Monday, August 19, 2013

You will NOT believe THIS...Trayvon and Zimmerman again; a very new angle

This utterly blew my mind......A rare, brave black pastor talks about how Zimmerman did what had to be done with Trayvon Martin.  He blames the mother and father for Trayvon's end.  He tells it like he sees it.
How do you see him?


Anonymous said...

He must have been paid off.

Lib Buster said...

Shame on you, Oprah Winfrey for comparing Trayvon Martin’s death to that of Emmett Till, an African-American boy who was lynched in Mississippi in 1955.
That was apples and oranges you clueless Racist Fat Pig.

Robert Sinclair said...

Rev. Manning is one of the few blacks that dare speak openly, and I feel honestly about the failure of black families. There is no sense to repeat the relevant points of this, but I will reiterate what Rev. Manning said. Tracy Martin doesn’t want to know the truth; Sybrina Fulton doesn’t want to know the truth; Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do not want to know the truth … if they did, they would stop their racist bullshit and admit that the failure associated with Trayvon Martin had nothing whatever to do with George Zimmerman. Manning said that Trayvon deserved to die—I think that’s pushing it a bit too far, but I will say that if Zimmerman had not shot that thug, someone else would have—sooner or later. Manning does know this though: this isn’t really about Trayvon. It is about making a ton of money. What was the settlement with the City of Sanford, over a million dollars?

Rita said...

Ooooooh. That was some sermon.

Reverand Manning is trying to get his congregation to wake up to the realities of holding the black community accountable. "By the content of their character". It's a travesty that the black community does not have leaders like Reverend Manning in the public eye. Instead the media would rather publicize the race baiter hypocrites like Sharton and Jackson.

Keep preaching Reverand Manning, keep preaching. With the good Lord's help you might be able to make a change in some young black's men's lives and their futures. Making Trayvon Martin a hero will only encourage more young men to lead their lives being a thug.

FreeThinke said...

I couldn't stand to listen to the whole thing, because I find the overly incisive, penetrating, generally accusatory tone of a typical old style, fire and brimstone sort of preacher as irritating to my ear and as insulting to my intelligence as Rock 'n Roll, and all the hideous derivatives that have followed in its wake.

HOWEVER, I must agree with the basic thrust of his argument. I didn't hear the part where he said the Martin kid deserved to die. I would never even think that, myself, but the cultural LIFESTYLE Martin had adopted not only DESERVES to die, it must be KILLED, because "it" is killing Civilization.

Tis is not about "race," it is about BEHAVIOR, and there should be no doubt that a rotten poplar culture is bound to beget rotten values -- or lack thereof -- and the rotten BEHAVIOR that naturally follows evil influence.

Rita said...

Lib Buster. My sister and I went to see The Butler last weekend. The movie is complete fiction but it was still so disturbing to see how terribly the blacks were treated during the 60's and before.

I was infuriated when Oprah's character in the movie was so upset over the murder of Emmitt Till. The first thing I said as we left the theater was, "I cannot believe that after filming that movie, Oprah could compare a thug like Trayvon to an innocent young man who was lynched and murdered for flirting with a white woman. How dare she. She needs to be slapped. ".

Looks like she's now going to join the cast of scum who keep their relevance by saying everything that happens is because of race.

It's disgusting.

The Hardcore Conservative said...

There was once a time when the NAACP had a necessary role.

Now, the NAACP is a BLATANTLY RACIST Organization whose ONLY function is directed to promoting BLACK RACISM, and protecting Blacks no matter how blatantly wrong the Blacks may be in each particular case.
The Corrupt RACIST Congressional Black Caucus is similarly completely out of touch and out of place as a LEGITIMATE ORGANIZATION since its ONLY function (as illustrated by its actions) is to promote BLACK RACISM and illegitimately push legislation EXCLUSIVELY in favor of the Blacks.....not that the white trash won't benefit from some of their shit.
However, there isn't a damn thing anyone is gonna do anything about this because EVERYONE knows that without the MONOLITHIC BLACK VOTE which is ~13% of the Total American Vote, THE CORRUPT DEMOCRATIC PARTY WOULD NOT EXIST !!!
Thus, The CORRUPT DEMOCRATIC Party knows this.
The CORRUPT Racist Congressional Black Caucus knows this, And the CORRUPT RACIST President knows this.
And it get worse and worse every day, as we saw with the Professor Gates in Cambridge and as in the Zimmerman,“gangsta wanna-be, dope-smoking,” Trayvon Martin case, to the tragic way they crucified Paula Deen, to Oprah Winfrey's lying drama act in Switzerland. And the way that Our Dear Leader responds to them all
The fact is: our Nation is powerless to stop this shit as long as we have a president that supports it. Facts are stubborn things.

