Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gert Wilders acquitted

HERE, finally, is some good news.   Gert Wilders  has a long background of promoting the notion to "not tolerate the intolerant"   He's fought to expose Islamist hardliners in the Netherlands and is called a racist and worse ("rightwing!") because of it, but read the link above at his name and you'll get a clearer understanding of him.

Here's part of the article:

Ties Prakken, a lawyer who represented immigrant and antiracist complainants, agreed that “there is no appeal possible in the Netherlands,” and said she would instead bring the case to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights in Geneva, accusing the Dutch government of failing to protect people from incitement to discrimination or violence.
“He’s poisoned the atmosphere,” she said. “It’s normal now to say in the Netherlands that the immigration experiment has failed. The climate has worsened, and he is both one of the instigators and one of the symptoms. It’s not like it was 20 years ago.

Z: It's failed, but because of the Dutch?  And, of course, there weren't as many Muslim hardliners in any Western society 20 years ago.  And, by the way, who has made the climate worse, those Dutch who are fighting for their country and their cultural integrity?  Apparently, the Netherlands  must acquiesce to pushes from Muslims in their's an interesting bunch of statistics and the Wikipedia piece makes it appear groundless, but.......what else is new?

In May 2006, a poll by Motivaction / GPD (1,200 Dutch adults +/- 3%) found that 63% of Dutch citizens felt that Islam is incompatible with modern European life.  A poll of June 2004 found that 68% felt threatened by "immigrant or Muslim young people", 53% feared a terrorist attack by Muslims in the Netherlands, and 47% feared that at some point, they would have to live according to Islamic rules in the Netherlands. 

I suppose one could say these fears are silly and all these people have no reason to believe this, but the one saying that would have to have a terribly low estimation of the Dutch and their experiences in their own country.

Wilders' acquittal is a strike against censorship and a blow to Islamists who seem to feel that Western societies deserve to be pushed to the limit of their 'tolerance.'

When Muslims can live amongst Westerners in those Westerners' countries without pushing for Sharia or threatening widescale death for every perceived slight to them, perhaps we will not need a Gert Wilders?   Or we can insult him with the nastiest of epithets and expect to continue our way of life, which we and all societies, are entitled to.   Or aren't we?   America, too, did better when her immigrants came for freedom, not welfare, and for the AMERICAN dream which includes learning the language, absorbing the culture, learning her history and championing her American future, not having immigrants fly their flags and be offended at anything American.

I'll never understand why there can be people who don't understand that every country has a right to their individuality, their own culture, everything that makes that country what it is...etc etc.....and that immigrants might want to fit in, not balk, demand, decry, insult, and threaten.



Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


Major said...

Good for Geert...and good for freedom, especially of speech. The idea that our tolerance for evil ( as islam is ) means we have to tolerate the intolerant?

They used to say that "War is dangerous to all living things" back in the 60's. Little did we know that it's Islam's war with humanity that's dangerous to all living things.

What we really need to do is import Geert! Our mealy mouth cowards in DC, excepting maybe Pete King, need a lesson in islams darkness.

Islam...anti life, anti freedom, anti happiness...the proof is in any newspaper any day of the week....not even counting over 17,000 muslim terrorist attacks on people world wide.

Oh...and BTW....the terrorist group CAIR has just had their tax exempt status revoked by the IRS!

Maybe we are waking up.

Z said...


Major...that happened to CAIR? WOW, is somebody sleeping at the White House and let that slip by???
Eric Holder will go to bat for them; wait for it.

ANd all Muslims everywhere have to do to stop this supposed unearned criticism is march against hardliners in HUGE demonstrations in Western countries; write against hardliners, fight hardliners, expose CAIR, open their mosques to us so we can be assured there's no hate being preached.....
but, alas.

Ducky's here said...
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Ducky's here said...

I can't wait for his next film. The guy has a bold mise-en-scene that just shames Terrence Malick.

Major said...

"The IRS has stripped the embattled Council on American-Islamic Relations of its tax-exempt status after the nation's most prominent Muslim group withheld donor records from the government.

The move by the federal agency follows an expose published by WND Books that revealed these and other violations by CAIR and triggered a federal investigation and audit."

And the FBI no longer associates with them... "unindicted co conspirators" that they are.

It's also been found that they only have 5,000 paying members....not the 50,000 ( there's that lying for islam in progress )
and that they're damn near broke.

Z said...

Ducky, ya...the fact that he's not a film maker but trying so hard to bring attention to a big problem makes him "No Terrence Malick".

There's a criticism. gad

Z said...

MAJOR: I sure hope that's all true.
Thanks for the information...amazing to finally get good news for a change!

Ducky's here said...

z, this week 300,000 non profits lost their status as a result of not filing the required forms. The Journal has the story.

