Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Litmus Test for SCOTUS? and watch the new video

UPDATE: Obama says our constitution was written TWENTY CENTURIES ago. (See, I told you guys it's based on the Bible? heh)

Sonia Sotomayor
has to be 'empathetic and understanding', she has to feel a woman's pain and a poor person's sadness and a Latina's feelings of disenfranchisement....to be a good Supreme Court JUDGE?

The president said a Hispanic on the court would mark another step toward the goal of ``equal justice under law.'' But, isn't the constitution based on equal justice? How is her appointment 'another step'? All in italics is from the linked article:

In his remarks, Obama made no mention of his earlier statement that he wanted a justice with empathy, although his remark that compassion was needed came close.

``I simply do not know exactly what the difference will be in my judging,'' she said in a speech in 2002. ``But I accept there will be some based on my gender and my Latina heritage.'' Is there a new constitution based on Latina women, or? What's she mean? This morning, Obama said she will serve with 'impartial justice.' oops.

From the moment Souter announced his resignation, it was widely assumed Obama would select a woman to replace him, and perhaps a Hispanic as well. But, he's supposed to just pick THE BEST PERSON, isn't he? darn.

This will be the leftist mantra for the next few months:
"She was first appointed by a Republican, President George H.W. Bush, and won Senate confirmation without dissent." Suddenly, those Bushes who the Left despises for erring in war, in the economy, in.....well...breathing.....suddenly just can't have made a mistake in selecting Sotomayor, right? Wait for it.

At least Bush promised "no litmus test"...this new president's all litmus test. A constitutional professsor!? Were his textbooks wrapped in brown paper and concealing Das Kapital or something? He couldn't have been reading the constitution. Bush said, back then, ``I will pick'' someone ``who will strictly interpret the Constitution and not use the bench to legislate.'' I wish Obama could have at least SAID that.

Just found this and thought I should add it here: There's a LITTLE 'light in the tunnel' info here.....but not much. Here's hoping she'll be able to judge by the constitution, not from the litmus test obama seems to have used. And, let's hope he met her another time because one hour seems kind of short to me?


(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Of all the millions of blurb quotes Ms. Sotomayor could have chosen to sentimentally represent her in her Princeton yearbook, she chose one from Socialist Party candidate Norman Thomas.

I suppose PsiBond or a different stupid leftist entirely will be along soon to label my pointing that out a "right-wing smear."

FrogBurger said...

I hope she'll have empathy for fetuses. I'm getting sick and tired of Obama's thinking he has moral authority over the people.

Z said...

EMPATHY for FETUSES? are you crazy, FB? They're just tissue until Scott Peterson goes up on charges of having killed his wife AND unborn child, right?

Also, did you know Norman Thomas has a PUBLIC high school named after him in NYC? Yup, not a socialist-dream kind of neighborhood of poor and oppressed recipients of socialist giving but one of the toniest districts in the city......yup That's so all the socialist elitist rich's kids can attend. :-)

Brooke said...

Maybe for the first time in their lives hispanics can be proud of this country just like Michelle is.


Z said...

"....of causes not yet won," huh, Beamish? Well, they're getting closer

Brooke..good point! :-)

Anonymous said...

Has identity politics reached the point that now we must replace one George H W Bush mistake with another Geore H W Bush mistake?

And the talk about a judge who will feel our pain...I guess conservatives are just happy that this didn't end up with a Bill Clinton nomination.

tio bowser

Anonymous said...

"I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life,"

This is the racist, sexist, comment from Sonia sotomayor, who evidently believes that the Constitution and law, has a cultural, racial aspect to it, rather than simply a law for everyone to adhere to.

Exactly what, is a better conclusion? Law is law, not open to different applications depending on race or culture, but applicable to all.

This is not the calibre of person which belongs on the Supreme Court, or any court, in my opinion.

However, did we really expect better from this President?


Deborah on the Bayside said...

Well, well, well. Where was all the saccharin racist ooze when the superbly qualified Miguel Estrada was nominated for the D.C. circuit court in 2001?