The Hardcore Conservative said...

Rita said...
"Lib Buster. My sister and I went to see The Butler last weekend. The movie is complete fiction but it was still so disturbing to see how terribly the blacks were treated during the 60's and before"

And Rita my dear, lets not forget that this was a Hollywood interpretation of the times. Not that it didn't happen, but when Oproar is involved everything is about race. Why? Because she is the poster child for Racism.

Impertinent said...

Trayvon Martin was not a victim of racism. Trayvon Martin was a victim of a combination of many things. Some he had control over, and some he did not.

Trayvon was a victim of an over abundance of testosterone, but all youths between the ages of 14 up to about 25 suffer from that.

They all like to prove how tough they are and generally like contact sports and exhibitions like MMA style fighting? In my day, it was Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier.

Trayvon Martin was the victim of a liberal controlled education system that chose to teach him that America was not a great or exceptional country, that he was oppressed and discriminated against, that capitalism was the cause of all his problems, etc.

Trayvon Martin was the victim of a liberal Hollywood that makes millions off of glorifying violence, and a music industry that condones and glorifies "Gansta Rap" and "Hip Hop".

All the black Rap artists are exalted as role models in the same way black athletes are? Black artists try and defend their lyrics by saying that there is a deep social message in their music.

Problem is, the kids they are influencing, do not have the education to be that perspicacious. 99% of them are borderline illiterate!

As we all witnessed with Rachel Jeantel's remarkable stupidity, ignorance and racist attitude.

She along with millions of other blacks are not the exceptions unfortunately they are more like the rule today.

My Oh far we've come!

Impertinent said...

OH...I started to get real excited this morning when I opened the paper ( my wife insists on getting it for work ) and there was a bio on various students and their desires for achievement for the coming school year. Which starts today down here.

There was a 17 y/o black girl that was more than likely going to be the class valedictorian...However, the school is an at risk school, with a "D" grading....and predominately all black.

They're not doing this kid any justice. She's being set up for a very hard fall IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Travon was a victim of the a Getto raised young man who didn't know his ass from his elbow or his Mamma from the lady next door, let alone is Father who was never there for him . But knew every drug dealer in town very well .
If it wasn't Zimmerman who shot him, it would have been some Cop.

Sam Huntington said...

Manning doesn't mince words. Trayvon Martin is dead and that's that. What we should be focused on is how dysfunctional black families are. And Manning is right about this too: have Tracy Martin and Sabrina Fulton no sense of shame? No personal honor?

Impertinent said...

Here's an example of what Manning and other sensible, honest blacks are fighting to overcome:

"New Evidence Shows Trayvon’s Life Unraveling

Consider this exchange between Martin and a female friend on November 21, three months before his death. After he told her he was “tired and sore” from a fight, she asked him why he fought.

MARTIN: Cause man dat ***** snitched on me

FRIEND: Bae y you always fightinqq man, you got suspended?

MARTIN: Naw we thumped afta skool in a duckd off spot

FRIEND: Ohh, Well Damee

MARTIN: I lost da 1st round Sad but won da 2nd nd 3rd .

FRIEND: Ohhh So It Wass 3 Rounds? Damn well at least yu wonn lol but yuu needa stop fighting bae Forreal

MARTIN: Nay im not done with fool….. he gone hav 2 see me again

FRIEND: Nooo… Stop, yuu waint gonn bee satisified till yuh suspended again, huh?

MARTIN: Naw but he aint breed nuff 4 me, only his nose

On November 22, the day after the MMA-style fight, Martin told a friend that his mother “just kicked me out” and that he had to move in with his father. When the friend asked why, Martin answered, “Da police caught me outta skool.” “U A HOODLUM,” SAID THE FRIEND. “NAW,” SAID MARTIN, “I’M A GANGSTA.”

Incredibly, his death would transform this wannabe gangster into a saintly little boy, or, in the words of Florida State Attorney Angela Corey, a “precious" victim.

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

Rev erand Manning needs his own syndicated TV program. What an impact he could have!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Great minds apparently think alike.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Here's another one.
Elder Levon Yuille.
from right here in Ypsilanti MI
And the Abolitionist Round Table of Michigan:
This man is on fire.

The Truth Seeker said...
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JonBerg said...

