Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Capitalism and Jobs...is there a turning tide? Dare we hope?

My subject title is the opinion of Rock Group U2's Bono. HERE is the article.  Please read it; it's short and fascinating and discusses his Christianity, too.
Let's talk about it..........has AID taken more people out of poverty or has Capitalism?  I'm eager for my libs here to weigh in, but they'll probably disappear under the weight of a big star going against the grain.

Then there's Ashton Kutcher telling people to WORK, and THINK and ...ya, okay, he added BE SEXY, but nothing's wrong with that, right?  HERE's the article.  Of course, I just Googled and most lefty venues are talking more about the fact that he admitted his first name's really Chris, not Ashton, instead of GET A JOB, but........what do we expect?

So.........people turning to Conservatism?   Or am I dreaming? :-)



sue hanes said...

Z - Capitalism is a better solution to people getting jobs than aid. Aid forms a dependency that capitalism doesn't. It may take longer to work but in the long run it is more efffective.

As for Ashton - I don't go by what he has to say.

Z said...

Sue...I know you know JOBS are important and he presented a great argument for working.
Which part don't you go by?

Anonymous said...

Jobs we don't need NO stinkin jobs!

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

We wil wi one convert at a time.

Duckys here said...

Hewson (aka Bono) is asking the wrong question.

There is absolutely no argument that free market capitalism will create wealth. Look at Bono, he made a bundle off the Facebook public offering. In fact the scam public offering an example of the darker side of kapital where you concentrate wealth but create nothing.

Then he turns "the only band that matters" (for the record, it ain't U2, it's The Replacements) into concentrated wealth. If U2 never existed we would hardly be the poorer and that wealth (other peoples, not his, he created nothing) might have actually been used more wisely.

The social welfare state is a necessary response to the laissez-faire wealth concentration that the blowhard advocates.

It is NOT an either/or question and Bono is going to have to move in pretty mysterious ways to make it so.

Duckys here said...

Asston Kutcher is a different story.

He was a petty criminal as a kid and if he were a black kid in a hoodie in NYC he'd be making his speech from a detention cell on Rikers or the neighborhood watch might have in mind something more severe.

His so called work ethic involved a couple college jobs before he dropped out after winning some local contest.

He is the product of luck, not hard work. So now he makes a fortune playing morons for the bored and pushes Scientology.

But he's a hero to the right for a phony speech. Please.

Are these two an example of liberal Hollywood? Amazing how poorly that meme holds up.

Anonymous said...


No, Ducky, these are NOT an example of liberal Hollywood...these are thinkers; they understand that hard work is the only thing that pays off and gives self respect...they know that encouraging businesses to grow and thrive is far better than dumping money into a pit where nothing gets done but make liberals feel good.

But, VERY nice try in slamming the messengers again. You're good at it; I smile as I think of you madly Googling to make your points.
Sorry they fall so short and only reflect your constant negativity and hopelessness.

It's NEVER, EVER phony to stand up and tell kids to WORK, that JOBS, earning a living, are not beneath them.
It's NEVER a scam to start small businesses instead of handing people money, thereby destroying their futures.

Jim, I doubt it, but we're trying.

Anonymous said...

Effen y'all wanna what I thank of de hoal darn shetten mass. Cleck awn dess langk:


Judy Canova

Sam Huntington said...

Two things are true about Ducky; first, he is a broken record. Second, he lacks the intellectual capacity to realize what an utter boob his is. I’d like to put all this pettiness between free market capitalism and Marxism to rest. The actual accomplishment of capitalists is easily discernible: just look around. People are working, people are consuming, and people are saving. Conversely, the beneficial achievements communists, like Ducky, are not easily observable. As a public service, therefore, here is a list of the top five things Ducky has actually achieved in his lifetime:

sue hanes said...

Z - I just meant that I don't go by what he says in general. I guess I don't care for him much.

Pris said...

I do go by what Ashton said. He said what Mr. Pris would have said, and Mr. Pris became a success because of his work ethic, and because he walked through every open door of opportunity!

Both our children, and my grandson, did the same thing. They learned from example, and weren't spoiled rotten by us.

Mustang said...

I have to agree somewhat with Z and Sam, although I have no personal knowledge of Ducky’s accomplishments. Ducky doesn’t think; he only regurgitates leftist talking points. He always interjects profanity into people’s names that harbor philosophical differences. This actually makes Ducky abysmally obtuse. To prove this point, just mention Thomas Sowell. Duck-wad goes absolutely apoplectic —an indication of serious mental issues.

Duckys here said...

Bono is asking the wrong question

I'll post that again because my fan club seems much more prone to ad hominem than thought.

Ed Bonderenka said...