This Honduran immigrant had a hard scrabble early life too, and brought not only rich experiences outside those of a typical white American male (which should amount to squat for a jurist), but what DOES matter: his healthy respect for the constitution and the strict constructionist view that flows from it.

These same "diversity" demons fawning over this fake jurist (I hope her initials aren't a harbinger) called Estrada "dangerous" (look it up - Dick Durbin said it) -- in part because he was a Latino and might end up on the Supreme Court.

And they had no qualms about their drumbeat of blatant racist slander to bring him down.

Excuse me while I grab my stomach contents disgorgement bag.

christian soldier said...

Raaacists -racsist--all of us are raaaaacists!!!
Stotomayor is....?
Z- Check out her decision for the fire-fighters at my site....

Anonymous said...

it's all gonna be ok - obama nominated her so she must be a wonderful person. brooke, i'm betting your right. gag me.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...


There was some confusion in getting the story from Gwen Ifill (imagine that).

Sotomayor would be the "first Hispanic / Latina" justice if confirmed, because technically Justice Benjamin Cardozo was of Portuguese ancestry.

Sotomayor would, of course, not be the first justice confirmed where race and ethnicity were given as qualifications, over say, judicial record.

I don't care if she's got purple skin and hatched from goat eggs.

Does she understand Constitutional law?

RightKlik said...

She's not very nice either: a bully who does not have a very good temperament, and who abuses lawyers with inappropriate outbursts. http://tr.im/Temper

(((Thought Criminal))) said...


I've heard that about Sotomayor as well. One sarcastic critic I've read doubts she's ever "heard" a case due to her habit of interrupting lawyers to deliver an irrelevant diatribe.

I hope her confirmation hearing makes good theater.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Deborah on the Bayside,

good catch.

JINGOIST said...

Z, Obie picked her for one reason above all: She'll impose HIS vision of social justice on the court. She'll lose for now anyways because she's outnumbered and m,entally outgunned by a vast margin.
I posted last night on this very topic, and was SHOCKED at how many times this intellectual lightweight was overturned and or vacated! Keep up the good work.

Z said...

beamish, it would only make 'good theater' if the Republicans don't fold, which they will. OR, maybe it'll be fabulous theater because they know they can't win but have to show their Rep constituents they're real tough and really let her have it.

Go to Big Girl Pants (see my tiny post above this piece on SCOTUS)..her latest post has a video of Sotomayor which shows a personality which looks uniquely unqualified for SCOTUS: brash, interruptive, defensive, smug in her self-protection... It's the clip where she suggests the Court of Appeals makes laws then flips out when she realizes what slipped out. Sort of like Maxine Waters in that clip you've all seen where she admits she feels this government should be buying companies (oops!).

Anonymous said...

Puerto Rico has been a dependency for its entire history. It was a dependency of Spain since 1493; it has been dependent upon the United States since 1898. If we evaluate the cultural aspects of Sotomayor, we will find that she was born from Puerto Rican parents; their migration facilitated the transplantation of their own unique view of a just society. It is the same kind of view that would have led them happily down a socialist path had they been citizens of Spain, or had they remained in Puerto Rico, where two-thirds of the people are flaming liberals.

She may have been exposed to the classical enlightenment writers, but as already mentioned (above), she instead pursued the same leftist path as did Obama and Clinton. So the bottom line is that Sonia Sotomayor is who she is. Her view of justice will reflect her liberal biases. Her personae reflect liberal arrogance. Surely, we understood that Obama intended to liberalize the court; his “voter’s mandate” enables him now to set into motion the ruination of our United States Constitution, which he described as ‘out of date.’ There is no impediment to her appointment in the United States Senate. We can only hope that her egotistical bullying will cause her problem on the court; we should all be hoping that the remaining conservative justices will stay the course.

Yeah … good job electing Barack Obama, America. Idiots.

Ducky's here said...

``I simply do not know exactly what the difference will be in my judging,'' she said in a speech in 2002. ``But I accept there will be some based on my gender and my Latina heritage.''


No, but there is an ability to understand and apply equal protection by not being a piece of suburban white bread or a man who blames affirmative action for his poor reputation rather than being able to accept the fact that he's a true mediocrity.