Given the eruption arrising out of the [thug] Rodney King incident, I'm somewhat amazed by the comparative restraint shown in this case.

The Truth Seeker said...

When does race stop being an excuse? when does it stop?
The only person in this country who DOES NOT have protection from the federal govt is the white male!
The only person who has the power of the federal govt turn this country upside down is Trayvan Martin
The poor little kid should have just told the Big Bad Hispanic man what he was up to, and just continued to walk around with his skittles and Iced tea..
There are no winners in these events, and there were NO winners in the 3 black on black murders have occurred in Chicago since last Saturday night
When will these race pimps learn that violence and death is color blind people

When does race not matter?
What will it take to stop this insanity?
and why would any-one listen to Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton, or Oprah Winfrey, and especially Rachel Jeantel ?

What happened to Paul Deen was a Prime Example of what these Race Pimps can do and DO!
We've got criminals running our government and their criminality is being heralded by blacks and progressives with the full support of the Mainstream media.
It doesn't stop until enough brave people are willing to clearly and publicly take a stand and say I no longer give a crap what they call me, I’m going to say have I feel..
It stops when these people stop blaming everyone else for their failures
Until then, the race pimps will keep on winning.

Rita said...

Lib Buster.

I wasn't referring to the movie line, but the actual footage intermixed of the civil rights marches and remembering those days from when I was a kid. It truly was a horrible time when blacks had to sit in the back of the bus or the Colored Only sections. And were beaten and killed is they "got out of line".

I don't believe anything Hollywood puts out, but remembering and seeing the images was disturbing.

And during the entire movie I was thinking about how different it is today. The most egregious thing is that the black actors that participated in filming that movie and then have the balls to suggest the Martin incident is in anyway comparable to the travesty of how their parents and grandparents were treated.

Idiots like Oprah who has risen to be one of the highest paid "entertainer" to claim she is discriminated against because of some rude sales girl in a ritzy shop. My sister and I got the same treatment at some small shop in Venice when she was looking at an 70 Euro scarf for God's sake. Apparently we didn't look like we could afford a simple scarf.

MLK would be appalled at this people claiming racism. We have a black President, unfortunately too many in the liberal community try to tell us we shouldn't hold him to the same standard as a white President.

So, in effect they are saying we should tolerate incompetence because he is black.

Sorry, I refuse to believe a black man or women cannot be as competent as a white person.

To expect less is the epitome of racism.

Who was it that coined the term, "the soft bigotry of low expectations"?

Mustang said...

Paula Dean participated in her own demise, IMO. First of all, she’d already made a fortune on her television shows and selling cooking gadgets … so what she should have done is this: “Yeah, I used the N word 30 years ago … so what? Black people use the N word every single day ..."

That might have been the end of the whole novella … but even if it wasn’t, it couldn’t have turned out any worse. I urge everyone to go out in a blaze of glory.

Impertinent said...


Michael Gerson, chief speech writer for The Greatest President Ever!

Pris said...

I see this preacher as being honest.
It's too bad so many fall into the trap of racism, but not Reverend Manning. Of course he's not a poverty pimp like Sharpton and Jackson.

Rita, you are so correct. Liberals treat the black community as inferiors, as though they can't think for themselves, and have a successful life without financial help and paternalism from a Nanny state! They treat black people like children.

Btw, "the soft bigotry of low expectations" was said by President George W. Bush. He was correct too!

Impertinent said...


Then someone really has to explain the plight of Africa to me. I cannot imagine any black in this country today wanting to trade places with any African, can you?
It's not just the's the pestilence, the genocide, the famine, the wars, the disease, the squalor, the ignorance, corruption and the sheer incompetence in cleaning that continent up. And apparently the billions that have been granted to it has had a very, very minimal effect. And the same for relations here after 50 years and trillions of dollars...we still get the Oprahs, the Rearend Sharpton's...the CBC, the NAACP and every other useless alphabet soup of racial grievance groups.

This is..the 21st Century. And this has been Africa's state for 60 years. And America's state of racial tension surfaces once again after 50 years of progress never seen in Africa.

Impertinent said...


I found that Bush did indeed use many people have...but it was Michael Gerson that coined / invented the line.

Rita said...

Yeah, I knew it was 43.

Duckys here said...

Yeah, he was no choir boy. So he deserved to be profiled and shot.

I'm surprised you haven't moved to NYC, z. They have that stop and frisk to make you feel safe. The hell with the punks being stopped for no reason, right?

But the L.A. cops have always done a pretty good job of shooting unarmed suspects, I suppose.

