Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Thank you, Dubya

George Bush ran for the presidency on this notion he called “compassionate conservatism.” I honestly do not know what that means, other than, perhaps, there is something called dispassionate conservatism. I don’t really know what that is, either. No, I suspect that George Bush was just plain old full of it. But, it did get him elected, and that’s what he wanted—after all.

Then, after he was elected, after the terrorist attacks on 11 September, Old Dubya took advantage of the fact that everyone was feeling nervous and insecure, and he signed into law the so-called Patriot Act. If you examine this document, it isn’t all that patriotic. Not if you believe, as I do, that the founding fathers gave us a Constitution, and a Bill of Rights, to protect us from “too much” government.

But, people act differently when they are scared —and it doesn’t even matter what party you belong to. Old Dubya scared everyone, but you can’t blame him all that much. Scaring people to the point where they obey their government’s every command is what governments do for a living. They scare everyone into believing that the government will save them from —something. If not terrorists, then people who leave their water running, or ass hats that have the audacity to run their vehicle’s air conditioning system during August.

And now that the people are plenty scared that we’ll all die a horrible death if not for the tens of billions of dollars the government spends on armored vehicles for the Podunk City Police Department, we no longer need a constitution to protect us—from government. The government will protect us from government.

Admittedly, tanks are expensive, and so to reduce costs, the government is prepared to offer you s considerable savings. If you’ll just consent to placing next to your automobile engine a small little device that tells the police where you are, day, or night, then they won’t have to spend a lot of money tracking you down whenever they need to see you about something. Also, if you run a red light, they can just mail you a ticket. Or roll a stop. Or exceed the speed limit. Or press down too hard on the accelerator from an intersection. You know—efficiency. If there is one thing people need more than anything else, it’s efficient government.

Yes indeed … no matter whether you are a conservative or a liberal, if there is one thing we all need more of … it’s more government. So here’s a thought: let’s start focusing all of our attention on whether Obama is going to play another round of golf this year, and ignore the fact that we are no longer a free people. After all, what does a free society care about government? 

I can almost hear the voices of long dead veterans telling us, in their weary, gravely voices, “Focus people —focus.”


Constitutional Insurgent said...

Sadly, it's not just podunk police departments getting MRAPs, they've been going to college campus PDs as well.

Every movie you've seen about the futuritic security state is not-so-slowly coming true.

Ed Bonderenka said...

And I just woke up with a clearer and darker vision of America this morning.
A generation of godless, self-centered, ‘uninstructed in the nurture and admonition of the Lord’ are voting for leaders that reflect them.

Always On Watch said...

For how long now have so many Americans believed that the more government can solve whatever problems are worrying these Americans at any given moment?

That kind of thinking had already taken hold well before GWB took office.

Caveat: this comment should not be construed as any defense of GWB and the Patriot Act.

Vlad Dracula said...

DemoRats, LibeRats, and ProgessivesRats have opposed EVERY Republican president, since I can remember, they have called these Presidents names, dissagreed with every program that they put forth, etc, and etc.

Has everyone forgotten the "vast rightwing conspiracy" Hillary propagated? Have you forgotten the Idiot’s who suggested that George Bush cause Hurricane Katrina to “Kill” the Blacks in New Orleans! ? Have you forgotten Limbaugh’s proclamation of America being "held hostage" from the beginning of Clinton’s term?
Unless I'm color blind Clinton is WHITE. The Democrats simply opposed every single Republican agenda. Even when they ALL agreed with George Bush’s plan to invade Iraqi, they all LIED and said that they didn’t.
Claiming all this crap about is race related failures as far as Obama’s FAILED presidency is concerned just shows your inability to form a coherent argument to promote your positions.
So, can we just stop with all the Idiotic lunacy that "Republicans hate Obama because he's black" bullshit!
Also the same goes for that Hypocrite they call the “First lady” In my eyes, anyone that goes on National TV and makes a complete IDIOT and makes a JOKE out of themselves, demeaning to the position of First Lady and shows NO respect for the tittle of “First lady” is NO LADY!
So, Yes, Thank you, Dubya

Sam Huntington said...

