Sunday, February 2, 2014


Want to talk about it?




Rita said...

No. Smh.

Duckys here said...

I thought Renée Fleming's anthem was a very tasteful arrangement.

Unfortunately that was the highlight.

Not much of a game.

The commercials weren't all that good either.

Bob said...

Bad commercials. Bad game. Half-time show was good, sorta.

Z said...

WeatherTech's commercial was excellent.

Duckys here said...

Was Chris Christie at the game or was he stuck on the GW?

Impertinent said...

Only Budweiser was worth watching.
Peyton who?

What a fart...what a farce...what hype.

Impertinent said...


"Was Chris Christie at the game or was he stuck on the GW?..."

If you knew about Jersey..,he didn't need to get near it.

He lives in Morristown...25 minutes on the Jersey get there..LOL

Mustang said...

Game: meh.

I was thinking that maybe the NFL should hold off on the MVP announcement until after the Super Bowel.

Eventually, I wandered over to Animal Planet to watch Puppy Bowl X. A lot more excitement.

Z said...

WeatherTech was the best commercial, in my opinion. Some of you must not have seen it.
Cheap, simple...excellent.

Chris Christie? Going to get very interesting. Let's not forget, folks; Democrats don't do things like this EVER, so it's a REAL SCANDAL :-) (sarcasm)
Witness the amazing strength of our Right-hating media at work.
He probably DID know..I've never doubted he did, frankly. I've always thought he's a New Jersey thug, like Obama's a Chicago thug.....
Good thing Obama never did anything meriting this much publicity :-) :-)

Anonymous said...

That was the FIRST time in my memory that I remember a real singer, not a hyped-up, overblown 'celebrity', doing a beautiful job of singing the National Anthem. Usually, I have to admit, when the Anthem is coming on at a sporting event I change channels, as it has been butchered so many times by screeching, caterwauling, horrendous 'singers' who think they are being artistic & original.