Thursday, May 28, 2009

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by HoosierArmyMom, who's a new commenter at geeeeeZ (thanks!) and who has tagged me to tell her and other readers eight random thoughts or factoids about myself (most of which I have NO idea why I'm including, but....hang in there with me):

1. I've never been a liberal and appreciate the thinking behind the many libs who've become conservatives very much because it's gratifying, reassuring, and edifying, particularly when they're as brilliant as Dennis Miller or Evan Sayet (who I got to meet 3 weeks ago! SUCH a great guy). One of my favorite things said to me is "hey, you aren't liberal like I am, but you really listen and don't just scorn what I'm saying right off the bat". I think that's important and it's made people rethink Conservatives. A least favorite thing I'm used to hearing is "My gosh, I agree with everything you said! But, I could NEVER be A REPUBLICAN" . THIS is the background for how important I think media is in politics and why I don't understand those who don't agree with me on that. Perception is everything, sadly. Something along the lines of this first thought for this tag is, also: If I never had to look at or hear Press Secretary Robert Gibbs again, it would be far too soon. Would that Ari or Tony were there, never demeaning, never mocking, very rarely dismissing anything they didn't feel like discussing.

2. My family means a lot to me. Mr. Z is waaay on top of that list. He IS that list. I come from a super family I'd like to talk more about but don't because of anonymity. Not that we're famous, trust me, we're not, but ...... enough said. You'd LIKE them!! :-)

3. I used to say "too bad kittens have to grow into cats" until I was practically forced (long story) to get two kitties. I had one, my Marcello, for 17 years and his sister died at 20... I miss them both as if they died yesterday and it's been 3 years since we lost Musetta. Sometimes, I look down at my feet here at my desk or picture one of them walking across the desk top and feel I can almost see them still. I'll bet you've had that same feeling if you had cats you loved. People say "Get another cat" but I don't want any other cats but them. Still...when it's time, I'll know. Don't ever ask anyone you're buying cats from if they're declawed. And please, I will NOT have that discussion here. I'm tired of it...geeeeeeeZ!

4. I have learned that widows need more caring attention than we give them. That's all I'll say on that matter. No, I'll add...'please do it, contact a widow today, especially a recent one....listen, take her for coffee, have her for dinner.' (medium rare...heh)

5. ABC's commenters and the referrees at the Lakers games are very biased against them. I know, it sounds unsportmanlike to say that so I hesitated, but Mr Z and I keep looking at each other with "What was THAT? Why didn't they compliment the Laker who just did a better dunk than that Nugget did who they just waxed joyously over?" or "what do you MEAN two hands on Kobe's back 'looks like a problem', didn't you see what we saw? When is pushing with two hands while shooting not a problem?" Even Kobe, a consummate professional who doesn't complain, looked puzzled at the calls from time to time the other night. I walk away from the TV feeling like "What's the point?" and wondered if Kobe feels like that. Later, we said this is how we feel about America sometimes. The inmates are in charge of the asylum and fairness is out the window. I felt exactly the same physical feeling watching the bias toward the Lakers as I do watching the media against Republicans, half of this country. As if I were helpless; I have difficulty watching the games now because "what's the point?" At least, with the Lakers, it's just a game. (I'm a huge Lakers fan but this topic isn't something I'd have chosen to write on unless we REALLY noticed the ABC/referree bias...and if I hadn't noticed the similarity between that and our political situation)

