Monday, February 10, 2014

IRS...Truth with no consequence?

Obama was 'angry' at the IRS Scandal last May..........
The linked article (a must read if nothing else to notice the typical CNN bias) includes this:

'Be On the Look Out'
Among the criteria used by IRS officials to flag applications was a "Be On the Look Out" list, which was discontinued in 2012, according to the report.
The criteria included:
-- Whether "Tea Party," "Patriots" or "9/12 Project" was referenced in the case file.
-- Whether the issues outlined in the application included government spending, government debt or taxes.
-- Whether there was advocating or lobbying to "make America a better place to live."
-- Whether a statement in the case file criticized how the country is being run.
-- Whether it advocated education about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Wouldn't you call that more than a 'smidgen' or corruption?   I would.  

"Lois Lerner a former head of the division that reviewed those applications, was included on an email in 2012 in which staffers hinted at a secret effort to write the crackdown rules."   I guess the emails aren't available because there's this supposed investigation going on, but that information seems important enough to have leftwing media venues carry the story, huh?  Isn't that only fair to all Americans?  Well, they aren't.

We had the new head of the IRS apologize yet leftwingers still insist there was absolutely nothing that was done wrong. Without investigation, how can he know?  But how can leftwingers say there IS nothing when the guy's apologizing!?  :)  Check out this quote from the article:

"Mr. Koskinen said he hasn’t gone back to look at those documents, nor has he delved into the details of the tea party targeting. He said his goal is to try to put the scandal behind him and restore trust in the agency."    Wait, so we shouldn't find out who in OUR IRS was doing this before we can 'restore trust in the agency?"  Isn't that HOW one restores trust?    


"He told committee Republicans that he will try to get them the documents they are seeking but that turning over material about how the crackdown rules was written could interfere with the process."

What process? He "hasn't gone back to LOOK at those documents.."  Wouldn't that be a goodly part of the process?

WOW.   Will anybody feel the IRS is FAIR UNTIL this investigation reveals everything?  Or, as suggested in the hearings, does it go WAY above the Ohio office and involve DC and they're so scared we'll find out that we'll NEVER hear the truth and we'll always fear the IRS even more than we had?    

It's one thing to fear the IRS for their having found something in our returns that we forgot to give them;  it's quite another to fear the IRS because they've found out we don't share the president's politics, isn't it?



Always On Watch said...

It seems to me that Koskinen plans to sweep any possible scandal under the rug. Sweeping things under the rug must be the process he is advocating.

James Highlander said...

Sweep it under the rug with all the other scandal investigations the OBMINATION Regime cause each and every week.
Just like every other investigation about Obama , they assign a Obama slug to do the investigation.
It's good to be the King!

Impertinent said...

We are so screwed. There's no way out either.

Always On Watch said...

I feel that same pessimism.

Right-Winger said...
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Dr. H.S. said...

Stop trying to make sense Right-Winger,you know this is all about. It's about saving Hillary Clinton's ass so that she would have a clear track to the White House!

The Democratic Party and the Obama administration are incompetent and hypocritical. The Benghazi “scandal” is a perfect example of both, and you can throw in corruption.

Right-Winger said...

Unfortunately, people are paying more attention to George Zimmerman than to the Benghazi scandal

The REAL National embarrassment and publicity hog is Hillary Clinton and the others in the Obama administration!,

“The Zimmerman trial appears to be a political circus orchestrated by progressives to detract from the scandals plaguing the socialist democrat party. Benghazi, where Americans died and the Administration lied. The IRS scandal targeting Americans for their political beliefs and actions. The NSA scandal, lying to the public about surveillance of innocent American citizens and violating the Constitutional safeguards against intrusion, search and seizure without a warrant. And, there are others.

So why is Hillary bloviating on the Zimmerman verdict and not explaining why she lied to the American public about Benghazi and the many lives and families that her actions disrupted?”

