Saturday, August 31, 2013

Oh, Obama.......stick to the teleprompter, PLEASE?

Well, you've got to laugh, I guess.  And they said Bush could be inarticulate?  man.



TS/WS said...

And, we can tell, the libtards don't
listen to well.
He plays them like a cheap violin.
Mr. President, this go around , this quick kick in the pants for the Syrian High Confidence for gassing,

Always On Watch said...

And all that stammering on Obama's part, too. Sheesh.

Always On Watch said...

And BHO's needle was stuck too: "consistently punches above his weight."

Guess Who said...

By the way, George Whyte C. Sumner and you other Progressives and Liberals can kiss my ass . We can say, and post whatever we feel like without your approval. We the people who wish to be free and protect our freedom will continue to say how we feel. . No amount of threats from you or those other those goat-loving, cowardly, islamo-facists are going to stop us.
Apparently it's perfectly fine for progressives, and liberals to make sweeping derogatory statements about anyone who happens to be a conservative, but if a conservative says nice things about a Liberal, or a Marxist president that's a hanging offense in your blind eyes. Never you mind the fact that one of yours “Robert Byrd” was a former Klansman, that's not supposed to be public knowledge, nor are you supposed to care, because HE'S was a Democrat, and thus should be forgiven for all past transgressions.

Guess Who said...

I know that the progressive bunch of crude will soon put out the absurd spin jobs from radical leftists likethose at that Tats nest who shall remain nameless for now. And that they will be saying that this is "right-wing fear tactics", blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...

But here's the thing. When it's the end of the day,we will be at war. In a war exactly like the Democrat were screaming about when George Bush took us into Iraq Period. There half-assed, passed Dumbocrats seem to have a very short memory aor they are implemented blindly. Syria and a pending U.S. strike over the use of chemical weapons, and how those seemingly isolated events could unfold into something bigger.

Mustang said...

I think we should send a letter of apology to Denmark, Norway, and all those other countries. And then all of us should commit suicide.

Oh, wait ... we already did that at the last election. My bad.

sue hanes said...

Z - This video is embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

What a FREAKEN Creep we have representing us in the World.

Sam Huntington said...

Jimmy Carter must be feeling smug right about now.

Thersites said...

Flattery is just another word for "politics".

JonBerg said...

Sue said........

"This video is embarrassing."

Hey Sue, EVERYTHING this fraudlent clown says and does is EMBARRASSING! Mustang is quite correct. We should apologize to the entire World for being the only Nation dumb enough to elect such a poor excuse for a leader [man?]. But wait; there is one redeeming quality for the World to appreciate. This high profile jester must provide 'comic relief' to all corners of the Earth, while the joke is on us!

American Jihad said...
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Ed Bonderenka said...

Awww, JonBerg beat me to it.
The video isn't embarrassing.
The president is.

American Jihad said...

What could be the reason why NOT EVEN ONE Republican senator was invited to speak on Martin Luther Kings Speech Anniversary.
Of course, we all know that you're not a real black person unless you're a Democrat. Just one more example of why we don't need to take these fools seriously about anything they say or want.
And since when are the likes of those Rapper Creeps like Jay Zee, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Al Sharpton, and even Trayvon Martin’s mother and father
democrats have always called black republicans uncle tom or Aunt Jemima
But Something Was Missing! A Republican! Even Tim Scott, , the only African American Republican Senator wasn’t allowed to speak.
And yet...the Demdips claim only republicans are racist!
..But these same leaders as Obama preach unity, bi-partisanship, and their other crap

Bob said...

We are the first nation in history to have a crash-test dummy for a leader.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

What could be the reason why NOT EVEN ONE Republican senator was invited to speak on Martin Luther Kings Speech Anniversary.

I guess that’s how they honor Martin Luther Kings “dream”

Ed Bonderenka said...

Wanna watch that MLK bashing.
We keep claiming him as a republican.

Back to the video...
"stick to the teleprompter".
There's always this:
where he thanks himself for having everyone over, reading the Irish PMs speech off the TOTUS.

Impertinent said...


"Jimmy Carter must be feeling smug right about now..."

I think Bush deserves being that way now.

Impertinent said...

Someone please...tell me that we're ARE NOT two separate countries right now.