6. I love music. People ask "What kind do you like the most?" My answer is "Anything in my key!" Yes, I'm a singer. Mostly, I sing jazz. While I like some instrumentals, I'm more about the words, I guess. But, I love classical, too, and singerless jazz. But, not too heavy jazz........Chet and Thelonius need not apply. And don't pluck piano strings, I don't call that music! There is no better feeling than singing with a big band or four other women, knowing that, if the tight harmonies you've rehearsed 45 times are giving YOU goosebumps, the crowd must really love it. That 'after the concert' feeling is beyond sublime. A secret I'll share is I rarely LISTEN to music. I've never known quite why. I'm more a TV and talk person, I guess. I don't come home and flip some music on and I don't enjoy listening to the indiscriminate music some DJ picks for me over the radio! (except for AM1260 on LA radio on Sundays, when it's all music from the forties, OR that Sunday night country station that plays REAL country classics). I do love MAKING music, whether it's singing jazz/old forties stuff, or playing classical piano, which I do fairly often. Playing two-handed classical piano (anybody want to try the Clementi sonatinas?) and singing in studio is beyond rapture.

7. I'm addicted to blogging. I can't walk by our office where the computers are without 'just checking' for new comments; even if I'm having a dinner party downstairs ( I mean WHILE people are at the table talking and eating, etc.!) or I'm turning in or have bills to pay or HAVE to go somewhere. This once incredibly punctual woman is now late to EVERTHING. I hate that. (sort of!) Mom was here recently with relatives from NY. Ten minutes after they came (they were still standing saying hello to my siblings who were here, etc.) I went upstairs JUST to check on my lipstick or something and just happened to check my emails (for five minutes)! When I came down, Mom said "you weren't on your COMPUTER, I know you weren't!!" ooooh, yes, I was :-)

8. Faith means more and more to me. I was born a Christian and my folks were great in taking us to church, etc. More than great, though I hated it as a teen, oh, brother, DID I!! I've asked myself ALL the questions you nonbelievers (and believers) have asked yourselves and still do...believe me. . But, too many things have happened that I have to stop looking at them as COincidences and start acknowledging GODincidences. The more I do that, the more they are happening. I'm learning the difference between immature and mature Christians and glad to say I'm maturing in baby steps. I believe this level of maturity is what separates the churches and why certain denominations are splintering off...babies from adults; baby food to real food, as Hebrews tells us. We need to get more Christians to read the Bible and get more mature....and fast. And we must stop secularists from taking away the right to believe. Faster, folks!

So...thanks for hanging in there. The minute I publish this, I'll think of far more interesting, funnier stuff, but...........I hope you at least enjoyed reading it.

Always On Watch tagged Mustang, Beamish and The Merry Widow! Great choices all! I can't WAIT to hear from them. I have choices I don't THINK would do it, but am happy to announce 3 blogger buddies I think I have a better chance with.......I hope so:

I am officially tagging...(trumpet music, please!)....Susannah, Heidianne and Bloviating Zeppelin



Ducky's here said...

ABC's commenters and the referees at the Lakers games are very biased against them.


Kobe sucks.

Ducky's here said...

Chet and Thelonius need not apply.


Chet Baker? Think you missed one there, z.

Z said...

Ducky, I can't stand most of Chet, but I have tried. I call him 'jazz's answer to dylan'.....

As for far, so good!
And, there you go again.

Z said...

"Kobe sucks."

You're not related to one of the commentators, are you? (I hate that word, it should be COMMENTERS, but, oh well)

heidianne jackson said...

tim methaney (sp?), yellowjackets, miles davis. i like your analogy for chet davis. thelonius gives me a headache. but i'll take either one of them over rap.

it's the only kind of music i absolutely cannot abide. ugh, i hate that i hate some kind of music. it drove me crazy when my parents were like that. oh well.

i hope to do as much justice to this meme as you. thanks!

Ducky's here said...

z, have you tried Chet Baker's vocals. As a singer you might enjoy them. Not even close to hard jazz.

Kobe sucks even more than Manny Ramirez. And that's about the ultimate of suckdom.

Z said...

Ducky, say what you want about Kobe. ?? I don't agree.

As for Chet, ONCE I heard someone singing on jazz radio and thought "not bad" but the CD's I was dumb enough to purchase were (*&#*&#$ .
translation: REALLY not good :-(

you have an album title for me?

Z said... you know I even like some rap? At least my head does, cuz it won't stop bobbin' to the better stuff.