This confirmation is going to breeze through. Save your ammunition for Kennedy's retirement/death.

I.H.S. said...

I'm no longer looking for anyone in politics to do what's right. When a party isn't in power they have all the right ideas and plans, but as soon as they get a hold of the reigns of power they "Lose Their Frickin' Minds".

Sorry, that's just the way I see it, and this appointment is no exception to how I see it.


Chuck said...

I wonder if Obama set up this pick all along. He kept talking about empathy, common touch, etc but never any mention of ability.

Now there is some talk that she may not be real bright or competent. The administration, while announcing her and follow up comments by them and their toads in Congress talk only of her upbringing, her nationality, again no talk of ability. Finally, some were surprised that they were able to properly vet the potential nominees and make a selction so quickly.

I think the likely scenario is that she was the candidate all along and he has been working ahead of time to blunt criticism of her. It will now be hard for the GOP to question a Hispanic woman from the projects whose dad was a common laborer who worked to help his daughter make something of herself.

"Save your ammunition for Kennedy's retirement/death."

As usaul the Duck is full of it. Ducky, give an example of when the right has gone on line and systematically attacked a leftist after he has died. Did you check out HuffPo after Tony Snow died? Did you go see the comments that your retarded far left friends were saying about this classy man?

I see you subscribe to the far left theory that all you have to do is make a comment, no matter how stupid, and just saying it makes it true.

Zack R said...

As others have said, this is exactly what we should have expected. And so lobotomized is the country now, that the Republicans are widely rumored to be all set to make minimal noise about this anti-Constitutional, La Raza type on grounds of "fear of being called racist." How intellectually rock-bottom can we get? Republicans have themselves nominated and supported important Latinos in the past; now suddenly through the magic of brain-dead mass hypnosis they can be successfully construed as "racist" for combatatively confronting a candidate who herself betrays well-publicized racist sympathies?

Ducky's here said...

Now there is some talk that she may not be real bright or competent.


First in her class at Princeton.

Yale Law Review editor.
Exactly what do you want?

Also, she's been through the confirmation process twice so get used to her. This is a done deal.

Ducky's here said...

"Save your ammunition for Kennedy's retirement/death."

As usual the Duck is full of it. Ducky, give an example of when the right has gone on line and systematically attacked a leftist after he has died.


Okay, real slow for Chuck. Kennedy is the swing vote on the court. His replacement is going to change the future of the court and this will be the time for a leftist nominee if there is going to be one.

Got it? Wait for the fights you can win.

Z said...

Ducky, thanks, but we ALL KNOW THAT: There IS NO WAY she could not be approved unless she got critically ill or lap danced in the hearing...........and then only if the cameras were on. If they weren't, our media'd watch and keep it quiet in order to protect their liberal pick. (I know, kind of gross, sexist illustration but I couldn't think of another that made my point quite so poignantly)

Chuck: Huffington had to close the site down the day of poor Tony Snow's death...overloaded with nasty comments. Wait till Dick Cheney passes away. They'll have to close down for a WEEK, at least.
And, you're right: this appointment's been cooking since the O nomination. I hope so, I'd hate to think a president would really only spend ONE HOUR with a nominee this important.

If a Republican white man or woman said his or her background would particularly affect their rulings, they'd be shot down quicker than if their nanny admitted they hadn't paid taxes. It's a pity Sotomayor appears to have no children, at least we'd have had that, huh?

As for Princeton and Yale...poor thing, she comes from such meager beginnings. Odd she'd been editor of the review, too, isn't it? Funny, obama was at Harvard....but never wrote anything that was published. Maybe someone we don't know put HER to school, too, huh?

Zack..excellent thoughts there.

I.H.S., you're right; I just wish, like Chuck said here, that we saw the Right as nasty and smug as the Left is....at least we'd feel SOME equality, huh?!!

Deborah...you feeling better? (Smile) I know, you won't until obama's finally out of office!

Mustang; "out of date" Imagine if a Republican said that???

