Friday, February 7, 2014

This says it ALL.

I have nothing to say after having read THISAt least not much.

Sure, WHY NOT?  Let's let immigrants in if they only have "loose" ties to terror!  WHY NOT?  Senator idiot Leahy says this:  "Supporters of the change, including Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., argued that the current ban on anyone who has ever aided terrorists has unfairly blocked thousands of refugees."

Can anybody tell me if you think it's UNFAIR to block thousands of refugees who have aided terrorists?  Or is it just me?  Or am I racist for saying this?  Or does this mean I hate every single muslim? !! :-)    OH MY GOD.

God bless America    No, on second thought........God HELP America should be the phrase these days.



Always On Watch said...

Should we be surprised? Obama insists that we respect Islam.

Always On Watch said...

See today's post at Bunkerville: "Asylum audit finds fraud, laws broken. More to come in by thousands."

Mustang said...

I'm quite sure that Leahy is a complete idiot and poses a clear and present danger to the United States of America, and its people. Honestly, I would rather the good people of Vermont had sent a teddy bear to Washington.

JonBerg said...


This is incredible. Why isn't it being more widely exposed? I have shared this with many, referencing your site. Not only is this absurd, on its face, but why do we need more immigrants of any sort? Why are Democrats so 'Hell bent' on the destruction of the very Nation that they too reside in?

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

I guess it was an oversight on the part of the President, when he failed to explain that his wish to fundamentally transform America was to transform it into another Libya.

A pissed off Republican said...

Let them all in, the whole country is already ruined, so shy not!

Duckys here said...

"The official offered several examples of how the change might help otherwise innocent refugees -- including a restaurant owner who served food to an opposition group; a farmer who paid a toll to such a group in order to cross a bridge or sell his food; or a Syrian refugee who paid an opposition group to get out of the country."

Sounds like everyone's just hatin' on the scary Muslims.

Anonymous said...

From Z of GeeeZ:

I think all of you are right. ALL of you. It's absolutely incredible to let anybody with ties to terror into this country.

Ducky, THINK OUTSIDE YOUR "you hate muslims box" and realize that there are nuances and that denying those nuances might make you feel like you've fulfilled your leftwing "love EVERYBODY even if they want you dead" mentality but really don't help the conversation.

OBVIOUSLY, if people can prove they only paid a toll to such a group, that should not keep someone out if all else is in order.

On the other hand; how careful can we be and why do we need so many more people here supposedly desirous of the American dream though many won't learn the language and many live with their palms open to us.

Time to stop ALL immigration for a while; get the immigration service in order, close borders, and then decide what to do.
We can't be constantly paying for immigrants the left can't wait to make voting Democrats ...demonizing the Right by mischaracterizing their platforms and doing nothing but promising freebies.

Impertinent said...

So...if they just drove the get away car...or goat...supplied the batteries or the cell phone to activate the EID...was in the same mosque when the jihad / fatwa were ordered...they're OK?

Kinda like "I was just a guard at the camps...I never gassed anyone"?

Average American said...

Mustang, Vermont actually produces some VERY NICE Teddy Bears! Maple syrup too. Sadly, that is about it. They certainly do not have very good politicians.

Average American said...

Ducky, the few apparently innocuous examples they listed do sound innocent enough, B U T , they are just the tip of the iceberg. You can bet your ass they would let in a lot worse than those! Give the obama administration morons an inch and they WILL take a hundred miles!!

Rottweiler said...

But, but, the dictator in chief loves immigrants, so open up the flood gates and let them ALL in!

Impertinent said...


"You can bet your ass they would let in a lot worse than those..."

Yes indeedy...remind them of all those nice Somali "boys / refugees / asylum seekers" that travelled back to crapistan to kill our guys... from Wisconsin or was it Minnesota?

Impertinent said...
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Impertinent said...


Anyone interested in immigration reform, for it or against it needs to do a couple of things.

Stop by your local hospital and visit the emergency room, stop by one of your local schools and see how crowded it is, are there temporary trailers in the back of the school.

Stop by your DMV and see what is going on. The infrastructure in this country is being stretched so far apart that it is near the breaking point.

When you think about the impact on jails, social security, police and ambulance etc etc the impact is alarming.

Amnesty is not an option that would help the country but a guest worker program and other avenues are worth exploring.

This issue is not just about politics or just being nice to our neighbors from the south, it is about what is best for the country and how many new immigrants can we realistically take in before the infrastructure of the country is damaged.

Impertinent said...

This constant Racist Hispanic Superiority BS, Americans are being oppresse with.

The fact, that so called Americans, of hispanic descent, that includes Hispanic U.S. Senators, and U.S. Hispanic Congressmen, hold more allegiance, and loyalty to ILLEGAL ALIENS, because they happen to be majority "hispanic", proves beyond a shadow-of-a-doubt, RACISM is alive and growing in the U.S. The Tan Klan, or Latino/Latina LA RAZA KLAN.