WomanHonorThyself said...

love gettin to know u better girl!

Ducky's here said...

I like "Chet Baker Sings". Nothing outside, standards like "My Funny Valentine".

Z said...

thanks, Angel. Me, too :-)

Ducky...of all the songs. "...when you oooopen it to speak, are you smaaaart?" The worst line ever written after "She's broke, that's OKE!"

sorry, but give me another one! heh

Z said...

Ducky, I don't mean to dismiss the album because of one cut, just picked a song I really dislike.
A LOT of great singers do that tune.....a lot of people like it a lot.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...


What rap songs do you like?

About the only kind of music I can't sit through is country.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...


Do you think Hillary Clinton can convince Kim Jong-il to stop sabre-rattling in exchange for a Kobe Bryant autographed basketball?

Anonymous said...

Z, this is kind've nice, and what makes you, you. I'm sure there are more than eight, but evidently there are rules even in tagging!

Funny, I don't like My Funny Valentine, either.

Heidianne - rest easy, rap isn't music.

Tsk, tsk, Ducky - if truth be told, you loved Manny when he was winning games for the Sox until the year he left. You know as well as I, how fickle we fans can be.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Eight factoids about myself, eh? Any particular KIND of factoids?


Elmers Brother said...

not Kobe Duhkkky, the Lakers.

I like Thelonius in a disonant sort of way.

I like learning things about you.

Z said...

Beamish, I don't go out of my way to buy it or even know the names, I just like to see them on TV ads or awards concerts..I like all the movement (kind of a jerky Temptations/4 Tops 'variations on that theme'!)...I like the beat. pur and simple, I like the beat a lot.
Funny, Mr. Z has a friend who basically only listens to Rap and Gilbert and Sullivan..takes all kinds, huh?
I love good country because I LOVE the words and I love the harmonies. Of course, I draw the line at Minnie Pearl type of stuff.

Pris, yes 8 only. I just read HooserArmyMom's and Always' and kind of went from there for myself. I had NO idea what topics to write on and I'm not sure what I wrote was revealing but it was very stream of conscious, obviously!

Beamish, hillary could get ME to put down nukes to meet Kobe!! heh

BZ, I don't mine and take it from there...maybe as a jumping off point!?
Stuff you want to share!! Sounds like you're going to be a good sport!

I wanted to pick FJ, too, but I figured he wouldn't (smile, FJ, you KNOW I'm right xxx!!!!)

Z said...

Poor Mr Z turned to me on the way to the doctor's appt today and said "What was with the widow's remark?"

Ya, I figured he might want to know.
I have NO idea why I put that there, I just think of Beverly at Lacochee Kid and how lovely she is and how she saw someone coming up the walk and knew she'd lost her beloved husband...I think of my mother and losing my Dad and how I felt a little (I have to admit, since we're being REAL honest on the meme...and I WISH I understood the stupid word MEME?)...I felt a little 'snubbed' in her unbelievable "Hey, it's our DAD we lost, too!" I don't anymore. I get it. A sister VERY suddenly lost her husband a few years ago and I don't know if I was REALLY there for her, either. Another one of us calls her still, these few years later, every single evening. yup. I didn't. I regret that.

christian soldier said...

Z- No in home Bible study:
From 'Your little ray of sunshine'
BTW- enjoyed reading your 8 points...

Law and Order Teacher said...

Interesting points. School's taking all my time right now. I'm trying to get in the game, but time is short. I'm still out here just a little busy.

Anonymous said...

You're right. ;-)

So you met Evan! I'm a big fan. I would like to see a LOT more of him on the net and in the news.

Z said...

Fj, I was at a Republican 'thing' not far from us and it was a very crowded bar type place.....I looked over in one direction and saw a guy standing by a booth talking to people; he looked at me just that second...he was about 20 ft away. he smiled, I smiled..and I thought HOW DO I KNOW HIM?