If you’re as fed up as I am, if you want to know what happened at Benghazi, and the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith and former Navy SEALS Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. then keep Benghazi in the headlines!
Four Americans were killed, and the administration
is covering it up! Just like they are doing with the IRS Scandal and all the rest of the scandals!
THIS is the REAL SCANDAL, don’t be side-tracked by a Traffic Jam on the George Washington Bridge!

The Question Man said...

Think about this!

The conservatives thought they'd get away with blaming the Democrats for the results of the failed Bush Presidency. Didn't work out. Obama cake-walked back to 1600. He'd probably win again if he were allowed to run. But he can't, so Hillary will. And using Bush's flopped Presidency against the GOP will be her ticket.

The Question Man said...

Isn’t it strange that we have to keep talking about scandals such as the IRS and Fast and Factitious to keep things like the phoney George Zimmerman innocent verdict out of the news !!. If Republicans were good people once that verdict was determined by a rigged jury that’s what should have been investigated!
Bloggers such as this keep the wrong scandals in the headlines, the IRS scandal
Not these trumped up scandals, and the right people should be punished. The NSA "Scandal" is pretty overblown as well. And first off, it's nothing new and extends back to the Bush administration in it's present form.

But they aren't.
As we already know,Benghazi is a dangerous place to have an embassy. It's not the first time a US embassy has been attacked and it likely won't be the last. We don't have the resources to ensure absolute safety to every US citizen in a foreign land. The administration response was appropriate. The US should not be in the business of occupying countries because of the actions of an unauthorized militia. To blame the President and Mrs. Clinton for it is just wrong!

Zimmerman's successful defense depended on getting jurors to focus on the fight that occurred just before he shot the 17-year-old, unarmed Trayvon Martin, and not on the events that preceded it. The lawyers established doubt about which man screamed for help, as well as other details of the confrontation — holes that invited an acquittal under Florida's laws.
But the fact remains that Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer and cop wanna-be, instantly identified Trayvon Martin as a "(expletive) punk" who "looks like he's up to no good." The fact remains that Trayvon Martin was doing nothing wrong; he was returning from a snack run at a convenience store, heading for the house of his father's girlfriend. And the fact remains that had Zimmerman stayed in his truck, as advised by the police, Martin would be alive today.
Those facts — and the authorities' initial failure to charge Zimmerman — inflamed the black community. African Americans saw the case in a way that the jury of six women, five of them white and the other of uncertain ethnicity, probably couldn't. Despite all the nation's progress in burying its racist past, minorities are commonly stopped by authorities — or viewed by strangers as "up to no good" — for no other reason than the color of their skin.
Consider New York City's "stop and frisk" policy, which allows officers to search anyone they see as suspicious: In 2011, 87% of those stopped were minorities. Or the shooting of three black men who did nothing more than venture into a white New Orleans community days after Hurricane Katrina. Or try to find an African-American man who hasn't been stopped for "driving while black" or eyed suspiciously in a department store.
Yes, Trayvon Martin's story was UN-told. THAT IS THE INJUSTICE!

Duckys here said...

Does this mean we are through with Benghazi, the New Black Panther Party and F&F?

They are all so last season it's really time to move on to the next made up scandal.

Or we could focus on something meaningful.

Mustang said...

I think corrupt government, dishonest politicians, lying bureaucrats, crony-politics, and abuse of power is a meaningful concern. What is meaningful to you, Ducky?

Duckys here said...

I think investigating political campaign groups who are trying to run a game and be declared tax exempt as "community srvice" non profits is a completely reasonable action.

Complete non issue here.

Maybe the NSA and the growing militarized police are more important issues?

Moonbat Spanker said...

I just got back from browsing through the cesspool of Liberal blogs.
Though liberals do a great deal of talking about hearing other points of view, it sometimes shocks them to learn that there ARE other points of view.

Political correctness is a wonderful example of how liberals think. They pull some “offensive” (to them) idea out of the miasma of their minds and put government authority behind it. As a result, colleges are staffed with race relations police who monitor what is said and read body language. Infractions are handled with reeducation or expulsion.

