Monday, August 5, 2013

Chris Matthews angry at Obama again???

In this video, Chris comes unglued over Obama's lack of leadership;  he says this is what translates to points for Mitch McConnell and Republicans running in 2014.   He says nothing can stop that landslide from happening because the scandals ARE real.  
I say the media will stop the landslide because most Americans won't even hear what Matthews is saying.  Have you heard his diatribe made on May 15th?   of course not.... because...

.....THIS is how powerful the media is.   This is the 21st century version of the American journalist's old saying "STOP THE PRESSES!" when they wanted a story killed.  The press sees the scandals are real, they hear the nasty but undeniable truth from a pro-Obama guy like Matthews who actually does tell the truth from time to time, and it's KILL THE STORY! 

Do you think that order to stifle a story comes from the White House?  You bet it's "stop the story, kill it...."  accompanied by something like "....or you won't get Valerie Jarrett's next interview........."   or "...Axelrod won't give you interviews anymore.."  or "....we'll give half your air time to Sharpton"............

As conservatives who do think Americans would be better served hearing what everyone says, even someone who criticizes Obama, CAN we fix this situation?  Can we EVER have an honest media again?



Joe said...

"Can we EVER have an honest media again?"

Not unless you can answer the question: What's in it for them?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Honesty doesn't sell. Honey Boo-Boo journalism does.

Anonymous said...

I doubt the media willl change. Our culture, if it can be called a culture anymore, has changed and today's media is part of that change. Probably the best we can hope for is that some day there will be more than just Fox with a bias to the right to balance with all the left leaning "news"outlets.

JonBerg said...

Hey, what's with Lard Ball? I thought that he was so enamored with B.O. that he was peeing down his leg or something like that!

Z said...

ConsonFire...good suggestion; It's a wonder that FOX gets the highest ratings of any news channel and there aren't more TV conservative-leaning shows.
On the other hand, wouldn't it be nice to have JUST THE NEWS,no leanings, like in the old days with Cronkite and Brinkley.......
On the other hand, I've been seeing some old clips of Cronkite. Never mind.
Maybe it was never unbiased?

As if CNN needs to reiterate how hard they work to remind Americans how little they should respect Republicans, they aired a very nasty piece on Nixon last night. I don't mind factual shows; call it what it is, and he did mess up! But, this piece was so much more than that...all sorts of inferences about Republicans on many levels. It practically said "See what you get when you vote Republican?" I swear it did.

If ONLY SOMEONE critical of Obama , with all the facts/figures MANY Conservatives have exposed, would get that kind of air time.

Z said...

Joe...but what IS in it for them, other than making sure their ideology is elected again?


JonBerg...he's been pretty angry about Obama before, too, believe it or not. But, then Obama makes yet another vacuous speech and Matthews is his again.

Mustang said...

Thanks to CI's comment, my dog would be well-advised to stay away from me today.

If ever there was a road map to America's future, it has to be The Learning Channel's "Honey Boo Boo" series. I'm not certain what we're supposed to be learning, other than how to cut our own throats as a society. Chris Matthews comes in a close second to that monstrosity.

JonBerg said...

"then Obama makes yet another vacuous speech and Matthews is his again."

Yeah, he's a complete Jelly Fish!

Anonymous said...


I thought it was just a CI name for "pablum"?

Mustang, it's a TV SHOW?

And do you have a dog? What kind? :-)

(This is Z)

Marine4Ever said...

El Mustang - ¿Por casualidad hablar Macedonio ... tal vez?

Anonymous said...

Nobody's 100% honest in the media. I've gotten misleading if not false information on Fox as well. That's why I do not watch anymore.

Honesty is hard to find.

For example, people were going crazy at Obama phones. Then I hear Michael Medved say those phones were started under Reagan.

I only trust numbers now, and even that I need other numbers to criss cross data. But doing all that checking is time consuming. I've got a job to do. So my answer: go on with my life unfortunately, stick to my principles and values and stop worrying about all those goons in DC and on TV.

Mustang said...

@ Z

No, I don't have a dog anymore. Not after today.

@ M4E

I barely speak English ...

Bob said...

It was announced to day that Jeff Bezos, founder of, is buying the Washington Post for 250 million dollars. Amazon is not buying the Post, but Bezos is paying cash from his lunch money account.

I don't know what Bezos' politics are, but since he is a Left Coast guy, I would imagine he is pretty liberal. According to the article, Bezos will be running the newspaper.

Revenues are down over 40% at the Post the last few years, and most newspapers are in the same predicament. It will be interesting to see if Bezos can bring in additional revenues via online subscriptions and advertising. I am not looking for a change of political heart on this one.

As to the question, will the main stream media change? The answer is clearly, NO. Bankruptcies have to abound before anything will change.

Anonymous said...

Bankruptcies have to abound before anything will change.

Not even. If you had a paper, would you change your principles if you went bankrupt? I wouldn't.

The fall of newspapers is not an ideology problem. It's a technology one. Everything's free online. The L.A times recently tried to force people to register to read their articles and they turned it off. People are not only unwilling to pay, they don't even want to sign up.

Bezos will find a way to monetize the WP, maybe not directly through subscribers, b.c he's the smartest CEO on the planet now that Steve Jobs is in heaven. It's inline with the Kindle strategy of selling content and subscriptions.

My generation is the last one who will still enjoy reading newspapers. After that, it's over for those guys, liberals and conservatives alike.

Marine4Ever said...

Well, Bob, that will pretty much dry up my buying adventures.

Ducky's here said...

@Froggy -- Nobody's 100% honest in the media.

!00% honest. That's a complicated concept when you think about it.

@Froggy -- I only trust numbers now ...

The numbers lead to 100% truth? That must be the Randoid reason I've heard so much about.

Anonymous said...