Hispanics, demanding only things for hispanics, even when they are not U.S. citizens, is RACIST and ANTI-AMERICAN. These TRAITORS to the U.S. hold allegiance to a FOREIGN PEOPLE, ILLEGAL ALIENS, against the sovereignty of the United States, and all U.S. American citizens. This LA RAZA, or what is called, the HISPANIC RACE, is EVIL PURE UNADULTERATED RACISM, and must be pushed back, and eliminated, just like white racism, against blacks in the South, during the '60s.

Anonymous said...

From Z:

Imp; I live in California. I know.
And REFORM doesn't and has never meant LET THEM ALLLL IN. REFORM means CHANGE. These days, REFORM might be better meant as OBEY THE LAWS ALREADY ON THE BOOKS!

And I know so many Hispanics who are AGAINST unbridled immigration. They are total Conservatives. And most Cubans are like that, but I know plenty of Mexicans like that, too. God bless them.

La Raza should be on the terror watch list from things I hear around here. I have friends whose gardeners have told them "missy, you will have to be very careful, things are going to get bad." Yup. Thankfully, that was years ago and nothing's happened. BUT, we hear about cars being stopped for traffic violations and they're full of guns and ammo, too...driven by Hispanics.
Everybody's got bad seeds in their group. What we have to do is find SOME WAY to fight the bad seeds while not hurting the good people.

That's probably the mission of our generation, if WE are going to stay alive.

Anonymous said...

From Z:

By the way, I was just in the car hearing what's going on with the subject of immigration:

We have to all realize the Left is presenting Boehner's comment about immigration NOT happening this year as WE HATE MEXICANS. It's so typical. And it's so wrong. But it SURE GETS VOTES FOR DEMOCRATS, doesn't it!

The rub is they're not including what he said in the next second about how if you can't trust a president to follow the laws, how can we act?
Then we hear loons talk about how much fewer immigrants are crossing, if that's OBAMA?
There are NO JOBS for THEM, either, in this economy. Nobody mentions that.

I SO wish good people of all stripes, Muslims, Hispanics, etc., who live here NOW and are legal would MARCH against the wrong amongst their own people. What a HUGE difference this would be for America; how very American that would be.

Instead, we see, at least in Europe, protests very often (You don't hear much about them, and you who watch CNN or MSNBC will NEVER Know about them) with placards written by Muslims saying WE ARE GOING TO TAKE OVER YOUR COUNTRY.GIVE UP. Literally.
Sure, you might say that's a very small percentage, but do some REAL RESEARCH on how Germany's changing because of the HUGE Influx of Islam there...going broke under the strain of supporting the 4 wives who don't live with the husband (yes, Germans have to pay for their apartments, etc.), building new preschools so the muslim kids get muslim training...etc etc.

SURE, they don't HAVE TO, but ask yourself why they ARE.
Ask yourself if we have the will to stop that here.

Ask yourself how it might work if we contacted good Hispanics and muslims and asked them to SPEAK UP. There are a few muslims...I've heard Zuhdi Jasser in person; the heart surgeon who served in the navy and is a devout muslim; he is FANTASTIC, but he's going nowhere; Who cares if he makes a speech here and there and nothing happens?

it's like that ridiculous Brent Bozell who sends emails, asks for money, is so dismayed in interviews about the leftwing media..WHO CARES? WHat's he DOING about it? YOu and I can point out leftwing bias in the news! OY.

back to work. It's a happier thing than writing on this stuff.
But it's happier than most everything, truthfully! :-)

Duckys here said...

@Imp -- Hispanics, demanding only things for Hispanics ...

Identity politics is new to the last few years?

Americans are so frightened that what they have is slipping away. Now, that fear is justifiable but you're being played.

It has been known since the days of George Wallace that large portions of the populace can be convinced, at least subliminally, that all their stuff is being taken and given to minorities.
Reagan played it to perfection with the welfare Cadillac dog whistle.

Now, whenever this is mentioned the right goes into seizures screaming "we aren't racist" and that is indeed often true. But the right has been conditioned to the dog whistle. Muslims, blacks, Hispanics ... they are all dangerous lazy bums ready to grab all those massive benefits. Sharia will be the law of the land.

So much fear, so little faith in America, so depressing, so reprehensible.

Baysider said...

How do we check? Any ideas how we know a farmer paid a toll to cross a bridge held by the 'bad guys?' (By the way, this is what set Columbus et al to sail - to avoid the tolls and road closures the original Islamists set up in the ME on the road to China and India.)

I support a more nuanced approach. But first we must filter out the fraud. As AOW pointed out - our immigration system is riddle with fraud. For guys who don't want borders this is good news. But for the rest of us, it's just a variation on the foreign aid muddle in reverse, with much worse consequences.

Sam Huntington said...

On the issue of admitting terrorists, NEVER!

But I really do have to say that when “new Americans” appear to exhibit greater loyalty to who they are, rather than to the greater whole of America, then maybe it is because the greater America no longer gives a damn about the little guy. You. Me. Our neighbors. It isn’t so much about ethnic groups, it is about how rampantly anti-American the American government has become. Neither party, it seems, appears hesitant to divide us up for their own purposes … and what I think confounds me most is that most Americans haven’t figured this out yet.

