Friday, August 2, 2013

Bora Bora.......anything but a bore.

Bora Bora...........taken 3 days ago by Ms Z on her world sailing trip.
and look at the whale playing in the incredibly blue waters!

I hope you enjoyed those;  I thought they were gorgeous.



FreeThinke said...

Wonderful photos, Z! They prove to me that try though they may to reach great heights the work of human artists can't begin to compete with The Master Artist of the Cosmos -- The Lord God Almighty.

God constantly creates an unborken succession of miraculously beautiful images that move before us, and then vanish at such speed as to be incomprehensible to our pitifully limited physical senses.

You stepdaughter's camera, however, was able -- thanks to her skill and good judgment -- to capture one or two of these images in mid flight. Astonishing!

I don't remember ever seeing the word "beauty" in the scriptures, but whenever I am in the presence of true Beauty, there also am I in the presence of God.

Your step-daughter is making marvelous memories that will enhance her quality of life and help sustain her as long as she lives.

Great stuff!

Z said...

You know, FT...there are few if any verses about the beauty of creation; it's almost like God didn't want to brag :-)
It is hard, you're right, to be around that kind of scenery and not believe that someone VERY good and VERY mighty made it!
There are verses about human beauty, etc., as you know.

Yes, she'll never forget any of these amazing things she's seeing and capturing on film and in text; she's got astonishing photos and has kept a running dialogue in a computer/journal.

I'm glad you enjoyed can really FEEL the mist off those waves, can't you?

Thersites said...

How pure must that water be? Awesome.

Jen Nifer said...


So gorgeous. I want to be there!

Z said...

Ms Z saw someone's comment about keeping her in her prayers...I think it was Sue Hanes...and wanted me to thank you all for your comments and for your prayers!

Pris said...

Z, these photos are fabulous. So beautiful, and nature surely is.