Prove to me that the progressives have not succeeded in dividing the country in half.

And that half's to snuff out the other half.

JonBerg said...

"Someone please...tell me that we're ARE NOT two separate countries right now."

NO but it would be interesting to see the two, that I think you mean, starting on equal footing, juxtaposed after 10 years. Why do I think it would resemble the comparison of post war Hiroshima to Detroit.

Z said...

EVERYONE: Let's get this straight right off the bat.

O'Reilly apologized for having said nobody was invited, incorrectly, and, of course, the leftwing media's playing that up BIG TIME. "Oh BOY, O'Reilly goofed and we can prove this one!"

Also, I don't want the Dr King bashing here AT ALL. Whatever he was in the past, and whoever he stole from (nobody's provided me that information yet, right?) doesn't matter: He's become someone both blacks and whites respect because he did work hard and did want equality (not begging, not redistribution, not any of the stupid leftwingers' dreams for now)...
thank you.

Impertinent said...


Z..I think what most agree on is that he's not the "saint" he's painted to be. Nor is Trayvon Skittles...JFK, RFK, LBJ, FDR, Hoover, Woodrow, Ford or all.

Z said...

Imp, how you could include Trayvon Martin and Eisenhower in the same sentence is astonishing and probably not quite true.
Eisenhower might not have been a saint but he's no Trayvon Martin!
Dr King was no saint, either, but he had qualities.

Lately, a dear friend who could "out" himself here or not but I won't betray the trust in his emails, has written to me that he's been watching the History Channel; recently, they "highlighted" (or should I say "LOWlighted?") Benjamin Franklin and how he very well might have been a 'serial killer' and 'visited sex clubs'...
A couple of weeks ago, this friend emailed how horribly the History Channel had treated George Washington.

I'm SICK OF THIS. Maybe if we'd just realized that many of our famous forefathers were spectacularly gifted and good in MOST cases and MOST situations, but not SAINTS, the left wouldn't have grasped the chance to find every possible negative about them and tout it as if NOTHING THEY DID is worthwhile anymore. Their not being total saints does not mean that the really amazing things they did are now worthless. Why can't leftwingers understand that? It's a pretty simple thing to grasp. Why does the leftwing rejoice in the negatives? Why WANT to bring us down?

I can't TELL YOU how badly this feels to me. And it should ALL of you.

Come to think of it, this attitude of the left reminds me of something else: They can't stand for one person to be hurt, either...if ONE PERSON (out of literally billions) has hot coffee spill on themselves, there has to be a new law lowering the temperature of ALL OUR COFFEES. THERE MUST BE A LAW.
If ONE PERSON falls into an empty pool and breaks his arm, EVERYBODY has to have chain link around the pool because there MUST BE A LAW.

Maybe, when our left realizes that perfection is NEVER to be attained in heroes or every day life, we'll all be a LOT more independent again..a LOT better off.

Thersites said...

Obama punted to Congress. The man is incapable of doing anything unpopular. :)

Impertinent said...


I was just comparing their "saint's" to our "saints".

Impertinent said...


"Why does the leftwing rejoice in the negatives? Why WANT to bring us down?"..

That's why I asked the question that's gone unanswered from August 31, 2013 at 9:49 AM...they need to destroy the honor, integrity and demean the accomplishments first. Tear down the country's best and greatest moments, it's heros and great deeds and strides...then the educational system...fill our TV's and movies with porn...crap and corrupt journalists.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Z:"there has to be a new law lowering the temperature of ALL OUR COFFEES. "
scherie and I went to a restaurant (the one I featured on my blog) and asked for her French Onion soup.
The waitress comes back and apologizes that the chef won't make it boiling hot. The waitress knew what Scherie always had but now can't get. She took the soup and came back a little bit later, very apologetic.
I got up and headed for the kitchen, I asked if he was the chef, he asked if I was the guy that wanted the soup hot.
he said 180 was the temp of the soup. I said I'd been getting it at 212 for years, where do I sign a waiver/release from responsibility to get WHAT I WANT!
He agreed to boil it, came out to the table and apologized and gave a free dessert.

Robert Sinclair said...

If I'm unhappy with the food or service in a restaurant, I just make a mental note never to go back. People who send their food back run the risk of having kitchen slugs spit in it.