As to the immigration bill, I think we should suspend all immigration for a period of 5 years, and within that time, figure out about who really is here legally, and who isn’t, and take some appropriate level of action to reassert, and protect, American sovereignty. We could start by dismissing everyone in Congress, every federal judge, the president, every cabinet official, most federal departments, and 99.2% of all federal bureaucrats.

JonBerg said...


"As to the immigration bill, I think we should suspend all immigration for a period of 5 years, and within that time, figure out about who really is here legally, and who isn’t, and take some appropriate level of action to reassert, and protect..."


Anonymous said...

From Z:

Sam, I agree with you..five years.

Ducky, if you read all the comments, it would help before charging off into undeserved generalizations.
By the way, you think the Right doubts every foreigner and believes in no one but white middle class or rich Americans; it might behoove the Left to be a LOT more aware of what's going on, too, and damning a whole political party for how YOU think they feel is unsophisticated and juvenile. One only needs read Conservative blogs to know most of us don't hate; in fact we'd encourage foreigners to come here and partake of the American dream IF they understand it and WANT to partake. If not, don't come. If not, don't take our money.
Sam's usual.

And for you to question Imp's HISPANICS line is silly....And for you to say this has been going on forever is absolutely ridiculous. America would never grown into the shape it was until 50 years ago had it not been for foreigners who were NOT in it only for themselves. I say 50 years because the steady leftwing indoctrination of American kids NOT to love this country and to put PC first started about then.
That generation and subsequent ones are comprised of young people now who don't know AMerica, don't understand the constitution, actually believe leftwing pablum and think everybody's entitled.

Thanks, lefties. The ruins we'll be in soon will be on your consciences.

Baysider: Indeed...who knows who did what? There IS no way to check and those silly "but he only paid a toll fee to terrorists" are probably just the PC crowd hoping to prove their point that EVERYBODY should come into America.
Clearly, this country is intelligent enough to know that if someone only paid a toll they're probably okay people; why even bring up those points and, WHO KNOWS what they did, really?

Impertinent said...

The year I began writing was also the year I joined the original Minuteman Project. Naco, Arizona. 5000 illegals crossing everyday in the peak seasons.

The only issue is enforcement. There is not nor should be a "we'll consider amnesty after enforcement is solved." There should be no amnesty for those who broke the law. And any Progressive defense which is usually comprised of emotionally charged stories of families and children or cries of racism has nothing to do with the law. Someone has been here for ten years? The answer is deportation. Someone married while here illegally? The answer is deportation. The burden is on the lawbreaker. Anything else is anti reason.

You enforce the law and continue with proper paths of citizenship as before. You give absolutely nothing to the lawbreaker. And if there are threats of violence from mass demonstrations then call in the National Guard. It doesn't matter the color of your skin. If you're saying in demonstrations that America belongs to Mexico, if you're waving the Mexican flag in our country, then you are an enemy to this country. Period. And you should be treated accordingly as an enemy. The fact that a million people protest that we dare state we should have border security shows there is a serious attitude problem in the Latino community in the southwestern states. It is what it is. It's not all of you--I won't generalize--but it is a lot of you. You don't see immigrant Russians waving the Russian flag.

I've written in fiction what is based on history. These are the ingredients that produce the poison of future societal breakdowns. Or civil wars. As history shows if we do not regain our moral compass in law and values we will have one of the two in our nation and probably sooner than later.

Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

Bob said...

Ducky said, "Sounds like everyone's just hatin' on the scary Muslims."

So what? I don't want terrorist in this country, and most terrorists are Muslims with connections to terrorists. That is just a fact.

Some people can be excluded unfairly, but as I said, "So what?" I remember when about 3,000 people were murdered unfairly by Muslims who happened to have connections to terrorists. Oh, and they happened to be terrorists, too.

Ducky, your argument is not logical or pursuasive.

Kid said...

Same solution as with Mexicans flowing in. Put em on one way bus ride to Wash, DC.

Kid said...

Mustang, Libtards would elect a dead skunk to the white house, and that'd be my preference actually as opposed to any democrat politician, most especially the hildebeast.

Kid said...

duck, tens of thousands of clitorectomies a year on tween girls, 9 year old girls sold to old men as wives, women regarded lower than dogs. What's not to love ?

Impertinent said...


"What's not to love ?"

Mohammed Josef Mengele?

Kid said...
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Kid said...

IMP, And the nazis were no where near as Disgusting as the muslims.

TS/WS said...

I thought the ports are borders also?
Did not a container full of Chinese had been found - more times than we can count, are informed about.

mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

Go figure that Dingbat Leahy would shoot his mouth off with another moronic unbridled immigration policy cooked up and served by his Democratic Party. Leahy's support for unbridled immigration endangers our safety.

Liberalmann said...

CBO Report Blows Away GOP ACA Lies

Despite Fox News LIES About CBO Report, Director Says Obamacare will REDUCE Unemployment (Video) -

The Republican's big lie machine cranks up

Z said...

Libmann, I'm leaving these links because your sources are hilarious and it's all untrue.
But VERY VERY good try.

Thanks for coming by and taking so much trouble!

Z said...

mystere...sorry your blog's too complicated for me to sign in to...I meant to comment, but.........

some blogs make it too complicated!

Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear!