Thursday, August 29, 2013

HASAN WILL DIE. Or will he?

So, Hasan was sentenced to death yesterday.

 1.  He's been stripped of pay.  Should he give back the $300K he's earned since the killings?
2.  Do you think he'll ever die other than by natural causes?
3.  If so, how long will it take for him to be in the gas chamber?
4.  Will there be appeals?
5.  Will his being Muslim enter into this?
6.  Were you surprised he got the big verdict?

And, regarding those murdered in cold blood....should they get the Purple Heart?

WAS it a workplace killing or a terrorist attack?

Let's talk.



Always On Watch said...

I think that I heard on the morning news that appeals will go on for years!

Always On Watch said...

1. He's been stripped of pay. Should he give back the $300K he's earned since the killings? Yes.

2. Do you think he'll ever die other than by natural causes? Maybe, maybe not.

3. If so, how long will it take for him to be in the gas chamber? At least 5 years.

4. Will there be appeals? Over and over again.

5. Will his being Muslim enter into this? Yes.

6. Were you surprised he got the big verdict? No.

And, regarding those murdered in cold blood....should they get the Medal of Honor? Yes.

WAS it a workplace killing or a terrorist attack? It was a jihadist attack.

sue hanes said...

Z - If he was alone in the attack it was mostly a workplace killing.
Can one person acting alone be considered a terrorist attack?

I've read that there will be appeals.

As slow as the justice system goes he may die before he is executed.

Mustang said...

1. No, under the law he is entitled to the money he’s already been paid. I personally don’t think he’s earned any of that money, but you know what I mean.
2. I think Hassan will be executed.
3. I believe the military uses lethal injection, rather than gas chamber.
4. There is a process in military law that calls for automatic appeal. The court-martial convening authority is the officer commanding who ordered the court-martial. He or she will review the case and has the power of approving the sentence as adjudged, or modifying the punishments, or dismissing the case altogether. I have never seen that happen. The next stage of review is the supervisory authority. This would be the general officer commanding. His staff judge advocate will review and prepare the record of court-martial proceedings and send them to (in this case) the U. S. Army Court of Criminal Appeals. This review will consider the case for legal error, factual sufficiency, and appropriateness of the sentence. If the death sentence is confirmed, the Judge Advocate General will forward the case to the Court of Criminal Appeals for the Armed Forces (CAAF); they review all death sentence cases. The case could find its way to the Supreme Court, but only under limited circumstances—which are that the CAAF has conducted a mandatory review of the sentence, granted discretionary review of a petition, or has otherwise granted relief, then the Supreme Court may review the case on writ of certiorari, or through collateral review.
5. His religious affiliation will not be considered.
6. No

The individuals who Hassan murdered and injured are, in my opinion, entitled to a Purple Heart Medal. This was an act of terrorism, and Major Hassan was acting as an enemy combatant. I have no idea whether the Army will do the right thing on their behalf, however. Political correctness, you know … and generals who are more politician than they are warriors.

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

We will probabli learn that hasan has cancer and we will spend a fortune trying to keep him alive long for him to be executed. Ten years, minimum.

Sam Huntington said...

No one at the Fort Hood event deserves the Medal of Honor. I think they should be entitled to the Purple Heart Medal. All things being equal, these people were attacked by an enemy combatant and deserve the recognition of that event.

I remember a few years back, the Army awarded the Bronze Star Medal to a cute little Blondie from West Virginia who did no more than get lost on a military convoy and wind up captured by Iraqi forces. The not-so-cute little black girl riding next to her, who ended up shooting herself in the foot with am M-16 Rifle, was awarded a Purple Heart Medal.

Will the Army do the right thing on behalf of the injured and killed? I doubt it.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

I like the sentence, unfortunately the scumbag will most likely remain sitting on death row for a long time. before the sentence is carried out, and we will be paying for him until then.
I think that he should go in front of a firing squad now, or next week the latest and get rid of that PIG.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"And, regarding those murdered in cold blood....should they get the Medal of Honor?"

How would the victims of the Hasan shooting remotely rise to the threshold of the CMH?

Thersites said...

Purple Heart... all medals are for "honour".

Z said...

AOW...I agree with you on this.
Sad about Appeals..particularly because he was his own lawyer; this is why I thought there wouldn't be appeals. I'm thinking it'll be leftwing American lawyers fighting to keep him alive, not him.

Sue...when it's an enemy jihadist killing American soldiers, I think it's a terrorist attack.

Mustang; re salary, then the laws must be changed.
I had no idea what they kill by; just figured I'd choose gas chamber to make the point:-)
I figured it had to do with auto appeal because I'm pretty sure he doesn't want one.

Jim...or decided he wants to be called Maryann and we'll be paying for THAT :-)

EVERYBODY: Sorry...I'll go change my post now: I honestly don't know the difference between a Purple Heart and Medal of Honor...except I'm getting it now that I read your comments!
Will change it now!