The fetus is property and just cells.

Enforcing immigration law is profiling.

Opposing Obama is racism.

Tax cuts are only doing the bidding of the super rich.

Supporting business is crushing the employee.

Fox News is Faux News.

And the list goes on. There is no intelligent debate in these nuggets of liberal truth. You just dare not challenge them without proving to the world that you are an idiot.
Progressives are, at their core, self-absorbed bullcrap artists. They are convinced of their moral and intellectual superiority, and above all, take whatever action they feel necessary to achieve whatever goal they decide needs to be achieved.
Scandal-ridden Obama attempts to blame the GOP for ALL of his woes.
And no one was fired for the IRS targeting scandal etc...
I saw a comment the other day that really brought it home for me. The article points out that Obama is fond of saying he will "Fight for You". Who is he fighting? Reagan fought communists. Bush 1 fought Saddam Hussein after he invaded Kuwait.
George W. Bush fought the Taliban and Al Quaida. Who is Obama fighting? He embraces the enemy and talks about reconciliation. to us! Who the hell does he think he’s kidding!

Mustang said...

Ducky, I think you presume that we are incapable of addressing more than one concern at a time. NSA monitoring is a problem, and so too is the increased militarization of civilian police agencies ... but I also think that politicians have long counted on the fact that the attention of Americans is easily diverted. All of these things should concern us ... no?

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

Power is everything to a politician. They either have it, want it, or are afraid of losing it. What is good for America is not high on their priority list.

JonBerg said...


"So why is Hillary bloviating on the Zimmerman verdict and not explaining why she lied to the American public about Benghazi and the many lives and families that her actions disrupted?”

Apparently that's all [she] has and therefore is counting on the lack of propriety, so prevalent in our current society, to prevail. Of what National interest is the Zimmerman/Martin issue in the first place?

Anonymous said...


Question Man, I sincerely feel sorry for you. I couldn't live with a chip on my shoulders that big and when you realize most people have no malice toward minorities, and when you allow yourself to hear both sides of every political situation, you will do so much better; I trust that you can make your own decisions without needing the victimizers to spur you along in your sad thinking. I suspect you're bright; why not use it?Honestly, people like you who come here and tell us, many of whom have beloved black or Hispanic relatives, that we hate minorities is such small thinking it's breathtaking.

I ask, over and over again, how people like you can consider all conservatives racist when I keep reminding your sort that most of us would vote (and have) for a black conservative politician any DAY OF THE YEAR.... when I ask questions like this, you disappear......that's not THINKING. Allow yourself to grow.
I don't mean to sound insulting, I am not insulting, I'm sincerely giving you some probably long-needed good advice. I DO wish I could get you in a room with my black conservative friends. You really would learn. Maybe they would, too. I think it'd be a good thing.

Mustang, that's the question I often ask Ducky when he asks why we're discussing things HE doesn't find pertinent. Maybe conservatives can just keep more balls in the air?
Or maybe we're smart enough to know that TIME alone does NOT mitigate Benghazi, F&F, IRS, NSA, etc etc etc

thanks for your comment, Mustang.

Impertinent said...

So, an athlete "coming out" as gay is courageous and to be admired... but an athlete proclaiming that Jesus is central in your life is divisive and controversial, and subjects you to almost constant attacks.

Cheer on the sodomite and condemn the believer. That's America today.

Like I said...we are so screwed.

Duckys here said...

@mustang --- Ducky, I think you presume that we are incapable of addressing more than one concern at a time.
No, we can obviously follow more than one story.
However, many either ignore the whole dog and pony show or manifest severe attention deficit.

The problem is that we have no way to demand hard news. It's just a steady stream of crap and I do believe the right has to assume a high level of responsibility for the mess.

Example: The Dear Leader has been threatening journalists in a way that we didn't even see during the Nixon administration and the so called press (i.e. David Gregory, David Brooks and the rest of the assorted pimps) has made it their business to keep their high paying jobs rather than challenge their masters.
Seems to me that's a good deal more important than a bunch of Koch and Crossroads(Karl Rove) organizations running a game to get themselves declared tax exempt, which they were.

