Thursday, January 2, 2014

Greed.....and income inequality......what?

Thomas Sowell says "I have never understood why it is "Greed" to keep the money you've earned and not greed to want to take someone else's money." Do you agree?

How far do you expect Obama's going to go in his fight against INCOME INEQUALITY?  

What do you think Obama's "Income Equality," which he says is his next big goal, looks like beyond minimum wage?  If it was only raising minimum wage, he'd be calling it that.  This is something more, this INCOME INEQUALITY.
How's this going to work?  What happens?   

Are WE going to become the same sort of socialist mess other countries are?  I've met Canadians who've come to America in the last few years to escape their mess, I've met a lot of Eastern Europeans who've come here for the opportunity to get ahead.  What's this weird new push do to America?  They've come here to have it better........will we still offer that?  Will we still BE that?



Ed Bonderenka said...

"Will we still BE that?"
Remains to be seen.

Bat Masterson said...

Dear Michelle Obama,

On the day that your husband was elected, you said that you had never been proud of the United States until that day. For the last three and a half years, I have been observing your husband and you, and I feel that it is time I share my thoughts with you. The day your husband was elected was the first time I was ever ashamed of this country, and today I am even more ashamed. I was ashamed then because your husband was not elected because he was the best qualified to do the job, or because he was the most intelligent, or even because anyone really thought he could get anything worthwhile done. The reason your husband was elected, the only reason, is because of the color of his skin. Your husband was chosen by the Democratic Party to be their “token black”, and that is the shame of the American public. We deserve better than a community organizer who seems to look down on his fellow Americans while bowing to an Arab leader. We deserve a president who was thoroughly vetted by his party and the media, not someone whom the DNC now admits was never even eligible for the job. There are many other men, Black, Hispanic, of Asian descent, Native American, and even Caucasian who are many times more qualified and eligible to be the president. If he had even a shred of self respect, Barack would resign and convince Joe Biden to do so as well, so that someone with a backbone could fix the mess your husband (NOT George Bush) has made much worse.

Your husband said he would bring unity to the country; instead, he has brought class warfare and fanned the flames of racism by saying that his son would look like Travon Martin. When the Pharisees asked Jesus what the greatest commandment was, he replied, “‘you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’” “This is the greatest foremost commandment.” “The second is like it, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’” “On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets.”(Matt.22:37-40 NAS). Notice that there is no modifying clause in the second commandment “You shall love thy neighbor as yourself.” NOT “You shall love your neighbor as yourself, so long as his skin is the same color as yours or he does not make more money than you.” In our home, race is not an issue; everyone is welcome and treated respectfully. My mother raised me right; she taught me these verses and the golden rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Bat Masterson said...

I have lived this way all my life and never judge others; it is God’s job to judge, not mine. There is a big difference between loving the person and accepting the sin; I can love the person and still hate the things they do. The media was quick to condemn Sarah Palin’s daughter for getting pregnant (or was it because she chose to have the baby?), but at least she owned up and took responsibility for her actions, which is something your husband has said publicly he would not make his daughters do in that same situation. No, he would rather have them murder their baby should they be so shortsighted as to get pregnant before they were ready.
I am also ashamed that the first family sees the Presidency as a lottery they won (how many vacations do you need in a year, really?) I have not had a job in two years, and our family would love to have a vacation in Europe, just one, someday. Yet your family has taken over seventeen vacations, at my last count, on the taxes people like me have paid. So, in effect, the middle class of America has been paying for you and your entourage of secretaries and secret service personnel to run around the world, shopping and sightseeing, when we cannot afford to go visit relatives who live in another state. Your husband’s policies have not created any jobs worth talking about, but they have kept businesses from creating jobs. Even a low-paying job would allow us the luxury of going to visit family.

So tell me Michelle, just what are you proud of? Are you proud of the fact that you are living in the White House because people did not want to be called racist? Or perhaps you are proud that your husband has chipped away at the civil liberties of the American taxpayers? Or perhaps you are proud of the race riots your husband instigated when he said that if he had a son he would look like Travon Martin, instead of keeping his mouth shut and letting the police handle the situation? The truth (whatever it is) will come out. I do not think there is anything that your husband has “accomplished” while in office that you should be proud of. Oh wait, I forgot all that golfing he has done that must have improved his game; I guess you can be proud of that

Anonymous said...

