Saturday, January 18, 2014

Racism Mandates

Obama Administration Mandates Racism in Schools.  

by Mona Charen

The Departments of Education and Justice have teamed up to make the lives of students in tough neighborhoods even tougher. Framed as a measure to combat discrimination against black and Hispanic children, the guidelines issued by the Obama administration about school discipline will actually encourage racial discrimination, undermine the learning environments of classrooms and contribute to an unjust race-consciousness in meting out discipline.
Claiming that African-American and Hispanic students are more harshly disciplined than whites for the same infractions, the Obama administration now advises that any disciplinary rule that results in a "disparate impact" on these groups will be challenged by the government.
"Disparate impact" analysis, as we've seen in employment law, does not require any intentional discrimination. It means, for example, that if an employer asks job seekers to take a test, and a larger percentage of one ethnic group fails the test than another, that the test is de facto discriminatory because it has a "disparate impact."
In the school context, the federal government is now arguing that if a disciplinary rule results in more black, Hispanic or special education kids being suspended or otherwise sanctioned, the rule must be suspect. The "Dear Colleague" letter explains that a disciplinary policy can be unlawful discrimination, even if the rule is "neutral on its face ... and is administered in an evenhanded manner," if it has a "disparate impact" on certain ethnic and other groups.
The inclusion of special education students is particularly perverse, as special ed students frequently get that designation because their emotional disturbances cause them to misbehave in various ways. So if a rule against, say, knocking over desks, is found to be violated more frequently by special ed than regular ed students, then the rule must be questioned? That's circular.
As the CATO Institute's Walter Olson notes, the federal guidelines pass over one example of disparate impact with no comment — namely the dramatically more males than females who face disciplinary action nationwide. If we are to judge a rule's lawfulness by the disparate impact on males, no rule would survive the inquiry. Is it possible that more boys misbehave in the classroom than girls? To ask this question is to venture into an area the federal government would have us avoid. Actual infractions by individuals are not the issue. We must have group justice, not individual justice.
We've actually been down this road many times before. Various state and federal agencies have raised concerns about the large numbers of black and Hispanic students facing disciplinary action. Such concerns helped to generate the rigid "zero tolerance" policies the administration now condemns. Zero tolerance is a brainless approach to a subject that requires considerable finesse and deliberation, but the disparate impact rule is even more pernicious.
Under the new dispensation, teachers, principals and other officials will have to pause before they discipline, say, the fourth black student in a month. "How will this look to the feds?" they'll ask themselves. Will the student's family be able to sue us? A variety of solutions to the federally created problem will present themselves. School officials can search out offenses by white and Asian students to make the numbers come out right. Asian students are disciplined at rates far below any other ethnic group. Is this due to pro-Asian bias in our schools, or is it because Asians commit many fewer infractions? Oops, there we go into territory forbidden by the federal guidelines.
Another solution will be to ignore misbehavior by blacks and Hispanics. For classes with large numbers of minority students, this guarantees that the learning environment for the kids who actually want to learn will be impaired as teachers — reluctant to remove troublesome students — expend precious time on kids who are rude, threatening, loud or otherwise disruptive. Every minute of the school day taken up by bad kids is taken away from good kids. It's a true zero-sum game.
So the Obama administration's pursuit of group justice actually leads to injustice to individual students. Whites and Asians will be disciplined more than they merit it by their conduct, and fewer students of all groups will get the kind of classroom atmosphere that is conducive to learning. Even the students who get a pass on their bad conduct are disserved, as they will not have learned that disrespectful language, tardiness and even violence are unacceptable in society.
Everyone loses. Obama strikes again.

And he keeps winning, folks, and we're not standing up to it.   The left has gone insane.  And we're going to pay the price.   No, our children are.
What are your thoughts on this article by Charen?



Always On Watch said...

The worst behaved kids in the private school were I taught for 18 years were the director's grandsons. They were white.

We had a few black students enrolled. Most were well behaved, but a few were not. None ended up getting expelled.

The expellee whom I recall was a minister's son, who was dealing cocaine on campus.

In the 18 years that I worked at the school, we expelled only one black student -- a second grader who stabbed another student in the next with a sharp pencil.