The tragedy here is that we are getting a plank shoved up our butt while these paid collaborators are screaming Benghazi.

Bob said...

ducky said, "The tragedy here is that we are getting a plank shoved up our butt while these paid collaborators are screaming Benghazi."

If the American people can only track one thing at a time, we are in a heap of trouble. The Benghazi coverup is important, and so is the IRS scandal and coverup by the administration. In terms of importance I would rank the IRS debacle as #1, Benghazi as #2, and the NSA snooping as last.

After all, we handed the Feds to power to gather the data. This is the easiest problem to correct.

However, both Benghazi and the IRS debacle are criminal or approaching criminal actions attributed to the highest offices in the nation. In both cases we have testimony that these instances are, at least, the actions of an administration intent on maintaining power.

How many planks up the butt can you handle? There's a bunch of them, and probably more coming.

Bob said...

Who's the leader of the club
That's made for you and me.
A l Q u e d a
A l Q u e d a

Why does Barry lie so much
about Benghazi
A l Q u e d a
A l Q u e d a

Obama lies about the ties
That killed our loyal men
A l Q u e d a
A l Q u e d a

Hillary skates when noise abates
She was supremely negligent
A l Q u e d a
A l Q u e d a

Now we know our enemy grows
In spite of lies contrary
A l Q u e d a
A l Q u e d a

Well, I guess my poetry days are over. Did they ever begin?

Impertinent said...


It's picking out the splinters Bob. That really hurts.

Anonymous said...


Imp: I keep wondering who the heck CARES if an athlete is gay. BE GAY....WHO CARES? It's suddenly a big badge of honor; maybe they give them big coming out parties or something..with presents? They're so proud...and I'm real sure their parents are just thrilled. Maybe that's the attraction? EVERYBODY's so excited!? WHY?

WHY do they need to say anything about their sexuality except to their friends and family...and maybe a girl who's hinting around that she'd like to go out with him. TELL HER. I certainly don't give a damn

Ducky; open your blog. And stop the insults...why can't you JUST TALK if you must.

When parents still have questions about Benghazi or F&F, when most Americans are more than uptight about the stream of truths finally coming out of the IRS hearings (Oh, I said nothing happened in spite of the head of the IRS apologizing)...

It should be an embarrassment to this country that more people don't know the truth about all of these subjects and more.

You pick what YOU'D like to blog on, I'll pick what I want to blog on, OKAY? Great!

Bob...ya, I'd give up on much more poetry (smile) but I hope you never stop writing excellent comments. (and the poetry WAS fun!)

I think the IRS scandal is #1, too, because TRUST is so important from those people and none of us feels that now, do we. Particularly the targeted conservatives. Particularly when the witnesses Thursday talked about it being anything BUT just something that happened in Ohio.
Sadly, the senators aren't getting the information they're asking for....I guess it takes time to read and cut out exactly what the WH and Holder do NOT want known.

Meanwhile, Holder, again, is changing the rules; changing what's a states right, what isn't;'going against the people...and we have people like Ducky saying "Move on...."


I'd say "OK, I'm a lefty, I don't much like what seems to be going on, but let's get ALL the facts, then I'll decide who's guilty"....not "let's just move on...old business" Not when it's THIS SERIOUS.

Today is the sentencing of Brian Terry's killer (odd he's admitting it, huh? Doing thirty years, supposedly? I've been wondering if his family was threatened and he had to confess)...if ONLY this ridiculous bunch in the WH had done what the Bush admin. had set up.. Sell the guns, or let the cartels buy them WITH SURVEILLANCE, and then FOLLOW THE MONEY/GUNS. No, after Holder took over, the agents asked "How long do we watch?" and were told "go home" "GO HOME? They have GUNS!" Ya, "GO HOME"
If we'd watched, perhaps Mr. Terry'd be alive today.