How long will it be before “the state” begins arresting people for their dissent? Or, set up confrontations that we can’t win because we are “out gunned”? I agree with your conclusion yesterday that the world has taken an awful turn for the worse; today you emphasize that the same is absolutely true here in America. It is a sober realization and yet, the sheeple of America remain quiet and obedient.

Duckys here said...

The question is what ca be done about it.

Too many people believe we need a bloated military and The Thin Blue Line to save us from the scary Muslims and black kids dressing loose.

Of course when the clamp down comes (or is it here) the gun loons are going to fight the revolution again.

Duckys here said...

@Sam --- How long will it be before “the state” begins arresting people for their dissent?
Ever hear of COINTELPRO?

I assume you were cheering when #OWS was broken up.

But here's the upside, Sammy. As long as you're pimping for Freedom Works or some fringe right wing group, albeit against your self interest, you're safe

Waylon said...

Will the so-called American Spring scheduled for May 16 in Washington, D.C. be the final straw that causes the government to react? It would be interesting to know if this is legitimate and a real protest or a group that has been infiltrated by agents of the state that would cause the government to react in a deadly way.

It does seem that the government is preparing for a war within the borders of the country. Who's the real enemy, those speaking out against an over-reaching state readying to impose tyrannical order, or those that point out the tyrannical nature of the actions of the state? The answer to that would likely be a clear indication of the political leaning of the individual answering the question.

Sam Huntington said...

@ Ducky

Ordinarily, I would presume that reasonably perceptive people know the difference between civil liberty and maintaining the Bill of Rights, and turning our communities over to a somewhat disgusting display of anarchic behavior, which included the creation of a health hazard, and engaging in serious violations of criminal law (rape, robbery, assault). Apparently, then, you are not reasonably perceptive—or, I would ad, very intelligent. But I’ve known this for quite some time.

Rational Nation USA said...

Well Geeeeez, you demonstrated integrity by removing both the imposters comments and my response.

Kudos, and thanks.

Robert Sinclair said...

Apparently Duck is unable to make the distinction between spying on law abiding citizens, and investigating individuals engaged in clandestine activities that violate state and federal law, disrupt economic activities, and prohibit citizens from pursuing their normal activities. Individuals or groups involved in such activities are not modern day heroes: they are enemies of the state.

skudrunner said...

The clintons were anti military and anti intelligence and they did all they could to shrink them.

Ooops 9/11 but they could blame GWB for that since it was on his watch so "what difference does it make"

Duckys here said...

In other words Sam, you are so freaking stupid that you believe everything you read about #OWS (you are too poorly informed to know anything about COINTELPRO) and use your disapproval as a mask for your hypocrisy.

Yeah, keep whining some tripe about how the constitution is going to protect you from a bunch of indoctrinated cops with armored vehicles who think they are the front line of "freedom and democracy".

One of the encouraging signs in all this is that the right is finally opening their eyes.
Of course there will always be a fringe of low functionals like yourself who think anything goes because you need protection against all the scary things in the world like Muslims, illegals, black kids and dirty hippies.
You are a real prize. I can just hear you now. "If you've done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear".
You and the rest of the useless ciphers who have never colored outside the lines or eaten anything but a tuna sandwich for lunch.

Anonymous said...


Mustang, please leave Ducky's ridiculous tirade today; it's good for conservatives to see the elitist crap these libs come up with...don't forget, if you're not a liberal you only eat tuna sandwiches and never color outside the lines. Oh, and if you're Z (me) , according to DUcky, you only are a 'lady who lunches,' (while I'm here at work at least 9 hours a day). We don't know anything about art or film and think every muslim and illegal and black kid is something to fear... at least he got it right about hippies, didn't he.

DUcky..please grow up and stop your's gross and unwelcome here. But extremely revealing.

