Saturday, August 3, 2013

Super Beta Prostate.......thank you

I don't know about you, but I am really stunned and saddened by commercials these days which include amazing and sometimes downright disgusting personal products.  We have anything for your "period"..your erections....we talk about constipation in ways that never would have been done even 10 years ago;  they're gross and common and take away any semblance of loveliness and decency we used to enjoy.

BUT, I want to thank a product called Super Beta Prostate.  (this might be the dumbest post I've ever done, but I really do feel strongly about this!!)   I thank this product for a very elegant black man near the end of the commercial who says that this product "took away the urgency to 'need to use the bathroom'".   Every single time I hear him, I want to pinch him on the cheeks and kiss his forehead for the obvious early childhood good stuff he got...something in him doesn't allow him to say 'pee' or 'urinate' on television. Hallelujah. 

Do you have a pet peeve commercial?  Is there one you particularly like?  Do you see my point about the guy who just simply says he 'needs to use the bathroom'? :-)

tell us!


Rita said...

"Why not enjoy the go?"

Makes me never want to buy Charmin again.

Scotty said...

Right at the moment, my favorite is the camel and hump day......hump day, woo hoo!!!

Constitutional Insurgent said...
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Constitutional Insurgent said...

* pre-coffee edits.

My pet peeve is the emasculated illustration of husbands/men, as depicted in television commercials.

I get it that women are the primary buyers for household items, but can we not portray the husbands as cuckolds to the wives desire for clean counter-tops and fresh smelling kitty litter?

Impertinent said...

Any commercial that says..."Buy one now and get an additional one for free...just pay a processing and handling fee"!

JonBerg said...

"Do you have a pet peeve commercial?"

Yes, too many to enumerate, especially "Statin"* drugs which have been grossly over-perscribed and have horrible side effects. I also question "an erection lasting more than four hours".

*Thank God we are seeing less of this as people wake-up to certain facts about the biggest pharmacological money maker of all time.

Z said...

Rita, thank you SO much! That's the one I couldn't remember and I couldn't agree with you more.

There's one that even talks about 'softer' 'go', if you know what I mean. Unreal..

Scotty :-)

CI...I agree. Why they have to insult men to prove women do the shopping is beyond me.
I saw an ad last night where a child had done something at the dinner table and the father was angry and asked where the child got that behavior and the child practically sticks his tongue out and says "I got it from YOUUUUUUUUUUU"
I just shiver at the messages we're giving our kids.


JonBerg...I don't think they're all horrible, but I don't even understand why prescribed drugs are even ON TV. In the old days, if a doctor thought someone needed something, he prescribed. Since when do people need to see all that's out there?

AND, why give all the side effects of drugs one can only get thru a doc? The doctor can tell does me no good to know something could kill me, but I sure hope my doctor knows.

Pris said...

I'm so sick of ads which make men seem like ignorant dolts! I also don't approve of ads which portray children as being more knowledgeable than adults.

I do get a kick from some of those Geico ads.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Rita: agree.
but I love to laugh at the prescription drugs.
"If after taking prednopsyilicibin you find yourself lying on the floor thinking you're going to die, call your doctor."

Bob said...

What ever happened to the famous Baby Boomer generation?

"We have anything for your "period"..your erections....we talk about constipation in ways that never would have been done even 10 years ago; "

The Boomer generation still comprises one of the largest demographically defined groups in history. Now, the pitch is not suits, cars, or vacations, but relieving constipation, getting your mojo back, and having separate bath tubs.

By the way, one of these days medical marijuana will come to Georgia, and I want to be prepared to make the maximum use of available medication. Since I quit smoking years ago, and will never start again, how can I get THC legally into my body to get a proper high?

Ducky's here said...

"Goldline International, the California precious metals retailer promoted by Glenn Beck and other right-wing radio hosts, was formally charged with 19 criminal counts—including grand theft by false pretenses, false advertising, and conspiracy."

That's right up there with the "investment professionals" who are making a fortune short selling and want to share their secrets with the world.

