Monday, January 6, 2014

Release........should it have happened?

Do you think LYNNE STEWART should have been released?

Perhaps you remember:  "In 2005, (she was his lawyer and was convicted) of helping blind Egyptian cleric Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman communicate with followers while he was serving a life sentence for plotting to blow up landmarks in New York City."

Yes, and the "followers" were terrorists intent on killing, as is Rahman.

She has Stage 4 breast cancer and the doctors say she has 18 months to live, which is the grounds for her release after 4 years of a 10 year sentence.  I was struck that it's only 10 years for acting as a go-between between terrorists, which could endanger millions of people.

So, what do you think?  Nobody likes to think of someone dying in prison.........what are your thoughts?

I'd include an image, but.........naaa.



beakerkin said...

No. Stewart has not expressed remorse or contrition. Her crimes were severe and life imprisonment was insufficient.

Of course when a Communist knowingly
violates the law leave it to Obama
to turn an unrepentant terrorist loose.

Anonymous said...

Isn't she due for release in 2016 anyway?


Linda said...


Linda said...

She should have been kept in prison. So, she dies in prison! Of course, our gov't is releasing the terrorists, so what do we expect.

Happy New Year, GeeeeZ

American Jihad said...

AMEN, to this, I agree with Linda, "She should have been kept in prison. So, she dies in prison"

Constitutional Insurgent said...

I have zero issues with keeping someone behind bars to fulfill the maximum exent of their sentence, terminally ill or not.

Being sick should not justify early release.

sue hanes said...

Z - This is a tough one. What are the examples of cases that have happened before. Are prisoners usually released if they have terminal diseases so that they don't have to die in jail? I tend to think they should have to stay and work on their term.

Ed Degorio said...

This creepy progressive traitor belongs behind bars until her death.
She is a disgrace to all America

Duckys here said...

The only reason some think her crimes were severe is that she is seen as supporting a Muslim.
Yes, she served as attorney for a very vile individual but her so called crime was more a function of American hysteria than anything else.

Are we threatened by an elderly women being allowed to die in hospice rather than die in pain with limited medical treatment?

Compassion has value for those giving and those receiving.

JonBerg said...

With B.O./Holder, absurdity knows no bounds. From what I've seen, her release pleases supporters of those who have disgraced this Nation, for the past 5 years, to no end. It's just more irrefutable proof that Liberalism is, indeed, a mental illness! When she dies (I hope it's soon) I wonder if we'll see MSM eulogy, ad nauseam?

JonBerg said...

"The only reason some think her crimes were severe is that she is seen as supporting a Muslim."


Anonymous said...

Instead of an inmate languishing in a state prison, the federal government can AFFORD to keep her. Money isn't an issue. The federal government can simply PRINT more cash. Just ask any Leftist.

Let the last thing she sees be the glorious stainless steel toilet/sink in the corner.


Z said...

I have to rush out of here, but Jon, you're so right.

The thought that people actually don't know the facts of what she was doing and why she was in imprison is beyond me.

Helping a Muslim? Why wouldn't anybody help any muslim...who wasn't preaching and instructing terror?

sue hanes said...

Z - This reminds me of a case where a woman was due to be executed. Then she found Jesus - you know - she was born again while she was waiting for her sentence to be carried out. A lot of people thought she should not have to die but in the end she was executed.

I thought at the time that it was good that she found God - but I didn't think she should be excused from her sentence.

What do you think?

Impertinent said...


I tend to think the same. But I remember the Lockerbe bomber was let out for humanitarian reasons too....he wasn't supposed to last for more than a month.

He scammed us all...was welcomed as a hero for murdering 300 people on Christmas Eve too. He lasted for 3 years living in luxury and as a revered figure head for the murderers cause.

If she's going to become a cause, figurehead and an icon of the radicals...then she should stay in prison to her end.

How many people did her "client" kill?

sue hanes said...

Z - I should mention that no one wanted her to be released from prison but rather just have her sentence changed to life in prison rather than execution.

Bob said...

Ducky: I think you have done it, again with your statement, "The only reason some think her crimes were severe is that she is seen as supporting a Muslim."

The woman is not in jail for serving as an attorney. She is not in jail for "being seen" as supporting a Muslim. She is in jail for giving illegal aid and service to murders of men.

We can all be fooled by our emotions in these public cases, but that woman is tantamount to being a murderer. There are real and compelling reasons why this woman was sent to jail. You are either goading people, or you are letting your emotions control your thought process.

I know you are smarter than your argument seems, so please stop the insult of saying that the woman is only in jail because she was "seen" as helping a Muslim.

Bob said...

Now, to the question. Does this woman deserve mercy?

Yes. I think she deserves mercy. We cannot all act like Muslims and run around severing hands and heads like there's no tomorrow.

Impertinent said...


"We cannot all act like Muslims and run around severing hands and heads like there's no tomorrow..."