RightKlik...she looks so kind of WILD in the video where she talks about the Court of Appeals it almost scared me. Compared to the dignity that we see from others on the SCOTUS, she doesn't FIT! But, of course, we don't see them conferring, if they ever do, we see them for those photo ops where they look like they're posing in their funeral suits, don't they!? POor people!!

Ducky's here said...

If they weren't, our media'd watch and keep it quiet in order to protect their liberal pick.


The left doesn't find her particularly liberal.

Other than the fact that Obama nominated her, I'm curious how you came to your conclusion so quickly.

elmers brother said...

It's a pity Sotomayor appears to have no children, at least we'd have had that, huh?That's because the left has aborted themselves right out of the 2012/2016 election.

As for Princeton and Yale...poor thing, she comes from such meager beginnings.Probably got that the same way she got the SCOTUS pick.

Z said...



When Obama introduced Sotomayor he mentioned how our constitution was written TWENTY CENTURIES AGO. (thanks to Deaner for the link)

Wait...did the media make a huge stink as they'd have done were he Bush? (Ducky...what is it makes me think the media's got bias again?!!:-)

Elbro, the fact that she has no children goes toward the experience obama thinks is so important for anyone on the Bench. Is she really so 'experienced and empathetic and understanding' of pregnant women or just family types of issues seen by the SCOTUS? Of course not. A man with children would have more empathy than she will ever have.
We must not appoint based on empathy, we need them to KNOW THE LAW. I know you agree.

elmers brother said...

Good point Z.

about that video Z if he put Biden up to introducing her everybody would have expected the gaffe AND probably ignored it. He'll learn, if there's gonna be a gaffe stick the mentally ill VP up to the mike.

Ducky's here said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ducky's here said...

As for Princeton and Yale...poor thing, she comes from such meager beginnings.Probably got that the same way she got the SCOTUS pick.


Let's review for Elmo.

FIRST in her class at Princeton.

Now why don't we compare that to the history of President Chuck L. Nuts the legacy admission to Yale.
Note that it was The Dauphin, the white bread who received the free pass due to who his daddy was.

Z said...

Elbro, right. The sacrificial lamb didn't get used this time! And, of course, the media missed it.

As for Bush's education...I believe he did better than that leftist hero, Kerry, "Wasn't he in Vietnam?" Ya, I THINK so...

”I always told my Dad that D stood for distinction,” Kerry said yesterday in a written response to questions, noting that he has previously acknowledged that he spent a lot of time learning to fly instead of focusing on his studies.

He did worse than Bush, but who really cares? All you have to do today is be a WOMAN LATINA and you're IN! I think a lot of those SCOTUS people did pretty darned well in school...but now obama has brought in a new litmus test (ya that litmus test the left warned Bush about)

elmers brother said...

once again duhkkky's comparing apples to oranges because everyone knows Bush had a higher grade point average then Kerry. /sarcasm

anyway I was referring to her empathy...isn't that the way one gets ahead these days.

elmers brother said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ducky's here said...

As for Bush's education...I believe he did better than that leftist hero, Kerry, "Wasn't he in Vietnam?" Ya, I THINK so...


Nice straw man, z. So both Bush and Kerry are idiots. I'll accept that, I HATE Kerry.

I voted for the LIBERTARIAN against him in the last election. About the third time in my life I've voted for a conservative.

elmers brother said...

Talk about strawman so was the reference to Bush and your weird Dauphin analogy.

elmers brother said...

that was the point of the comment duhkkky you had no segue, your Bush comment was a non sequitor hello?

so bringing up Bush vs Kerry was an example of what you did


Z said...

It's okay, the left can do that, Elbro, we can't. And, they can call Bush stupid and inarticulate and watch obama use teleprompters just to introduce a nominee! And give Biden a pass with his gaffes, too. unreal

It's like excusing Sotomayor's remark about the Court of Appeals making laws.....the media/left'll spin it like "she said she didn't mean it.." "it was just a slip"

Gee, the SCOTUS is in the hanging here... Tell that to that boob, Trent Lott. He made a stupid slip, too, and MAN, did hell break out.

Z said...

ya, except I made Kerry look bad...that's inexcusable, we can slam CHUCKLES as much as 'we' like.
Ducky, you working for CNN now?

