Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Faith Blog.......on my Christian a Jewess

"Urban Turban (in Orthodox Jewish style) (with bold words by Z)

I cover my head in protest
to Miley Cyrus
and a culture that
blinds us
to the true beauty of
a woman’s sense of dignity.
Where decades of hard-won progress
is undone by a single
- a fatal twist
in what it truly means to be a feminist.
These are the many strands
of my stand against
a society possessed by a quest
for ‘sexiness’.
Where 12-year-old girls
try to fill the holes
in their souls
with high heels, halter-tops
& rhinestone-studded hose.
I throw my hat
into the ring
to state the obvious
that female empowerment
is found within.
Judge me not by the color of my skin
and how much of it
I uncover
to win
your attention.
Judge me rather by the content of my character
- not the contours
of my figure.
For on this cotton
is written
a Manifesto of a Kabbalistic-feminist.
I enfold the mystic
into this fabric’s every twist.
This covering
comes to express the sacred covenant
of marriage.
While all the while
marriage in the modern world
is but a crumbling institution
a house without beams
where our children suffer
for our indiscretions
divorces & indecencies.
Please, don’t get me wrong
I am not a prude
not a preacher
not a governess
but a mother
and a lover
who takes her sexuality seriously
- mystically -

for I have tasted ultimate Oneness
through the two-ness
known as marriage…
And like a treasured swaddled infant
this two-ness thrives best in containment
covering, commitment.
So, yes, please, let’s talk about femininity
about what it really means to be a feminist
a woman, a wife,
a mother, a builder
because when it comes to self-expression, my sister,
- I got that one covered."

 Z:  this amazing piece was sent to me by a Rabbi friend ... it's by an Orthodox Jewish woman who has the guts to tell her truth and the truths by which women, and ALL of us, would better prosper.  I ask that you read this and ponder what being a woman of pure and good sexuality and femininity really is.  This piece amazed me and I had to post it.........

I Corinthians 6:19 "Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own..."

Am I advocating headwear?  Certainly not.  Am I (and God?) advocating the goodness and decency it metaphorically represents? YOU CAN BET YOUR LIFE ON IT.



Sam Huntington said...

I am always confused by women who behave immorally, who dress immorally, and then demand to be treated respectfully. Maybe there is something wrong with the bottled water …

Ed Bonderenka said...

Sam +1.
If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it'll be treated like a duck.

Bob said...

After Ed and his ducks, I have no comment.

Z said...

Thanks, guys...I agree.
And isn't this "poem" a gorgeous way to describe a pious woman of modesty and yet who has a great sexual relationship within the bonds of marriage and respects herself and her beauty...etc. I thought it was breathtaking.

DaBlade said...

As I read this, I was reminded that I am so lucky to have "a woman, a wife, a mother, a builder" in my life. What a beautiful poem testifying to "the sacred covenant
of marriage" that is under attack in our culture today. Thanks for posting this Z!

Baysider said...

What a beautiful paean to a woman's worth and dignity. It could be Proverbs 32.

WomanHonorThyself said...

lovely find Z!..YOU my friend are a true woman of valor:) and the "SHE" I referred to in my post was the land of Israel hun..!! hugss!!!

Z said...

Woman Honor; I get it :-)
And thanks...this is all about the amazing woman who wrote it, but I do thank you!


DaBlade...hang on to her :-)

Duckys here said...

How would you feel if it were a hijab?

Ed Bonderenka said...

Aaaaand there it is.
Even if it was a hijab, that's fine, as long as its not decreed but arises out of a desire of modesty.
I think of the Pentecostal women, usually the non trinitarians who bun their hair and wear long skirts.
The muslim face covering seems a bit extreme. And in this country, suspect.

Duckys here said...

The covering is not decreed in Orthodox Judaism?

Get on the planet, Ed.

And why do the Abrahamic religions believe men are so weak that they lose control when they glimpse a woman's hair? Seems arbitrary as does so much OT morality.

Ed Bonderenka said...

A morality code summed up by ten commandments is arbitrary?

Z said...

Ed.....right; It's clearly up to a woman if she wants to be Orthodox, let along be Orthodox and marry and then cover her hair (some do not, by the way).
Her choice, though it is advocated.

