Thursday, February 20, 2014

Black History Month

Even in spite of all mankind’s accomplishments, across a wide array of human endeavors, we cannot make the claim that the 20th Century was necessarily a meritorious period. We suffered through two world wars, numerous smaller conflicts—and the number of human dead was measured in the tens of millions. Not once did we give pause to consider that perhaps we had enough weapons, sufficient war technology to last a while … we kept on working on even more efficient ways to destroy our fellow man.

In retrospect, had we suddenly decided that enough was enough and suspended all weapons development programs, it probably would not have made a difference. Not even if we had to resort to throwing rocks at one another. I say this because at the end of the 20th Century, we found large numbers of people doing essentially that. Well, not throwing rocks at one another —but butchering one another with machetes.

The ghastly history of the Hutu and Tutsi conflicts did manage to place a horrific stain on the 20th Century, although as it turned out, not the last one of that century. The Hutu/Tutsi wars began with the slaughter of between 80,000 and 200,000 people by the Tutsis in Burundi in 1972. This was followed up by the Rwanda genocide, in which Hutu militias targeted Tutsis, resulting in a 100-day blood bath, killing between 800,000 and one million people.

Ordinarily I would wonder at the seemingly large disparity in the estimated numbers of dead, but then these estimates came from the United Nations. But in the examination of these events, years after, UN experts constructed one of those post-war “here’s why it happened” explanations. In summarized form, we learned that this tribal conflict had nothing whatever to do with differences in language, or religion. The two languages are very similar, and large numbers in both populations speak French. The people are mostly Christian. There are no known ethnic differences, except that male Tutsis appear generally taller than the average Hutu male. There was one additional similarity: both groups blamed the census conducted by Belgian and German colonists.

It sounds nonsensical, doesn’t it?

According to UN experts, the violence between these two tribal groups is the result of intentionally created class warfare—the exact strategy now used by Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright, and Al Sharpton here in the good old USA. And, I suspect for the identical purpose: divide and conquer.

Perhaps now we have a better understanding—a clearer picture of what is going on among the so-called American leadership and the ideologues that manage our black communities. And now we may better understand such things as the so-called knockout game, and the flash mobs making their way across the United States. There were two such incidents in Cambridge, Massachusetts recently, but I suspect that few people even heard about it.


Dr. Thomas explains: “Some in the media, as well as in politics, may think that they are trying to avoid provoking a race war by ignoring or playing down these attacks. But the way to prevent a race war is by stopping these attacks, not trying to sanitize them.”

He’s right. Our citizens will find out about these incidents sooner or later no matter how much effort Obama’s and Holder’s lap dogs expend trying to stifle the information. Trying to hide a problem does not appear to be the mark of a responsible leadership—but neither did I make such a claim. Sooner or later, mainstream society will find out about such incidents, and we should anticipate the likelihood that their reaction could be violent. It is hard to imagine that Boston’s Southies would ignore such attacks, and then what we end up with are two groups (or more) lashing out. We end up with exactly what Obama and Holder (and the others) want: race wars. Suddenly, the violence of the Hutu and Tutsi Wars is not so far removed from ourselves.

Dr. Thomas explains further, “What is politically expedient is to do what Attorney General Eric Holder is doing — launch campaigns against schools that discipline a “disproportionate” number of black male students.” He’s right again. It is a tired old shoe among leftists: continually change the narrative, or, as Saul Alinsky would say, “The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.”

We can continue to ignore the behavior of hoodlums, but we do so at great risk to an orderly, voluntarily lawful society. It is better for everyone that we suppress these hoodlums now, that we punish them vigorously now, rather than continue down a road that either leads to open violence, or lands young men on death row.

I want to conclude by recognizing the tremendous accomplishments of black Americans, in a very wide range of human endeavors. With that said, I fail to see how setting aside one short month to recognize blacks over any other racial or ethnic group does anything more than divide Americans further. This may be what Obama and his henchmen want, but it shouldn’t be what the rest of us want. We are, after all, all Americans.


Constitutional Insurgent said...