And being tolerant and "civilized" has gotten us...what?

Duckys here said...

That's a good point, Imp and it came to me while I was posting about Stewart.

My response:

1. There is good evidence that the release was really about a BP (remember them?) oil deal with Libya.

2. Public safety is always a legitimate argument against compassionate release.

Duckys here said...

I was referring to your post regarding Libya, Imp.

Impertinent said...


Yup...I got it...Thanks. How's the snow? My kid got out of Logan by 2:30 the other day.

JonBerg said...

"We cannot all act like Muslims and run around severing hands and heads like there's no tomorrow."

Who said anything about [us] doing that? Although she was, apparently, complicit in aiding and abetting those who do!

Duckys here said...

This really wasn't much of a storm here, Imp. Today is over 50 and it's gone from roads and sidewalks. I really don't believe we got a foot.

I think most of the tie up in Logan is due to bottlenecks ese where in the country.

Impertinent said...


How far are you from Sharon, MA?

Duckys here said...

Pretty good distance, Imp.

I'm right on the line with Charlestown.

Anonymous said...

No shit, Sherlock.

Z said...

Sue, wasn't that Carla something? I think so. I don't think finding faith is reason to be excused from a sentence of execution, no. I love your input on this and thank you for this angle. It's relevant, isn't it.
But, I truly believe that someone sentenced, whether they are suddenly contrite or a person of faith, should still expect to live out the sentence.

I Wikipedia'd Stewart and I'm wondering that her comrades haven't filed a lawsuit...the implication in there is that her trial and incarceration delayed breast cancer treatment and that's why she's worse. Stay tuned; maybe somebody missed that one.
Of course, it's an ugly implication against the gov't, but it'd be pretty ugly against her, too, because I"M POSITIVE that, had she needed immediate treatment, the gov't has to allow, or GIVE it$$$ ON US, of course.

Imp...ya, the Libyan guy lived a long time longer than he was released for. Sadly, I'm pretty sure Stewart won't be.

Sue and others: I think if someone has 18 months, like Stewart does, I'd wait till they were in far worse shape before letting them out. obviously, she needs treatment but I'm sure they do inside, too. Ya, I think letting out this early is questionable.

Someone asked about the law and I understand Holder changed some law...just in time :-)

Ducky's right..public safety is a cause of concern for any kind of release. Who's to say Stewart won't continue to work for terrorists? Make no mistake about it, ..

Bob, you make it sound a little less egregious than her actions were, don't you think? You're RIGHT, but I'd say she HELPED A TERRORIST INSTRUCT OTHER TERRORISTS ON WHAT TO DO NEXT IN TERRORIZING/KILLING, etc......

Impertinent said...


Thanks...I shoulda looked at Google Earth first!'s a haul. Our office manager is moving there ( after 29 years here ) Jan. 24. I think she's nuts but.... ;-(

Jen Nifer said...

Carla Fae Tucker, and she was executed. Bush had sympathy for her but didn't pardon her.

Sam Huntington said...

This sort of thing happens all the time; people get out early for good behavior and so on. I note that Sue is looking for fairness in our system of government—well, I think she should forget about that. If we had a fair system, Madeline Albright and Jaime Gorelick would be in jail alongside Lynne Stewart and Bernie Madoff would still be a free man doing what the government does every single day: a pyramid scheme, which we all lovingly refer to as Social Security, Medicare, and now … Obama Care.

Z said...

Jen, that's the name. Think he should have?

Sam.. very well put!

Duckys here said...

Sympathy for Karla Faye Tucker

You be the judge.

Impertinent said...


A winnah...! Post of the day.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Agreed. Sam nailed it.

Pris said...

Stewart passed on orders to terrorists from the Blind Sheik! She's as guilty as the Sheik.

Those who believe she should be released, may as well say that Charles Manson should be released!

He gave his orders to those who murdered innocent people, even though he didn't actually murder anyone. Should he be released too?

Duckys here said...

In case you're interested in facts,Pris

Z said...

Pris, you're right. The conviction was passing information.. ..information was all over the place at the time; what had happened, who she'd helped.
Or maybe the court just hates far left liberals and made it up to convict her, right? :-)

Z said...

I wondered if any of you think Melissa Perry Harris of MSNBC will make any snarky remarks about Robin Roberts' blonde girlfriend. Or is it okay with the far left if lesbians are involved in a loving biracial relationship?


Ed Bonderenka said...

Re: Karla Faye Tucker.
Everyone in the correctional facility, including the warden felt she was a beneficial influence and went to bat for her.
I do fault Bush for neglecting their advice and "blindly" enforcing her execution because it resulted in a loss to the community she lived in.
Unlike Lewis, nobody felt Karla was the same person who entered that prison.

christian soldier said...

NO she should not have been released!!

Jen Nifer said...