JUST when I realized OH, MY GOSH, IT"S EVAN SAYET!, he looked back at ME and I mouthed "Are you EVAN SAYET?" And he nodded yes, big smile...I gestured for him to come over and DARNED if he DIDN'T! I was so excited to meet him.

FJ..he could not BE more genuine and nicer and humbler. He's a very small guy in stature, very bright and kind. We only talked long enough for me to blubber about how crazed and happy I was to have met him because I admired him SO much....THEN, I went out to the patio where I saw him move to about 30 min. later, and I said "By the way, I had to go on moderation because I visited your site and left a scathing anti-left agreement to your post and forgot to click ANONYMOUS and you could have counted to 6 before I had 3 of THE vilest lefty badmouths in the blogosphere at my place...." We laughed at that one... It was REALLY fun to meet him :0)

(((Thought Criminal))) said...


Well, Co-President Bill Clinton gave Kim Jung-il nuclear reactors and a Michael Jordan basketball in exchange for a promise not to build nukes.

Maybe we can send in Hillary Clinton to at least get the Michael Jordan basketball back.

Z said...

Beamish...Didn't Kim also require some Whiskey or something? I think so.WHEN is somebody going to knock this go OFF?

Funny, I used to say to Mr. Z "Why don't those N Koreans just OVERTAKE this nut who keeps them in such poverty with no freedoms...there are a LOT of them, why can't they just DO something?"

NOw, I know. Who knew I'd think that about America? EVER?

Rita Loca said...

I wish I could hear you sing!

Chuck said...

Good list Z.

Interesting thing about the never being a liberal, I never have either and I was raised a Democrat. I always felt like I didn't belong. I was a Republican trapped in a Democrats body until I had a ideological change.

JINGOIST said...

"Godincidences" I really like that! Z, I really liked your points. You should get tagged more often. :-)

DaBlade said...

Loved the list Z. Asa frequent beneficiary, I'm grateful you are addicted to blogging.

RightKlik said...

Do they have treatment for blogger addiction? I think I have it too. If you haven't started using twitter, DON'T. It's even more addictive.

Anonymous said...

Love your list, Z.

I love that you listen to people who disagree with you. Nothing worse than hard-heads who won't give and take!

Joe said...

George Shearing and Dave Brubeck.

Z said...

Jungle Mom. I'd love to sing for you...So love to. Thank you.

I WISH commenter Matisse was around...she's been to a few shows!

Chuck..we're REALLY glad you did!

DaBlade, good to see you, and thanks for saying such a nice thing!

RightKlik...I won't even go on Facebook. With all the emails I get AND the blog, I couldn't facebook/twitter, etc, EVER. I'm considering asking my email friends NO MORE MASS MAILING STUFF! I get 10 of everything! What really bugs me is when people send something "Is this COOL!?" And I'd seen it and BLOGGED it 2 weeks earlier!! HA!! Ever happen to you?

Jen, yours is my favorite avatar...LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
I know I sound hard nosed here, but I DO listen to my leftist friends...I want to hear their side.

Joe....absolutely! BUT, Oscar Peterson's my man! Saw him LIVE in Munich and was looking around at those Germans proudly thinking "Here's an AMERICAN...HA!" (found out that night he's CANADIAN!) And I saw him after his stroke...all he did was bring in an extra bass to fill in the notes he couldn't quite get anymore in the left hand. You'd never have known he had suffered like that. He was FABULOUS.

Matter of fact, there's a handful of CD's I do like to have on IF I have music on without company there, which is rare. One's THE BAND,or any Oscar Peterson, the classic Jobim CD, Leon Russell...and ANY Eydie Gorme. We have hundreds of CDs, but those are things I'll just put on to listen to. Maybe some classical. But, mostly it's only when company's there that we have music on in the background.
Sorry to go on about myself! (as usual!) but this is an adjunct to the post, I guess?

sue said...

I have a book of Clementi Sonatina duets that are fun to play. Sometimes it's just hard to find the second person.