What will be the result of the DOJ's recent threats? More trouble from black students, I think. Nothing fires up misbehavior more than students finding out that they are immune from the protocols of punishment.

PS: As for Asian students so often being well behaved, take a look at family dynamics. Disrepect of the teacher is strictly forbidden.

PPS: It is a fact that boys more often misbehave in school than girls.

Joe said...

When personal responsibility for one's actions is thrown out the window in favor of preventing "disparate impacts," we are headed for anarchy, lawsuits and classroom terror.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Good luck with establishing any discipline on the public school system, with the disastrous paradigm of parenting that we see on a daily basis, irrespective of race.

Not only is the premise of the AGs effort misguided on it's face, it will simply make issue worse. Privately, I wonder how this would effect, in the long term, the already present quasi-pride amongst inner city youth, of hailing from a "tough neighborhood". They wear it as a badge of pride, and carry it with them into adulthood.

Impertinent said...

And the AG has the nerve to call us cowards.

This has to be the most insecure, racist crew in Gov't since Woodrow Wilson.

Rather than addressing the problem of why minorities are the majority of prison inmates ( per capita ) and why 40% of young black males will be in prison, arrested or into the system...he actually embarrasses himself and them by granting them all a pardon.

Years and years of dismal excuses for failing academics and now criminality?

Z said...

CI, well said. Parents are failing and kids do take pride in bad neighborhoods....but they don't want them. I think kids really want safety and peace and we need to educate them to implement that ... actually, I love what just came to my mind now, if may be tooting my horn!

Why CAN'T we teach young kids to WANT to be industrious and peaceful and raise happy families in their futures?

I talk to so MANY nice kids whose parents' lives are a mess, causing kids to live here and there, suffer the wrath of stepmothers, etc etc........they WANT HAPPY!

Always...our white boys are MUCH bigger lunkheads than ANY of our black make a good point. Honestly, our black teens are FABULOUS; I SINCERELY love each and every one of them and see such changes in them from freshmen to seniors...and hear them say things like "I never thought I'd be missing this school when I first got here but I'm going to miss everything here SO much" There's black/white/brown/asian UNITY there...they feel peaceful. They learn peaceful, They're on teams together, they do research together; there is PEACE.

Joe; we're almost there...BUT!!! A democrat in NY wants to have MANDATORY PSYCHIATRIC TESTING FOR EACH AND EVERY KID IN THEIR SCHOOL SYSTEM. can you imagine THAT? Like that's going to DO something other than make our kids think they're NUTS?

Z said...

Imp; yup...years of excuses and now this. Where DO we go from here?? We have generations of wasted people....what a horrifying comment, huh? They haven't LEARNED, but they know how to apply a condom on a banana...

We need TOUGH again, we need some SHAME again, we need to reward GOOD again and SCORE GAMES again...not "everybody gets an award so nobody FEELS BADLY!"

this is a living STINKING NIGHTMARE, don't you think?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"Why CAN'T we teach young kids to WANT to be industrious and peaceful and raise happy families in their futures?"

I think the easy answer is because pop culture [fashion, music videos, etc] doesn't place any premium on work ethics, responsibility and sacrifice. There's probably more to it than that, but that's certainly the surface problem, as I see it.

Duckys here said...

Very misleading headline.

We know that the law is applied disproportionately against blacks in non violent drug cases or in stop and frisk.

We put young blacks into the criminal system for no good reason to their detriment but we are to assume this same misapplication doesn't exist in schools?

JonBerg said...

So what does B.O. Plan to do about this disparity:

"72.3 percent of non-Hispanic blacks are now born out-of-wedlock; 66.2 percent of American Indians/Alaska Natives; 53.3 percent of Hispanics; 29.1 percent of non-Hispanic whites; and 17.2 percent of Asians/Pacific Islanders. That’s 40.7 percent overall."

or this disparity?

"Among the race groups, Asian households had the highest median income in 2012 ($68,636). The median income for non-Hispanic White households was $57,009, and it was $33,321 for Black households. For Hispanic households the median income was $39,005,"

IQ scores have a very interesting correlation to these stats., as well.

Baysider said...

AOW said: "Nothing fires up misbehavior more than students finding out that they are immune from the protocols of punishment."

