Monday, December 8, 2008

Blackwater.... Are WE guilty, TOO?

Are they SERIOUS? Well, it looks like the case of the Blackwater group is heating up. I wrote about it the other day. I said that, if there's enough evidence that the consultants are guilty, they need to be called on it and that due process must follow. I added that it's a shame they're already condemned in the leftist media through innuendo.

But, so are WE, folks. Here's the sentence in the article full of information which caught my eye:

"Though the case has already been assigned to U.S. District Judge Ricardo M. Urbina in Washington, the guards surrendered in Utah. They want the case moved there, where they would presumably find a more conservative jury pool and one more likely to support the Iraq war."

Hold on a minute here.....Does that imply people who supported the war are more likely to excuse a bunch of guys supposedly shooting indiscriminately at innocent Iraqi citizens? Just wondering..... THIS is the insidious CRAP we have to STOP, folks.

But, maybe I'm far too sensitive. Tell me. (not you, Ducky. I know, I know)



Ducky's here said...

You're too sensitive, z.

Clearly the defense would try to get the best possible venue and Utah being conservative gives them an edge.

This is just standard best defense.

Z said...

i know that, Ducky. I still think the inference in the way it was written is misleading.

Anonymous said...

Ah, but they got a confession in a courtroom in DC, and since the case started in DC... Utah be damned!

Anonymous said...

I think this is a political prosecutorial action to appease the Iraqi government and if it is, it's wrong.

If these Blackwater men had gone in and just blown people away because they felt like it, they'd be charged with murder, not manslaughter.

They obviously had reason for what they did. And how do we know all who were killed were killed by them?

As I've said before, I choose our side and will always give our side the benefit of the doubt. There's a good chance they'd be dead right now if they'd taken no action.

The enemy uses women and children to hide behind, and these men know what an ambush looks like. We don't.

Remember Haditha.


Z said...

Haditha is VERY much in all our minds, Pris. No doubt about it.
If memory serves me (for a change!), ALL have been exonerated..or one hasn't quite yet?

WHY, oh WHY would this bunch (at least most were soldiers before becoming consultants so they're not inexperienced in combat) go in shooting innocent people thinking they'd get away with it? AND WHY WOULD THEY? Iraqis speak a different language, they're not IDIOTS...they can testify.. HOW would anybody think these guys did this as described? NO PROVOCATION!??

Remember, ONLY AMERICA'S hands are constantly tied because WE can't do a darned THING right anymore.
We've all read stories of getting good intel about safe houses in Iraq...we'd go in like ANY soldiers would, and OOPS, WRONG HOUSE..SOLDIERS KILLED IN COLD BLOOD. WHO KNOWS? WHO KNEW? With an enemy like THIS one, totally unknown and new to America, or ANY OTHER country for that matter, we're supposed to ALWAYS get it right?? And, if we don't, we're in COURT?
Imagine if that had been the law in WWII?!!!!

And our enemy doesn't have ANY restrictions. As I've said 1000 times....We have had less collateral damage than caused in ANY WAR, pinpointing as much as possible, but the enemy's whole raison d'etre is COLLATERAL DAMAGE..GET THE MOST YOU CAN GET..THE MORE INNOCENT, THE BETTER.

How do you fight this WHEN YOUR OWN MEDIA AND HALF YOUR COUNTRY'S NOT ON YOUR SIDE? What the (*#@*( are we supposed to do?

shoprat said...

You're not too sensitive, but I would consider the seeking of a venue to be a good idea for the defense. Actually I'm not even sure it should go to trial yet.

Anonymous said...

Lawyers who use perfect 20-20 hindsight on a battlefield and/or scream "excessive force" should be SHOT w/o trial! Our soldiers are NOT omniscient NOR should they be expected to act as if they were. This is an unrealistic expectation that can only get more US citizen soldiers KILLED.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I believe we are far too eager to PERSECUTE and PROSECUTE our soldiers and those others who serve our interests out in the field, while at the same time we are much too DIFFIDENT about going after the MUSLIM terrorists hammer and tongs.

Iraq has been a disgusting mess, BECAUSE Bush and Rumsfeld insisted on trying to fight a CONSIDERATE, "MORAL," politically-correct war --- and look where it GOT them!