I've long believed that our elected representatives are either fools, or think the electorate are fools. I've lately been convinced that it's not an either-or's most certainly both.

I also have never been on board with "National 'Anything' Months". They're non-sensical.

Always On Watch said...

"The race question" has plagued America for how long now?

We're not even close to solving race-related problems. Are these problems going to continue for perpetuity?

Blaming "the other" is the human condition, IMO. And race is an obvious characteristic of "the other" -- the most visually obvious characteristic (usually). Of course, this statement about visually obvious doesn't apply very well to the Hutus and Tutsis.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

AOW - They're going to continue in perpetuity, because it's an industry. Those most heavily invested in that industry owe their livelihood and power to the perpetuation of racism, whether it exists in the form of discrimination or not.

Having been drafted to attend the Army's Equal Opportunity Leadership Course...the salient point fed to us was that the benefit of the doubt always goes to the offended. And since feeling offended is largely unprovable to the second and third parties, the ajudicating party will typically choose that path of least resistance.

Corporations and other entites who have been targeted by this industry, usually do likewise, as it is the cheapest option. It is to the detriment of actual racist discrimination, which still does occur, that the race industry has poisoned their own well.

But suffice to say, that nobody who makes their living in this racket wants to be the one to pronounce it defunct and turn off the lights.

Anonymous said...

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Always On Watch said...


Always On Watch said...

They're going to continue in perpetuity, because it's an industry.


And it's an industry which feeds on itself.

Bob said...

Mustang: All those numbers coughed up by the UN and various government agencies are nothing more than estimates, and not even intelligent guesses. The gap from 80,000 to 200.000 is huge, and there is no excuse for publishing these WAG's.

The biggest problem with these numbers is that nobody can keep a accurate body count, and some don't want an accurate body count.

Instead of Black History Month, we need an American History month. I am holding my breath on that one.

The Political Chic said...

I'm going to celebrate Black History Month by playing Rap Music all day, and then forcing myself to look at the racist douche bag Al Sharpton's face, the biggest white hater in the world!

Sam Huntington said...

I completely agree with CI and AOW’s point of view. And Bob’s … but I lack the dedication of Political Chick.

I seem to recall that as these African wars went on unabated, the world organizations stood around and did nothing. When finally UN peace keepers were sent in, the soldiers spent their time raping 9-year old girls rather than tracking down the militias. That is what I remember. I also remember the Eric Holder called Americans “cowards” for not having a conversation about race, but whenever anyone starts such a conversation, they are called racists. And of course, according to J. Christian Adams, it is the official policy of the Holder DOJ not to prosecute any crime perpetrated by a black against a white. What does this mean? It means that Mustang is a racist.

skudrunner said...

When you have no cards to play, you play the race card. For the first three years of the incompetent incumbent administration all they had to say is "racist" and everyone crawled into a hole. Now people say stuff it and keep going.

When was the last time the Obama/Holder/Sharpton/Jackson and all the other black non-leaders admonished black youth from killing each other and disavow gangs. Let a black youth kill another black youth, something very common in Chicago/Boston/NYC and nothing is said. Let a white kill a black and it is a national travesty.

Agree with CI "National 'Anything' Months" are non-sensical

Duckys here said...

And now we may better understand such things as the so-called knockout game, and the flash mobs making their way across the United States. There were two such incidents in Cambridge, Massachusetts recently, but I suspect that few people even heard about it.

The so called "knockout" game incidents have been debunked.
In Cambridge the incidents are almost certainly caused by a mentally ill individual.

Scared of the dark, mustang?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Ducky - Care to share the evidence of the alleged 'debunking'?

Jack Whyte said...

"In Cambridge the incidents are almost certainly caused by a mentally ill individual."

You heard it here first. Ducky is doing the knockout game in Massachusetts.

Duckys here said...

CI, one that went viral was actually the result of a white punk trying to break into a car.

There were a couple incidents in a hasidic area of NYC where there has always been tension that were nothing more than a shoving match. No one was knocked out or even injured but the Post was quick to claim "knockout" game.

The evidence in the Cambridge attacks, which have not resulted in any serious injury, absolutely points to a mentally ill individual. There is no gang involvement.

