sought to lynch uppity blacks from trees? Was Dr. King’s enemy the Republican Party, that took this country to a civil war in order to achieve the end of slavery, or was it the Democratic Party, who engineered Jim Crow laws to keep the black man down? I think King’s messages were larger than political parties, however … and I would urge people to think carefully about his essential beliefs: character is more important than skin color. As for Obama … he has skin, but he’s a bit light on character.

skudrunner said...

MLK was not a saint but he did lead people to work for a better life.

Was he a minister, womanizer and communist, I do know and don't care. He was a leader and wanted equality for all by taking responsibility for you life.

Today we have a black leadership who want to promote government dependence and racism above all else. The country could use another MLK but instead settles for JJ, AS and BHO who would rather blame than lead.

JonBerg said...

If MLK was alive today I wonder what he would think about the results of the "Great Society"?

The Wise One said...

Today on America we have black doughbag leaders for the black population like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Yeah MLK sure would be proud of them.
Frankly, I am not 'pausing' for ONE SINGLE MINUTE to 'honor' this man or any other Black charlatan in America today or any other day. What ever 'dream' Martin Luther King may have had and any legacy that he may have harbored during his lifetime have long ago been squandered and lost by those people who would seek to usurp and abuse it for their own personal gains. Along with their guilt ridden liberal DEMOCRAT enablers and excuse makers - are their own WORST enemies.

WomanHonorThyself said...

I also posted about him hun...nice nice. Have a blessed monday my patriot friend :-)

Rita said...

I fear Dr. King's message as been hijacked by the left and that has turned a good number of people off rather than actually realizing what he stood for.

It's convenient that the left would like you not to remember these last seven words "but by the content of his character".

(Reposted deleted message since Mustang must have deleted the Z-hijackers I noted previously. Wish the numbskulls would go do something else besides come here and spew their hate.)

Z said...

I didn't see hateful comments, Rita...I need to ask Mustang privately. thanks.

"The Wise One"...thinking you might want to honor him because he was NO Sharpton, Jackson, etc.

I agree with everyone else...thank you for your excellent comments.

Baysider said...

I remember his reaction when his HOME was firebombed. He was down the street at Ralph Abernathy's church and hurried home to a an angry crowd gathering (in his support) with pitchforks and other ersatz weapons. Even as emotions ran high he tempered the crowd with a call for calm. Not calm in a vacuum, but in the greater picture of his visibility and place of influence. Yes, I know he consorted with other women and communists (who, I think,courted him for obvious reasons). Knowing that doesn't mean I approve.

Where did this inner resolve and ability to carry it through without violence come from? I think we do him a BIG disservice when we call him Dr. Martin Luther King (sorry, Z). He certainly earned his doctorate. So have many others who contribute nothing by their earned degrees.

Listen to his speeches. Read of his midnight prayer at his kitchen table when more threats were coming in. It's the REVEREND that framed his outlook and provided the source of inspiration and strength. The Rev. Dr. is just a bit much to say, don't you think? I think Reverend King is a more elevated and worthy memory. One worth following.

Duckys here said...
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Duckys here said...

I remember J. Edgar Hoover salting some media with a picture of King in a communist training camp.


Letter from a Birmingham Jail

The march on Washington

I Have A Dream

The night he was shot I remember James Brown in concert at the old Boston Garden may have kept Boston from going up in flames.

I remember he was in Memphis supporting striking garbage workers trying to earn a decent wage.

I remember that the brownstone in the south end with a plaque remembering his residence during his B.U. time isn't far from Malcolm's home.

Most of all I remember that the challenge to the status quo from various movements in the 60's has been and is fought violently by the status quo.
The struggle is eternal.

Marine4Ever said...

COLONEL M summed it up for me -- with modification, of course: "...character is more important than skin color. As for Obama … he has skin, but he’s [REALLY] light on character.

Sam Huntington said...

Well what do you know —the thoughtful prose by a vapid communist! Thanks for stopping by, Ducky. I’m almost certain that anyone with a clue appreciates how you are attempting to diminish Dr. King by relating him to Malcolm X. I notice your revisionism ignores the fact that Malcolm X was murdered by thugs from the Nation of Islam (probably orchestrated by Farrakhan himself), which just happens to be an affiliate of Trinity Baptist Church where Barack Obama found his true calling …

JonBerg said...