I guess that facts are facts and, though some people can can lie and or deny about things, they simply cannot lie about this. Michelle os a Moocher.... "Period"

Warrior 102 AKA Phil Robertson said...

What I'd like to know is how is Michelle Lard-Ass Obama helping us vets? What jobs has she created for us vets? What vets has she personally placed in housing and at what cost to who?

Thanks dumb-ass, for nothing but talk and BS.

Rottweiler said...

No surprise considering the deep hatred both Michelle and Barack Obama have for America. Lets not forget some of her past gems:

"For the first time in my entire life, I'm proud of my country"

"All of this for a flag?!?"

Duckys here said...

I doubt Sowell has bothered to think too deeply

If you are going to live in a capitalist system, you must take the necessary steps to avoid its implosion.

Duckys here said...

More that Sowell ignores

Duckys here said...

More anti-Sowell (it's abundant).

"But there is also another kind (of deflation). This is where falling costs and increasing efficiency of production create a glut of consumer goods and services. In other words, supply persistently exceeds demand.

Some people regard this sort of deflation as benign. After all, consumer prices are falling, people need less money in order to live well….what’s not to like? Well, it depends on your perspective. In this world, if you are fortunate to have a well-paid job, you can indeed live well. But this sort of deflation causes unemployment. Or if it doesn’t, it pushes down wages in lower-skill jobs. After all, for production costs to fall, either there must be fewer people earning wages, or wages must be lower. So we end up with a bifurcated labour market – those in high-skill, well-paid jobs, who enjoy a rising standard of living, and those who are either unemployed or in poorly-paid low-skill jobs, who become increasingly dependent on state support. Government welfare expenditure therefore rises. However, the well-off don’t like paying taxes to support the unemployed and the low-paid, so they use their electoral muscle to pressure governments to cut welfare bills. As welfare bills are cut, poverty rises among the unemployed and poorly paid. Governments may adopt draconian measures to force the unemployed into work, even at starvation wages, and to quash civil unrest."

Sam Huntington said...

12-million Americans are currently unemployed; a large percentage of these are individuals who have given up hope in finding a job. The number of unemployed blacks is nearly double the real rate of unemployed whites. This is the gift Obama gave the American people with his taxing policies, including the so-called Obama Care taxes. It is a gift that keeps on giving, but unfortunately, to the detriment of America.

The question is, will increases to the minimum wage –some to $15/hour inspire, or inhibit growth in employment? Most sensible people correctly conclude that a hike in the minimum wage, particularly on the high end, will result in significant increases to unemployment. Joe Average, meanwhile, is asking … “Okay, so if I am willing to pay an additional $2.00 for a hamburger, or an extra $1.25 for a cup of coffee at Starbucks, do I get a raise too?”

This is more extra-constitutional government meddling; the kind of government incompetence we’ve all become used to. It is part of the socialist agenda, the effect of which is harmful to the American economy.

By the way, Ducky … is this your blog now? Just wondering. I am not surprised that you are capable of fooling yourself into thinking that due to some miracle associated with studies in astrophysics, that Aziz and Streithorst are capable of arguing economics with Dr. Sowell. Man, you need to get a grip.

sue hanes said...

Z - Let's hope that we will continue to be the country that we have been in the past. Hope that we can be free to be equality based and income equal.

Waylon said...

I doubt that there is a country on the face of the planet today which could be rightly be called capitalist in the true sense of the meaning of the term: lassez faire capitalism. Of course, to advance the cause of central planned economies and ultimately a global planned economy, labels like capitalism, socialism and communism are used to spoon feed the respective followers of their respective camps or political tribes and con them into believing that the collective or group of like minded followers are really that which the bull shit they've swallowed has made the into. Definitely not what one would call independent thinkers.

Personally, I'd consider that the communism imposed upon Russia by the likes of Lenin and Trotsky was done with the assistance of countries outside of Russia, including Great Britain, Germany, France and America. It wasn't even popularly accepted by the majority of the Russian people of the day. Why else would such a huge mountain of corpses need to have been created by the so-called revolutionaries like Lenin and Trotsky?