Bob and Imp; What the HECK is going on that the scandals are NOT bringing any incrimination of anybody in those departments?
This is an ASTONISHING amount of cases where there's really horrible wrong doing and not only are they not arrested, they'd getting BONUSES at the IRS, remember? And Lois Lerner's still on PAID (paid) LEAVE!??? WHAT?

Imagine if a Republican was in charge? MY GOD, would heads be rolling. I almost wish it was; a lot of heads in D.C. At least we'd lose SOME losers. Not the really big ones, but at least some.

Impertinent said...


The country and it's 'leaders' have given up on and lost all moral authority. We're completely out of control and heading off a cliff...over immigration, taxes, welfare, health care, spying, energy production, jobs, growth and the very principles we're founded on..the rule of law.

It's clear that there are those who above it...not answerable to it...and in clear violation of it too.

Like I said...we are screwed.

Mustang said...

One cannot expect morality from elected officials when the people who elected them are also immoral.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

The problem with Leftists defense of the IRS scandal is that many quasi-official explanations state that the egregious nature of the acts were mitigated because [they claimed] the IRS targeted left leaning groups as well. They invoke this defense without apparently acknowledging that then they too, are being played the fool.

Once again, if there was no chicanery at the IRS....why did Lerner invoke the 5th, and why was there a public apology?

Impertinent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bob said...

Impertinent says, "That's picking out the splinters Bob. That really hurts."

Think nothing of it. I have been hired, fired, promoted, demoted, merged, purged, dissed, cussed, stabbed and kissed-up-to all in my short lifetime. A little splinter here or there doesn't make much difference.

Bob said...

CI sayeth, "... many quasi-official explanations state that the egregious nature of the acts were mitigated because [they claimed] the IRS targeted left leaning groups as well."

I think we could make a mathematical case for IRS targeting conservative groups. Their example of liberal group harassment is only one or two groups. Whereas, pretty much all conservative groups (more than a dozen) fell prey to the IRS harassment regime.

What we have is a very high correlation with bad things done (on purpose) to conservative groups, and bad things rarely done to liberal groups. The proof is in the numbers.

Two Tea Party groups being harassed can be considered a coincidence, but three or more is not only a pattern, but in some courts would be prima facie evidence of discrimination. Entire school busing schemes have resulted from less evidence.

Duckys here said...

CI, what egregious actions?

Applications for tax exempt status for conservative campaign groups triple and you don't think that warrants investigation.

Egregious? Stop the foolish language games.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Foolish games indeed. It's the subjective criteria used against certain groups, that the IRS admitted to using, apologized for and have since changed the criteria to [using their own words] "use more objective criteria." This of course, comes after contradictory agency statements were released in 2011.

It's not the first time the IRS has been used as a political cudgel, and it won't be the last. But as always, it won't be a problem to the major party that is not impacted by the actions.

Impertinent said...


"A May report by the IRS inspector general said the agency gave extra scrutiny to 298 groups when they applied for tax exempt status from the spring of 2010 to the spring of 2012. The vast majority of the groups — 248 — were conservative, while 29 were liberal and 21 were neither, according to an analysis by the Republican staff of the House Ways and Means Committee."

BTW Bob..the FBI is just getting around to interviewing the groups...and the "Justice" Dept has still not given over documents that were requested last spring.

Impertinent said...

There is a God....and this weeks Darwin award goes to:

"Suicide Bombing Instructor Blows Away Al Qaeda Students with Demonstration"

Twenty-two ISIS members were killed, and 15 were wounded, in the explosion at the camp, which is in a farming area in the northeastern province of Samara, according to the police and army officials.

Way to go...mutts.

Kid said...

the democrats have been trying in earnest to destroy America since lbj. What else does anyone need to know?

Did you hear today that 58% of the working age population in America are not even looking for jobs?

Easy to find in the news, but on my blog today too

Kid said...

Qman, as long as there are a sufficient loser morons like yourself running around, a dead skunk could win. And "she" probably will in 2016.

Kid said...

