Friday, February 21, 2014

Nobody knows the trouble I've seen ...

The title of this essay is also the name of a popular Negro spiritual performed by such famous artists as Marian Anderson, Lena Horne, Louis Armstrong, Paul Robeson, and now … by Barack Obama, who is perhaps the most artistic of them all.

Wait … Barack Obama?

Yes, indeed. The debate will continue for decades about whether Mr. Obama was a good president, a bad president, or whether he was actually ever black. Whether he was good for America, even for a few seconds, will depend upon what side of the fence you’re on. If you happen to be a convicted moron, then Obama could be the finest thing ever to happen to mankind since peanut butter. On the other hand, if you are even just a little rational, he is an total disaster across the entire spectrum of national leadership.

My bottom line is that Obama is a wimp. Here is a man that voluntarily decided to run for the presidency after no more than fifteen seconds in the U. S. Senate. The man fought long and hard against the wildebeest, ultimately achieving the communist party nomination. He then defeated Mumps McCain in one of the least remarkable political contests since the assassination of Caligula. He also won reelection —not because of the Negro vote —but because he was overwhelmingly elected by white voters. I’m writing about those people who Obama and Holder now claim are racists: whitey, honky, goobers, rednecks, crackers, and white trash.

How quickly he forgets.

So why is Obama suddenly whining like a Nancy-Boy about his popularity among the people who just a few short months ago gave him an overwhelming (albeit, corrupted) victory over someone who really is qualified for the presidency? Well, he’s whining because the American people are fed up with his lackluster performance as chief executive. The list of his failures as president is far too long to list here, but we can summarize:

     • His brainless spending has increased our national deficit to $4 trillion. That means, $4 trillion more than anticipated revenues. Worse, the spending has not benefitted the average American. It has benefitted Obama’s financial backers, however.

     • Obama has hurt small businesses by increasing the number of federal regulations, at a cost of $11 billion in implementation costs, and $46 billion annually in operating costs.

     • Obama’s policies have cost Americans their jobs, from shutting down offshore oil production, to blocking the Keystone Pipeline, curtailed the production of fossil fuel (coal), increased taxes on small businesses, demanded increases to minimum wage, and perpetuated the fraud of green industries.

As I said earlier, the list is far too long to list here, but you can find the specific examples by doing a little research on your own. But let’s give credit where credit is due: Barack Obama did successfully raid the Gibson Guitar Company for their use of “illegal wood” in the construction of their musical instruments.

Oh, wait … didn’t Gibson Guitar publicly endorse a Republican candidate for the presidency? Oops, sorry.

But no, Mr. Obama is claiming that his problems have nothing whatever to do with that long list of things that have caused people to lose faith in him. No. According to Barack Obama, the people don’t love him any more because of …


Anonymous said...

Re: your excellent closing with the reference to Fox News. Give Obummer a pen and paper. Since Freedom of the press is guaranteed by the First Amendment, he can take that Constitutional protection away from Fox with a stroke of his mighty pen... and not seek Congressional approval before doing so.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Spot on. Obama had the temerity to claim that the GOP opposed his unconstitutional overreach with the ACA, was because they "didn't like him".

He's petulant and whiny, and utterly unbecoming to the office of the President. Though he doesn't stand out as much as he could, were he not standing alongside predecessors and congressional peers.

I won't call him a Communist though, as I generally don't believe in expanding definitions to make labels a more convenient pejorative.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I can't post the photo here, and I'm not plugging my blog, but I posted a photo at the end in response to an AOW comment, regarding her SILs regard for Obama.
It's germane to the discussion.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

My oddball GOV network filter has your blog blocked for "sex". Of course Geeeez is blocked for the same. I have to open the comments at home and e-mail the link to myself, in order to comment at work.

Strangely, my own blog isn't blocked obviously this means you all are a bunch of perv's! :)

Always On Watch said...

I see it! **smile**

BTW, my SIL used to be a rock groupie -- specifically, a very famous rock star's main squeeze for 10 years. I kid you not! I think that my SIL fried her brain with drugs. She's a real piece of work even now -- in her late 50s.

Kenosha Marge said...