He you seen the knockout game in the news, lately? No.
Because people like mustang got all whipped up over a non event and now the belief is firmly cemented in the fringe right mind.

It really is sad.

Thersites said...

Blaming "the other" is the human condition, IMO. And race is an obvious characteristic of "the other" -- the most visually obvious characteristic (usually). Of course, this statement about visually obvious doesn't apply very well to the Hutus and Tutsis.

The Left see's the problem of "blaming the other" and creating a "scapegoat" community inside one's own borders along racial lines as the great "fault" of the Right and as something that THEY are incapable of doing (forget about the kulaks and all the Russian "dissidents" sent to the gulags... this was done in the "noble" cause of eliminating 'economic' "class" distinctions). Racism 'bad" Classism 'good'.

Thersites said...

If ducky re-defined the 'knockout game' in terms of economic disparity instead of racial disparity, he'd be praising the aggressors to high heaven instead of denying the phenomena's existence.

The Absolute Marxist said...

It's a shame that we don't live in ducky's favorite Marxist utopia...

...a land without any visible racial animosities and a government completely dedicated to eliminating "class" distinctions.

Right-Winger said...

Black History Month Irks me!
When is brown history month? Or white, or Asian, or native American?
It's seems very obvious to me that's unfair, but so is the United “Black”college fund, the black congressional coccus, the Miss Black America pageant. and so on. Apparently reverse racism is OK. Why not a White history month, or a White college fund?
If you want to talk about being “Shameful” The real “Shameful” Americans are the Americans who were NOT vigilant enough not to let a Chicago Communist-raised, communist-educated, communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel like the acorn community organizer like Barack Hussein Obama to weasel his way into the top office of authority in the United States of America.

So how can anyone take a party like the Liberal-progressive-Democrats as real Americans seriously?
As for Ted Nugent why should anyone care what Ted Nugent says? He is not a Republican spokesperson!
We should be focusing on the outlandish things that Barack Hussein Obama says and DOES!

YES, Ted Nugent was wrong. He was out of line and I do NOT agree with his assessment of Barack Hussein Obama. But he entitled to express his opinion?

I never see or hear the other side care one single iota about what the "Reverend" Sharpton says! Calling Allen West an "Uncle Tom" And calling the Jews Interlopers, and calling for Boycotts of stores in NY’S Harlem because the shop owners are Korean.

It also irks me that Al Sharpton is called a civil rights advocate when he knew the Tawanna Brawley story was a fraud

Or for Jessie Jackson to call the Jews "Hymies" Paula Deen was destroyed, for using the “N” word 30 years back!

Alec Balwin does worse and gets his wrist slapped.

Ian said...

Enough is enough already, Isn’t Black History Month obsolete? If not it should be! What purpose does it currently serve in your life as opposed to American History? We already have a Black president who was elected twice by a large majority of white people. Walk through our hospitals and ypou’ll find a very large group of Black Doctors, and Nurses. Walk through the Court rooms and you’ll find a VERY large percentage of Black lawyers and yest Judges as well. So what the hell do you people want?
Are we still supposed to be paying for the“Slavery” that happened before anyone alive was on this earth! For Crist’s sake, I can’t even go th the movies without seeing picture, after picture with that Freaken Oprah Winfrey as a Slave! That Fat ass has more money than God, made from white people , and is still throwing the race card, give me a freaking break. Like that old Feed bag was ever a slave.
Enough is enough ,this whole slave issue is sickening.
This twerp who is a billionaire is still"cries" for slavery, why, is she crying because she has more money than 99% of blacks in America put together?? "Slavery" gave you blacks government jobs and color TVs, instead of getting blown up in Somalia... you should be thanking the whites of America, you bunch of hypocrites !!

Silverfiddle said...

CI's first comment brought to mind the following Mark Twain quote:

“Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.”

In the case of Divided Statists of America, I'd say the latter.

Anonymous said...

From Z:

Mustang, please delete Ducky; I'm tired of his insults...just REALLY fed up.

It's not so much what he says that leads me to wanting this today, we can all argue and better him on his points, but I do not want the enormous ego and mischaracterizations here.