The point isn't whether Kuetcher or Bono are correct in what they were quoted saying, but that they said it.
What was that Churchill line?
“Show me a young Conservative and I'll show you someone with no heart. Show me an old Liberal and I'll show you someone with no brains.” 

Duckys here said...

Pris, you'd be hard pressed to demonstrate that Kutcher is more a product of hard work than luck.

He drops out of college and on one of his first auditions he lands the opportunity to be paid a large sum of money to act like an ass. I think you'll agree that anyone receiving that opportunity will take it.

Now the studios have a commodity they need to market so they hold one of these phony award shows and give him a platform to stay in the public eye and it works just fine.

He never had to struggle much. Never had to take on debt for acting school or the like.

In fact, while you talk about grabbing opportunity, there are several regular z posters, kid comes to mind first, who would laugh at anyone studying dramatics for going after a "useless degree'.

I will continue to call hypocrisy.

Jack Whyte said...

Ducky has some work to do if he wishes to convince anyone of his outrage over ad hominem remarks. Who was it, after all that typed in “Asston”? Man!

Pris said...

Ashton Kutcher must have impressed whomever gave him that chance. However, if he hadn't walked through that open door of opportunity, he wouldn't have had that chance in the first place.
Who are you to criticize his good fortune?

Actually, his speech to teenagers is positive. It's about individual freedom to work toward whatever goal they have, which you obviously don't have a clue about.

Duckys here said...

I am not criticizing his good fortune, Pris.

I am only pointing out that he didn't work much for it and his little spiel was hypocritical.

Again, there are a lot of people studying dramatics who never get the chance, work a lot harder and are much better actors than the very limited Kutcher.

Anonymous said...


Sue, re Ashton Kutcher, I couldn't agree with you more. You'll notice there's no photo of him on my post; I couldn't bring myself to. I hate to be mean, but I find him so unattractive in almost every way that maybe that's why I was astonished at the positive message he gave teens, you know?!

Ducky, then you haven't listened to the list of jobs he'd had.
And, frankly, I stand by what I said; you kill the messenger in order to tweak the message to your way of irresponsible thinking. Not good.

EVERYONE: I'm hoping we can dismiss Ducky's comments for being worth what you've all said they're worth: ZIP...and respond to my question..

COULD people be finally waking up to the FACT that socialism/Communism, DOES ruin, and has, every country which has practiced it? Was it Thatcher who said they always run out of money? Who can't see that?
Meanwhile, we have a president who promotes bigger and bigger gov't which will finally ruin US, too.

How I wish the Left would WAKE UP.

Duckys here said...

Sorry, z.

Kucher was a petty criminal in high school.

He held a couple jobs to pay for tuition (wow, he's unique there).
He drops out after two years because he wins some local contest and he hits it big on his first audition.

Yeah, he worked his way up.
But he earned it, he's a regular Olivier.

Z said...

Ducky, let me just say this one more time:

WHO GIVES A DARN? Did some leftwing rag you read go out of their way to dig up things he did in the past that weren't stellar just to combat this hideous advice to teens that WORK IS GOOD?

His message is a GOOD ONE. That's all I care about...why's it bother you SO MUCH????
I can't personally stand Kutcher;

Do you get me now? I DON'T CARE what he did but you shouldn't be so close-minded that his being, apparently, admittedly fiscally conservative (according to several sites) scares you THIS much.

why the big deal?

Kid said...

From my vantage point I see people tripling down on stupid liberalism.

Nothing wrong with sexy. It is part of who we are as people.

Conservatism has been re-branded as violent racism, sexism, and everything that's bad. At least to the people who we would be looking to consider conservatism as a potential solution to anything.

A smart man once said, See both sides. Always see both sides, but today's kids are not in the mood or have been prepared for critical thinking.

I met a young woman in a restaurant today who was out waitress. Out of 4 years college for accounting, has decided she hates accounting, and now has changed her goal to Electrical Engineer because she's geeked up about renewable clean green energy.

I asked her if she knew anything about Concentrated Solar/Molten Salt (They are building one in Nevada. Uses Mirrors not panels and keeps the turbines spinning for 24 hours.
Or Thorium/Molten Salt Reactors. 100% safe. We should have them all across the country. Or that MIT kids have designed a perfectly good reactor that uses nuke waste for its fuel. Nopes.
So I wrote down the subjects. She is going to google and read, and we're going to talk about it in a couple weeks when we go back. We'll see what she thinks.

But what is interesting is she was appalled that if there is an idea out there that is good why are we not using it. ? This is where the kids are at, no idea how misdirected and non-interested politicians are in actually doing stuff that makes sense, or in the scientific community putting themselves out of a job.

Anonymous said...

laissez-faire wealth concentration

Especially when wealth concentration happens b/c of the stock market and the fact the banking system and the market are both rigged with the help of the government and the Federal Reserve.