Once a country embraces the mechanisms of tyranny, such as fraudulent central banking and ever increasing intrusions into the private lives of its citizens, the country is well on the road to slavery or serfdom and pretending that the current mess is somehow a bungled freedom only plays into the hands of those who would impose greater enslavement of the people.

Z, you'll need to explain how other countries such as Canada would be considered more "socialistic" than America.

Canada even took comrade Trotsky off the ship he had embarked upon fro his refuge in New York with an envelope stuffed with money the pay his way back to the "revolution" set to occur in his country of origin, Russia. Seems New York and America may have been a popular spawning grounds for indoctrinating revolutionists of the day, such as Trotsky.

JonBerg said...

" falling costs and increasing efficiency of production create a glut of consumer goods and services. In other words, supply persistently exceeds demand."

Well, they sure didn't have that problem in the good ole' Soviet Union; did they!

Duckys here said...

Excellent non sequitur, Berg.

Now, what do we do about the capitalist demand problem?

JonBerg said...

"Now, what do we do about the capitalist demand problem?"

We allow the [market] to work; in other words to [adjust]. Is that really so difficult to understand?

JonBerg said...

"Obama's "Income Equality," which he says is his next big goal"

If that turns out to be anything like Obamacare, call it the 'coup de grace' of America as we have known it.

Duckys here said...

Exactly, Berg.

American economic history is rife with "free market"(LMAO) failures and ACA was just another attempt to spiff the for profit insurers. It isn't working.

Obama is just another corporate drone. It's going to get bad enough to really get people in the streets though.

Duckys here said...

digby had a good observation today:

"Everything conservative economists say is an attempt to district from the most dangerous truth they face: that corporate profits and stock prices are at record highs, but that's not helping create middle jobs and prosperity. If they ever admit that simple truth, the whole game is up."

Not everything, in my opinion, but they are so insistent in supporting a deeply flawed system in its entirety that it is near;y impossible to determine just what they offer of value.

JonBerg said...

" ACA was just another attempt to spiff the for profit insurers. It isn't working."

So you must agree with the 100% of Congressional Republicans who DID NOT support it. So do I!

Waylon said...

Obama is just another corporate drone.


What else would you expect since he was selected by the corporate socialists to be their "President"?

Anonymous said...

The price of political ignorance is more government.

George Will

Duckys here said...

The price of economic ignorance is a bunch of Randoids running around calling for a return to mercantilism.

--- Ducky

JonBerg said...

"How far do you expect Obama's going to go in his fight against INCOME INEQUALITY?"

He will take it as far as our elected representatives will let him. His confiscatory bent, if allowed to go forward, will be a disaster. He can and must be stopped in the next election. It's probably our last chance!

Z said...

Sue, too late. The FREE is gone, and going faster by the month.

Ducky, I'm not sure what Americans can do without your wisdom... to think every conservative economist doesn't have your information or facts/figures is shattering, isn't it? :-)
Capitalism vs Mercantilism:? Either one's better than your spoutings

Waylon; I've got a sister who's finally moved back from Canada to Berkeley; her husband needs to stay behind because their UWO savings were wiped out by the economy...or at least it put off my Bro-in-law's retirement 3 more years; very sad.
That's got little to do with socialism, but their taxes are horrendous.
You're smarter than most Americans, Waylon; most have been brainwashed to think corporatists and Wall St are contraire. Another big secret of the left.

And, Waylon, I've met Canadian young people with good skills, electricians, etc., who are so glad to have escaped the high taxes there. And they're so sad at what's happening now to America, where they came to for more opportunity. They DESPISE Obama.

Jon, it IS our last chance;

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"Income equality" is a canard employed by those who wish to gain and maintain power by giving the peasants bread and circuses. It's simple bribery at the expense of those who have earned their way.

Waylon said...

Z, it's sad to hear about losses like that suffered by working people. But I wouldn't entirely attribute the poorer performance of Canadian stocks entirely to "higher taxes". For the past several years there has been a huge propaganda campaign against so-called dirty oil. Huge sums of money to fund this has come from the likes of the Tides Foundation and even the Rockefeller foundations, if those two aren't the same thing. There is plenty of government management of the economy, even with the supposedly "conservative" government which has been in power for years. Not much changes whichever party wins, as far as far as I can tell.