"What difference at this point does it make?” From the most "intelligent woman in the world" according to the MSM and the rest of the left! That sludge will probably our next President. She screws up everything she touches. She is as big a fraud as man made global warming. The only thing that that lying fat-assed bitch excels at is covering up the truth! She is directly responsible for the murder of those men and she "should" be held accountable Period!
I guess that lying is now the best qualifications for becoming the new presidency

Defusing The Liberal Lies. said...

So, the “Beauty Queen”, the SO CALLED “eloquent” Michelle Obama appeared on the Jimmy Fallon Show to promote her Let’s Move! campaign! What a farce! She held up New York City traffic for hours for this CRAPOLA!
And the So Called “Beauty Queen”, the SO CALLED “eloquent” First Lady of the United States shouting “ew!” like a little girl. She’s classless and an embarrassment to our great Nation!
For the life of me, I just don’t understand the “Progressives’s” love for this “person” And her husband! They clearly HATE GOD, America Israel, Christianity, Conservatism, Freedom, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and our Constitution. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. God bless you and God bless the families who have sacrificed lives for our freedom and God bless the united States of America!

And all the while, these idiot, brain-washed, “liberals/progressives” just keep skipping along behind this couple … it makes me sick to my stomach.

Rottweiler said...

Is it Hilarious or is it just plain Stupid, that our Pussy of a President is “Drawing another Line in the Sand” this time in the Kiev situation.
Yeah, I’ll bet that Putin is really afraid of this guy! Does he really think that anyone cares?

Sparky said...

Excellent post Geez! You are spot on with this one. I'm so tired of this nampy-pampy BOY I could spit nails. He's such a jerk that now he wants to go after Fox News with the FCC regulations. If Barry isn't gone soon, I fear our nation is forever lost.
"Let his days be few; and let another take his office." Psalm 109:8 KJV

Duckys here said...

Curious that you think the Gibson case was an overreach by government.

Most of the wood was Madagascan rosewood which is close to disappearing.

But just use it up. Consistent with the fringe right's belief in just trashing resources for short term profit. Very enlightened.

Duckys here said...

The debate will continue for decades about whether Mr. Obama was a good president, a bad president, or whether he was actually ever black.

You are obsessed with race.
This may be closer to the real issue.

Anonymous said...

From Z of GeeeZ:

I'd like to know how this blog is blocked for 'sex' what way? I've never had anybody mention that and I'm always first on the Yahoo page of whatever subject that's been picked up.
Please let me know.

Ducky, I burst into laughter at the Gibson Guitar situation; You really do have to do some homework ;-) Check into other guitar companies doing the same...with no repercussions, okay? Hilarious.

If Mustang is obsessed with race, he doesn't come even close to your obsession with homosexuality.

And no, it's nowhere close to the REAL ISSUE Mustang so poignantly and sadly is forced to discuss about a sitting AMerican president. Very sad that Obama deserves Mustang's words so well.

I know! Let's all be liberals and shut EVERY non-liberal thought down...wouldn't that be FUN? Let's behave like the FCC!

Let's tell Mustang' he can't talk about Obama in the way he has because that makes him a RACIST.
Raise your hands if you, too, think the Dems choosing Obama to run knew his color would get him elected. (oh, suddenly got windy in front of my screen) "You can't criticize Obama, he's a Black man!"
Oh, wait..THEY can totally USE a BLack man, but Mustang can't even mention his color? WHAT?

Liberals..WAKE UP. It's YOU who care that he's not white, NOT US.

Ya, let's shut down the press...oh, wait, that's like fascism. Oh, wait...I thought the Dems call US the fascists. :-)

Speedy G said...

You are obsessed with race.

It was Obama's one and ONLY qualification for high office.

Sam Huntington said...

I too am wondering how Mustang is obsessed with race. If someone observers a peculiar trend in society, and then comments on it, does that make him or her a racist, or a homophobe? Well, only if you live in Massachusetts and have crap for brains. It was Eric Holder who made the announcement that Americans are cowards for not having a conversation about race; it was Obama who called Americans seeking a conversation about race, racists. And among those black Americans who are calling for the same conversation, such as Ben Carson and Thomas Sowell, Ducky derides them at every opportunity. What this does is prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Ducky is seriously mentally disturbed.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - "I'd like to know how this blog is blocked for 'sex' what way?"