And I can't abide by anybody who takes a few lines out of ANY post, concentrates on them, and dismisses the whole, very important point of the post, which, of course, always still applies.

THanks. Sorry, Ducky...not today. It's getting ridiculous and TRUST ME, you're not the great thinker you like to portray yourself as, AND I'm tired of your socialist hypocrisy hooked somehow to "I'll bet YOU don't make as much money as THAT guy does." It's just plain loony.
SO MANY TIMES, all you can volunteer is your financial comforts and the supposed poverty of my commenters. Get a grip, define what you really DO feel, and stop the hypocrisy.

Thanks :-)

Oh, and ANONYMOUS has to go; I'm sick and tired of Michelle Obama insults, too. I can't stand the woman, but I'm not having this stuff here. I can't stand her politics, it's LOW to constantly comment on her looks.

THanks, Mustang

The Absolute Marxist said...

First thing I would do is establish that the so called knockout game actually exists.

...because logic dictates that the underclass always gratefully thanks the ruling classes for their benevolent leadership and wouldn't dream of ever doing anything subversive, let alone "criminal", on an opportunistic basis...

Fifteenth century Mongol Warriors didn't play the "punch the kulak" game?

Oh, that's right, they raped them, instead.

Never mind.

In other words, duckman, "You can let go of my balls now."

The Absolute Marxist said...

The problems in the Ukraine today are a direct result of Holodomor and the decossackization of the Ukraine.

Your problem, ducky, is that you approve of the "scapegoats" being targeted in the "knockout game"... the "salaried proletariate" (standing in for the petit bourgeosie).

Sam Huntington said...

Ducky has a lot of problems and they go far past his lack of intelligence. He has serious mental health issues. I believe he is a sociopath, which goes a long way to explain his crude, argumentative, asinine behaviors. The short description would be loser. I cringe every time I think that this clown is a public school teacher, even in something as inconsequential as secondary drama. I feel sorry for those kids.

Duckys here said...

Who's censoring, z or mustang?

Mustang said...

@ Ducky

I think disagreement is a good thing; it allows people to consider other points of view. That isn’t good enough for you though; you have to make snide comments, construct surly responses, you attack people personally. What I find hilarious about this is that I’ve seen you whining to AOW about Sam attacking you personally at their blog —and yet, you don’t hesitate behaving disrespectfully toward others.

You don’t have to agree with Z or anyone else here, but you do have to treat Z and others with respect. Your remarks to Z in the past have been abominable and very ungentlemanly. And you have to treat Z with respect because this is HER blog. It is not your blog. You have no rights here. So, your refusal to exhibit good manners will result in perfunctory deletion in the future.

Now … is there anything you don’t understand about this policy, Ducky?

Duckys here said...

I'm also a college instructor, Sam.

Although it doesn't surprise me that you'd consider drama tangential.

You're like the other fringe righty who was down on art history. Somehow a career in museum curation or graphics doesn't meet his standards of productivity.

It also discounts history which is a very weak subject area on the right.

Anything substantive to say Sam or do you get rag dolled and cry to the censors?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Well Professor, perhaps you should go back and re-read what I wrote. My comment was specifically in reference to job availability, and the two examples I used were solid in that there is an extremely finite number of careers in those fields. After misreading what I wrote, you then attempted to belittle my salary...yet unsurprisingly, you have absolutely no idea what I do, or how much I am paid.

Personally, I could care less if someone got their degree in underwater basket weaving...if they can't find work, perhaps they chose a difficult career field based on their feelings.......but I will not accord them with sympathy when they not only whine about their choice, but expect entitlement and assistance because of it.

But I am amused at your use of the "fringe righty" pejorative, it merely ices the fallen cake you're created.

Thersites said...

Don't watch this...

...the knockout game doesn't exist, cuz mr. ducky says it don't.

Always On Watch said...

A friend of mine once said, "There is nothing more dangerous than a bunch of zealots." In the context she mean, zealots meant true believers.

I'm not sure that my friend's statement is completely accurate, but I've never forgotten her words -- uttered about a decade ago, probably in reference to 9/11.