Sounds like Ducky would like to bury the remnants of "mercantilism" and erect the true system of "progress: complete state planned economy. Now that's progress in the minds of the so-called progressives, I suppose.

Impertinent said...


"Hope that we can be free to be equality based and income equal..."

You're kidding right? OK...give me your money so we can be equal...ready for that see I need your money. And we are NOT ALL EQUAL...

The Brooklym Cabbie said...

A Reality Call to all Liberal New Yorker.... You made a big freaken booboo.
I guess that NYC is jealous of Detroit.
Lots of luck, Mayor de Blasio! (Sarcasm)
This "Mayor" is going to raise taxes on the wealthy in NYC so that the "poor" will have more "opportunities"
Just what NY needed, another commie wanna be dictator, people get what they deserve.
Expect a flight of businesses to New Jersey,
But maybe, this time, those fleeing businesses will choose more wisely
Good luck with making the “rich “ pay for the lower=class to have FREE Pre K.
And if you drive the wealthy people away with the taxes, the it’s your problem.
Expect an influx of homeless horses and carriages.
A David Dinkins redux, Well, there's the damn, liberal, socialist, left-wing, for ya!
And when the real “Rich” leave the 1% will be redefined down. Finally those still managing to have a job making $20,000 a year, working for Macdonald’s will be the rich 1% and have to support everyone else.
THAT is liberalism/socialism/progressivism at it's finest. Isn't that nice!

Had Enough Yet? said...

Mayor de Blasio should be a windfall for the lefties in New York City... more free stuff.

He should also be great for the Lefty Imbecilities like Alex Baldwin,and Harry Belafonte

JonBerg said...


We are no longer an economy supported by a labor intensive, low or un-skilled work force. Well paying jobs go to those with knowledge and skills. Not only do we have a marginal, union dominated, K-12 public education system but even an inexcusable drop-out rate from that. All of the, so called, "redistribution of wealth" and [artificial] wage inflation that the Left can dream-up will not fix the problem; over the long run it will only be exacerbated by such. Individuals wishing to narrow the gap need to stay in school, acquire knowledge and skills and persevere. There will, of course, always be inequality of outcome; that's a fact of life!

Duckys here said...

@Waylon --
Sounds like Ducky would like to bury the remnants of "mercantilism" and erect the true system of "progress: complete state planned economy.

No there's a excluded middle.

z, I've held some Canadian stocks for a while, they've done pretty well.

Z said...

Brooklyn described well what income inequality will be solved with until every lovely thing is more lovely shops, lovely homes......let's take the hopes of liberal leaders to their final desire; we all have the same thing. What a sad day that will be for our country. It's been so sad for every country that's tried it. feels like some people don't accept facts of life or that humanity isn't perfect; and they're destroying everything in their way of trying for the elusive silly dream.

Z said...

Oh, Ducky, I'm not suggesting all Canadian stocks are bad :-)
Just be glad you didn't invest with a bunch of academics.

Z said...

Waylon; sorry it sounded like I attributed the U's investments to high taxes; I didn't mean to.
I know you're right about that.

They own their beautiful home there and now have a home in Northern California...I've said too much already. You know how I am about anything personal!

Ed Bonderenka said...

@Imp. You beat me to the punch.
No one wants to attack Sue because it seems unkind.
I'm convinced today that she is a fabrication. A long running joke played on this community.
She seems pleasant, and innocent.
If what she said was attributed to a male commenter, he'd be vilified.

Impertinent said...


What's the chances of getting out of Logan at 6:30 AM tomorrow?

Impertinent said...


I used to go after her....but I decided that I had to recognize that she's a child and it was an unfair advantage.

Duckys here said...

Imp as far as I can tell, Logan will be open.

I live close to the airport and I've shoveled about 7" of rather light powder.
Don't know what the evening holds but this isn't a killer storm.

Impertinent said...


Thanks...that's pretty optimistic seeing that visibility will be down to a bout 1/4 of a mile!!

My kids I was telling her to keep her hotel room.

Impertinent said...