I don't have any idea, and it's not just your blog. The GOV filter here seems to randomly block inoffensive sites. This blog became unblocked a couple of weeks ago....but now it is.

Mustang said...

@ CI

You keep suggesting my use of the word communist, to describe Obama, as a pejorative. I strongly disagree. It is no harsher or judgmental calling him a communist than it is to refer to him as African-American, or a Chicago Politician. It is appropriate because I know what a communist is, I know all the manifestations of communism, and based on this understanding, I can judge Obama to be a communist—from his own speeches, remarks, behaviors, and policies. What is the purpose of Socialism, if not communism? At least, this is how Vladimir Lenin instructed his brainless followers.

@ Z

CI is talking about his employer’s IT department setting up blocks on the use of office computers. It is more than likely a block on all blogger addresses because there are some examples of explicit sex on blogger. Nothing to worry about; it isn't about Geeez.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Mustang - Correct on the IT block, though it's only on some blogs, which makes it even stranger...and even then, only on the home and specific post pages.....I can still access the comments page for a post if I e-mail the url to myself before coming to work.

You're free to call Obama whatever you like obviously. I too know the tenets of Communism, so I don't use the term here. For me, there is more than enough fodder with which to excoriate Obama on his actions and policies. There's no vaule added in what I see as unnecessary inflation. Those on the left engage in that to a degree I don't want to emulate.

Anonymous said...

From Z:

Thanks for the information about GeeeZ: that was a bit unsettling, I have to say!

CI, I understand your comment about communism, but maybe you and Mustang might engage in a little "What's really Communism, after all?" and the discussion can be good fruit for us all......I hope you two do.

I think you're reacting because Communism was such a big pejorative for so many years...and you had to be a goofball to BE a communist and ADMIT IT in America.
Those days are over.

While calling him a Communist might give lefties a great springboard to further insult Republicans for hyperbole and what they'd consider a lie, it's still probably TRUE, as Mustang says. You're not only a Communist if you're running a politbureau, for example.

Maybe this will resonate with Americans around midterm elections, because it's clear that those actions and policies you consider worthy of excoriation sure aren't making much of a dent on Americans...

SAM; Ducky's rule is "If the point of the post is too hard to argue with, let's just pick an aspect, ONE possibly questionable part of it, and attack..."
Racism fits his bill.

I think the whole point was the 'troubles I've seen' song and how that led beautifully into Mustang's post; it IS a Negro spiritual sung by MANY wonderful Black singers and, let's face it, Obama is nothing if he isn't a "woe is me " kind of guy.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - The problem with this tactic is that when a charge of ideological membership is leveled at an unacknowledging target, the burden of proof lies with the accuser. And in this case especially, there is [to me] no added benefit of trying to play six degrees from separation when there is adequate ammunition with which to expose the inept and unconstitutional policies of the Obama Administration. And though I missed it previously, Mustang leveled this ideological membership at the entire Democratic Party, making the burden even greater.

For this label to be valid, one has to at least show substantial rooting of policies, in the ten pillars of Communism.....and utterly bypass the point where Socialism lies on the spectrum. The far left doesn't think Obama is anywhere near a Communist, where is the added benefit for someone on the right to make the claim?

I don't see the upside to using this assertion, as the right is already convinced, and the opposition will not be swayed by such. Independents, Libertarians and Greens might entertain the notion, but usually only after a substantial and convincing foundation is laid.

Duckys here said...

Damn, Canada 1 --- USA 0

Some good fast hockey though.

Duckys here said...

Sam congratulations on raising the level of discourse.

That kind of vulgarity often gets censored if it comes from the left.

Anyway, if you can point to any type of legislation or executive action that this administration has passed to favor minorities it would be instructive to post.

Please, don't waste time with the NBPP voter intimidation red herring. Deciding not to prosecute a misdemeanor charge which the Bush administration had already passed doesn't cut it.

But I'm sure your reply will be instructive.

A constructive conversation might be worthwhile. However, when you kick off the band with whether he was actually ever black it's going nowhere.
That's just playing to your fear of losing white male privilege.

Baysider said...

Gibson ... a case of selective enforcement. Martin guitar used same product, filled out same paperwork as Gibson. No difference?

Ooops. Wait. There IS a difference. Gibson exec gave a little to Republican candidates. Martin exec gave beacoup buckets to Democrat candidates.