Anonymous said...

Or worse!

Anonymous said...
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Steve said...

After weeks of his not consulting with Congress, and announcing the details of an attack, he now wants to consult Congress before enforcing the red lines he drew in the sand. His posturing followed by endless agonizing has been well noted by our enemies.

Barack Obama is proving himself a laughing stock. Americans are shaking their heads this afternoon. Those like myself are delighted Obama's true colors are coming out for the world to see this horrible man!

Z said...



I don't know who this new bunch of commenters is, though I have my guesses.

If one of you'd like to say how about 10 of you suddenly found GeeeeZ and Always On Watch's blog, could you be honest enough to let me know?

Bashing everything about MLK is not going to happen here.
Bashing Jews and Israel isn't going to happen here.
Bashing GWB isn't going to happen here... not because he doesn't always merit it but because we've moved ON.

Steve..welcome to GeeeeZ and thanks for making such sense AND for sticking to my topic.

Honestly, I've never minded in the past but something weird is going on here with comments lately and, trust me, it's STOPPING.


Thanks to my wonderful die-hards; you've very appreciated.
The rest of you will be if you follow the rules. Thanks.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Robert Sinclair: I'm not flogging my blog, but if you want to see something about the restaurant in question and why I don't think that would happen THERE you could read about it here:
Other than that, I agree.
Z: +1
And my commenting about a restaurant is in response to a comment by Z regarding Food Too Hot.
I apologize if it's off topic too far.
At least it references something that was previously said by the owner of the joint.

Z said...

Ed, you did respond to something I said, which is fine.
Usually, responding to anybody's okay, but I'm seeing an almost assertive, intentional ignoring of the post subjects the last few days, and that's not going to work BIG TIME.

Marine4Ever said...

"...consistently punches above his weight."

Coming from Bathhouse, that sounds so...



Ed Bonderenka said...

M4: Butch?

Marine4Ever said...


Yeah, that was the word I was searching for, Ed... BUTCH!

Marine4Ever said...
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Marine4Ever said...

@ Mustang -- "My bad?" Now where in the world did you EVER come up with THAT one?!


FreeThinke said...

Instead of fretting about Obrother, we should comfort ourselves by remembering that "This too shall pass."

Ancient Rome wasn't a very nice place, and look what happened to it.

"... We blossom and flourish like leaves on a tree, but withereth and fadeth, yet naught changeth Thee."

Ed Bonderenka said...

Back to the video...
"stick to the teleprompter".
There's always this:
where he thanks himself for having everyone over, reading the Irish PMs speech off the TOTUS.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Back to the video...
"stick to the teleprompter".
There's always this:
where he thanks himself for having everyone over, reading the Irish PMs speech off the TOTUS.

Always On Watch said...

"This too shall pass."

My mother used to say that frequently. Good advice -- to a point.

Anonymous said...

The moment an American cruise missile hits Syrian territory will be the moment American democracy ceases to exist.

Ninety-one percent of Americans oppose attacking Syria.

Since it would be unconstitutional for Obama to strike Syria without Congressional approval, if he does so he will be a dictator and we will be living in a dictatorship.

Yet, at the same time, if Congress DOES vote to support Obama, it will have defied the overwhelming will of the people it’s vowed to represent.

Therefore, a strike on Syria even WITH Congressional approval will still mean America is a dictatorship ruled by Obama, with the added horror that Congress has joined Obama in his dictatorial rule. It will be the end of representative democracy in this county.
obama's sudden decision to ask for congressional approval was the only way he could wiggle out of going from failure to incredible, world class, failure. The democrats were not prepared for voter backlash next year as voter fury was taken out on the democrats running for congressional seats.

Marine4Ever said...

@ Anonymous, September 1, 2013 at 3:50 AM
You really need to get some sleep, man... and A LOT of psychological help. You've got some real mental health issues there, slick.

Ed Bonderenka said...

M4E +1

beakerkin said...

How much more proof do we need that Obama is an imbecile.

JonBerg said...

M4E & Ed,

Anonymous, Sept. 1 @ 3:50 AM, is a phony. Nobody could be that whacked!

Ed Bonderenka said...

JB: Scary, huh?

Liberalmann said...

So cute when wingnuts need their Teleprompter binky, lol!