Bob said...

Oh, my favorite commercial is the GEICO Owl (Who?) commercial.

There are many commercials I don't like, but the Cialis bathtub commercial comes in high on the list, as do all the expandable water hose pieces. Any commercial for a product that is not available at stores is bad.

Bob said...

Ducky said, ""Goldline International... That's right up there with the "investment professionals" "

Gheez Ducky. It looks like I agree with you, again. Keep it up and I will be buying beers. Now, can you clue me in on marijuana technology?

Thersites said...

The message of post-modern capitalism is "Enjoy!" The only sin is to NOT enjoy yourself. And if you don't, there no one to blame but you. After all, we have coffee without caffein, sex without pregnancy, and old age without constipation (provided you buy our chocolate flavored Exlax, constipation being a natural byproduct of eating chocolate).

There are "products" to counter the negative effects of any action one cares to indulge in.

So enjoy! And consume another product, while you/re at it!

Mustang said...

Everything wrong with America is a result of the political right, Ducky? Really?

Ducky's here said...

That's quite a leap there, mustang.

Pris said...

My favorite ads are the Budweiser Clydesdale horses. Really super!

Z said...

This is funny!

So, Mustang's comment is a 'leap' but Ducky's innuendo (from Mother Jones) is...not a leap?
Mentioning Beck and "other rightwing talk show hosts" suggests...they're all frauds?
Excellent, Ducky...just excellent :-)

We've got a PRESIDENT who won't share his secrets with the world (what did happen in Benghazi? Why so many CIA operatives swarming while it happened?, what grades DID you get? Why'd you say you didn't know Ayers but you did? who paid for Harvard..? Too much to write here) but rightwingers are responsible for Gold whatever-it -is?
I'd lay off that, if I were you, Ducky.

Bob..Cialis: Where the man takes an erection enhancer and immediately dashes out to two separate bath tubs that just happen to be on the edge of his lake and holds hands with his wife while she sits in the other tub? THAT cracks me UP!
I'd call it good birth control, not good sex :-)

Thersites..we're enjoying ourselves into the sewer, aren't we.

Pris, you're right about the horses.

NOT a Geico fan, here, however :-)

viburnum said...

Z: "I just shiver at the messages we're giving our kids."

I have a friend who has locked out the Disney channel for just that reason. She says all the parents are portrayed as morons, and the kids are all smart asses, and constantly trying to get around, or over on the parents and that's not something she wants her daughter exposed to. I tend to agree.

I don't have a particular pet peeve of a commercial as I avoid TV like the plague. ;-)

Z said...

by the way, do most Americans realize that statistics show it's leftwingers who have more money than conservatives and that conservatives give more money in philanthropy?

Or that most Wall Street folks are Democrats?

Odd how the truth gets twisted, isn't it?

Z said...

viburnum....I have to admit I watch WAY too much, old sitcoms on cable put me back in better times and I enjoy that (Mary Tyler Moore, Frasier, etc.)
I admire you.

By the way, I just went to your blog; is that your house on there? I'd not watch TV, too. I'd stare out at the woods!
Ok..then I'd go back to the TV, or rig one out on the porch!

I'm surprised that even the Disney Channel's fallen for that sad.

viburnum said...

It is my house and if it wasn't raining I'd be outside staining it.

Always On Watch said...

I vote for the GEICO commercial with the camel.

If possible, I stop whatever else I'm doing just to watch that commercial over and over again.

It's Mr. AOW's favorite commercial too.

I'll have to give more thought as to which commercial I simply cannot abide.

Always On Watch said...

Oh, now I know which commercial I absolutely despise: the one for hoodies at KMart.

Always On Watch said...

HERE is the commercial I detest.

JonBerg said...