No disrespect to anyone here, but I don't even cast my eyes on the ducks comments anymore. It's like going to a restaurant and asking to be seated next to the family with the squealing and totally undisciplined 2 year old.

Kid said...

IMP, the al queerda explosion. Beautiful.

Kid said...

CI, indeed, How about, why did michele's friend's lemonade stand company get a no bid contract to write a website that was delivered over 50% incomplete, what was delivered is a POS, and was paid about a BILLION dollars.

Furthermore, why did aforementioned michele's friend skate through a congressional hearing basically telling the worthless congress critters "FU I'm michele's friend you ain't gonna touch me". ?

For a website that on the extremely high end should cost about 20-30 million. A website that when compared to the site my boss and I wrote for our salary over the same time period and had 100 times more functionality and works and is secure.

How about the hildebeast being criminally negligently responsible for the death of an American ambassador and three other fine Americans and goes to congress and squeals What does it Matter. and there are no consequences for anything. 2 of thousands of such gross impositions on the American public. and that bitch will be in the white house. No consequence. Talking about the IRS thing is almost comical.

No offense Z, it needs to be talked about and recorded, I'm just blowing off some perspective steam.

There is no one fighting for America who is in a position to do so. We have a one party system now. The repubs have resigned themselves to try to out do the dems in appeasing the losers. 58% of the population and counting.

As IMP says, we are screwed. Time for plan B if you got one.

Z said...

Kid, I've looked into the "no bid" part and the mass media doesn't report it that way...but I had heard that was the case.

Also, are you hearing now that Michelle's friend's company is out and a company is IN which has worked for some States and other D.C. entities which are so upset with their work that they're contemplating getting rid of the company? And that's the NEW ONE for the ACA?
What are they DOING at the White House?

Then Obama changed the dates on the ACA implementation of business until AFTER the 2016 election :-) VERY clever.
AND, he's telling business, as part of his ACA, that they CANNOT fire or lay people off without a reason OTHER than having to pay insurance! AND they have to prove that to the NOW-UNTRUSTWORTHY, BIASED IRS!!

OH, my GOD, you have to look into that's astonishing.

I really REALLY wish leftwingers would watch FOX for ONE MONTH ...they really need to get ALL the news.

Z said...


I went on the site above and clicked on the healthcare article and, suddenly, there was a popup for Obama care! I SWEAR! On an article saying how stinkin' awful their NEW computer 'experts' are!
There was an expert on TV tonight saying it'll take a YEAR to really work the kinks out and that this new company's had problems with privacy issues!


Oh, leftwingers; PAY ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kid said...


the media has only said there are some 'glitches'. Compare THAT to reality.

A new company has been hired who is no better than the one that is being replaced. Another billion $ giveaway? It won't be a solution by anyone's description.

michele's friend's website code will be thrown in the trash. No software person works with someone else's code when it has been established it is such a POS. From a security POV for sure, but even from a confidence POV. You start from scratch. You always start from scratch. So, a billion to michele's friends for nothing and no consequence. And they have not the slightest hesitation at hiring Another POS company that will deliver Another unfinished POS for probably another Billion or more. Imagine that. Their knowledge that the majority of American voters are so freakin stupid that they can launder another Billion and still not provide a working portal to a health care 'solution'. This is where we are at.

Yes, obammy is legislating obammycare details like a 3rd world dictator with a pen, for the sole purpose of tagging another political party with the mess IF one should happen to defeat the dems in 2016. It's as obvious as a 3 day old fish. In summer. In your back seat.

What are they doing at the white (shi'ite) house? Splitting their sides !!

The only thing I can't figure is how they don't explode with laughter when talking to the media. Drugs maybe.

beakerkin said...

Of course the left loves to rant and rail about McCarthy while engaging in practices straight out of the Hugo Chavez playbook.

In general the Federal government has serious accountability issues and multiple firings should have occurred. It doesn't surprise me as imbeciles screw up things grossly and are frequently promoted all the time in government

Rottweiler said...
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