"Obama … he has skin"

Yes but in the very WRONG GAME!

Marine4Ever said...

Yes, and if Bathhouse Barry is a Baptist then I'm a tree frog, Sam.

Duckys here said...

Actually, Sam, Trinity is associated with United Church of Christ.

I remember being in North Carolina in the 60's and someone suggested I turn on Jesse Helms' (sort of a grandfather to the Tea Party) TV show.
It was entertaining. He was explaining that the United Church of Christ is a communist front.

Sort of par for the course in far right cuckoo bananas land.

As for Elijah Muhammad, yes he ordered Malcolm killed and do you wonder why? I doubt it, you aren't that inquisitive.
You'd rather spout nonsense.

Z said...

Silverfiddle: Agreed...I wish we had him now.

Sue, he gave his life for us all.

Mustang, that's why I included the Obama quote today that's coming out in an 18 pg article on him in a day or two.
Astonishing that this president would actually think people are against the awful things he's done because of the color of his skin.
He's done SO MUCH to divide and one has to wonder why. How pitiful and truly repulsive. doesn't matter what he was personally in this case; would that we had him back.

JB...he'd be grief stricken, wouldn't he..especially at a president who'd blame his woes on people being racist. 'sorry' needed; I didn't come up with Dr MLK, Jr.
Apparently, he and his family prefer this moniker so it works for me.
And yes, he was very brave and did get sustenance from his faith. Would that more blacks today would.

Jesse Helms...a grandfather of the Tea Party :-)~!!!
I love this stuff!

Z said...

Am hoping some of you weigh in on what Obama said, by the way...such a big story and such a big day for it to break.

It's so disheartening...He ACTUALLY THINKS that because we don't like his policies for such obvious reasons that our side has articulated, we don't like HIM because of his color.
These days, that's almost a horrifying thought.

JonBerg said...


people don't "like the idea of a black president."

NO, people don't like[him]! What took so long? Also, is he trying to say that he has undergone some sort of melanin metamorphosis since 2012? Such an absurd assertion, to masquerade his abject failures, is astonishing but not unpredictable!

Duckys here said...

“There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black president..."

You'd be foolish to say that isn't true. Some people can't stand the idea of a black president.

There are others who are not directly racist but can't accept this symbolic blow to their state of privilege.

Others dislike him because he turned out to be a conservative.
It's complicated.

JonBerg said...

"You'd be foolish to say that isn't true. Some people can't stand the idea of a black president."

I agree but they aren't the ones who have [added] to his disapproval ratings.

"Others dislike him because he turned out to be a conservative."

"CONSERVATIVE" ????????????

Impertinent said...


"Some people can't stand the idea of a black president..."

It's about 5% of the voting population. Do you think you'd ever convince and insignificant number of people to love the guy? I'll bet more people don't like the French, Italians or illegal Mexicans for that matter. So what? We pass a law that you have to like him?

He's incompetent....that's why his numbers are in the dumpster.

Z said...

Have they gone around asking people, Dems and Reps, "do you dislike Obama because he's black?"


I think if he was a black man like Sowell or Thomas, someone with dignity, someone who didn't have to fess up to drug use, someone who was clearly proud of this country and the constitution, someone who never divided races but helped bring them together, there would only be the disgusting klan types who'd object.

Impertinent said...


Thanks...I was getting ready to do the Bristol Stomp on that bug.

Mustang said...

If you know Obama for what he is, and I think that most of us have that understanding, then we can conclude that Obama’s inane statement is designed for more for him than it is any accurate assessment of how most Americans see him. The man is nothing if not self-centered, and so of course any rejection of his pathetic top-down, shove government down our throats programs is a de facto rejection of him.

Obama must now begin to grapple with his legacy and what he will do after the White House. This is why we are starting to hear the whining about no one liking him because he’s black. My reaction is just this: Whatever floats your boat, moron. It looks to me as if he intends to replace Julian Bond, or Jesse Jackson, or maybe he’ll even have his own show on MSNBC called “The Racist.” But to be fair in my assessment, I see a lot of things similar between Barack Hussein Obama and our nemesis, “The Struggle is eternal” Ducky.

Kid said...

MLK? I wish Malcolm X would have been 10 times as popular.

A Malcolm quote


He knew what the democrats and republicans are too.

Kid said...

Mental Disease folks.

obama is a racist, anti-American, muslim activist, anti-Christian, incompetent dweeb.