HoosierArmyMom said...

Great list Z!!!

The inmates are in charge of the asylum and fairness is out the window.Man, I can identify with that one! Especially since February... :-(

I also was raised Christian and then went through my questions, agnostic, existentialism thing. But like you, far too many things occurred that were not chance, but spoke to my heart. I think the most important thing I came to realize... It's not about what other people do, it is a blessed relationship between oneself and God. The most uncomplicated relationship on earth.

And I too would love to hear you sing. Maybe you could put a recording on the blog????

Z said...

Sue, there are something like 11 of them? Not too difficult but beautiful and not very easy, right?
I have the PRIMO book but not have it?

Hoosier Christmas. I've got ONE THING on Mp3 and it's MARY, DID YOU KNOW? I don't want that up now! I also have a little "Moonlight in Vermont" on my old coach's website...maybe I'll try to find that, come to think of it. I'll let you know!!
Thanks for the tag, that was great fun! Also, very nice that you, too, realize that about God.
Faith can be difficult but there is NOTHING as rewarding when we can get past the unbelief...and we don't ever REALLY not believe even in the most difficult times, right?

JUST YESTERDAY a very wise friend said "You just have to pray 'Lord, I DO believe...and please help me with my unbelief." Made perfect sense to me. (sadly!)xxxx

Always On Watch said...

Thanks for letting us know more about you, Z.

As requirements of memes go, this particular meme is a good one. In fact, some bloggers on the web have ASKED to participate, even though they weren't tagged.

Doing this meme reminds me that this year I must do a Lizzie Borden post. I've been meaning to do one ever since I began blogging. I should time that post for August, when whoever did the deed did the deed.

PS: I happen to love "My Funny Valentine" -- the Frank Sinatra version.

Anonymous said...

Z, this avatar makes me wanna blog again. ;-)

And y'all...I've heard Z sing! She's fabulous!!

Susannah said...

Z!!!! Thank you SO much for tagging me! What a privilege! I'll get on it later this morning, & look forward to looking through the other folks' answers.

And I LOVED reading yours & all these great comments. So interesting & fun to make friends! :)

Love "My Funny Valentine", the Melinda Dolittle version. (Yes, American Idol. She's fantastic!)

Okay~ been a CRAZY week w/ end-of-year-school & summer stuff colliding. Thanks again, Z!

Ducky's here said...


Do you think Hillary Clinton can convince Kim Jong-il to stop sabre-rattling in exchange for a Kobe Bryant autographed basketball?


My understanding is that the The Dear Leader is a Tarantino fan.

All we have to do is ship Trunk Shot to N.K. and we solve two problems.

Z said...

Always; I'd probably conceded for Frank. I've never heard him do anything bad. But, that one line just WRECKS that song for me.

Jen, your blog is missed.You are SO nice to say that about my singing.....THANKS :-)

Susannah...GOOD LUCK with end of school, etc etc etc. A busy Mom and we get to have you here on the blogosphere, too! REALLY great that you're such a good sport; I hesitated to tag you with how busy you are. Can't wait to read it!

Ducky...Kim Jung Il and Tarantino.... two of THE weirdest people on the planet! Trunk shot? Ya, if you have both Kim and Tarantino stand in that shot, bend down, and SHUT the trunk down REAL fast! done! (HIlllary, too, please?!!) I know: not very nice!

Z said...

these are all such fun to read.

Big girl pants and Mr Beamish (on my sidebar blogroll) just went up...check them out!

Pat Jenkins said...

THIS IS MY FAVORITE POST EVER HERE Z!! i loved every bit of it... even your blubbering homer job about your lakers!... he he... have a great weekend!

The Merry Widow said...

I finally got mine up, not as good as your's, but it's up! LOL!
I liked Heidianne's too...she must have seen, "The Birds", when she was really young...


Z said...

TMW, yours is very very good!

I haven't read one I wasn't enthralled with..have you!?