David said...

I do take exception with the final part of Rev. Manning's sermon. George Zimmerman did not "stone" Trayvon Martin to death, he was defending himself. Trayvon Martin died as a consequence of his actions, not because the Bible declared that someone must stone him to death. Rev. Manning might have done better to preach that God withdrew any protection He had for Martin and cast him out into the world where he was subject to all its iniquities and dangers. I wholeheartedly agree with the previous points of his message but I'm not so sure about his interpretations of scripture.

Impertinent said...


Lee Thompson Young-- who played the main character on Disney's "The Famous Jett Jackson" -- has died after what officials believe is a suicide ... TMZ has learned. He was 29.

Sources tell us Young's body was discovered with a gunshot wound that appears to be self-inflicted.

Young currently appears in the TNT show "Rizzoli & Isles" .

Impertinent said...


"The hell with the punks being stopped for no reason, right?"

How'd that work out in Boston oh wise one?

-FJ said...

Yeah, he was no choir boy. So he deserved to be profiled and shot.

No, he was on top of George Zimmerman punching the daylights out of him. For THAT he deserved to be shot.

Mustang said...

Yeah, he was no choir boy. So he deserved to be profiled and shot

What an idiot.

The Debonair Dudes World said...
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The Debonair Dudes World said...

Mustang said...
Paula Dean participated in her own demise, IMO. so what she should have done is this: “Yeah, I used the N word 30 years ago"

Good point, I understand what your saying BUT, that would never work, maybe in a make believe world that would have been the right thing to do, but in today's America?
You got to be kidding, she would have been fired even quicker than she was.
Lots of people make racist jokes or slurs, but you can’t to it to a Black. Thats totally off limits in this society! This whole situation with Paula Deed is ridiculous, and totally blown way out of proportion. And Oprah's Switzerland story doesn't convince that the sales person was being racist either. Oprah shouts “Racism” when someone calls her cat Black!

Jack Whyte said...

Yeah, she'd have been fired anyway DDude, but she would at least have saved her self respect by not having to blubber on TV camera ad nauseam. Sheesh. And you know the so-called black community was eating that up. Did they respect her more or less?

So I agree with Mustang ... no guts, no glory.

Duckys here said...

Yeah, Imp, sometimes you make a decision based on public safety. You can second guess if you like but it's not a matter of every day policy.

The same Libertarian whiners were bitching and moaning when the nasty state declared a driving ban during Nemo. never mind that the cleanup was greatly expedited and there were no fatal accidents during one of the worst blizzards on record here.
There are ties when it's necessary.

Now even you can figure out that is different than a standing order with quotas to stop minority kids as a matter of policy.

The Rapster said...

Paula Deen may have lost support from her sponsors, the Food Network, and much of the public but, according to a recent poll, there’s one area in which she’s still going strong: among Georgia Republicans.

According to Public Policy Polling, the embattled Southern cooking mogul has a whopping 73% favorability rating with Georgians. Even More Popular Than Martin Luther King Among Georgians..

Makes perfect sense. MLK whipped up race riots which got people killed. Paula Deen whips up dessert pudding which makes people happy.

Duckys here said...

According to Public Policy Polling, the embattled Southern cooking mogul has a whopping 73% favorability rating with Georgians. Even More Popular Than Martin Luther King Among Georgians..

What's the rating on deep fried Twinkies?

Pris said...

If someone was pounding your head onto the concrete, would you just let him? Tell me, how long would it take before Zimmerman became unconscious and would die?

It's interesting that now, no one mentions that! The physical attack was committed by Martin.

Btw, I do agree that unless someone is a suspect, "stop and frisk" is wrong, no matter who it is.

Duckys here said...

Oh, despite any witness and despite the fact his head wound was superficial you know his head was being "pounded"?

Maybe you've got an inside line to the forensics on the tape and you know who was calling for help. Because the trial court didn't.

We know very little about what went on which is one reason Zimmerman's acquittal really isn't controversial.

But the profiling of minorities is and that is what this is about.

Rita said...


It is very apparent you watched NONE of the trial. Nothing besides the "news" you must have picked up from HuffPo or MSNBC.

I watched a significant amount of the trial online. You have absolutely no clue as to what the evidence was against Zimmerman. If you did, you would know the evidence the state entered helped PROVE Zimmerman ws defending himself.

Eyewitnesses testified that Martin was in top and he was straddling Zimmerman, punching him MMA style. That was the words the eyewitness used.