The media made him the Emperor with no clothes.

obama hates blacks as much as whites. Well democrats hate blacks. One need only acknowledge their actions against.

They billed him as FDR, Reagan, One of the 4 greatest presidents, all without a single positive accomplishment for America. Just knowing the hype is off the scale tells you just how incompetent and worthless he is.

And like jimmy carter, the revisionist history people will be working like coal miners in a salt mine for decades over this pathetic hateful loser.

They may have to send everyone to ducky school to get any of that to fly, but they're working on that too.

obama 100 times what the media accused Bush of being and literally 100 times stupider than carter.

At least carter smiled all day long.

Marine4Ever said...

@ Duck Soup -- "CONSERVATIVE" ????????????

Mustang said...

Ducky, I hope you aren't driving in your current condition. Obama is a conservative like you're lucid.

Rita said...

Yesterday I saw bits of the movie about Dr. Ben Carson, so I googled him again.

If we conservatives were such racists, why would we want a successful, smart black man to run for office?

What's sickening is seeing how quickly the left turned on him when he dared express his political beliefs and they didn't align with the left's narrative.

You want to talk about racist? Why do the left accept that someone like Carson can be called all kinds of racist names PUBLICLY and that doesn't make them racist? Why is is when conservatives disagree with Obama's horrible agenda we are called racist?

Z said...

Rita, good points.
Apparently, because Carson doesn't share the loony leftwing mantras with them, he's not black enough. Not too racist, huh? :-)

I've often asked my libs here "if we're so racist, why would we vote for Carson or West or SOWELL if he'd run!?" I never get an answer...

Now we're being told by NY's governor that we're not wanted if we live in New York.

The best part is that we're ANTI GAY according to him because we're pro traditional marriage. ANTI GAY?? And we're PRO RIFLES as if we think everyone should have one..
the fun never quits.

This is ALL ABOUT THE ELECTIONS coming up, folks...don't let's kid ourselves; they're saying these things then pulling them back after the damage to us is DONE.
Brilliant strategy. BRILLIANT.

Impertinent said...

Many Americans don't know enough about MLK.

After taking this quiz, you will see how little the schools, news media and political establishment have told you about the only American with his own

Z said...

Imp; Dr King was a hugely flawed man if we're to believe Abernathy....and we know that Jesse Jackson wasn't with him when he died but said he was; lots of lying going on.

The thing we need to remember was that he said things we could learn from; he was nonviolent and wanted unity.

As for Robt F Kennedy, Jr., it's interesting to note that he and his brother wanted nothing to do with King until RFK realized it'd help JFK's election chances if he worked to get him out of jail; which, apparently, Dr. King was savvy to.
The left has always fought the right against civil rights and fairness to people like King and they still act like the big abolishers of Jim Crow; what a lying joke THAT is.

Duckys here said...

Rita when was Carson called a racist name?

Cuckoo bananas is not racist.

Rita said...

Pretty sure that Carson is technically more black than Obama is. O is NOT our first black president, he's the first half white, half black president. And what happened, I thought Bill Clinton was supposed to have been the first black president?

I would vote for Carson in a heartbeat. I could not care less what color his skin is, I judge him "by the content of his character".

Wait. Where have I heard that dream before?

Z said...

Rita, you are so right...marvelous man. Maybe that's why Obama looked so scornful when Carson was telling his truth at the prayer breakfast...he's blacker than Obama; poor Obama. :-)

Man, the media went MAD when Carson appeared on the scene; he's very threatening....needs to go back on their plantation if he doesn't drink the same Kool Aid (not to mix metaphors too much here)...
Look at Cuomo; you can't EXIST if you don't agree with HIM.
By the way, imagine calling anybody "ANTI GAY" because they champion traditional marriage? Talk about a leap.

and PRO ASSAULT RIFLES (ya, EVERYBODY needs one, Mario!???)....oh, man.

the left. hilarious

Impertinent said...


Yes...hugely. Just saying Z....if Anthony Weiner had a background like this...or any you think they'd get this worship?

I'm not going to fight over this...but it's hard to believe much of what he said...since it may not have been his own.

I think Malcolm X was a much more brilliant man than King.

Duckys here said...

You seem to be prevaricating, Rita.

When was Carson called a racist epithet?