Spot on! I heard Star Parker say that when she was 14 she was called into the school counselor's office for some infraction approaching 'serious.' She got a dressing-down, and said she knew she deserved it because she knew what she did was wrong. Then the counselor added mush about how "I understand given the years of oppression of 'your people' [Star is black for anyone who doesn't know her] how you could do such a thing,' and blah blah blah about excusing her behavior because of her race. So how did the then impudent 14 year old react? "Dang, I'm going to do this again!"

So, will schools have to be harder on girls or softer on boys now since boys generally are the bigger discipline problem (possibly even more now with some schools who coop them up without recess play to work out all that energy so they don't get scraped. Another bright idea of the sophists running the asylum.)

Duckys here said...

Nice straw man Berg.

Let's get back to the dog whistle in Mona Charon's disgraceful headline.

What is racist about demanding that punishment be applied equally?

JonBerg said...

"straw man"?

What is racist about demanding that fatherhood be applied equally?

Here is just another reason for the VOUCHER SYSTEM!

Z said...

CI..that's probably right. Remember when teen idol Ashton Kutcher mentioned how hard work is a good thing and everybody in the media went to fast work to show he hadn't held the jobs he recommended for teens? he HAD worked hard, but they had to make sure he was trounced and negated before the urging of teens to work hard actually caught on :-) Seriously, that did happen. Was it on purpose? Maybe not...but it SURE did negate his good message.

Ducky "Stop and frisk" ..glad you brought that up. Crime was down; but the left wasn't happy so it'll go up again...I've heard blacks in NYC bemoan the end of stop and frisk, but nobody cares; it's not PC.
You lefties have made such a mess of things with your ridiculous exaggeration of political correctness...

By the way, I'm thinking if ONE GENERATION of blacks STOPPED as much criminality as they've committed in the past, we'd stop even considering the color of the person who's arrested for crimes.
GEE, you think black men in nice cars are stopped for the heck of it? Or maybe is it because black men have stolen nice cars in the past? Just a thought.
Why is it my black friends agree with me but your experienced sagacity can't see it? :-)

"punishment be applied equally?" Wait; did you READ the piece?

Baysider; yes, they will have to be harder on girls; I believe article suggests that, but I could be wrong. and harder on polite, brilliant Asian kids, too.
It's a living nightmare our leftwingers largely approve of. unbelievable.
My uncle's on Star's Board and I've met her several times; she IS a star. her books are excellent, too. She's trying to get to the black population through black pastors and things are moving in a very good direction, by the way.

JB...what reason do YOU think lefties hate the voucher system so much?

JonBerg said...


"JB...what reason do YOU think lefties hate the voucher system so much?"

1) Fear that kids won't get the Liberal indoctrination that Public School imparts.

2) Lefties are union advocates and therefore resist any diminution of the teachers union(s).

3) Lefties hate freedom of choice unless, of course, it pertains to one of their causes.

Impertinent said...


"I understand given the years of oppression of 'your people' ..."

It continues....the soft bigotry of low expectations along with the same lame excuses as to why young people "can't" avoid criminality. Essentially admitting that "we know you're incapable of avoiding arrest or making good choices to avoid....completely screwing up your life.

We know you just don't have it in you and we'll continue to spout PC, REGRESSIVE bullshit and accept your defects. They're not your fault."

Z said...

Imp: Where's that quote from? @Z??
I really hope people single out by a comment's time or something in the future...this drives me batty!

Thanks....I'm curious what you mean here.

beakerkin said...

As usual Duncy doesn't understand
that there are other factors. He sees race in isolation but there is also class mixed in with his numbers.

Impertinent said...


I took it from Baysiders story with Star in it...Why I tweeted you...I forgot..LOL

Z said...

Oh, ya...I remembered reading it but was sure I hadn't written it and was stymied because I'd already read the comments before and was too busy/lazy to do so again.
Thanks, Imp!

Beak...what do you mean about the race and class thing?

Duckys here said...

Then I'll ask you, beak.

Why is it racist to insist that disciplinary rules be uniform?

Z said...

Ducky, did you read the article carefully?

Can, or DID, anybody here say they don't think all kids should be treated the same?
That the good kids will suffer now because the misbehaving ones can't be disciplined adequately for fear of appearing to be biased is nuts....that is NOT "uniform." See?