"JonBerg...I don't think they're all horrible, but I don't even understand why prescribed drugs are even ON TV"

It's all about money and BTW I have a cousin and a friend who have sustained significant memory loss on this stuff. It has been well known to cause muscle problems and it's now being implicated in diabetes in women. My Doctor has quit nagging me to take it, although my numbers NEVER indicated that I needed it (145 w/good HDL & LDL). I don't see those Pharma chicks,wearing tight dresses, who peddled this $#!t in his office, causing me to wait beyond appointment time, anymore! This stuff may well have a purpose but I think it's been used as a medical scam! Check out the link below from Reuters and other resource sites from that screen.

JonBerg said...


Re. the one you "detest": DITTO!

Kid said...

Yea, agree 100%. The one I'd heard on the radio, maybe still there, is some young woman describing in great detail what effect some ED product did for their last intimate session.
Disgusting. And over the radio, kids in the car all over the place and this comes flying out of the radio.
I believe it is agenda based and is meant to demoralize. Fluke talking about she can't afford sex products. Surely she pays more for food than sex products, why no cry she can't feed herself instead. Or pay the rent. etc.

I maybe see one commercial every 3 or 4 months that I think is entertaining. Mostly they're insulting. Get a 2nd one free, just pay [a ridiculously high] postage and hannnndling. How much can that be right? :)

99% of advertizements are offensive and insulting imo.

Someone said there's a sucker born every minute. Yep. They're the one that keep these things on the air.

And, Snake oil salesman is still the most profitable venture in the world.

Kid said...

Oh, and the mattress commercials. Always a shapely female lying there alone or with a guy to the side.

Everytime a new one comes on, I say to my wife, Well, we gonna see a closeup of her butt before this is over, and sure enough. Well, not that this is the worst thing...

Bob, Eventually, the big tobacco people will take over production of the maryjane products and when they do, I would believe a variety of products will be available. Surely, there's a big consumer group who simply can't inhale smoke, don't like the aroma, etc. I'd expect to see patches, pills, coffee and brownie additives, etc.

FreeThinke said...

I used to enjoy the Affleck commercials, but they've changed. I loved their being mildly risqué without being dirty.

My late MOTHER would have had kittens at the stuff that gets by today. Many years ago a deodorant commercial used classical marble statues, if you would believe, but focused exclusively on their ARMPITS. (!!!)

The voiceover solemnly intoned "In the mature male and female sweat glands located in this area of the body may often excrete foul odors ... blah blah blah!"

Well, Mother hit high-C at that and turned the TV off in a fit of pure rage. I was astonished, because I didn't think it was THAT bad, but Mother did. She saw -- even forty-odd years ago -- where our culture was headed, and she wasn't going to take it lying down.

To make a long story short, Mother got on the horn the very next day, spent hours trying to get through to the proper channels, and finally did. She gave that deodorant company -- and the TV network involved -- a piece of her mind I'm sure they never forgot as long as they lived. [Mother could be extremely persuasive and articulate whenever the need arose.]


Father and I were amazed at that, and privately thought it must have been just a coincidence, but you can be sure we always gave Mother full marks for getting her message across.

Maybe she did!

If you don't stand up to be counted, no one will ever know how you feel or where you stand. It's always better to try and fail than not to try at all.

At this point I just avoid ALL commercials whenever and wherever possible. Every day I sing the praises of whomever it was who invented the MUTE BUTTON.

Jen Nifer said...

FT, I LOVE the story about your mother!

Does anyone remember the Geico commercial about the witch in the broom factory? Hilarious!

I don't like big pharmaceutical ads. Unethical in so many ways.

Impertinent said...


" the commercial I detest."

Yup..getting the next ( 5th ? )generation of black kids all tuned up over rap, bling bling, gold chains and the "coolest and hippest" duds.

Yup...nothing about the 3 R's or anything midly beneficial or informative for impressionable kids. Preparing them for a slew of Trayvons and hate.

And the token white kid in the background...looked like she didn't know what her feet were doing or where they were at. Next Kmart will be having Fat Al Charlatan on promoting hoodies and Rangel making his "cracka" noises. Fn'ing shameless and tragic. I'd never buy a pencil from Kmart.

FreeThinke said...

Hi, Jen!