I no he got into a flap by calling the Black Caucus racist for having only black members (sort of the point of a black caucus. He had a little run in with Al Sharpton but otherwise he's been he one acting like a fool.

But Dems are praying that he gets in there and disrupts the Republican 2016 primary. If you thought 2012 was cuckoo bananas and handed the election to Obama by pushing Romney to the right (well of course you didn't figure that out) just wait till these nutlogs hand one to Hillary.

Impertinent said...


Rita said...

Yeah Imp. Ducky "no"s I've been "prevarication".

Just like when I pointed out how easily he finds it no problem that he uses the term "darkie" and that doesn't make him a racist.

Hey Dicky. All I had to do was google and found this about your enlighten brethren calling Carson all kinds of names.

Oh, I forgot, you libs are all extremely tolerant. As long as everyone agrees with you.

And btw. Do not EVER attempt to call me a liar again! You are incredibly ignorant and intolerant.

Rita said...

I'm sure this one is among your daily read Ducky.

Duckys here said...

Pretty light, Rita. There were a couple of vulgar tweets, hardly a barrage and the Kos article only references Carson had called himself.

Not much going on here but as I say, by all means get this guy to the primaries. You don't seem to understand that only a fringe minority accepts his nonsense and f you get a few more like him to move the whole field further right ... welcome Madame President.

Baysider said...

For the record, Carson has been called an oreo, an Uncle Tom, a Negro du jour, a GOP token, the 'n word' and a House 'N word' and the abbreviated 'n word.' Twitchy picked up a stunning array of garbage from Twitter. Are they all right leaning activists trying to make the left look bad? Looking through some of their other posts would suggest not.

As for Mr Obama's comment, when he speaks, it's way too easy to play 'bull sh**" bingo.' This craven ploy with the race card is just getting old.

Does he actually believe that? Does he oppose my views because he hates whites? Think about it. Our perceptions frame how we expect others think. Is that what he thinks about me? Hard to imagine. Just as hard to imagine he has an honest, if wrong, impulse behind this slur. Which brings us back to Bill Clinton's comment about him being 'just another off the rack Chicago pol" - lies, bullying, and all.

Impertinent said...

"You don't seem to understand that only a fringe minority accepts his nonsense..."

Your kidding right? As opposed to 98% who bought the bumper sticked slogan, lie and outright bovine excrement of Hopey Dopey?

Carson is a brain surgeon...and Obama destroys what brains they have left? I get it now. A community BS organizer vs a respected, accomplished neuro surgeon who's saved countless lives?

Fooking sick..real sick. Jesus Duck...I thought you were smart..I don't agree with you've changed my mind.

Impertinent said...


And the "Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King"? A doctor of what?

A Baptist preacher yes...a doctor?

Rita said...

You insinuated I was a liar Ducky. That I will NOT tolerate.

And when I post two quick links, you are not man enough to apologize.

Of course I am not surprised that you are such a little man that you will not acknowledge when you are wrong.

I have no desire to be cast into the pig sty in which you live your life.

What sickens me most is that you are free to live in the freedoms that my husband's blood bought for you.

Please NEVER respond to my comments here at Geez again. I didn't direct my original comment to you, so I would suggest you stay away from me and my comments.

Impertinent said...


Typical Rita...that's all they've got...and all they ever do.

And I don't think people like him give a toot about sacrifices like you've described either.

Kick back...Have a Jack & Coke.

Kid said...

Rita, If I may....

I've been observing libtards like duck on the internet for a couple decades now.

- like duck, the post the most absurd nonsense you could dream up, never post any supporting links and Do Not Care that they are wrong about 100% of everything they post about significant issues.
- duck won't honor your request because he like every other tried and true libtard, he is a sociopath. No class, No couth,no ethics, no nothing normal people value about themselves.

My best advice to you is not gve him the time of day, and for sure don't let the pissant get under your skin. That's his main objective - don't let him claim victory.

It can be maddening, I know. I've been there. In the end all you can do is tell duck to go to hell and hope he ends up there for his crimes against humanity.

Somehow through dealing with these creatures a couple decades, I've long since been able to regard them as nothing more than some dirt on the windshield. Press a button and they're gone until they show up to wear their stupidity like a red badge of idiocy yet again, day after day, year after year. They're evil 2 year old children. Not to be taken seriously.

Rita said...

If I had a jack and coke, Z would have to delete what I REALLY wanted to call the little p%#^k.