Teachers want to discipline as needed. Based on what some would like to do, Charen is absolutely right.

treat them THE SAME. We can't have teachers afraid to discipline a kid because he's not white bread America, Ducky. It's unfair, it's stupid.
Naughty kids want to be punished. Do NOT punish girls to make the punishment of the boys seem more balanced. Nuts and VERY unfair.

AOW's right; tell any color/ethnicity kids they have no fear of punishment by law, but let them see that the teachers have fear now, and see what happens.

-FJ said...

Nothing. What is "racist" is to "authoritatively" demand that disciplinary outcomes from those same universal rules be uniformly distributed across dissimilar cultural groups whose members hold different sets of values or believing that those members of cultures who fail to achieve the expected 'equal' result are in any way, shape or form "relatively" "inferior" based upon said arbitrary narrow measures.

beakerkin said...


Lefties like yourself abuse statistics to their convenience and ignore them when more obvious.

In the case of University faculty hires Communists and Anarchists are exponentially over represented. Now you can delude yourself into thinking there is something else behind the creations of academic gulags where lunatic political extremists hold a monopoly in faculty hires.

In the case of law and discipline you are talking about income, family structure and many other variables. Even in your communist Cuba Blacks are jailed at higher rates than whites. Of course when these anomalies occur in a workers
Paradise of your twisted demented
imagination you feign ignorance.

In your deluded EUtopia Muslims are in prison at higher rates then the general population. Of course lefties like the Dunce hand them a welfare check a pat on the head and yell BAD JOOOOOO.

You want to reduce crime then start with actual job creations and grasp the poor want jobs. Your Statist political criminal Ponzi scam has failed.

Thersites said...

Welcome to the liberal multicultural nightmare...

‘If you're trapped in the dream of the Other, you're f*cked. - Gilles Deleuze

T Krabby said...

We are talking about people who cannot maintain their own communities without the help of an outside lifeline.

The reasons are several, but the point I always go back to is that American blacks are strongly oriented toward wanting to work for institutional employers.

Unlike Hispanics and Asians, with limited exceptions they do no run their own independent community businesses, so their earned money does not circulate around their own community a little before it leaves again.

Not only that, but, again with limited exceptions, even if there were black owned businesses, no one else could go into the black community to patronize them, to buy furniture or appliances for example, even if they wanted to.

In my estimation, anything that has taken from blacks the ability to maintain their employment however limited the skill level was bound to do damage.

The basic cultural argument is that the pathologies of black culture are those of the lowest rungs of the lower middle class rather than the pathologies of poverty.

This is a novel idea, and one likely to be unnerving to liberals, since the implication of it is that the solution to the social problems of race, and even the social pathologies afflicting whites and non-black minorities, is simply to move people from the low rungs of the lower middle class to the upper rungs of the lower middle class.

Lower middle class society is very culturally conservative. Its pillars are the family, the community and its institutions, God, and the nation.

Much changed in American after 1970. Before that, things were going in the right direction. After that, the service and knowledge economy came in, with those who could maintain themselves in middle management, skilled service occupations and professions doing well. Those who could not sank as industrial jobs were lost in large numbers.

Duckys here said...

Yeah, I read the article, z.

I also read the government statement that the intent is to insure equal protection and consistent application of discipline.

It is also a non binding request at this point which Charon doesn't mention because she's a hack.

Z said...

She never ever says this is the law at this point...she's not a hack and it's a shame you don't hear her message but I can't do more than expose what she's saying.

You're still not understanding her point, but that's fine.
It might help if you read the comments above.

this request is NOT about equality. Some kids are WORSE THAN OTHERS, do you get that? We don't feel it's equal to punish the good kids so the bad ones don't feel badly. And we don't believe in picking on any race, black, hispanic, white or Asian.
You might try to understand it by applying your socialist mindset to it: We don't believe in giving those who won't (who behave badly) what whose who have (are behaving admirably) should hold on to. The good kids deserve dignity more than the bad ones. Shocking to you, I know.

thanks for at least trying.

Mustang said...

I think that if Ducky is going to complain about the title of this post, then he ought to reciprocate with a little truth in advertising himself. He could, for example, admit that he is a leftist moron. It would be an interesting point of departure for future discussion about Holder’s and Obama’s racism, and its obvious relation to the black theology of Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright.