The only witness that really testified against Zimmerman was his friend who was on the phone. She admitted Trayvn used racial terms in describing Zimmerman. She TOLD him to go home and the evidence proved that not only did he not go home, he backtracked to find Zimmerman.

There was ZERO evidence Zimmerman started the fight. There had been documented break ins by young black men in a home invasions in the neighborhood.

If Zimmerman had wanted to kill Trayvon, why did he wait until Martin had the upper hand? There was evidence that pounding ones head in cement can indeed be deadly force.

You really need to have some young strong "kid" straddle you and start banging your head into the pavement before you can make a judgement on a man that has faced a jury and was found not guilty.

Why don't you try for once to make a logical argument based on the facts instead of inventing your own and sounding incredibly ignorant?

You're embarrassing yourself, seriously.

Sam Huntington said...

@ Rita

Ducky only watches the Stalin Channel.

Profiling black folks, Ducky? You are daft. According to FBI statistics, the ratio of crimes committed by blacks over crimes committed by whites is 7 to 1. Get a clue, Nostradumbass.

Impertinent said...


Open your mind to reality.

If I picked a fight with you, I'd be in the wrong. If, during that fight, you tried to put my head in front of a moving car, you'd suddenly become the one in the wrong.

I wouldn't have to submit to having my head struck by a moving car because I made the first mistake of picking a fight with you.

I'd be well within the law, at that point, to shoot you dead if that's the only means by which I could guarantee my safety.

The fact that you were unarmed wouldn't change a thing: holding my head in front of a moving car is clearly an attempt to kill or serious injure me.

Moreover, I wouldn't have to wait for the car to hit me and make a mark before I shot you dead. Any reasonable person knows that a human head, a hard object and contact of the two at even moderate velocity can be fatal.

That was precisely the case with Martin and Zimmerman, except, instead of the hard object coming toward Zimmerman's head, Martin was slamming Zimmerman's head on the hard object.

Zimmerman didn't have to wait for a 2nd or 3rd blow to find out how badly injured he might become. He had every right to shoot Martin as soon as he believed Martin was going to slam his head into the concrete again.


Impertinent said...


"But the profiling of minorities is and that is what this is about..."

And who's completely responsible for that reaction? You can't blame me or anyone else for that. They, unfortunately own it.

Impertinent said...

So much for thinking Trayvon was a "kid or a child"...Here's a chilling yet typical story from St. Pete, Fl.

"Police arrested a 13-year-old boy on an attempted murder charge Friday, less than 48 hours after authorities said he shot another teenager who taunted him.

Le’Genius Wisdom Williams, of St. Petersburg, turned himself in to the St. Petersburg Police Department about 1:30 p.m.

“Unfortunately this appears to be a reoccurrence of a growing and disturbing phenomenon where young adolescent teens not only get access to guns, but seem to have no qualms about using them for the slightest provocation,” said police spokesman Mike Puetz.

Authorities said Williams fired a small-caliber gun several times about 9 p.m. Wednesday in the 1700 block of 26th Street S.

According to a witness, Williams and a small group of teens were on the sidewalk when 15-year-old Dinarick Ford rode by on a bike. The teens began spouting off at each other.

One person told authorities they heard Ford shout out “Childs Park,” an apparent reference to a St. Petersburg neighborhood. Williams then pulled out a gun and fired multiple times at Ford, striking him three times in the upper body, police said.

Ford’s injuries are serious, police said, but not considered life-threatening.

Police said on Friday that they had not determined where Williams got the gun—or where it is now. Williams did not grant police an interview, on the advice of his attorney.

The level of violence by these kids is astounding, and it’s downright scary, quite frankly,” Bartlett said. “The idea that a 13-year-old kid would A) have a firearm to start with, and B) use it to fire at somebody three times over nothing . . . it’s just scary.

Mustang said...

Michael Bloomberg: Poster boy for the political left.

Z said...

Jim at Asylum Watch...wouldn't he be excellent on television? From our lips to God's ears, right?

Ducky, I never said this kid deserved to die; he also doesn't deserve lionization, like so many have done; or not telling the public about his past or only showing pictures of him when he was still young and innocent looking.

As for Stop and Frisk; as I heard a Black columnist say the other day "it's BLACKS who are going to suffer the most; neighborhoods in NYC were FINALLY becoming safer"

use your mind, Ducky...stop regurgitating leftwing pablum.

Mustang..the fun never ends, huh?

ALL OF YOU: GREAT comments.

