Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How cold IS it??????????

Like I could resist posting THIS?
Thanks, Imp!
By the's fascinating to hear the weather people say "This is the coldest day 100 years,", if it was that cold then, has the weather become so dangerous to us only now?


Rational Nation USA said...


Science perhaps? Knowledge continues to expand, right?

Ed Bonderenka said...

One of my guys said we were going to hit the forties this weekend.
I asked which way?
So we will go from sub zero to 40 above in days.
Oddly, this is not one of the curses in Revelation

DaBlade said...

Rare sights indeed! Snowy Owls in Florida... a Democrat with his hands in his own pocket in DC(that is hilarious Z!). Who knows what's next. Hopefully those Global Warming scientists who got stuck in the ice last week will help us figure this out.

Mustang said...

Climate change is part of this planet's history and in many cases, helps to explain human migration patterns. In that sense, it is an interesting topic. On the other hand, significant shifts in weather patterns have been a scientific fact long before the presence of humans. In this sense, I think our weather today is simply business as usual. Al Gore, on the other hand, is a recent marvel.

sue hanes said...

Z - Thank heavens that the temps are going up. It was so cold here for a couple of days that it was dangerous to be outside.

Now it is better - even though it is still pretty cold.

We think our weather is so bad that it seems worse than it was years ago.

Waylon said...

Just to show how serious the topic of global warming and climate change is at MSNBC, the good reverend, Al Sharpton, has weighed in on the subject. Of course, it's impossible for MSNBC to address a topic without bringing Republicans and FOX NEWS into the conversation.

Here's a noteworthy link to a clip by Sharpton addressing the topic, and be forewarned that a barf bag will should be kept close at hand.

Would Al Sharpton be able to distinguish the difference between a beaker full of apple juice and a beaker full of urine? Methinks not.

Waylon said...

Personally I'm beginning to recognize that these two polar opposites on the climate change subject, constantly screaming at each other in the most vicious and inhumane ways possible, create a problem that prevents anyone from seeing that this animosity may serve to cover up the "real science" behind climate change—Geo-engineering.

That these violent extremes of weather are actually deliberately created by a malevolent minority as an ongoing test case for weather technology to be used in their ongoing war against humanity. That over several decades of weather research, technology has been created to manage or amplify the weather.

It also serves to keep the folks preoccupied with the argument that as one group asserts that it is actually all humanity and their domestic animals that serve as food that are creating the gasses that are ruining the planet, while the other group asserts that this is idiotic but omits pointing the finger at those that benefit most from the splitting of the topic into two opposite camps.

Geo-Engineering ...

Something worthwhile considering.

Duckys here said...

@Waylon --- That over several decades of weather research, technology has been created to manage or amplify the weather.
Cue the Twilight Zone music.

skudrunner said...

In the winter it is cold, in the summer it is hot. Both of these occurrences are climate change and some leftists have figured out how to make a large fortune on it and earn a medal.

Z said...

I also heard recently of some articles saying that the icebergs are melting at the slowest rate ever...
To be scientific, one must examine ALL part of the subject.

Impertinent said...


Actually Z, years ago I heard another take on this while I was in Denver. At the time it was 17 below and a local radio show was having a call in contest.."How cold is it in Denver today"?

The winner was.."It's so cold the lawyers have their hands in their own pockets"!

Aren't all the lawyers dems anyway?

JonBerg said...

.."It's so cold the lawyers have their hands in their own pockets"!

While that's a long standing story here in Denver, make no mistake, they will still manage to get, at least, one hand in yours! Yes, most are Democrats.

Impertinent said...


Thanks for the validation...LOL

Anonymous said...

It's SO cold, in Fornicalia, that I actually had to put on a T-shirt with a pocket.


Bob said...

It's colder than a well digger's butt in Idaho.

It's colder than a witch's...

It's so cold that Harry Reid's suit answered the Senate Roll as empty. Oh, that's an everyday occurrance.

It's so cold that Mrs Clause is making snow cones to give Santa a warm snack.

It's so cold that President Obama didn't show for his nine am photo shoot.He just told his staff to photo-shop him into snowball fight with his kids. Come to think of it everything Obama says is a work of fiction.

Ed Bonderenka said...

It's so cold, gangsta's are pulling their pants up.

Kid said...

It was colder than this in the 70's. I was there.

Kid said...

PS - Recently, I read where "greenhouse asses NO! I meant gases" were at their highest levels in modern recorded history.
Yet,temperatures have been steadily in a downtrend for the last 15 years.

You surely know what this means, right? (No, not you dick, you're an idiot)

It means, that since the Singular Argument for Man Made Climate Change (greenhouse gas hockey stick) is Greenhouse Gases causing global warming, and since the greenhouse gases are highest and the temperatures Declining, THE THEORY IS NOW OUT THE WINDOW. BULLSHIT. NONSENSE. KAPUT. FINITO. NYET. TERMINUS. PPEERRIIIOODD !!

Good God.......

Kid said...

PS - Hunting Licenses for Polar Bears have recently been Significantly Increased !!!!!

This isn't hard libtards !!! Rub a COUPLE BRAIN CELLS TOGETHER IF YA GOT EM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ARG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kid said...

I meant Duck !! Really :)

Duckys here said...

@kid --- and since the greenhouse gases are highest and the temperatures Declining

Aggregate global temperatures are rising.

The critical word is "aggregate".
You have to factor in the record 120 degree temps in Rio and Western Australia, kid.

Fish in a barrel.

Kid said...

duck, the ice mass in Antarctica is the Highest in Recorded History.

I'll take your 'word' on the temps in Rio and wherever because your Cherry Picking points are pathetic and Just More Nonsense so I don't care about them.