Two things that set me off. Being called a liar and being lied to. That's when the temper flairs.

You're right about relaxing Imp. We finally made it down to God's Waiting Room a couple weeks ago and are staying the entire winter.

Now, could you order me some warm weather please?

Rita said...

Thx Kid.

Hey. When are you trekking to south Florida? You, Imp and I could meet up and have a grand old time.

Only down here till April though.

Impertinent said...


"Now, could you order me some warm weather please?.."

What? 66 to 72 isn't warm enough for you? You do know the Fla rule don't you?

Above 70...turn on the AC...below turn on the heat...LOL

Think about the single digits or teens from where ya where?


JonBerg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JonBerg said...

"I've been observing libtards like duck on the internet for a couple decades now."

OMG! How have you withstood it?

Kid said...

Sorry Rita, not going to make it by April for sure.

I would absolutely Love to though. Wife and I were out dipping our toes into looking at towable RV's last weekend.

Something to keep in mind though. Good food and conversation, and whatever else would come our way.

Impertinent said...


Kid's rear is frozen to his desk chair...last I looked it was going to be 19 to zero in his back yard.

"Only down here till April though..."

Let's see...four months to drive 200 miles or less? That's 1.6 miles a day? I can still walk that, maybe?

You have my address....shout it out.

Rita said...

Oh believe me, I know what we are missing up there. One of the snowiest January's since the blizzard of '78 and bitter cold temps. We left just in time.

It was in the 80's when we got down here but it's been in the 50's and 60's since then. We haven't even trekked out to the beach yet.

Until this afternoon I was still as ghostly pale as when we left two weeks ago.

I got just a bit of sun before the afternoon got too chilly. The. We rode our bikes to the end of our complex and had a true redneck garage party. Our side of the complex is a bit too refined for that.

Kid said...

JonBerg, I simply had to come to terms with it. I think I've done that by very righteously disqualifying libtards as fellow humans who deserve even a morsel of respect. They're not. Once you've got that down, the rest is no problemo.

When I first started I had it bad though. Thought I'd be able to prove them wrong and that'd be that. Errrrrp. Actually think about engaging them whilst driving home from work. That sort of thing. Totally wrong strategy and direction.

Plus at this point, nothing will stop us from hitting rock bottom, and now I'm liking the idea that one day, I'll be strolling past them laughing like a hyena on the street and they are literally crying and squealing in pain as their dreams of equality bite them like a pitbull and don't let go.

Rita said...

Can't remember. Kid, don't you live in the state over from me?

And Imp, I was thinking you were on the snooty side of FL, right? Those people don't "Cotten" to coming over hear with the rednecks.

Kid said...

IMP. Geeezix man, I'm still working to pay Your SS. A little slack please ;-)

Plus we have these 6 animals and no one to consider house sitting given all the logistics. Once we're retired though, options abound.

Impertinent said...


√ your mail.

Kid said...

Rita, Cincinnati.

Impertinent said...


Pack them all up on the roof of the car like Mitt did.

Rita said...

Well thanks Kid, cause you must be helping to pay my hubby's SS now too.

I figured out in my 20's that that would be long gone before I ever got a penny, so I started saving for retirement on my own.

I do appraise your deposit Into our bank account every month though Kid. Someone's gotta do it. ;$

Impertinent said...


Snooty? Not this kid. Nope...the east coast got stuck with all the chaff and morons from Mass, PA, NJ, NY, CT and damn Canadians. They all got lost on I95!

The good people from your neck of the woods got lost on I75!

Rednecks? If you don't know me by now...sheesh,

Rita said...

Kid. That's what I was thinking. Couple hours away from us when were home.

Plan 12 hours to get to the Florida/Georgia line and then another five hours drive after that. Yoi could be here by tomorrow.

Rita said...

We have our share here Imp. The Canadians occupy an entire building here.

The snooty ones head further south to Naples on this side of the state.

Seems most of the plates here are Michigan and Ontario.

Rita said...

G'nite guys. Thanks for the conversation. Looks like the little pissant took his toys and ran home so mommy could kiss his bruised little ego.

Impertinent said...


Ya..later...3 hours according to Mapquest...but not the way I drive!

I might fly over instead.

Duckys here said...

@Rita --- What sickens me most is that you are free to live in the freedoms that my husband's blood bought for you.