Impertinent said...


Jeez CI....I'd be in tears. Wow.

Jack Whyte said...

Progressive politics is to society what progressive cancer is to the human body: deadly. Celebration of black history month is an extreme form of progressive thought (which seems almost like an oxymoron), suggesting that one segment of society deserves more recognition than any other. Dr. Ben Carson is calling for a colorblind society … and that is exactly the direction we should be heading. The question isn’t about what we ought to be doing; it is about whether we have the courage to do what is right for America—as a whole.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Why isn't Kwanzaa celebrated in Black History Month?

Bob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kid said...

ALL you need to know

Never happen and damn sad. We were This close in the 70's.

Kid said...

Respectfully folks, this is all about the Money.

If people could make hay talking about Sloth Fur, the issue would be Sloth Fur.

Anonymous said...

From Z:

Ducky..Who's 'censoring' here? me, or I'm TRYING to. Can't delete from work.

Ya, not censoring, and you DAMNED WELL KNOW IT. Again, you're not READING. Nothing I said is remotely about censoring for ideas.

I don't want rudeness, I don't want your imbecilic and constant suggestions that you're the one with the big brains here and everybody else is a troglodyte.

Not EVERYBODY has to be a rich supposed college professor of drama who's a socialist and who frequently insults people who don't seem to have much funds to be THE MAN, okay?

Not censoring: I just like really NICE people here.

Odd thing is, I think that if you could get your ego out of the way, you might just make some sense here and not be such a bad jerk, too.

See you all tomorrow.

I need a new computer and it's coming, but might take a week or so...if I'm lucky. All is good; nobody needs call or email. I'm taking care of it, and THANKS!

xxx Miss you all at night! (so to speak :-)

Kid said...

Z, All the best and all things must pass.


Ed Bonderenka said...

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Kid said...

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Ed Bonderenka said...

Can I be in your upline?

Kid said...

Ed, I will send you the franchise documents immediately.

Michelle said...

Just popped over to see what's happening in the world. Has anyone seen the documentary, "Runaway Slave" with Rev. C.L. Bryant? It would be EXCELLENT for black history month. You can watch it on Netflix if you have it.

I'll give you all a small spoiler: liberals will hate it and have called Bryant an "Uncle Tom". Conservatives will love it and it will redeem your hope in mankind.

Michelle said...

Just popped over to see what's happening in the world. Has anyone seen the documentary, "Runaway Slave" with Rev. C.L. Bryant? It would be EXCELLENT for black history month. You can watch it on Netflix if you have it.

I'll give you all a small spoiler: liberals will hate it and have called Bryant an "Uncle Tom". Conservatives will love it and it will redeem your hope in mankind.

Baysider said...

Black history month? Springing from good intentions 100 years ago, Frederick Douglass' Feb. 10 birthday was used as a nexus for recognizing black accomplishments. Too bad it's become another minority ghetto and a sociologist's wet dream. Names and inventions out of context.

This was wrong from the get-go. The age that marched for desegregation called for re-segregation at the same time! Let's just put the history together with all its milestones, personages and accomplishments.

Provocative thoughts, Mustang. It's a more practical road to Helter Skelter than the drugged hippie nut case's way.

Anonymous said...

Mustang, as for your last paragraph, a hearty "Hear! Hear!"

While my memory is not what it used to be, I recall in my elementary school years we had Washington's Birthday and Lincoln's Birthday as holidays? Is that right? In hindsight and amidst this racial maelstrom created by your individuals mentioned, these two gents represented everybody. Now, we have MLK Day and a "combined" President's Day. I think MLK did good...but deserves a holiday named after him? Indeed, a promotion of racial divide.

Thank you for your well written thoughts...and history lesson.

Anonymous said...

From Z of Geeez;

Michelle, I'm going put that on my Netflix list, thanks!

p47, today, kids don't even know which two presidents comprise President's Day. Literally.

The left has done a fantastic day of helping our next generations know ZIP about our country; how do you defend a country whose history you don't even know OR appreciate?
It's the plan.