Anyone who is stationed in a theater of war with a savage, totally unprincipled enemy ---ESPECIALLY one who doesn't wear a uniform and hides freely among the civilian population --- should be entitled to SHOOT FIRST and ASK QUESTIONS LATER.

I take an unabashed "my country right or wrong" approach. That's how we USED to be --- back when were indisputably on TOP ad IN CHARGE. That level of ruthlessness in combat is what brought to the top.

The post-WWII, UN-mandated cockamamie notions of prosecuting combatants in a shooting war for "war crimes" has caused us DEFEAT after DEFEAT after DEFEAT, and may very well lose us our SOVEREIGNTY once The Black Knight and his Marxian Henchmen take over Washington.

Prissy ETHICS are NOT for BATTLEFIELDS. We need to be free to do whatever we have to do to protect and defend OURSELVES in war. If we don't do that, we have NO BUSINESS going to war in the first place.

"War is Hell." There is no such thing as a polite, decent, morally pure war.

But once emasculated, how does one get back his testicles?

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Z, I have to admit that I haven't read your other piece on this subject yet.
This one stinks to high heaven IMHO, because I know what it's like to be in a strange place, not fluent in the language where they have a weak government and things happen fast.

Why does it stink? Because this prosecution REEKS of a lefty witchhunt! The left hates Blackwater more than they hate Dick Cheney OR Haliburton. No kidding. You MUST remember that the Islamists routinely set up situations where our guys are at a disadvantage with civilians in the way. Again, I've seen it... BTW that happened in Vietnam ALL the damned time. The commies did it there.

The Islamists can listen to our media. They KNOW we have a bunch of traitors (YES I said TRAITORS!) in the Dem party who seek to undermine our country at every turn. The Blackwater professionals understand ALL of this. These guys are quite literally the best mercenaries in the world, and they are working FOR the U.S.! Remove the periods and that spells US! They're not stupid or incompetant and if they opened fire, it's because EVERY bit of info that they had said they were in trouble.
Now, on the off-chance that there really wasn't a threat, that it just looked that way, we need to cut these guys some slack. They are doing convoy protection that is the world's hairiest work. Trust me on this one, these guys SAVE American lives. After this is all over, I'd love to tell you what my buddy "Mike" has gone through 4 times a week in Anbar. :-)


Brooke said...

In a war in which the enemy doesn't wear uniforms and hides behind civilian meat shields, these sort of things are tragic but not unexpected.

I doubt very much the men did this with any malice; they must've thought they were in imminent danger and responded accordingly.

Of course, we'll have to let the evidence and a court of law decide.

Anonymous said...

Brooke wrote:
"I doubt very much the men did this with any malice; they must've thought they were in imminent danger and responded accordingly."

I'd be willing to bet money on it.


Chuck said...

I think there is a flip side to this too. The defense doesn't want them tried in a highly liberal area either because there will be a tendancy for the jury pool to be anti-Iraq war and quicker to convict irregardless of the evidence. The ideal is for a fair trial. If they are a bunch of murderous goons, they get what they deserve. If there are circumstances, they need to be given a fair airing also.

EDGE said...

Oh boy! What a load!

Anonymous said...

Off course they're guilty Z. You're talking the mad-left here, America and Americans are guilty, first, last and always. The only ones not guilty are the ones screaming and trying to burn down their own country.

What constantly amazes me is that America always tries to do the right thing and always gets kicked in the teeth for it. I mean, do you honestly think that if these men were chinese or russian nationals they'd even face these charges.

It is a good thing that you are a noble nation, unfortunately in this world noble deeds are seldom rewarded. Fortunately for you, your deeds also count in another world.

Anonymous said...

I think we are all agreed that, as morgan would say, "This is a steaming pile of dog squeeze."

WHITEWATER was far more a criminal affair than BLACKWATER. If we're going to go after our ow, let's get the REAL bad guys PLEASE.

~ FreeThinke

Kris said...

does this surprise anyone?


Incognito said...

exactly, if they ARE guilty, they deserve what they get, but one has to consider the source.. and if they truly are guilty.