If ONLY this Reverend was heard..if ONLY the leftist media had the GUTS to show him on television, but alas..that'd be showing a different point of view from theirs; and the left can't allow that.

Impertinent said...


Thanks for that link...interestingly enough...Bloomie didn't seem as unhinged as he normally is.

But I always feel like I need a shower after reading most crap at WaPo.

Impertinent said...


"If ONLY this Reverend was heard..if ONLY the leftist media had the GUTS to show him on television.."

Well Z...if msnbc (crap) had any sense of fairness or objectivity....they'd put him up as a counter point to Rearend Sharpton, wouldn't they?

Something like Fox does when they have Colmes who vomits such insane BS..I want to kill my TV.

Z said...

Imp! I can't LOOK at Colmes anymore. And do you notice every time he speaks, there's a commercial, so the damned conservatives sit there and he sounds like he WON? Man, I HATE THAT!!
On NewsWatch (one of my fave shows on FOX) Saturday, they let him steamroll..and he's SO WRONG, but there's a commercial about to roll, so........he speaks, and that's that. MAN!

He was SO bad that day..........gad, I can't stand that awful man. The GHOUL

Impertinent said...

Z....I too revile him..Have you ever watched Tales from the Crypt from a few years ago?, I swear this has to be how they made the cryptkeeper... who is a dead ghoul. I swear they used Colmes as the mold for the character.

He's on Fox at about 7PM here on his radio show..and I have to cut to Levin or somebody else he disgusts me so much. He's for every degenerate, traitorous, disgusting cause known to man.

Kid said...

IMP, Excellent commnets and analysis.

The democrats are breeding these people and have been for 50 years. What do we expect. What do they expect.

But few will ever blame themselves or what they see as their support system. The supprt system that sells them down the river over and over.

And a little bit that I'd like to put out there....
By saying African-American, they disclude Themselves from America. I wonder if they know that. I doubt it.
By creating things like the Rainbow coalition, the Black Caucus in congress, they Exclude themsleves from America.

It's time to say I'm an American and I won't be discriminated against and if you try to do that to me/us then we will bring non-stop legal battles. All you need for that is the ACLU.

Black folks should shun all these other perpetually dividional concepts, demand to be educated (which of course would end federal dept of education) and demand not to be discriminated against.

and call yourselves Americans.

Impertinent said...


"and call yourselves Americans..."

We're both old enough to know used to be colored...then Negro or vice versa....then Afro American....then Black..and now African Americans.

I understood the need to search out and find a definition that suited them in their struggle to have a meaningful identity that suited them.

But considering that Africa is and always be a sheet hole...I'd be happy if the concluded that they were all Americans. They too might be happier given the disparities between them and real...Africans.

Kid said...

Ah yes, Alan "can't they test the landing gear before they take off" colmes.

The libtards are Soooooooo unbelievable stupid it does hurt to think about it. All of them. And they're angry too. Here they've got the Senate since 2006, and the white house added since 2008, and the POS re-elected and here they are crying, wailing, ***in and moaning day in and day out on the blogs.

Good Lord, elect a Tea Party whitehouse and Senate, and I'm off partying and if I post anything on the net, it will only exude my most incredible Pleasure!

Libtard is a mental disease! It is the only explanation. I'm happy that they'll never be happy but it's not worth having these evil little children in charge. Let them be unhappy with adults in charge.

Hey alan, what do ya think the flight attendants go out and lift the 1.3 million lb. A380 plane up by the wings while the pilot works the landing gear ?

Additional proof libtards cannot be embarrassed. They make asses of themselves all day long, every day. It's their natural state. What's to be embarrassed about?

Kid said...

IMP, It's gotta be frustrating for them but if they just call themselves Americans, they have to give up special status, and while many have, so many are not willing, in particular those who make their living off of that special status. Least of which is the POS in the white house.

Z said...

Imp..have you noticed how they'll ask him for input, then he talks and they go to a commercial and it almost feels like he won? it's AWFUL, it happens SO often. TICKS ME OFF>

The other day he said something SO was something about two things having nothing to do with each other and they so CLEARLY did.....I'd never thought of him as stupid before, just ugly and evil, but..........

You do know he's Monica Crowley's bro-in-law, right?!

Kid....what's that about planes and Alan?

Impertinent said...

Before I go tonite....I want to ask..where is the outrage from our people...and from our fearless golf player about the murdering, persecution and destruction of Egypt's Christians? Nuns arrested and jailed...dozens of churches burned to the ground or looted. Portraits of Jesus defaced and burned.