It's not laissez faire at all Ducky. Laissez faire would ask for the elimination of the Federal Reserve and true competition between banks, instead of a cartel.

True laissez faire also goes with very limited government to limit the negative effects of the collusion between the powerful, lobbies and elected official.

But you must have forgotten all the concentration of wealth that happened in the former soviet union.

As far as what Ashton said, I say Bravo. It is refreshing. I would say the exact same thing to my Little Brother.

DaBlade said...

His message IS a GOOD ONE, Z. Libs just got Punk'd.

JonBerg said...

"the beneficial achievements communists, like Ducky, are not easily observable."

That's, in no small part, because communisim doesen't achieve much of anything to observe. What there is to observe is on display in the entire Nation of North Korea, however, I don't think that they want you to see it!

Duckys here said...

You know ,z, I have contact with and I have aught a lot of kids who have done film work in the area.

They work hard. They often take two jobs to get by and they don't need a jackass like Kutcher who had it all handed to him an a plate telling them what they have to do.

Impertinent said...


"He said what Mr. Pris would have said.."

Another wise and great man...

Z said...

Ducky, kids are indoctrinated to think only young liberal Hollywood dopes have anything to say.
That's not the fault of conservatives, believe me.

So, for Kutcher to say that, I'm all for it. Plus, he went through a litany of jobs he's had, and I'm thinking you don't know his past better than he does.

I see your point about kids who do work hard, but there are those who do not, and they need the message from anyone they can hear it from.

Imp...mr. Pris was a VERY smart and VERY good man. You're right. (almost as good as his wife :-)

Impertinent said...


Like I said last nite Z....I know there's two of the greatest, don't I?

And Prisc? Words can't describe her...or you for that matter. I won't even try..I'm just a simple air-head.

Kid said...

duck, you got a link to back up your claim that kutcher had his life handed to him?
I'm not here to support kutcher, I'm here to call you out as a racist, lazy libtard who can't back up what he says 99.9999999 % of the time.

Nothing personal man.
Best to ya.

Impertinent said...



Z said...

Imp! You ROCK! :-)
By the way, do you remember MIKE from FrontPage comments? Remember he died of leukemia? I still have some of his emails in my INBOX and SENT BOX, imagine?
I have TONS of Mr. Z's, too.
You rate up there with them...in my book!

Kid, how do you REALLY feel about Ducky? :-)

Kid said...

Duck? I think he's racist, controlled by the media, very closed minded, willing to double down on failing programs, pseudo-intellectual, and actually not much different than a lot of liberal America. I have nothing against him personally, I see him as a product of the last 50 years of communist agenda deployment with an emphasis on creating victims rather than people who understand some evils of Capitalism, but recognize it as still the best system going and get out there and make things happen in spite of it.

I wouldn't even mention him but he stops at my blog often to take idiotic pot shots at me that frankly aren't usually worth responding to.

So, what am I trying to accomplish is the next question I guess. I'm not really responding to duck. I'm responding to the millions of people that think the same stuff he does. I view him as sort of a debate robot who takes the lib side of things.

Rita said...

I'm normally an optimist, but I've worked with too many young people who have socialism ingrained in them. These are kids that have made a decent amount fi money being application developers (programmers in old people speak).

They think socialized health care should be a right, they think the owners of the companies they work for shouldn't be entitled to the profits. They cannot see that the owners are the ones who took the risk and put up the initial hard work to make the company successful enough to pay them a good salary with good benefits.

In short, their education was their indoctrination into socialism and nothing seems to shake their belief.

Z: have you checked out the good work Mike Rowe is doing? He's the guy that does the VoiceOver for Deadliest Catch and stars in Dirty Jobs.

He has testified before Congress and is starting a program to get young people to realize that there is nothing wrong with hard work. His take is that we are pushing so many kids into college and there are jobs for skilled labor. America has come to look down on skilled labor.

Checkout mikeroweworks. His testimony before Congress was great.

Z said...

Rita, I do know about Mike Rowe and his work. It's wonderful but I had to dig to find it. I guess he has that show and people see it, but I hope he gets more exposure so more kids hear him!
Thanks for that.

Sam Huntington said...

“In dealing with poverty here and around the world, welfare and foreign aid are a Band-Aid. Free enterprise is a cure.” —Bono

I have no doubt that this is the last thing in the world Ducky wants to hear, and so it is necessary to demonize Bono as a petty criminal when he was in his teens. Yes ma’am … Ducky is extraneous to any intelligent discussion.

Kid said...

Rita. These kids are real close to learning something the HARD way. ;-)

It's going to be hilarious, and I hope people like yourself are prepared to weather the storm.