No, Z, I don't think she should've been released ( Tucker). She committed a murder, she paid the price.

P.s. Duck, I read the Daily KOS article. It reminded me of a rabid dog barking. :p.

Here is my approach to the whole situation:

I'm not exactly pro-death penalty.

Jen Nifer said...

Ed, I appreciate what you're saying, but how can we pardon people, due to spiritual conversion, when that is entirely an inside job?

1. The law isn't Grace and vice versa.
2. If people are pardoned for conversion, won't they all "convert"?

Plus, the news coverage here in Texas indicated that Bush wasn't blindly following anything. He was genuinely conflicted about it, despite what The Daily KOS and Huffpo said. ;-)

Mustang said...

Ducky, you are brazen if you dare suggest Marc Lamont as a paragon of truth, or Huffington Post is a viable historic record. Please tell me you aren’t joining forces with that group of under-educated morons that think you can go into a court room and spout off to the judge, without there being some unhappy ramifications.

But thank you for playing Name That Idiot.

Impertinent said...

Happy Birthday to Mrs. Imp today....

Great Day for me..! Her...I don't know.

Kid said...

She should die in prison,just like on of chuck manson's followers did recently.

Kid said...

On second thought, she should be released and ankle device located right next door to the duck. She should be free to have all her friends come visit as well.

Duckys here said...

mustang, tie a can on it.

The fact of the matter is that the woman was serving an extended sentence for mouthing off. Under the circumstances is it such a reach to believe she should be allowed to die outside prison?

Now an elderly woman mouthing off may seem a threat to a Marine and warrant long term incarceration even while dying of cancer but I perceive it differently.

Duckys here said...

kid, you're slurring again.

Kid said...

duck, will you grant ME victim status too?

I need a yacht moored at Long Beach,CA all expenses paid, a 200k per year annuity, the same health plan as hairy reid, and daily tee times at Torry Pines, paid in advance but of course Monsieur. That's not asking too much. Hell the total would probably amount to what nana pelosi sucks off the taxpayers in a 3 month timeframe- Or michele obama in 5 days.

Hell, I've done more for humanity and 'the Planet' than this POS you're crying over. Right?

Where is the Fairness? Where is the Equality??? Show us liberals know the score and give it to me.

Baysider said...

Thanks to Ducky for the link to a question that's bothered me about this case: she was originally sentenced to 28 months, then the next year the judge revised the sentence to 10 years. How can they do that?

Yes, she comes across as a slimeball, and directly violated her agreement to not pass info from the murderer to others, including the press and his organization. She did serve as a co-conspirator with the sheik. The judge notes "the
breadth and depth of the danger in which they placed the lives
and safety of unknown innocents." The facts of the case look like a 10-year sentence (of a prospective 30-year sentence allowed by law) is more reasonable than 2+ years.

Still, once you're sentenced, how can they increase the sentence like that? New facts should mean a new trial. Old facts are .. well .. old facts that should have been considered in the original sentencing. The judge says it was a 'procedural error.' I read his report (the review of the District Court's review, here:, and she wasn't re-sentenced for, as the frequently wrong Los Angeles Times put it "mouthing off."

They do 'treat' you in prison, and that's where you belong until your sentence is over. The sentencing issue in this case is creepy to me, though.

Mustang said...

No Ducky, you tie a can on it. No citizen has the right to hold a judge (the court) in contempt. Do that, and expect all sorts of bad things to happen. Believe me, I am not shocked to learn that you have no knowledge of our legal system since you seem not to have much knowledge about anything at all.

Baysider said...

Here's a thought from Mr. Baysider: if the judge/court screwed up on the first sentence, maybe he/they should serve the rest of the revised sentence. Maybe they'll be 'more careful' next time. I don't like anything about this woman, but this sets off alarm bells.

Duckys here said...

mustang, the question is whether or not she deserves a compassionate release not whether the sentence was deserved.

She has long since served the original sentence and presents no danger so why deny her the chance to die outside prison?

Stick to the question at hand.

Duckys here said...

kid, you had me on board until you mentioned you play golf.


JonBerg said...


As always, SPOT ON. Glad to see you back!

Mustang said...

@ Ducky

Stick to the question ...


Really? I was responding to your link. Are you taking drugs again?

Pris said...

Thank you Jon. Glad to be back!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Just to be clear, all anyone was asking for Tucker was a commutation to life.
That's not release.

Kid said...

Duck, how in the hell could you know 'she presents no danger' Good Grief. You libs are something [to be avoided]

Re: Golf, try a man's game sometime son.

Z said...

Ed, how can changing into a better person, a repentant person, mean they can get a sentence overturned?
She was a murderer; she took life.
As much as I ache for a person truly repentant and changed, and even beneficial to the prison community, she must pay the price, sadly. That's my opinion, anyway.
God forgive any of us ever has to experience this ourselves or in a loved one!