Kid said...

All part of destroying the education system (in this case), then holding the kids and parents hostage for massive amounts of money. We Need More Money !

It's that simple

LBJ started it.

Kid said...

Mustang, let's not forget the rest of the reverends who profit everyday for decades off of the suffering of black people.

And as far as duck, I think the problem lies with the fact that libtards cannot be embarrassed. If they could, like normal people, then after it's been pointed out 10 times a day, 8500 times a month and 1,342,887 times a year that they are wrong, they'd be motivated, like normal people, to change course.

It's why they remain libtards for life. The gears are stripped, and the rest of the system is short circuited.

Z said...

Mustang, thanks for that....

Kid, I wrote above that it would take a generation of better behaving black teens/young adults before all Americans would never consider thinking "I hate feeling this way, but I'm worried that the black kid on this dark street's going to assault me because I'm alone" or teachers "why'd that black kid DO that?"

Obviously white kids do PLENTY bad, too, but when the constant drumbeat is , warranted or not (and mostly, it is NOT) that blacks are badly behaved, how do they expect people to act?

See any white or Asian kids in those flash mobs crowding stores illegally and stealing and leaving? ...watching the store clerks shivering in their shoes lest they be shot to death?

STOP IT! Americans don't WANT to be scared of you, they don't WANT you to feel 'less than' because you're black unless you deserve the moniker of 'less than'.......wake up and STOP.
Parents, stop your children from screwing up!!!
Oh, you're not there to do that?

Kid said...

Z, "Parents, stop your children from screwing up!!!"

There is a big part of the problem. Under the programs lbj developed, women who pop these kids (democrat voters) out like pieces of toast for a government check or increase thereof are not a parent. Given that financial punishment is administered if these women get married, this ensures that there is no cohesive parental unit.

I work with a black girl who works hard with her church and lives in this kind of community who testifies to me the women who bred these kids shoe them out into the street to scrounge what they can for food and drink. They're not mothers...And most of these women in WIC are white.

Point being what are these kids supposed to so or what could anyone possibly do for them. It's an impossible situation sans the 1 in 100,000 maybe who drags themselves out of this environment and makes something of themself.

They have no parents. They have no education. They're Lord of the Flies.

Another "problem" the dems created and use to procure Mo Money from the idiot population. "Look at these poor kids. Somebody gotta hep em. Please give what you can today!"

Pure evil. As evil as evil can be.

Kid said...

PS - Add in all the inciteful inflammatory diatribe the reverends spew out to the blacks and it's not hard to see that the black kids, who have nothing, are almost guaranteed to go take what they think they should have. Especially who they've been taught is their enemy - Whitey

JonBerg said...



Impertinent said...


"It would take a generation of better behaving black teens/young adults.."

I'm afraid we're beyond that point Z. People are fed up. And it's the current generations as well as the old time "venerable" original CR activists....that are preaching the most hate and sowing separatism and divide...more than any Klan azzhole could have ever been accused of. It's that bad...and it's too late.

Do you actually believe we've seen the last Trayvon?

Impertinent said...

The sad reality of this racist presidency and DOJ has given us this terrible yet potential situation. Those who voted for him really believed that this would seal and doom supposed racism forever. Being totally honest and realistic's had the opposite outcome.

We're slowly heading to a time when the media buildings of the MSM will be reduced to piles of ashes, as they should be.

Just two years ago not many criticized black on white crime for fear of being criticized as a racist.

Today, anti-black vitriol inundates almost every web site that reports on it, and white outrage and anti-black feelings are at an intensity that are at levels times ten.

Whites not in the streets yet, but we're slowly heading in that direction.

An economic downturn, along with greater black on white crime and anti-white hate from the likes of MSNBC, Oprah, et al, should increase the intensity to near the breaking point.

From there, we'll be close to the precipice. One more outrage after that could be the spark that ignites the fire.

Kid said...

IMP "the media buildings of the MSM will be reduced to piles of ashes, as they should be."

In the Abstract. If it came to it, I'd go after the media first.