ROBERT SINCLAIR: The problem is that law enforcement, too, doesn't really have the ability to distinguish between spies and law abiding citizens. How can they?
THAT, in my opinion, is the crux of the Patriot Act and why it was implemented; how DO we tell who's evil, by NOT doing anything to catch them because we fear OUR freedoms are thwarted by having done so?
We have borders we can't even call porous, that'd be a compliment to our system, they're OPEN. LIke I told a German friend recently who has friends desirous of immigrating into the States "tell them to get a VISA, overstay it, then go into Mexico and cross the border into AMerica holding some scrub over their heads, and they'll not have to wait the FIVE YEARS our immigration places on German immigrants who're happy to come and work and pay taxes!...oh, and we'll pay for their children's births, their healthcare, etc..."

There's a very fine line between Mustang's post of slamming the Patriot Act and Ducky's often ridiculous suggestion that everybody's safe and we don't need any police work to prove otherwise, don't you think?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - "The problem is that law enforcement, too, doesn't really have the ability to distinguish between spies and law abiding citizens. How can they?"

Axtually, with the regional Fusion Centers, law enforcement is more involved with suspected terrorist entities than the average person might think. Intelligence sharing has come leaps and bounds from where we were on 9/11.

Of course, good intelligence is also a fundamental foundation for implementing the security we're damned either way.

Anonymous said...

From Z of Geeez:

Rational; Mustang did that; I'm still only commenting from my office computer and haven't the time to access, etc.

I just want you to know that there was no 'lack of integrity' in not deleting those; we're all busy people and not always here; particularly Mustang, who runs two busy blogs and has been AMAAAAZINGLY helping me with posts and comment supervision on mine since my computer hasn't been replaced yet.
Plus, we might miss things now and again...and it's not from a lack of integrity here at GeeeeZ.

I'm happy to have you commenting; please just alert us if you see anything like what happened today.
Thanks., Z

Robert Sinclair said...

Miss Z may have missed the point. How much liberty, granted to us by the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, are you willing to give up in order to be safe from Muslim terrorists? Since they are offended by Christian (and all other) religions, perhaps you would be willing to give up freedom of religion? Or because your freedom to assemble may irritate Senator Clare McCaskill, necessitating a call to a 911 operator, perhaps we should give that one up, too. Or maybe we should be willing to give up the Fourth Amendment because someone decided that secret court proceedings could save us from 19 hijackers (in a country of more than 300 million).

I don’t know how secret courts make us safer, particularly when we have learned that the federal law enforcement types have in fact lied to these judges about the necessity of an immediate phone tap. I don’t know why anyone thinks that the police need extraordinary power over us. They didn’t need it for the 213 years before 11 September 2001. And even if you are willing to give up your citizen’s rights, why should I have to give up mine? Is the saving of lives due to some imagined terrorist attack (one that hasn’t happened yet) more precious toward preserving freedom than the hundreds of thousands of American who have died to preserve these rights?

C Yoda said...

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Oh, really?

Anonymous said...

From Z of Geeez;

Robt Sinclair.."May have missed the point?" By asking a question which should be clear to all of us, what point did I miss?
I agree with CI...please read his comment. How can good intel NOT work for and against us? Fill us in, Mr. Sinclair.

Did you read into my comment that I'm in favor of 'secret courts' or want to give up citizens' rights? WHERE? WHEN?

C Yoda said...

The Justice Department on Tuesday notified a Brooklyn man serving a 15-year sentence for supporting terrorism that evidence in his case derived from surveillance conducted without an individual warrant. Agron Hasbajrami, sentenced in January 2013, is the third criminal defendant since the fall to be told that his prosecution involved surveillance under Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act of 2008. Washington Post.

If there is no justice for Agron Hasbajirami, then there is no justice for John Q. Citizen.

Robert Sinclair said...

@ Z

You stated to me “That was the crux of the Patriot Act and why it was implemented. How do we tell who’s evil by NOT doing anything to catch them because we fear OUR freedoms are thwarted by having done so?”

So yes, I did read into your answer that you think we must give up some of our rights to be safe from danger, and that you support the Patriot Act. I am only curious, therefore. Which of our Constitutional rights are you willing to live without?

