Tuesday, December 30, 2008

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree.....

I've decided there is no way I'm taking down our Christmas tree. It's going to be the Miss. Havisham of trees. (you think anybody'll notice in July!?)
Tell me the truth, isn't your tree so beautiful you can't take it down?
Yes, I'm kidding. I'll take it down January 6, but geeeeeZ! I'll miss it!


shoprat said...

I have known people to keep them up a long time.

One guy I knew kept it up for nearly a year (fortunately it was artificial) until his wife (who was comatose from a car accident) came home.

Anonymous said...

And I thought I was the only one. My dear hubby Mr. G always wants the tree down on January 1st. Personally I would love to leave it up all year round with all the ornaments, let them call me crazy, who cares! But every year I manage to get away with not taking it down until January 8th.

Same excuse works every year - "But honey the Greek Christmas is on January 7th so I cannot take it down until after that."

He of course reminds me we are not Greek Orthodox and then I sweetly remind him our neighbors do not know that!

Works every time!

Layla [Liz] xoxoxo

Beverly said...

They are beautiful things, aren't they. I just love looking at the ornaments and remembering...

Mine is still up because the beautiful ELLA is coming on Thursday for a whole week. So we'll have Christmas all over again.

christian soldier said...

I'm fortunate to live in a neighborhood known for its Christmas decorations....so-not only do I have my own lights both indoors and outdoors ---most of my neighbors are lit up too!!!

Anonymous said...

We leave our tree and outdoor lights up until after New Year's day.

I hate taking it down too. It's a real let down. I worry though by then because it's pretty dry, so I don't put it off, as much as I'd like to.

But, before we know it, another year will have gone by, and voila, it's Christmas again.

Happy New Year everyone. May it be a happy and fruitful one for you all.


Z said...

This year's tree feels as fresh as when we bought it 2 weeks ago and still smells..
I swear, I'm keeping this tree up!! HAA!!

Anonymous said...

Keep it up, Z!!!

I'm so excited!!
I bought a three foot PINK tree with PINK flocking on it today. Woohoo!! I'll put vintage ornaments on it next year and put it in my sunroom.

Yippeee. I love all things kitchy.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

It's bad luck to take your Christmas lights down off of your house before March 22nd.

Always On Watch said...

We always leave our tree up until at least January 6. It's beautiful, and I spent so much time decorating it that I can't bear to take it down too soon. Besides, the cats love the tree -- the lights and the baubles -- and sleep next to it or under it.

One year, that tree stood there until past Valentine's Day. We had a blizzard and couldn't get to the shed to retrieve the storage box.

Because of my allergies, we have to use an artificial tree. Therefore, there's no fire hazard involved in letting the tree stay up well past the season.

The outside lights stay up year round, but we disconnect them on January 7.

Brooke said...

We get the tree down a couple days after Christmas... But we put it up pretty early.

Mantha said...

okay, it's a combination of sheer laziness, desire to "keep christmas in my heart", and desire to shock the hell outta people that i deliberately do not take down my christmas tree. :-)
it's a running joke with people who know me, and because i get the wide eyed stares when i tell them it's still up, it stays up!

seriously, i purchased an artificial tree.... 4 years ago, and i put it up, lights fantastic, ribbons, ornaments, and i really never took it down.

in fact, it stayed on display in my house for a year and a half before i finally moved it to my closet so i could see it everyday when i got ready for work.

this past february, though, i did take off the ornaments, knowing that i would be moving from my house within the next few months, and didn't want to transport it with the ornaments on.

as it turns out, i just moved into my new home a couple of days ago, so instead of putting the ornaments back on, i just draped some really pretty ribbon to go with the lights, and it looked really good. it's still at the old house, but will come over here and patiently wait in my closet for next christmas.

happy new year, z!

Anonymous said...

Well, according to The TWELVE DAYS of CHRISTMAS, we should leave it up through January fifth, isn't that right?

That's what I do, but I don't think it should be set in stone.

It's always a lot more fun to put it up than to take it down, that's for sure, but I try to look at it this way: If we had Christmas all the time, it would cease to special --- cease to be a great thing to look forward to, wouldn't it?

The Liturgical Year or Church Calendar --- a schedule of holy days and feast days, etc. --- formally marks the life of Jesus from Nativity to Easter giving us the opportunity to experience His Birth, His Life, His Passion and Resurrection ANEW each year throughout our lives.

The dates chosen by the early Church for these events may be arbitrary, opportunistic and historically inaccurate, as many cynics and carping scholars claim, but so what?

These are SYMBOLS that provide us Christians with a structure in which to practice our faith. This gives us a schedule by which bring faith to life in our hearts through our daily devotions, and the art, music and architecture the Scriptures have inspired as they apply to the seminal events in the Christian faith.

So I think we need to move through the Liturgical Year, and not allow ourselves to be stuck in any one place like Christmas too long, tempting though it may seem.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

FT...it's just a little joke though, isn't it. You know me better than to think I'm leaving my tree up for months! It's just SO gorgeous that it's going to be painful to take down. I like to wait till Orthodox Christmas on the 6th, but sometimes it's too dry and sagging and I take it down before. This one's needles are still pliant in my hand after three weeks tomorrow, believe it or not!

Yes, CHristmas is sort of like George Washington and the cherry tree, you know? It's not THE DATE of His birth, but it's A DATE we choose to stop and celebrate it on......like Geo Washington didn't chop down a cherry tree and said he couldn't lie about it BUT it's a good time to reflect on the goodness in his character which prompted this story...well, there's a sort of analogy there, right!? I THINK!?

Anonymous said...

So you have a REAL tree! WOW! That IS special in this day and age.

I did know someone once who kept their (artificial) tree up through the Fourth of July.

It became a horrible sight after a while. In that case it was just laziness not a desire to prolong the wonder of Christmas.

And of COURSE, I wouldn't think you capable of anything so silly, Z.

'I do remember feeling so sad as a child when I would see the discarded Christmas trees on the sidewalks in New York with silver rain all disheveled still on the pine needles.

~ FT

Average American said...

I went to visit my children on Christmas day. When the wife and I got home the day after, we picked up the 2 foot tall tree, tightened up the decorated branches and stuffed it back in its box. All done til next year! HA

David Wyatt said...

Nuttin' wrong with that, Z!

Christian Soldier says that the neighbors are lit up, too! That must be some neighborhood!! HEHE!

Z said...

FT..I feel the same sadness now when I see them in the front yards, ready to be tossed in the trash!!

Average..it's a lot easier to box a 2 footer!!

David Wyatt: I'll post a CHristmas picture now, as you asked..sort of nearby our home!