And I'll 2nd your cautionary note. Mob behavior doesn't need a whole lot to get started when the conditions are right. You can see it happening around the world on a regular basis. Soccer games, major religious events. People trampled like bugs. Murder at soccer games like having a beer.

The dems have totally destroyed health care in America already and the evil obammycare bill hasn't even started sprinting yet.

It wouldn't take much. A little disruption in essentials. jimmy carter's gas rationing had people being killed at gas stations in the 70's. Smallish situation but illustrative.

Z said...

Imp; not sure I said we've seen the last of any misbehaving kid...but I said that people would be convinced if we had a generation of kids not misbehaving...absolutely.

Kid..the good thing is there's Star Parker speaking TO PASTORS about conservatism and getting black folks back to those conservative/moral roots they used to espouse even more than many whites.

In a way, this is sort of like the problem where muslims who don't want jihad don't speak out big enough; if black families spoke out bigger, maybe others would listen.

I know SUCH great black kids/families...SUCH SUCH great people.....all we hear about is the problem kind.

Kid said...

The only ay we can make some progress is to erase all the liberal programs, starting with lbj's great society that breeds people into zero opportunity, drug and crime infested environments. Stop paying the career baby makers, and I'm telling you, there are large numbers of them out there, and each breeds more baby makers. It's exponential and has been. Step 1 for sure.

The great Reagan didn't stop it. No other administrations even took a shot at it. How can we expect it to improve. That's where we're at. Nothing happens without first recognizing the problem.

Z said...

Kid, that's true; we all know there IS a problem but only conservatives seem to want to admit it and try to help.
And our politicians are too afraid of Jesse Jackson and Sharpton to actually try to do something ...

Kid, what would you do with the millions of little kids who'd have no food if we cut welfare off and stopped paying folks to have illegitimate kids?

Z said...

I don't know how many of you saw THE BUTLER. A friend's husband is in The Academy so he gets the DVDs delivered so he can vote for academy awards.
I saw it last week...
Then I had dinner three nights ago who's a friend who worked in the White House for Reagan regarding the hiring of women in his administration...ambassadors, etc.

She knew the butler personally and said his one son did die in Vietnam but the other was NOT a founder of the Black Panthers as portrayed in the film.
He was a wonderful man and the film portrays him that way but his wife was NOTHING like Oprah played her...the film was all about how awful white America's always been, and still is, and how blacks were forced to be violent, etc....

interesting to hear the truth from my friend.

Of course, she said Reagan never looked at anybody other than as a person, not a black or white or asian person; she adored him and knew him quite well..

Kid said...

Z, Stop paying women to have kids with no visible means of support.

I wouldn't stop welfare, I'd create a bridge out of it. After some time, the number of people who need it to survive would be manageable. Especially if we're not breeding more in point one.

All that needs things like fixing education by ripping it out of the hands of the feds and the unions.
Erase the liberal/communist programs that have been put in p;lace by democrat administrations since lbj in modern times.

Z said...

And, by the way...some former FrontPage commenters (you know who you are) will remember Gmac (I think that was her screen I remembered is beyond me)...she was a young black woman who is conservative and self reliant and just plain terrific.
She and I've stayed in infrequent touch; we had her whole family here once, about 8 years ago now, when there was some convention in San Diego; her mom, her siblings, an aunt, they all came to dinner here...

She called today and has a job in a certain state in the unemployment office; she said "there are so many sheisters out there, Z...trying to milk the system...but we're really clamping down and not buying a lot of it..." which kind of surprised me.

Z said...

what kind of bridge, Kid?

Kid said...

Z, 97% of blacks voted for obama a second time. I spent a year and a half driving a very intelligent black man, a responsible man, hard working with a family, to work every day talking about this stuff.

I didn't even make a dent. He would vote for obama (and by extension democrat policies) a 3rd time of he could.

He was laser focused on "racism" 24 hours a day. It was difficult to get him to talk about anything but today's racist issue du jour. He's a college graduate. And again, very intelligent. I don't see how black people are going to embrace conservatism in any manner.

The Net Observer's are 3%.

Now the dems are making new classes of entitled people. muslims and mexicans.

Living in Arizona 20 years, I'll tell you I know some fantastic intelligent hard working mexicans. But the millions the dems are importing the last decade or so are here for the free stuff and they will also be motivated into divisiveness with 'America' by the democrats.