And all we hear from this muslim POS at Martha' the wack of a driver hitting a golf ball?

This pretender claims to be a Christian?

There should be no doubt in anyones mind now...where his allegiances lie...with the MB and the total takeover of the ME with these filthy Mohammedan mutts.

Shame on "us"....shame on this moron Kenyan.

We damn sure need to arm the Egyptian army...but Obullshit is going to end it.

I hope that Egypt never ever trusts us again. I hope they spit on us forever cause we didn't back the right side.

Impertinent said...

This has been called the Christian Kristallnacht...let there be no doubt...the islamist scum have adopted Nazi tactics of genocide.

Kid said...

Z, couple years ago, a midsize jet had to land wiht the nose gear pointed exactly 90 degrees off. Instead of down the runway, the wheel was pointed directly left and right. Which worked out fine, as the tire blew quickly. and the wheel just ground off as the plane decelerated down the runway. Maybe a little fire on the front landing gear easily put out in this case.

And the 'news' people were jibbering about it and alan gets that "I'm a moron with only 1.5 brain cells smile on his face" and blurts out "Can't they test the landing gear before they take off?"

The dude gets a national soapbox and lays garbage like that out the airwaves....

Similar to when the plane had both engines damaged by a large flock of birds and had to land in the Hudson. Pretty well know event, and wolfey blitzkreig comes out with "Can't they keep the birds away from the airports" as the main solution to such a problem in the future, from of course, one of our premiere 'news' outlets and anchor personalities..........


Kid said...

PS alan and wolfey probably educated at one of ducks premiere universities. On our dime ;-)

Impertinent said...


I hear this inanity and stupidity all the time when aircraft accidents / incidents are the topic. one would think that there asshole would be embarrassed enough to keep an ATP pilot or a Sully on the payroll to keep them from making continuos asses of themselves.

The landing you first referred to was a 380 on approach to LAX. with Continental. The Captain did a completely text book landing. But his heroics weren't as flashy as Sully's water landing was.

Actually wasn't that big of a deal. Nose gear failures are legendary and the most common of all screw-ups.

"Keeping the birds away from the airport"?

Keeping idiots away from a TV and a microphone is easier.
Sully struck the flock of geese / birds at 3000" feet after Take off. Unfortunately the birds didn't have a flight plan on file or "clearance" to transit a Class B airspace. Nor did they know about the regs to keep 10 miles away and under 1500' to transit the airspace and comply with the FAR's.

I had a red light on the nose gear once too. It was the damn bulb...not the nose gear and all was well when it set down with a Lear 55.

Impertinent said...


BTW...they do "test" the landing gear. Once the plane is go's up. If it didn' what? Just come back and biggie.

Impertinent said...


As long as we're on the subject...I think I know what happened with the UPS 380 crash in BHM a couple days ago.

And I also knew it had affected the crash in SFO too. Same thing happened there.

Kid said...

IMP, it is literally stunning to me what these media people are willing to put out there and not only not lose their jobs, probably get a raise.

Not like the majority knows the difference.

CNN Anchor - Gee Bill Nye, is this near asteroid flyby caused by global warming?
All day, everyday.

I'm serious, people won't have the slightest capacity for thought in another 10 years or so.

Look at these libs, they're already so far gone, it's hopeless.

Surely, there is a way to profit :)

Kid said...

IMP, I heard the SFO thing had to do with a defective auto-throttle. Is that what you were thinking?
And hardware or software?
SFO was Boeing, and the other is Airbus?

I'll tell you now, I'd never get on an Airbus.

Impertinent said...


"Surely, there is a way to profit :)" Al Whore...sell out to Al Jazzera. And have them still broadcast without sponsors? Heysoos's like allowing Hitler to be on American radio during WW2.

Kid said...

I just want to say in closing and to get back on topic, I love black folks. What they bring to the table in terms of music, food, funk, and general attitude (the sane folks who have not allowed themselves to be used) is really spectacular.

Check out Willie Dixon - Launched a 100 bands, many of the big ones.
Little Richard - Beatles lived off his work early on.
George Clinton -Motown (a moment of silence...)

I love what they have to offer us. Man I wish the jesse jacksons and the other hate mongers, many of them in congress, will get out of the way so the rest of them can get on the American opportunity train.

Happiness comes from hard work and accomplishment. Period.

Kid said...

IMP, profit. I'm talking about all the stupido's

It'd be nice to profit and educate at the same time. There's no amount of money that would get me to put something on TV "at a 150 value, get the 2nd for 'free' just pay additional 30 bucks shipping and handling for the poor slob in the warehouse to put 2 in the box instead of just one"

Impertinent said...