Ducky's here said...

It's like excusing Sotomayor's remark about the Court of Appeals making laws.....


Yes, and what was she referring to? The fact that matters of law evolve and the critical decisions are made at the Court of Appeals level.

Doesn't matter whether you consider the outcome left or right. To think that there is one single defining interpretation of the law is utter nonsense. If there, why are these cases being heard?

Right wingers grasping at straws.

elmers brother said...

Right wingers grasping at strawsswitching up one trick ponys duhkkky?

elmers brother said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Z said...

Ducky, she said they make laws.
If you don't think she was WRONG, check out how wrong she obviously felt she was in her stepping all over herself trying to take it back.

elmers brother said...

or how wrong those who work with her think she is.

Z said...

eblro? tell me, I haven't seen that.
I only saw a piece on how MUCh she's loved by her coworkers...
she sounds like a 'loose cannon' when you hear that video, so I wondered about that...loose cannons usually hurt their subordinates or colleagues

elmers brother said...

FIRST in her class at Princeton.Hey look duhkkky

Even her co-workers and colleagues consider her a dimbulb when it comes to constitutional law. They think she'll have trouble keeping up intellectually with the conservatives on the court.

Z said...

Are you ready for THIS from TIME: This is apparently..well, there are no words. TO HELL with America, we need to sacrifice the constitution so we can reward constituents for their votes!! AND, hey, if we can get blacks and hispanics together, ...well..!!

"After Latinos helped make Barack Obama the U.S.'s first black President by giving him a remarkable 67% of their vote and Obama seemingly returned the favor by selecting (pending her Senate confirmation) the first Latino Supreme Court Justice, decades of friction between the two groups seem to be melting like asphalt on a hot summer day in Sotomayor's native Bronx. "The symbolism can't be overstated," says former New Orleans mayor Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League, one of the country's largest African-American organizations. "There is a much greater sense of solidarity now between the two groups." Says Fernand Amandi, executive vice president of the Bendixen & Associates public-opinion-research firm in Miami: "Ethnic tensions won't be ended by one Supreme Court nomination, but the picture of an African-American President standing with a Latina Supreme Court nominee shows the groups coming together at the highest positions in the country. That can't help but improve relations."

elmers brother said...

and who knew there was a divide?

Anonymous said...


Princeton: great
Law Review: great

What more do I want?

Someone who doesn't legislate from the bench. Is that too much to ask?
(It's rhetorical. I know the answer.)

Z said...

apparently, what a SCOTUS judge NEEDS is a difficult upbringing and diabetes.

who knew?

(((Thought Criminal))) said...


I put up all the press release "reactions" from all the Senators on the Judiciary Commitee (that had press releases as of this morning) to Sotomayor's nomination. (on my blog)

All of the Democrats were falling all over themselves about making her the first Latina SC Justice, and stankin' up the place with their "hopes that Republicans don't scrap for a fight."

Democrat presence at the nomination hearings will be a formality. They're already stirring the asopao. They've already voted to confirm her.

Republicans, sophisticated lot that they are, want to actually make sure she's Supreme Court material, regardless of whether not she grew up wringing out hand-me down tampons to get by.

(Excuse my crassness, I had jury duty today. Lawyers ain't exactly on my list of respectable people)

Z said...

beamish..that's about as close as you'll get to getting deleted, guy. But, I love ya, so you stay.
grossed out as I am. And I AM:-(

I'll check out your site right now...thanks.

Not only are they fawning over her but they're daring Republicans now, Saul Alinsky Rules are in rich display. "they don't DARE be hard on a HISPANIC WOMAN" ..accuse them of something before they do it so's to get people to expect it and then critize.

What the left doesn't understand is we don't do gender/ethnic stuff well. We just want the BEST PERSON FOR AMERICA'S HIGHEST COURT.
That used to not be a rare concept.

there IS no America left; this is all about PAYBACK and VOTES.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...


I'm sorry I used my outside voice in here.

How's this:

Sotomayor's mamma was so poor she had to buy outcyclopedias.