The muslims don't need much help.
They're not talking about the "great America" in their mosques.

Impertinent said...


"what would you do with the millions of little kids who'd have no food if we cut welfare..."

Z...the cold hard facts are...who's responsible ultimately for breeding those children...who will never have a future or an opportunity with some sow "mother" cashing their checks?

I'm not heartless but....we can't do it anymore. These kids are already collateral damage...and damaged by liberal REGRESSIVE crimes against these people. The irony is that they think these so called concerned and altruistic liberals...are...killing these kids. And dooming them to a life of prison, crime and god knows what else.

They need to be jailed for child abuse....why the hell not?

I feel bad for these doomed children Z...they're lives are ruined before they begin.

Jesus...the ASPCAA has more laws about abusing animals then we do for kids.

Kid said...

Z, I'd describe the bridge as a long term program that again, starts with not paying women to pop kids out. We're literally paying for child abuse.

Then, like -God forbid I mention it- clinton did with welfare reform - give them 3 years notice that their welfare is going to be cut off for able bodied people and then cut them off. If they die on the street too bad, they had 3 years notice.

Anyone - Anyone can work the french fry bin at McDonalds.

Then government needs to take its jack boot off of America, Inc, so a growing economy can absorb more working people. We don't have a growing economy in spite of the amateur rappers on FOX and elsewhere saying we do.

Not that I see any of this actually happening.

Prior to 1980? immigrants came here to work hard and profit from America's opportunities, today they come for the free stuff and the black people and ANYONE who can shoehorn themselves into a minority (gays, atheists, on and on)are out to feed off the rest of us. As taxpayers we are now the bottom of the food chain. What happens when we're gone. We - the middle class - will be gone if nothing big changes.

Z said...

Imp, I heard a missionary from a S American country (I swear, I can't believe this but I can't remember which) and she said they KILL street children...the sheriffs, etc., MURDER the children to rid themselves of them! it was the most shocking thing I'd ever heard.
I need to ask some people who also heard the speech where that was...
but, it's true..shocking, but true.

What do we do with kids who really are like LORD OF THE FLIES? I think Kid mentioned that above and it's TRUE; America now DOES have children who had sperm donors and 'mothers' who aren't parenting ...they really ARE like Lord of the Flies...and I'd say there could be a million little children like that.
This is why I'm not averse to orphanages opening again.

Z said...

Kid...I like that plan; how'd that 3 year thing work under Clinton? Do you know?

Impertinent said...

You know what? Screw it. If they can't see that they've been screwed, phooked over by their goddamn "savior"...whos' pushed half of them into unemployment, more poverty with a huge increase in energy, food, rent and the whole cost of living. That this butthead doesn't give a rats ass for them while living a life the loons accuse Repub's of and thinking all whites are rich???

They CANNOT see beyond skin color. Look..Al Sharpton is now their "spokesperson"?

They're idiots, fools and the most gullible sad sacks I've ever seen. If they can't see what he's NOT done for them. At every instance where he could have put out the flames of racism and hatred...he or that POS Holder....just poured gas on the fire. I hate their guts...and they should as well. He is and never was..One of them.

Impertinent said...


"This is why I'm not averse to orphanages opening again..."

Why? So these shitheads can mock a man like Mitt because he took one of these kids ( lucky kid...I'd wish he'd adopt me ) into his home? To be maligned, mocked, humiliated in the scummy press or on MS fooking NBC? To be a joke...all the while never mentioning Angela Jolie or Madonna? Scuz me....Fuck them all.

Kid said...

Z, It was working for a while. But then, clinton's term of office had the Reagan Economy Peaking, Y2K (I was working it so I know how many people were hired) and The Massive Buildout of the Internet going on at the time. The economy supported the idea.

These days, the labor participation rate is back to 1978 levels Plug in 1970 in the from field and hit Goso the options are slim to none.

As an oped comment, This is what happens when administrations don't plan for a rainy day, spending every dollar in sight and another 5 trillion besides, a little dip in the economy turns into a major disaster and places like detroit go bankrupt.
Let alone, programs like phasing out welfare are stuck on the back burner. We could at least stop paying the child abusers.

Impertinent said...


" she said they KILL street children..."