JonBerg said...

He should have gotten a life sentence of hard labor and domicile* on a hog farm!

*In a hog pen

Jack Torrance said...

Sorry Geeez that I blew my “Cool” on my last post, but I wasn’t aware that the previous thread was about Jew bashing as Free Thinke so thoughtlessly had.
Ir seems that it is open season on Anti-Semitism: Human Rights, Israel Bashing, and Jew Bashing since we have a Israel Hating president. The New Anti-Semitism, The Jew Bashers, etc. are running a muck, and I find it to be disturbing, ... and I am utterly sick of hearing it and reading it.
Again I apologize.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"WAS it a workplace killing or a terrorist attack?"

It was, but it was also a crime. Terrorism by statute, is a crime. Terrorism is also a loaded term of political convenience.

Impertinent said...

1. Yes

2. No

3. 1 year

4. I don't think he wants them.

5. Yes

6. No

7...No...PH though

8. The scumbag admitted he was a soldier of allah and it was a terrorist attack otherwise.
These soldiers and their families should get the murderers pay distributed among them and then some.

But don't expect this vain, yellow, weak "potus" to re-designate it as such.

Impertinent said...

"Purple Heart and Medal of Honor.."

One is for gallantry, bravery and heroics above and beyond the call of duty. Exemplary acxtion and behavior in the face of overwhelming odds in combat usually.

A Purple heart was instituted by George Washington for wounds incurred in battle, combat or action.

Simply stated.

Impertinent said...


This is a video of the rarely seen Marine Corp Ceremony for a Medal of Honor Recipient.

cube said...

I don't know why we're even having a trial for this islamic thug. His death will not come too soon for me.

FreeThinke said...

Being a MUSLIM in any WESTERN country OUGHT to be categorized as a CRIME.





Those who would be kind to the cruel are sure to be cruel to the kind."

"Those who expect to reap the blessing of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."

~ Thomas Paine (1737-1809)



I firmly believe that anyone of ANY ethnic or religious persuasion caught RED-HANDED committing an act of VIOLENCE should be SHOT DEAD in the SPOT. PERIOD!

Anonymous said...

FROM Z of GEEEZ (at work):

Jack, we do not have "Jew bashing" at this blog. One particular commenter sometimes 'goes there' and is always asked not to.
And, by the way, there SHOULD be "open season" on ANTI SEMITES.

Cube: My thought was "he killed these people with at least 20 witnesses, admits he did this, and we STILL have to have a trial?
THat's a JOKE; We should be a laughing stock.
And, yes, everyone, this IS America and our laws SAY we need to spend MILLIONS in trials even when it's SO OBVIOUS.
I believe our enemies are counting on that.

Imp: thanks for the input.
And I can't watch the video now, but most of those ceremonies are wonderful. I just can't get my heart going for any which Obama gives, however, because I keep thinking that, deep down, this guy whose background has never had ANYTHING that shows he was raised to love this country, is thinking "this sap...he'd DIE for America? Is he NUTS?" "and here you go, congratulations, Marine"..(but whispering..."you dope..Michelle, isn't he a dope!? HAAAAAAAA!!")

I so wish I felt different than this about a sitting American president.
How I WISH we had a young Black President who did use common sense (like 'you can't keep spending and not run out of money'), who didn't mock the constitution in so many ways, who cared for Blacks AND WHITE Americans.

The Most Interesting Man in the World said...

The Butler is a freaken phoney BLACK RACIST picture, and I’m SICK of this God Dammed BLACK RACISM! When will someone have the balls to make a movie about how white people are being beat, killed, robbed, and threatened on a daily basis by Blacks? Til then, I'm not interested. Farrahkhan, Sharpton, and Rev. had no problem spreading their filthy lies about the White man did they!
Just look at what these Black racist’s did to Paula Deen, it’s even worse than her use of the sacred “N” word in the first place..
Oprah and her ilk are horrible, racist people. - and I’m sick of the whole bunch of them.

Political correctness tries to hide real emotions and thoughts, that makes true discussion impossible. We are not taught the truth in school or in the news, we are only taught about what the Liberals want us to know. AN “Opened” Mind is a terrible thing to waste.
Liberals are such chronic liars, they can't even get the facts in a stupid movie right. Next we’ll be seeing a movie about how Treyvon Martin was murdered by a White guy. Once again, Hollyweird shows how they can't help themselves as they rewrite history in a movie, and try to pass it off as facts. But then again, What would you expect from Oprah, lets NOT forget that this racist was also in the Reverend Wright's Church. How any White person would pi$$ away the time and the money to see Oprah's Fat Butthole is beyond me. The sad thing about this movie is Oprah will probably be awarded the Oscar just because she is Oprah the Great one, same thing with Obamies Nobel Prize just because he's Obamie. And this time they hooked her up with another CREEP Hanoi Jane. They deserve each other.
And they call America a “Racist Country” Well I have news for you, A racist country would not have elected a Black man for the highest office in the land. Oprah would not be the billionaire she is. Spike Lee would not be an award winning director. Tax-payers wouldn't be supporting 1,000's of fatherless children. And we would not be going broke handing out Food-Stamps and Welfare checks.