Get over yourself, lady. I've made my own bones in this world and as for my "freedoms",your husband did NOTHING.

Baysider said...

PS - a late reply to Imp: King's doctorate is in Systematic Theology. While there is evidence of plagiarism that taints his work -- and he certainly was not an exceptional scholar -- it is still an 'earned' degree, not an honorific.

JonBerg said...


"JonBerg, I simply had to come to terms with it. I think I've done that by very righteously disqualifying libtards as fellow humans who deserve even a morsel of respect"

Yes, that's why I'm out of contact with the remaining members of what used to be my family. Democrats- GAGGGG-PUKE-AGGGG!!!

Leslie Parsley said...

I knew Skuddydubbydo would have to drop off his dodo. What a miserable piece of slime.

Chuck Beeman said...

I have a dream that Barack Obama and Michelle Obama would GO away, FAR away! They are both examples of how far this country has fallen. We now prize uneducated morons like this president. No doubt that he does represent many Americans, since so many of them barely passed 4th grade. And as for Fr. King’s dream, we all have that same dream as Dr King had, and sadly Obama is making it harder to realize.
Mr. Obama has a new theory as to why he’s not as popular as he once was: racism. A better explanation for his sinking approval numbers is perhaps the most recent jobs report, his foreign policies missteps, and his foundering signature health care law. But, according to him, evidently it’s his race , not his job performance , is contributing to his unpopularity. Quit playing the race card Mr. Obama, wake up there is a big world out there, and most of us think that You Are Wrong For This Country!

Bat Masterson said...

The race baiter's like Sharpton and Jackson need to keep racism alive in order to have a job. Many blacks are now seeing through their lies and dumping them.

But we still have a very racist president who is determined to punish the country for racism of 100 years ago, and to blame all of his failures on the fact that he is half black.

Is that not the worst form of racism? Yeah it is!

Liberalmann said...

Really you facist! You delete my comment twice becasue it shows your whole premise is full of shit!

Obama's next sentence was:

'“Now, the flip side of it is there are some black folks and maybe some white folks who really like me and give me the benefit of the doubt precisely because I’m a black president,”

The fact that you'd only jump on the first sentence without acknowledging the next and then censoring me when I provide it says a lot about you and your pathetic party.

Kid said...

JonBerg, I'm with you. Let them live in their leper colonies. I see being nice to the libtards as giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Literally.

Marine4Ever said...

Okay, Libbyguy I'll give you Obama's next sentence:

'“Now, the flip side of it is there are some black folks and maybe some white folks who really like me and give me the benefit of the doubt precisely because I’m a black president,”

My comment to that would be: I'm white (or, something like it) and I have a lot of black friends. When it was announced that Obamohammad would be the next POTUS, I gave Obamohammad the benefit of the doubt. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, even though I had reservations about his 'Hope 'n Change' ya-ya; the color of his skin had nothing to do with it (frankly, I don't care if a person is polka dotted as long as the job gets done.) It took me about two days to figure out where Bathhouse was going with it; my black friends had it figured out the first day.

Soereto's been playing the race card from the first day he was elected. I don't appreciate his little game of taking us back to the 50s and neither do my black friends.

I'm glad that Barry has you to really like him, Libbyguy. For the rest of us -- black, white and polka dotted -- the race card and all his other BS wore thin a long time ago.

By the way, Libbyguy... do you have any black friends -- or any friends, for that matter?

Z said...

Libjerk; I didn't delete you, you little shit.

AND NOBODY is denying that he continued with the rest of that "folks who like me because I'm black, toO!".

Do you even UNDERSTAND that Conservatives are COLOR BLIND? We don't give a CRAP what color someone is if we support and agree with him...

what IS it with you liberals?


Rita said...

Oh Z. I just love you. Can we dupe part of the first line of your response to Libnut and use it as my response to Ducky?

You don't know how much willpower it took for me to censor my post to that bloodsucking commie.

For the life of me I cannot understand why those that hate America so much don't go live in a communist country they hold so dear.

Maybe because they are cowards who love hiding behind their mother's skirt tails.

Z said...

Rita, I swear, I NEVER EVER use that language here and absolutely LOVED using it to that JERK! Your remark cracked me up; thanks!

"little shit" always makes me laugh anyway....I don't know why.
But, really, he IS SUCH a little shit..and you can use it ANY TIME you like.
Only not here :-) (HA!)