That must be the Randoid reason I've heard so much about.

It's called science dumbass.

Anonymous said...

!00% honest. That's a complicated concept when you think about it.

It's complicated to you. To me it's not. Give the facts, then give your opinion.

Example: when people talk to me about politics in France, I always tell them that my opinion is based on the type of society I want. I tell that if you want a society based on equality then you'll love France. If you want a society with more individual freedom away from the state, then you may dislike it very much.

Because you can't be introspective about your flaws doesn't mean everybody's like you, Kwaky.

Z said...

FrogBurger; I have seen news that's "just the news" on more esoteric cable channels. But it probably can be a bit tricky in America anymore. I remember when the most plebian news guy in Buffalo, NY wrote a short piece and got a bi-line for the first time (most articles didn't have them..mostly only editorials/opinions did)...I had a feeling back THEN, YEARS ago, that this wasn't a good thing. Weird that I'd think that, because I'm not sure WHY I had that feeling, but I was so right, I believe.

Deutsche Welle is quite good as far as a lack of bias. Mr Z used to say our Paris news was quite "just the facts," also.........
And there isn't the iconization of news readers there.

I have to hold my breath here, especially at my blog, and say that, from time to time, my clicker rests on Al Jazeera News, and you know? That's not too biased, either :!!!!

OKAY: LAY IT ON ME, FOLKS "Z prefers Islamic news to ours!" (no, I don't....but given Hannity for an hour versus Al Jazeera, i might take AJ!!) Yup..believe it or not.

Ed Bonderenka said...

"Can we EVER have an honest media again?"
Heads will roll first, I feel.

Z said... specific. I want to know how you mean that, pls.

FrogBurger, by the way; I have had things like your Medved story happen very often. I won't even read FreeRepublic or WorldNetDaily...never. And I won't post anything here by either. Ever.
Farrah, of WND, came here once and put me to task and I set him straight and he never responded. Creepy.
They highly exaggerate to get peoples' blood going. Not good.

Kid said...

We could have an honest media is the collective America tells them to shut the hell up, turn them off and stop buying their rags, which is a prehistoric practice anyway. Who buys newspapers ! But stop looking at them on line too.

Everybody can just read my blog instead. I will scan the BS, translate it into reality and post it in code on my site so each rag will only get one click most.

Well, that's the world I wish I lived in.

As far as matthews, this is nothing more than CYA for later on. Like the rags write a real story, put it online at 3am and . pull it before most are awake.

Nothing too damaging mind you, just enough to point to later on, and say "See, we were exposing this!"

Kid said...

FrogBurger, Any media relying on money to keep the lights on isn't going to be worth a damn. P*ing off the libtards by exposing them at every turn will put you out of business, so FOX comes up with this catchy fair and balanced nonsense.

Like the idiotic concept bipartisan. What moron wants capitalist(well..) working with socialists?????

Some of us aren't in kindergarten anymore and can deal with theoretical conflict, facts, and evidence.

Fox is a waste of time. Even the maniac Glenn Beck has been known to say "We have to support our bipartisan president" about obama. Wtf???

That its a waste of time is good news to some degree. Stress is the number 1 killer, and who needs it? Not us ! Do something else, enjoy life. We're not gonna have the miracle of libtard enlightenment.

I'm sure I'm not telling you anything new here.

Marine4Ever said...

"Can we EVER have an honest media again?"

When did we ever have one? Certainly not as far back as 1964. I was a sophomore journalism major and began to have some SERIOUS doubts about my future career. By 1967, eight days out of Viet Nam, my doubts were confirmed. I really can't say that it's gotten any worse. Sort of like a parade... about the only thing that changes are the horses.

Ed Bonderenka said...

We'd need a fresh set of Talking Heads, ergo, these heads must roll off into the sunset to be replaced.
Oh my!.....
You thought I meant?!?

Z said...

Marine4...of course it's worse and louder and more biased and less honest ....yes, I do believe it is.
I guess it was never pure, but...ya, I think it's much worse now.

And I WISH TO HECK that they'd stop with the differing sides going into verbal battle every five minutes on the subjects of the day. At least FOX has differing sides, but it's NUTS...screaming, lying, blaming (on both sides)'s so demoralizing, don't you think??

the 24/7 news cycle is one of THE worst things that EVER happened to America...I swear, I really do believe that, for a LOT of reasons.

Ed, I DID :-)

Kid, 'bipartisn president'? BECK!? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

JonBerg said...

Hey Frog Man,

Now do you really think Ronald Reagan is responsible for this?

"Time flies when you are having fun" but: what did one frog say to another frog? "Times fun when your having flies"!

I found your self-righteous comment to be a bit of a shock!

Marine4Ever said...

Z -- "'s worse and louder and more biased and less honest..."

You're right. I don't know what I was thinking. Losing touch with reality, I guess... which can be a good thing... ignorance is bliss?

All the screaming, lying, blaming and talking over each other... now I see where the 'Talking Heads' phrase comes from.

Anonymous said...

I found your self-righteous comment to be a bit of a shock!

What's self-righteous about it? Michael Medved mentioned it.

I guess this post is more subtle about the issue.

I'm overall tired of drones on the left and the right. It goes nowhere.

So if I'm self righteous so be it. I don't want to be a drone.

Anonymous said...

Oops. Post at

Bob said...

FB said, "Not even. If you had a paper, would you change your principles if you went bankrupt? I wouldn't. "

If I owned a newpaper and had to declare bankruptcy, one of the options to exit bankruptcy is for a third party to buy the rag, thereby bailing out as many creditors as possible. Many times those buyers have different principles, and will find a way for their investment to pay.

So, the original owned doesn't have to change principles because of a bankruptcy. The new owner will take care of that little detail.

Sometimes it cost real money to express your opinion.