You would have loved Mother. She had lots of character -- and she had a great sense of humor -- just not about underarm deodorant commercials.


Very frankly, I think the Pharmaceutical ads are downright FUNNY. How could anyone take seriously an ad that shows attractive, youthful-looking gray-haired people of both sexes leaping over tennis nets, jitterbugging up a storm, or contemplating a night of torrid romance -- presumably because they take whatever miracle drug is being touted -- and then hear a macabre sounding voiceover calmly telling us, "This product may cause, paralysis, stroke, heart-attack, insanity, paralysis, blindness, incontinence, insomnia, indigestion, ulcers, colitis, erectile dysfunction, undesirable personality changes, cancer -- or even death. In case death occurs, please call and register your complaint with the proper authorities, and action will be taken to remedy the situation as soon as possible."

I mean you just HAVE to laugh at something as preposterous as that, don't you?

Sam Huntington said...

Commercials on television are unacceptable to an enlightened society. Since, we do not have an enlightened society, I guess it does not really matter. But none of this is funny when doctors, pharmacists, and leading drug companies take advantage of millions of Americans on a daily basis.

I saw two commercials today on television that rather encapsulate where we are in American society. In the first, Product X is a prescription for female patients with high blood pressure, but side effects often include the onset of diabetes. Product Y is a prescription for diabetes, but side effects often include the onset of bladder cancer.

This topic is not just about commercials; it is also about physicians colluding with drug manufacturers to sell their products to patients who think they can trust their doctor. These doctors are getting kick backs from the drug companies. It goes back to the issue of doing such a poor job of educating our citizens, that they do not even have enough common sense to get a second opinion. They just swallow everything their doctor tells them, or the non-pharmaceutical spokes person on television.

Another example: Product Z is a product that advertises immediate weight loss through reduction of body fat. What this product does is it turns off your body’s natural ability to send you hunger signals. Take the pill, no hunger. Over time, the body begins using up the stored fat … but now one should wonder about the harm they are doing to their body by interfering with the body’s natural function. In spite of FDA fines in the millions, the company continues hawking its product. Why? Given volume sales to stupid people, they can afford the fines.

Ducky's here said...

Your right, AOW. That one is particularly disgusting.

The take away is that their selling directly to the kids which is becoming the norm.

If I'm not mistaken in the first exchange the kid lets out a "you axed (asked)"
I'm waiting for that to happen and someone asks him if he's a damn lumberjack.

Really foul selling but if the market accepts it what is going to be done.

JonBerg said...


" it is also about physicians colluding with drug manufacturers to sell their products to patients who think they can trust their doctor. These doctors are getting kick backs from the drug companies."

My point exactly; this is for real!

Rita said...

It wasn't 30 seconds after I saw AOW's hoodie commercial online when I was about to say we don't have those commercials at home when one came n here in Fort Myers.

Z said...

That HUMP DAY ad is pretty good...I think I've turned to another channel every time I've seen the camel and never watched the whole thing. That one's kind of cute.

FT..good for your Mom! HURRAH!

Ducky...I'm not sure the market "accepts" this stuff. If I like a product but hate the commercial, I'm not going to stop buying the product, right?

Sam and Jon:..I wish you hadn't used "Z" for that negative product :-)
I'd have to see the stats of doctors getting kickbacks...I don't think they're saints, (Mine is, of course!, he even gave me his personal cell number when Mr Z died and said "Call ANY time if you need to talk"...that's a true doctor)...but I have a hard time even figuring out who's keeping track of what they prescribed. If you think they're giving carbons of their pads to the drug companies, I'm doubting that.But, I'm open to the truth, if you're right!

Z said...

Rita, aren't happenings like that WILD?! What were the chances?

Z said...

I'd mentioned earlier that I can't stand Geico commercials but I think it was their earlier ones that a LOT of people were offended by.

Nobody's commented on my description of the Cialis ad...don't YOU all think it would be a little 'ineffective' to take a pill for 'that' and then run down to your twin bathtubs on the shore and hold hands from your own individual tub? I DO! :-)
By the way, raise your hand if you have a lake. Or a bathtub ON it!!