Don't you find it at all distressing what lengths you have to go to to prop up your democrat-communist-fascist serving fantasies ? Not at all? Rally? I mean Really?

Back to you for additional nonsense.

Kid said...

Oh, Aggregate temps are Not rising btw.

Duckys here said...

Do you have a disability, kid?

Kid said...

duck, do you not have enough intelligence to address the content of these comments? I told you the aggregate temps are not rising. Your main BS point. Can you defend it, or do you really think you can maintain any kind of credibility with these pathetic replies like "do you have a disability". How old are you? Do you find your your replies defensible ? Obviously, you're not humiliated as your should be, so maybe you are 12.. If you are let me know. I'll go easy on you or just ignore you.

I gave up playing 'got ya' on the interwebs decades ago.

-Back up your nonsense
-claim nolo contendre
-or shut up.
K ?

Kid said...

Here Duck. I will help you out.

The world stopped getting warmer almost 16 years ago, according to new data released last week.

Is this what you were looking for?

Kid said...

Answers I'd like to know....

Duck, are you capable of being embarrassed ? I'm thinking no.
Are you being paid to post this claptrap, or are you doing it for free?
Most importantly, do you have any good recipes? Because the rest of your act is about as lame as I've ever seen one. Seriously.

Impertinent said...

I liked this part best:

"The most depressing feature of this debate is that anyone who questions the alarmist, doomsday scenario will automatically be labelled a climate change ‘denier’, and accused of jeopardising the future of humanity."

Duckys here said...

@kid -- I told you the aggregate temps are not rising.

Well, if you said it then it must be true. Yeah.

Man, are you a piece of work.

Kid said...

Duck. Pay Attention. POST some EVIDENCE for your claim. Right?

You saw my link. Right?

Hello? Hello? Is This Thing On ?

Kid said...

IMP, Yea, the Denier term has been out there a god while now.

In the normal universe, anyone who questioned a THEORY was an intellectual with a Valid point.

To call all of them Deniers now PROVES that the pushers of man made climate change (I'm being generous and not using their original term Global Warming since anyone with nerve endings Knows that is bullshit) DEFINES them as Fascists. Without a doubt or debate. To shout down anyone who questions an unproven theory or claim as a "denier", is proof positive of their fascism.

Kid said...

And duckie. It's not My job to refute your indefensible claims. it's Your job to back them up. Just for FYI there.

Like if I say Aliens are coming here form the Vega system in 2019, it's My job to provide some evidence of that, not Your job to disprove it.

That's the wholeCrux of the Biscuit of this whole global warming thing for the last 15 years. They throw this moron thing out there and demand We (who have brains) Disprove it. Nawwww. It's up to "duh sci en tists" to prove it, especially when their predictions are in the ZERO PERCENT correct category. DIG? Yea, prolly not.

Fish in a barrel. Dead fish in a barrel...

Kid said...

So, Duck... ;-)

This is where you run away and check out right? And come back tomorrow with your same lame claptrap claims, republican blames and conservative flames. Without a leg to stand on.
Over and Over. Again and Again. Day after Day. lol. ;-)

There's an old saying. What Goes Around Comes Around.
That is NOT a threat of any kind. Any kind. It's karma baby. Instant Karma Might Get You. Is all I'm sayin.

Z said...

Kid, you're talking to AN INDOCTRINATED WALL

Kid said...

Z, Yea, I know. I was Bored !

Z said...

good retort, Kid :-)

I KNOW you don't usually bother, so I figured you must be DEAD BORED!

Z said...
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Marine4Ever said...

Does Al Gore know about this?

JonBerg said...


"Does Al Gore know about this?"

Doubtful, he doesn't know what's going on in his pocket! He is "Certifiable". Can you imagine that he could have been the President. But, wait, MY GOD, look what we have now! I say 'Open Season' on Democrats before it's too late!

OK, the Black Helicopters are landing as I depart. It was good knowing all of you!

Marine4Ever said...

I think of that question you posed, John, -- "Can you imagine that he [Gore] could have been the President." -- and I'm reminded that there was a period of time before The Good Lord just gave up on us.

Liberalmann said...

For those who deny man's involvement in Climate Change, do this; Write a letter to your descendants about your ill informed views. Sprinkle it with Fox News talking points like 'algore.'

Put it in a safe place, like the family Bible. I'm betting future generations of relatives with think of you as the family fool.

Liberalmann said...

"It was so cold today I saw a tea bagger searching his pockets looking for a clue.'

Marine4Ever said...

Yes, LibGuy, I was just reading an article about climate change from The Washington Post.

"The Arctic ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot, according to a report to the Commerce Department yesterday from Consulafft, at Bergen, Norway.

"Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers all point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard-of temperatures in the Arctic zone. Exploration expeditions report that scarcely any ice has been met as far north as 81 degrees 29 minutes. Soundings to a depth of 3,100 meters showed the gulf stream still very warm. Great masses of ice have been replaced by moraines of earth and stones, the report continued, while at many points well known glaciers have entirely disappeared.

"Very few seals and no white fish are found in the eastern Arctic, while vast shoals of herring and smelts which have never before ventured so far north, are being encountered in the old seal fishing grounds."

Horrible, just HORRIBLE! Oh yeah... this report was from November 2, 1922, as reported by the AP and published in The Washington Post -- 90+ years ago.

I'll make sure to put it in the family Bible, along with your stuff, so future generations will be able to see what fools we had to deal with.

Marine4Ever said...

Of course none of this happened, either, did it LibGuy?

Liberalmann said...

Like I said Jarhead:

For those who deny man's involvement in Climate Change, do this; Write a letter to your descendants about your ill informed views. Sprinkle it with Fox News talking points like 'algore.'

Put it in a safe place, like the family Bible. I'm betting future generations of relatives with think of you as the family fool.