" I heard the SFO thing had to do with a defective auto-throttle. Is that what you were thinking?
And hardware or software?
SFO was Boeing, and the other is Airbus?"

Yes...SFO was a magnificent American built Boeing. Which I feel is superior to any Airbus. Too many accidents with the latter.

But..I have three pilot buds that love the Airbus....they fly for JBU and another carrier.

They love the fly by wire. Which is simply a joystick and no traditional yoke to yank on.

Me....give me a two handed yoke as many pilots prefer.

With the SFO was pilot error and a lack of situational awareness.

Same for the Airbus in BHM....a totally coupled approach that landed short..same as the korean crew.

Z said...

Kid, me too, about 'black folks'...I am waiting to get the okay to blog two amazing videos. I can't WAIT.
I cried so hard watching the first five minutes of the first one, that I'm hoping everyone else is (almost) that touched. It was a wild thing as tears were the last thing I expected. (got your curiosity even MORE up now?)

and, ya...Colmes isn't the smartest guy...
They're SO SO ideological they can't even HEAR.
Conservatives I know LISTEN, they DISCUSS, they WEIGH IDEAS.
Maybe this is why they're arguing and disagreeing and Dems JUST DON'T.

Z said...

Imp, your input's always great, but your plane input is REALLY a gift. Thanks for your knowledge on this subject!!

Mr Z was REALLY involved with AIRBUS in the very early, etc.
I hate the big's going to clog airports and customs will be an even BIGGER nightmare!

Kid said...

Man, way too much pilot error then these days.

Impertinent said...


"Check out Willie Dixon - Launched a 100 bands, many of the big ones.
Little Richard - Beatles lived off his work early on.
George Clinton -Motown (a moment of silence...)"

All nice once upon a time but abandoned for rap and vulgarity, miscogny, filth and racism.

Kid said...

Z, curious. Yes.

The rest of this boils down to the following fact.

The smarter people are, the more they know they Don't know and are so much more willing to listen.

The dummies think they know everything.

Kid said...

IMP, today's "music" yes, unfortunately. It can't last can it?
Have people really 'evolved' to the point of allowing that much negativity into their daily life?

Impertinent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Impertinent said...


"Mr Z was.."

I do miss him...and I know he'd be able to have one hell of an interesting discussion on this aircraft topic.

Impertinent said...


"Man, way too much pilot error then these days..."

Too much dependence and lack of "seat of the pants" input to me anyway.

Kid said...

IMP and autos are going the same route.

I'm doubtful of positive results.

Kid said...

And an Einstein quote. As technology advances, human intelligence will decline.

We see it happening.

Impertinent said...

Goodnight all....Let's hope the sun rises tomorrow.

Z said...

Imp: "I do miss him"

You SURE aren't the only one :-)
As his death anniversary nears, it gets really difficult for me.It'll be FOUR YEARS in October, imagine?

Kid...Einstein was even more brilliant than we thought he was, huh?
By the way...neat story: I have a dear friend who'll be 95 on Oct 8...she is 98% sharp, drives, and lives in a large home by herself!
AND, she took sculpture classes at Columbia in about 1936 and Einstein used to stroll through because he had a niece in the class..imagine!? She also dated Queen Noor's dad and he paid for her wedding reception!

Grandma said...

Congratulations to Liberalmann you just tied Shaw for the Most Insane commenter On The Entire Internet!!

Lib Buster said...

Just when you think the left can’t possibly get more unhinged about the shooting of black Trayvon Martin, the next step in his beatification is getting underway: the hoodie he died in may be acquired for the Smithsonian Institution. This not only will imbue it with an historical civil rights significance, which it has not earned, but will practically accord it the status of a religious relic.
The NMAAHC’s mission statement claims that “this institution will stimulate a dialogue about race and help to foster a spirit of reconciliation and healing.” But Trayvon Martin’s Hoodie will not foster that spirit; it will only divide us in the future as it has thus far. If it deserves a spot in the Smithsonian at all, it should not be as an emblem of white America’s ingrained racism toward blacks, but as a symbol of the left’s ingrained grievance-mongering and their refusal to embrace responsibility and reconciliation.

What will be next?
Moochelles Ugly dress that she woes at the Inauguration Ball?

Ignorance knows no bounds!

WomanHonorThyself said...

wow what courage Z!

Blazing Saddles said...

Such brilliant comments and outstanding prose.