Nothing to do with CAIR in particular.


Ducky's here said...

You have to remind me that most of the folks here are very sarcasm challenged, z.

Wilders is a low level bigot who specializes in stirring up fear. It's a great racket.

Make people sufficiently hostile to deter integration and then complain when it doesn't happen or you generate a reaction.

Always On Watch said...

I was very busy last night and this morning (Sick cat!) and am just getting around to posting about this acquittal, a victory for free speech. I linked to your post in my very brief post, which also includes the video Fitna.

Always On Watch said...

Wilders is supposed to have a book coming out this fall.

Major said...

"Nothing to do with CAIR in particular."

They lost their tax empt status then, right? So they'll be hard pressed to get it back since they hid their assets, contributions and their overt / illegal lobbying of Congress. When they're not authorized legally to lobby.

They be one of many....but it is significant they they not only should have never been tax exempt...but now have been revealed for what they really are.

Ducky's here said...

No Major, they merely have to file the required forms like the other 300000 groups in the dragnet.

It's an IRS crackdown on non profits and we know how you freedom lovers just love the IRS.

Z said...

I'm sorry, too, Ducky, one would think this country would finally wake up and realize CAIR's stances rarely put America first....I guess it didn't happen.

Why would CAIR be exempt, anyway?

as for sarcasm...good try.
As if we thought you'd admire a man who's standing up to isalmists and think his films are to be admired, too?

"Wilders is a low level bigot who specializes in stirring up fear. It's a great racket."

So, you didn't read my post or the information for the last few years about Wilders. Some bigot.......

As for 'rackets'...everybody you hate has a 'racket', Ducky...the images on my post are all from the Netherlands. Some 'racket'. Thank GOD the Dutch have SOMEONE who's courageous and bold and willing to sacrifice himself for his country.

Z said...

As far as "bigot" and "racket" are concerned; why's this so hard to grasp?

"And all Muslims everywhere have to do to stop this supposed unearned criticism is march against hardliners in HUGE demonstrations in Western countries; write against hardliners, fight hardliners, expose CAIR, open their mosques to us so we can be assured there's no hate being preached....."

Ducky's here said...

z, you near Santa Monica?

Whitey Bulger's arrest getting much play there?

16 years in California and the FBI didn't know? Yeah, just like Pakistani intelligence missed bin Laden.

Z said...

He got picked up about 3 miles from me. And no, every article I've seen about him says they were in London and many places in the time period he's been on the run.

I'm just hoping and praying the FBI hasn't spent much time on Bulger; there are a lot bigger fish to fry than Whitey; I don't care if they think he killed many people. I want them chasing terrorists; mafia's friendly in comparison.
21 possible murders against 3000?

Ducky's here said...

z, this guy turned the Boston branch of the FBI into a subsidiary of the mob. He did a lot more damage than some mamaluc like the underwear bomber.

There is a slight hope that he can reveal the location of the stolen Gardner paintings. No way anyone took down a score that large here without him knowing it.

He was in California for the whole 16 years. My guess is that he's terminally ill and doesn't stand trial. That way the FBI gets to pump up its reputation ad we don't get the testimony of just how corrupt that organization really is. No way they let him talk.

Z said...

So you know he was here and nobody else did, including every writer for every article I've read!? Why didn't YOU turn him in? :-)

I just read the info re FBI corruption.
I remember a guy who'd retired from the FBI who spoke on CSPAN about 15 years ago; ho said that we have ZERO good applicants anymore; that the majority of them flunk the lie detector tests for theft and they don't get the people from reputable universities anymore because the professors have soured the best and brightest from serving our country. no surprises on an inept FBI here.
But absolutely no proof Bulger lived in California all these years, not that I give a darn where he was.
He sure lived in a nice area, that's for sure.

Brooke said...

Ducky just cannot stand that, as the left is so want to say, Wilders speaks 'truth to power' and has been vindicated for it regardless that the 'trial' was a farce in the first place.

Opus #6 said...

I retweeted this morning that 100% of forcible rapes in Oslo are from people who follow Mohammed. It's not bigoted if it is a FACT.

Z said...

Brooke..the whole thing is sickening.

Opus, is that a fact? And that makes someone BIGOTED for not having those people around, right?
What is WRONG with trying to keep the integrity of a country's culture and history and all???
It's so sad to go to Munich, which was SO CLEAN for all its existence except now with SO many immigrants who treat it like a dirty door mat...and things get stolen now when the Germans could put their bike near the front porch and never worry before. NOT ANYMORE.
But, the leftwingers think that's the people who live there's fault somehow...I just don't get it.

MathewK said...

Thank heavens for this, muslims and their liberal bitches will be so upset. I'll drink to that.