Anonymous said...

RN Said:
"Well Geeeeez, you demonstrated integrity by removing both the imposters comments and my response.

Kudos, and thanks."

Well did you expect anything less? You are not dealing with a "Progressive" here you know

skudrunner said...


Do Hippies still exist outside of drama classes. Most of the true hippies are now working adults and most of the wannabe's are in waiter training classes AKA drama class.

Sam Huntington said...

@ Ducky

Thanks for confirming what we all suspect. You are so freaking stupid that you discount anything not already cemented in your statist pea brain, including video evidence of OWS events. I’m sure the journalists and camera men were all lying because ... well, because. LOL.


Kid said...

Just Watch Out for Diana Moon Glompers folks.

Kid said...

duck, describe a 'gun loon'. Would that be like a 25 yr old woman living alone who doesn't want to be raped and murdered by some vermin too often cursing the streets these days. Speak up now.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"duck, describe a 'gun loon'. "

Could also be the person who believes that the safety of himself and his family are his responsibility as a citizen.

But, I rather think it will end up being a stereotypical caricature, envisioned by pajama boys and activist mommy's.

Anonymous said...

From Z of Geeez;

Robert...My question again includes 'HOW?' Perhaps you can respond to that. "HOW", I wrote in that sentence you quote, not "we SHOULD" (give up rights, etc. in order to be safe.

Kid, I think Ducky's on the vermin's side if a (HEAVEN FORBID!!!) GUN is involved.

Kid said...

CI, Needless today the facts scream at them how stupid they are. The UK has been disarmed for decades now and is number 1 in Europe and # 2 in the world for personal violence crimes Why this article mentions the US is beyond me, we're not even appearing in their top 10 list.

Mass murder only happens in gun free zones.

On and on. and on.

I only hope libtards Are disarmed. The least they can do is to let the evolutionary process cull them from society.

Liberalmann said...

What more can I say? I love watching Ducky pwn! Lol!

Duckys here said...

skudrunner --- Hippie is still the term for the counter culture. At least among those of us of a certain age.

It exists and the tragedy of the last few years is that it couldn't link up with the original Tea Party (before the co-opting).

Almost, so you just keep trying.

Kid said...

what's that duck? speak up now. Did you say something? Are ya even trying to talk? Maybe that was my cat out in the garage....

Bob said...

I love to read Ducky's comments. Every now and then he can produce some pretty good ones if you are talking about old movies.

Ducky, I looked up COINTELPRO on Wikipedia, and it seems that you are talking ancient history. Back in Herbert Hoover's days, the FBI had files on everybody worth blackmailing, including J F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, etc. Hoover was an equal opportunity, cross dressing blackmailer.

Of course you must remember that some of those who were being investigated by the FBI were involved in bombing public places and robbing banks. These people are now revered by you and your buddies for their violent activities. Is this what you like about the OWS morons?

Of course, we have seen a resurgence in domestic intelligence activities since we were viciously attacked by 19 devout members of the Religion of Peace on their way to Sunday School service. It has been 12 years since, and our liberal friends are shredding our Constitution, daily.

Ducky, Why don't you stop griping and spreading conspiracy theories and do something about what's going on. Where is your hippy courage to protest the diminution of our freedoms?

Duckys here said...

Bob, I'm glad you learned something today.
It would be great if that initiative rubbed of on kid.

Anonymous said...

From Z of GeeeZ:

Ducky, I was frankly stunned at your using the term HIPPIE...I haven't heard it in ages; I barely heard it during the OWS days. NOBODY uses HIPPIE. By the way...all are NOT "dirty," as you suggested.

Also, Bob 'learned something'? Who doesn't know about that? It has a name? WOW. Anybody with a brain and knowledge of history knows that. Sorry Bob had to waste his time googling.

Kid said...

duck, I give you every opportunity when I choose to engage your idiotic comments. You never come back with anything that a 2 year wouldn't say if anything at all. Dig ?