This doesn't exactly support Mustang's characterization of Mr. Obama as a wimp. Nothing to see here, folks. Just more Chicago thuggery. Nothing new.

Duckys here said...

@z -- Ducky, I burst into laughter at the Gibson Guitar situation; You really do have to do some homework ;-) Check into other guitar companies doing the same...with no repercussions, okay?

Other companies are mislabeling their shipments of ebony and rosewood?

The Indian government has ruled that certain rosewood exports are legal and the situation under U.S. law is cloudy.

Gibson decided to deal under the table with a corrupt Madagascan government in place via a coup. Martin did not deal with that government.

This all grew out of attempts to protect amazon forests and spread to other areas. I know you think that those forests are there so that they can be used for profit and applaud Gibson's decision to simply violate any law that's inconvenient.

Anonymous said...

From Z:

CI, there used to be benefit; when Communism was considered antithetical to America.
Today, I'm hoping that people see what Obama's doing; telling AMericans "you've made enough money," and "we'll shut down anybody who doesn't think like we do," and "we'll take care of your health care but we'll lie doing it,", etc etc.........and people will wake up. Maybe we won't be communists, but we've sure changed for the worst and polls show our constant attempts at waking people up are beginning to work.

I'd feel SUCH GUILT if I voted for Obama, and we see a poll today that say a huge majority who did now wish they'd voted for Romney. DUH.

Anonymous said...

From Z:

Ducky, which comment of SAM's is "VULGAR" to you?
And if it were vulgar, any of it, I'd weigh whether it was gratuitous or not and delete as I SEE FIT.

You need to read Baysider's comment on Gibson; stop checking THE NATION or MSNBC for your biased assessment. It's ridiculous; leftists at the time saw the hypocrisy of Obama on that one.

And by the way, NOBODY HERE thinks raping forests is a good idea, NOBODY, particularly ME: I'm SICK of your ridiculous assumptions based on NOTHING but your own bias.

Here's the typical idiot leftwing mentality:

People need guitars made of wood.



enough said.


Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - "there used to be benefit; when Communism was considered antithetical to America."

Communism still is antithetical to the principles this nation was founded on. But hyperbole has little benefit, except to make the user feel better.

Anonymous said...

From Z:

CI....and, of course, I can disagree and do. Obviously, it's hyperbole and antithetical, I meant that many leftwingers don't see it quite as antithetical as most Americans used to.

And I continue to believe there are some people waking up to Obama BECAUSE they've heard that hyperbole. That's all.

See you all some time over the weekend, if I come into the office and do webmail, or on Tuesday. No computer at home.
I'm kind of getting used to it...

have a good one.

Anonymous said...

If anyone wonders what happened to our once great America, here it is in a nutshell. The federal government seized from the people their inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It perverted federalism and denied to the states their sovereign authority. It taxed the people at will, and withheld from them justice. It seized from citizens that which was their property, and gave it to others and called this social justice. It even denied the people their right to determine for themselves, and their families, such things as health care insurance, charging people for services they do not need and do not want, in order that others can have access to those services. It has removed from the states, and the people, the right to determine how their own children will be educated. And then, you enablers have the audacity to argue that labeling those who subscribe to communism as communists is hyperbole? If Americans no longer have the courage to call a spade a spade, they probably don’t deserve what was once a free country.

~ Robert Sinclair

Constitutional Insurgent said...

All of your examples have been aided and abetted by the I suppose we can then conclude that there are virtually no Republican or Democrats as elected officials.....only Communists. Thanks for clearing that up.

As the saying goes....."a Republic, if you can keep it". Party politics have clearly shown that we cannot.

Duckys here said...

@z ---
Ducky, which comment of SAM's is "VULGAR" to you?

Well, only if you live in Massachusetts and have crap for brains.

But your mileage may vary.

Kid said...

hen you're not a real person, and an incompetent imbecile to boot, you're only strategy is to point your finger in all directions when failures occur and take credit for everything that did happen that was any good (nothing did) and failing that, have your media arm make stuff up to attribute to you.

Like some young hip black dude on FOX who spends $1,500 a week on his hair, proclaiming what a fantastic economic recovery we've had under obama. Of course, all one needs to realize is that there are 91 MILLION (1/3rd of the total population) unemployed who are not even looking for jobs.