FairWitness said...

Hi Z, I don't want to see or hear those crude commercials either.

My favorite one right now is, ironically, a GEICO spot with a talking camel celebrating Wednesday as Hump Day! Cracks me up every time!

Kid said...

Z, I don't know what to say about the bathtubs. I simply don't understand that on any level. Seems like they all do it though.

PS, Anyone notice a lot of commercials have kindergarten nursery type music playing? Seems fitting for this big day care center they're turning this country into.

Z said...

Fair Witness...check above; you're not alone in your camel endorsement :-)

Kid...I have to see about the music thing. It wouldn't surprise, would it.
Ya, I Googled "Cialis man woman bathtubs" a while ago and it appears a lot of blogs say "what the..........?" I mean, it makes NO SENSE. NOTHING about it makes sense! Weird!!!

JonBerg said...

"If you think they're giving carbons of their pads to the drug companies, I'm doubting that.But, I'm open to the truth, if you're right!"

I said nothing about "carbons"; it has been more subtle. I certainly didn't mean to imply that [all] Doctors have been involved. I also didn't mean to upset anyone!

FreeThinke said...

If you take Cialis,
Go and see Alice.
The girl has no malice,
She just adores phallus!

Z said...

Jon! I don't think you upset anyone! I'm just curious.
I'm thinking if a few got caught, it can't be that widespread, but maybe I'm a dreamer!

FT...heh heh :-_)

Always On Watch said...

If I'm not mistaken in the first exchange the kid lets out a "you axed (asked)"

You heard correctly.

This damn KMart commercial is running with great frequency here because the 2013-2014 school term begins between August 19 and September 2.

Z said...

AOW; do you still teach cursive?
We have an art teacher who's about 32 and she says she literally wasn't taught cursive. I feel so sorry for our kids today; when I used to sub, they'd be printing notes and I told them "You can't believe how much faster it would be with cursive"...I thought they were choosing to print, but no, most hadn't even been taught cursive handwriting!
What are your thoughts on that?
more dumbing down, taking from elegance...........or cursive isn't necessary?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"or cursive isn't necessary?"

I've never been a fan of cursive, other than my very Doctor-ish looking signature. That may stem from my ability to print fairly quickly, but to be honest, I don't really see the point of cursive.

JonBerg said...

Doctors/Big Pharma

Here is what, at least, was going on in Colorado. I guess that it's on the 'wane' as are those obnixous supporting TV commercials , however, I'm not sure. OK I'll shut-up now.

Always On Watch said...

Ah! Cursive writing!

I'd like to discuss this in some depth. However, I'm getting ready to head out for the day.

In the meantime, let me leave this link:

Cursive Writing for Students with Learning Disabilities and/or Dyslexia

Has to do with crossing the midline and some other neurological matters that facilitate higher learning.

Always On Watch said...

PS: I've seen for myself "the miracle" that learning cursive can bring about. Amazing, really.

PPS: SAT essays written in neat cursive get higher ratings. Just sayin'.

beamish said...

I only use cursive when I want to be able to deny I wrote something ;)

Always On Watch said...

You asked me: do you still teach cursive?

I don't teach elementary school students. But when I did, it was in a private school (Grades 2-6). Yes, I taught cursive for many years.

I do indirectly teach cursive even now in that I write composition edits on their papers in cursive. When there are complaints, I say, "Learn cursive. Some college profs write in cursive."

Rhythmic writing -- the most effective tool I know for helping students to overcome learning disabilities -- operates on a principle similar to cursive. Most learning therapists who use rhythmic writing strong encourage families to teach cursive writing early on!

When Mr. AOW had his stroke, one of the first things I had him do as home therapy was cursive writing. Rewires the brain for the better!

Anonymous said...

I only use cursive writing when I want to curse somebody out.

Holden Caulfield

Kid said...

AOW, I've been waiting to make my point that the government doesn't people who are quipped.