Well Duck...all the AA flights in the AM from Logan are cancelled up to 11AM.

JonBerg said...

There is a place and are places where you will find EQUALITY. That will be found in most grave yards, the equal folks, equally dead and residing about 6' under the ground. Now that's real equality ,isn't it! Like it or not, that's as close as you are ever going to get!

Joe said...

Sue is the epitome of liberal thought. Doctors and McDonald hamburger flippers should make the same $15.00 per hour. So the doctors will have to give up a lot of their money so the hamburger flipper can get more. Or, maybe the doctor should get a little more because of his ability and the hamburger flipper a little more because of his need.

Do any liberals have a rudimentary understanding of math?

Liberalmann said...

Waylon said..."What else would you expect since he was selected by the corporate socialists to be their "President"?"

'Corporate Socialist,' eh? WooooW! That's a new one! Lol!

Liberalmann said...

Economists Agree With Democrats: GOP Hurting the Economy by Promoting Income Inequality:

Z said...

You know, I have to say that Sue is HONEST and never gets UGLY like some of the libs do here.
Yes, she's liberal, but she at least seems to weigh things. Now, I have to admit that sometimes she weighs and comes out on our side but still sticks to the liberal ideology, but at least she's kind and considers other sides, right?

Kid said...

Hey Bat, I'm actually a descendant of Bat Masterson. Great Great Great uncle or something.
You're on to something there ya know.

Kid said...

Duck, I agree capitalism needs to be nurtured and protected.

Step 1- get rid of the libtards like yourself.
Step 2- take the education system back from the communists and incompetent worthless union slug teachers.
Step 3-remove about the entire congress, and their Masters, the crony capitalists and replace it with some people how have intelligence and courage, and back them up with people who will kill anyone interfering with the government by and for the people process' in the USA.

We're a long way from that eh. We seem to be making more people like you instead.

Kid said...

duck, you gotta be getting paid to post this drivel. Come clean boy! Free your soul and let us in on your deal. Heck, maybe we could make some money leaving our pecker tracks all across the internet too.

Have a heart. You know, emulate one of your heroes, the great and powerful joey biden !

Kid said...

Bat Masterson is a great great great uncle of mine.

Bat, You're on it but you gotta learn to bottom line it in 50 words or less. fwiw, fyi and imo, all rolled into one.

Kid said...

JonBerg. Sheer genius my friend.

Kid said...

Income equality...
So, a alcohol/drug induced incompetent dude who doesn't know how many states there are (oBAMa) for example... should make as much as a doctor who has spent a minimum of 8 years in hard study and actually makes people's live better?

Or hell, even a warehouse worker who packs boxes and ships them out and serves an actual purpose (unlike that racist, anti-American, Christian slamming, muslim activist in the white house) ?

Does NOT seem like Equality to me.
Where am I going wrong? :) Hep me, Somebody hep me.

Z said...

Bat Masterson? You know, you kind of look like his pictures, Kid! That is SO COOL!

Kid said...

Z, Why Thank ya Ma'am.

I have his spirit too. I will not accept any pussyfootin around with American Excellence. The rubber band is being pulled back.

It's comin and the weak quackers are ill-prepared.

Kid said...

Z, PS. One of MY Great Nephew's name's is Wyatt. :)

The family visited last summer and we went to the local Buca de Beppo and he (2 years old) was trying to make time with the waitress. Lol, and Oh yea.

skudrunner said...


The percentage of poor in the US has remained consistent for the last 50 years. It remains 13-15% before and after LBJ's great society, or welcome to the taxpayer money machine.

The incompetent incumbent has been very good to large corporations who bought his election. He has created total uncertainty with taxes and healthcare that hiring is held back. That means fewer paychecks more profits. The only reason unemployment percentage is down is because participation is at an all time low.

The ACA guarantee the insurance companies will not take a loss, great for their profits. The stock market has rallied because with near zero interest rates, there is no where else to invest. Who do zero interest borrowing help, banks and large corporations.

This of course benefits the rich who have all the money to invest and hurts the middle class and the retired who want security and a decent return.

With all the administration clamor about being for income redistribution what he fails to say is take it from the middle class and give it to the poor. Leave the rich and large corporations alone.