I could have written one thing (usually more than one) ever single day this idiot has been in the white house that has hurt Americans. I didn't because I simply didn't want my brain full of that *. And why. We still have plenty of morons who think lbj and jimmy carter were great presidents. Better ways to spend my time and thoughts.

But man, for people who haven't got it figured by now. Hooooooooly you know what are they stupid. I mean dead, silent, unremarkable piece of carborundum at the bottom of a lake stupid.

Kid said...

Sparky, I'd rather have obama than the hidebeast actually and seriously.

PS - I just bought 500 lbs of Madagascan Rosewood for the fireplace. Man that stuff burns great.

Kid said...

CI, I'll 2nd the communist conclusion for obama. At least.

No inflation going on here at all.

I'd also add Fascist, Criminal and Sociopath, Racist, Anti-American, muslim activist, and incompetent imbecile teleprompter reader. A fake person in fact as well.

Kid said...

Robert Sinclair, great comment, and the core personality of my blog and myself.

I do believe Americans are so much more abused than the revolutionaries were, that if people realized such, it would blow their mind.

Kid said...

CI. for clarification, I get Zero of my conclusions from anyone in politics, let alone the republican party. I consider republicans the enemy far more dangerous than dems because they still command the illusion they are worth a * to far too many people in America.

Duckys here said...

kid, that wasn't coherent.

Liberalmann said...

Lol, your Fox News logo says it all. Lies.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Kid - "I'll 2nd the communist conclusion for obama. At least."

Noted. But I'd be curious to know what you would call an actual Communist.

Liberalmann said...

Obama's Recovery Act: Helping Small Business, Yes

Kid said...

CI, Just a communist, though some are more reprehensible.

FDR (and some before him), LBJ, Carter, Clinton, and now obama, all communists. The democrat party is the communist party.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Yet the Democratic Party does not subscribe to the pillars/tenets of actual Communism becomes.watered down in the pursuit of demagoguery.

Kid said...

CI, Point taken.

But given how strong we were in 1960, the dems couldn't just have flipped a switch. We were too strong then.

But look at the difference between 1960 and today. I'm old enough to actually remember and maybe you're not, which for many young people is exactly the problem.

Call is subversive communism that will lead to real communism. The government IS arming itself in preparation for that now in major ways, mechanically and legislatively and covertly.

It will be greatest shock, and will no doubt be welcomed by the libtards among us. That is until they find out what it actually is they've been begging for.

Kid said...

CI, PS, How do you know that? Sure they can't practice communism in America to the full extent but who is to say that they don't subsribe to the pilalrs/tenets of communism?

You'll remember at least two of obamas early cabinet picks were kicked to the curb because they are members of the communist party.

Anonymous said...

One cannot be familiar with the ten planks of communism, and the Democratic Party Platform, and not recognize a certain consistency in the intent of both of these statements, unless one is completely befuddled due to age or intellectual deficiency. Neither can one claim that Wilson, Roosevelt, Truman, Johnson, Carter, Clinton, Bush II, or Obama are not at least communist light (more likely over medium) unless they are the product of the progressive brainwashing that has occurred in our schools since 1936 … and not once ever questioned what is actually happening inside the national beltway. Or have merely acquiesced to useful idiocy.

~Robert Sinclair

Anonymous said...

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism,” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened. I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.” --Norman Thomas

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"Sure they can't practice communism in America to the full extent but who is to say that they don't subsribe to the pilalrs/tenets of communism?"

One can play six degrees of Kevin Bacon and make you an I out to be Communists. That would not an intellectually mature tactic though. As I stated again, one has to completely bypass where Socialism resides on the spectrum to reach Communism, and the policies enacted by this and other Democrat Administrations, fall far short of even that mark. Not to say that some don't lean decidedly in that direction, but the Democratic Administrations in the nation, in this era, have been as much a friend to corporate interests as have the GOP.

Actual Communists, such as the folks in the CPUSA, overwhelmingly do not think the current regime is anything remotely resembling Socialist or Communist. Further, many the programs and policies we are discussing today have either parallel efforts of some degree in past GOP Administrations or have been aided and abetted by the same.