It's her choice in islam, too. We all see plenty of muslim women without hijabs on.

Ducky, I'm not sure why you'd ask "How would you feel if it was a hijab" because I don't advocate a head covering in any way...and I indicated that in my post.

If a religious woman of ANY persuasion wants to wear one, why not?

Ed's right; Sadly, muslims have made us understandably nervous about covering the head and face; and body, for that matter; Bombs have been hidden and killed Jews, to say nothing of other bombings.

I well understand and appreciate GREATLY the Old Testament and wouldn't wear a covering myself, but when I go to an Orthodox church, I sometimes take a veil they have in baskets ready for women to wear as they take communion, then take it right off again. Nothing at ALL to do with the Jewish Orthodox tradition, by the way.

Z said...

Also, I was hoping we'd all see that the head covering is second to the meaning of this amazing piece; modesty, the extreme joys of marital sexuality/fidelity, a woman's respect for her body ...
the head covering is secondary.

For non Jews, I hoped that the head covering would be seen as metaphorical for such truly important things about women and about society today.

Impertinent said...


"and then demand to be treated respectfully..."

Yea...that's a mystery. I don't even hold doors open anymore for ones I don't know....equality and all, ya know? When I do...I have never been acknowledged or thanked.

Impertinent said...


"We all see plenty of muslim women without hijabs on..."

How do you know they are then? I always thought it was their badge.

Impertinent said...


Duck..Jesus Christ....why do you have to needle and be contentious 7 days a week? Rest up, at least one damn day a week, yea?

Damn's just too much all the time.

Impertinent said...


" modesty..."

And humility, I might add?

Baysider said...

Imp: "I have never been acknowledged or thanked."

Really sorry to hear that. Consideration should never go out of style whether it's opening doors for others or thanking them for doing it. I do both and hope you find more gracious recipients.

Impertinent said...


" find more gracious recipients..."

Not until April or so when all the mutts from MA, NY, NJ and CT go home.

Z said...

Imp, there are a lot of Persians here in LA whose roots are islam and the women are very beautiful and dress in modern dress; but they are muslims, peaceful, pretty industrious/successful head covering.

Kid said...

IMP, Agree all your comments.
Z, Very much get your points.

The only ones who thank me for holding a door are the guys now that I think about it. Gay invasion?

Anyway, I can't comment more, I get all queasy when the subject of sex comes up.

Impertinent said...


Persians have always been a breed apart. They're not goat loving nomads like their neighbors.

I just asked how do you know they're Muslim or Persians by sight? My wife could be Spanish, Greek, Persian, Italian or Romanian with her color and looks.

And she is none of the above.

Jen Nifer said...

What a beautiful poem, Z!!
This is true feminism.
I consider any other form to be hijacked.

And Imp, I would most certainly thank you for holding the door. :-)

Impertinent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Impertinent said...


Relax're getting on in years....put the blue meanies away. Fast! LOL

Jen Nifer said...

Z, do you mind if I share this poem? Do you know who the author is?

Impertinent said...

@Jen Nifer:

And Dear lady...I'd know that by your smile and Thank you. And I'd be happy to oblige...if only that were the case 99% of the times.

Z said...

Imp; I know many Persians, I recognize Farsi when I hear them speaking. Believe me...I know an Italian from a Persian or whatever. There's a style that's very very different, too; VERY chic, VERY beautiful features...
I'm not saying all those nationalities you mentioned aren't beautiful but believe me, it's a different beauty.

Jen, I don't know her but my rabbi friend apparently does and he's sending her my blog so she can how I featured her. You are very welcome to use it.

It is exactly as you say; true feminism. Well said.

Kid and Imp; I ALWAYS thank anybody who holds a door open for me...ALWAYS

Impertinent said...


Imp and Kid know class when they see it. Me..I just don't know a Persian when I see one...LMAO.


Impertinent said...

Imp has left the building..G'night all.

Kid said...

Z, I'd love to open and hold the door for you. :)

Z said...

Kid, thank you very, very much :-)

Imp; If you've known 3 persian women, or men, you'd be 90% right in guessing they were persians next time you saw a bunch of amazingly attractive, strong featured people with clothes chic-er than Americans can dream of. Keep doubting me; I'm giggling over here at your doubt because they're SO obvious.