Of course they do...and we allow them to "immigrate" here...and bring their barbarian customs and life experiences with them.

Then we honor them and make a special class of them...protected and special of course. Meanwhile we give then unearned tax credits ( unearned? Stolen ) and special privileges? Welfare , EBT, college in state credits..W T F?

And I still have to press 1 in my own country?

Kid said...

We should open the orphanages again.
There are Massive numbers of 'foster homes' that are actually pedophile havens instead.

I'll add some verbiage if you want.

Kid said...

To my last comment. See, this is another problem with libtards.

They either don't believe or don't care that evil exists. Minds of evil 3 year old's. Let's close these evil heartless orphanages and place kids in loving foster homes.

And once again, we have what libtards call "unintended consequences" translated as I'm a libtard and I'm as stupid as a fooking rock, and to bad about the children.

Then they run their whole campaign on 'the Chillllllllllllllldren"

Tell ya. Makes me wanna go BERSERK!

Always On Watch said...

boys generally are the bigger discipline problem (possibly even more now with some schools who coop them up without recess play to work out all that energy...

No kidding!

At the private school where I worked for 18 years, restriction (keeping students in during recess) was effective only to a point. I found out that depriving the boys of every recess yielded diminishing returns (improved behavior). Boys need to run off their energy. So do girls, but I rarely had to put the girls on restriction because they were usually well behaved and almost always had their homework done.

Duckys here said...

kid, I can name orphanages in the Boston area.

I have no idea why you think they've been closed.
You seem to be blowing smoke, as usual.

Kid said...

Nothing is all encompassing duck

We're talking about a situation. So, once it become such that's it not all white or all black it becomes too complicated for you? Lemme know, maybe I'll try to keep your disability in mind when commenting.

Z said...

Ducky, you are being so ridiculous.

Orphanages were all over this country until they were closed...if there are some around you, it's a real enigma. And I'm glad you do, by the way; it's important to raise children so lost in your liberal upbringing craziness.
They MUST be saved.

Z said...

From Wikipedia:

Orphanages are no longer a part of the American adoption process.

Following World War II, most orphanages in the U.S. began closing. Over the past few decades, orphanages in the U.S. have been replaced with smaller institutions that try to provide a group home or boarding school environment. Most children who would have been in orphanages are in these Residential Treatment Centers (RTC), Group Homes or with foster families. Adopting from RTCs, Group Homes and foster families require working with an adoption agency.[1][117] for the child.

Duckys here said...

So orphans are still living in residential settings. The name has changed as well as the size.

I still don't know what kid's rant is about. The "libtards" did something horrible and now orphans are out on the street?

Duckys here said...

Residential treatment centers, the modern descendent of orphanages, provide housing, mental health services, education and recreation. In testimony before the House Ways & Means Subcommittee on Human Resources for the Hearing on Promoting Adoption and Other Permanent Placements, Nan Dale, CEO of Children’s Village in New York, described her facility as “more like a boarding school than an orphanage -- more like a children’s psychiatric hospital than an orphanage.” ”It is a highly structured, heavily supervised boarding school with intense treatment services for children and their families” Dale said

That's from kid's link. So the size and name have changed.
I still don't know what he's raving about.
Were the larger institutional orphanages superior?

Impertinent said...


We have two orphanages here in my town...or just over the line...I'm on the board of one of them and have been for 15 years.

Z said...

Imp; for anybody not to know that Orphanages have greatly reduced in number since the old days is NUTS.

There's Ducky denying Wikipedia, saying THE NAMES HAVE CHANGED :-)

Anyway...who cares?

Ducky, Kid's right; instead of giving millions to foster homes many of whom only are in it for the money, we need to do SOMETHING with the kids liberality has created; missing dads, crack head mothers, no manners, no hope but living on entitlements...we need, as I said above, orphanages run by good people to raise children so we can recover the generations lost after we started giving welfare to mothers only if dads were gone; causing fathers to leave behind their children.

Doesn't take much to understand that...we're just going to have to clean up your mess SOMEHOW.

Kid said...

Duck, that's all back peddling happy talk from the politicians/media to make liberals think everything is Okey Doke. Nothing to see here folks move along.

Kid said...

Think duck, think. Keep thinkin.