Impertinent said...


" just can't get my heart going for any which Obama gives.."

Not to worry Z..chickenshit in chief is not in this video at all. This is for Marines only....and it's all Marines.

Watch the first couple minutes for the formation of the honor guard...than advance to 50 minutes or so... that's where it's somber and teriffic.

Semper Fi Mustang and Marine4Ever.

Impertinent said...

@he Most Interesting Man in the World:

Don't worry friend...the butler has only taken in less then 56 mil so far. With a budget of 30+ Mil.

That's chicken feed compared to some flicks that gross hundreds of that tells me people are fed up and aren't bothering with this POS, whiny crap rant of a movie. And Oprah...go to hell...please.

Duckys here said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Duckys here said...

@ Free(?)thinker ---
Being a MUSLIM in any WESTERN country OUGHT to be categorized as a CRIME.

At least you're preaching to the right choir here.

Just stunning.

Duckys here said...

Cube: My thought was "he killed these people with at least 20 witnesses, admits he did this, and we STILL have to have a trial?
That's a JOKE; We should be a laughing stock.


No z, due process is not a joke.

FreeThinke said...


Anyone of ANY race, creed or color caught RED-HANDED during the commission of an act of VIOLENCE should be SHOT DEAD on the spot. PERIOD!

Due process for the brute savages, barbarians, thugs and bullies who pollute our population is a waste of money and time. A benefit only to the shyster lawyer and perverted liberal judgess who've all-but destroyed the legal profession with their filthy, agenda-driven machinations.

Why HASAN wasn't SHOT DEAD the MINUTE he was apprehended I'll never understand. The same for that stinking lousy Muslim CREEP who did the Boston Marathon Bombings with his thankfully-already-dead brother. The SHOT the little bastard after all. Why didn't they KILL him?

Anonymous said...

FROM Z, of GEEEZ: from work:

Most Interesting Man (man, it pained me to write're not too shy, are you! :-)
My mother say THE BUTLER on Sunday and it bothered her so much she'd have left had she not gone with a friend. Her liberal friend didn't like it, either.
As Mom said on the phone to me "you know, we all know how bad the Klan was and how awful racism was for that period of American history, but why do people want to keep perpetuating it? It was such an angry, ugly movie.."

Ducky.."due process is not a joke" But it's a REAL laugh to hear you say anything like that.
We're having everything under the sun thrown at us by the guy you voted for, constitutional or not, and you have the nerve to say that as if I don't believe in Due Process?
Anybody who disagrees with me that common sense SHOULD dictate that nobody who murders with more than 2 witnesses watching isn't awake.
Wake up. But, no, that's not a law I'd particularly like changed.
You NEVER 'get' nuance..why not?

And, as someone who spends more time here than I DO, Ducky, you have also a lot of nerve suggesting all of us agree that Islam should be a crime, as FT said. Do you EVER read my posts all the way through before you comment? Then you'd know I do not feel that way and many of us do not.

FREE THINKE's RIGHT! We used to SHOOT A PERSON who was on a killing spree. But nooooooooooooooo...we have to spend millions on trials, keeping him alive, feeding him and maybe even paying for a sex change operation? what a world.

Kid said...

he was praising allah the entire time he was shooting. It was a terrorist attack.

maybe someone will strip him of his manhood and make him choke on pork products in prison.

God Willing..

WomanHonorThyself said...

this is such a horror and stain on our collective history..why he is still sucking oxygen is beyond me...........hope alls well Z!:)

Anonymous said...

FreeThinke said...
Anyone of ANY race, creed or color caught RED-HANDED during the commission of an act of VIOLENCE should be SHOT DEAD on the spot. PERIOD!"


Anonymous said...

I second that thought.
Enough already with the racial slurs.


Anonymous said...

I can tell Freethinker just loves being scolded, annoyed, and insulted by trolls who aren't fit to shine his shoes. Keep it up. It just eggs him on, and inflates his ego. You obviously have no idea what how much power you give to someone when you take the trouble to tell them how much you hate them.

Jenna Seidel

Anonymous said...

Hokey Shit Batman, I hope that does'nt do the same to the Wicked Witch of the Blogisphere as well.
We don't what to give her any more power. I heare that she already can bench press Free Thinke.

beakerkin said...

We don't have the guts to do it. Legal games will hold this up a decade.