The confusion, as I see it, is the amalgamation of fear-weighted labels with simple Statism. Political labels are generally meaningless except to the beholder, so the actual definitions are perverted and or diluted. State control over the liberties of the citizen is the true enemy, and both parties have made it their life's work to subordinate that to their quest to gain and maintain power.

Kid said...

CI, We're not talking 6 degrees of separation, we're talking about a president who put communists on his cabinet. Intellectually honest? Please.

-big business is crony capitalism
-small business is being eaten by democrat policy
-congress hasn't written legislation in decades, the cronies do
-the TSA can strip/body cavity search you on the highway without a reason
-health care has been destroyed
-commies have taken over the public school system and is churning out commie morons like a pepsi plant, women are being paid to churn them out as well.
The un-elected EPA is doing end arounds on the SC and the congress.
Congress is a waste of time.

I could write a book, but would it do any good here ?

Do you Really think you're living in America?

Tell me about the individual liberties you think you still have.

Kid said...

PS - the IRS is being used like the gestapo and the middle class is under attack.

Educate me.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Kid - "Tell me about the individual liberties you think you still have."

That's the whole point. They are dwindling with each passing day. But they didn't start to disappear in January 2009.

Everything you referenced above started well before 2009. But the Us v. Them paradigm that people are indoctrinated to, apparently forces them to demagogue to the extreme, instead of standing up to Statism and refusing to play the game of the duopoly and their enablers in the media.

Calling Obama a Communist [without substance] and electing yet another Republican, isn't going to change just gives the Democrats 4-8 years to conduct the same extreme demagoguery [as we saw under Bush] until the roles reverse again.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

When I used 'without substance' allow me to clarify. I'm referring to actions and policies that are both specific to this Administration - and - directly supportive of a tenet of Communism.

Kid said...

CI, I think we're pretty much in agreement here.

Yet, obama and the administration and the media and all the support from libtards nationwide is much worse then anything we've seen thus far. Feel free to go back as far as you want in American History.

he/they didn't put themselves there of course, yet I think too many people falsely Expect and Rely on the non-existant 'checks and balances' in government and a non-existant investigative media to protect them from such gross abuse.

That's the biggest failure and error.

Kid said...

The problem now is that we have a one party system by way of non-participation by the repubs and If the tea party or any other 3rd party is of any use we won't know until it at least gets to a size capable of exercising some power. I don't expect that.

We have 1930's Germany level of demonization of all things Conservative and too many people buying into it.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

On that much I concur wholly. The Obama Administration makes me pine for the Clinton. But then again, so did GW Bush's.

That's the both the allure and systemic problem with Statism.Congress believes that it "has" to pass legislation to remain matter the damage and needlessness inherent to it. Administrations believe that they must leave office with a foreign or domestic legacy that their Presidential Library can be built around.

In either case, we the citizen, lose ever more of our liberties. Without being dramatic, I cannot think of an occupation that is not regulated by license, insurance mandate or tax.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

And to your second, again concur. This is my biggest beef with the Libertarian Party. They meed to stop wasting money on national races, and devote their resources and efforts towards confronting the tyranny of local bureaucracy....which affects the voting habits of Americans more than national beauty pageants.

Kid said...

CI, Lots of human nature in your last comment. Especially ".Congress believes that it "has" to pass legislation to remain relevant" and similar. We can see just how evil congress knows they are just by their own actions. Very paranoid and protective of themself.

But there is also an agenda, yes starting well before 2009. Staying on point, I'll just say that I'll never forgive GWB for DHS/TSA. Totally un-American. Totally big government. Totally unnecessary.

Kid said...

CI, I agree and if I read you right, then I'd say Conservative/Libertarian battles would be best fought in the courts, and the election campaigns of judges. These are the most effective tools of liberalism today. Judges cancelling voters, etc.

Political Elections are a total misdirection on many levels.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

We have seen very recently how the media lamented that the current Congressional session has been the "least productive" in recent history. I had to chuckle because, given their history and the penchant for momentum=relevance....I would hope every Congressional session is equally unproductive.

In the judiciary, we are still burdened by political appointments and politically driven blockage of I think it's a mixed bag. We have had some success in firearm rights, as well as civil liberties in regards to marriage. But there have been reverses in the courts; and we have seen damaging movements, like common core [aided and abetted by many in the GOP].