Saturday, December 6, 2008

A little homage to blogger LASUNSETT......with thanks

Some real LA Sunsets to thank you for posting THE BAND videos, made my day, and week...and.... (I recommend everyone going over to check it out...a GREAT concert at LA's blog)

There isn't anything better than Robertson's THE NIGHT THEY DROVE Ol' DIXIE DOWN done by THEM. Oh, and THE WEIGHT, and UNFAITHFUL SERVANT, and STAGE FRIGHT......oh, and RAG, MAMA, RAG...and, I guess, EVERY song they ever did, come to think of it! I have a LOT of favorite bands..this is NUMBER ONE. No doubt about it.

(Photos courtesy of Mr Z and his daughter, Ms Z)


LA Sunset said...

Thanks for the pics and the kind words, Z.

Glad you enjoyed The Band piece, they will forever be etched into music infamy.

Anonymous said...

What lovely photos. Thanks for the posting them for us Z. I enjoyed them so much.

L xxxx

Law and Order Teacher said...

Music infamy? That's not a great tribute to The Band. I love their music and have posted it many times. Infamy? I think they're famous, not infamous. December 7th, 1941 lived infamy. September 11, 2001 lived in infamy. Not The Band.

Z said...

"INFAMY"? a slip of the tongue, i guess?

Glad you're all enjoying the pictures, they are truly beautiful, aren't they. In LA, the sunsets are more purple and lavender in the November; amazing

LASunsett's avatar is gorgeous, too!

Chuck said...

Z, great pics. We get some good sunsets over Lake Michigan too but these are spectacular.

There well appreciated tonight too. I just spent 45 minutes blowing out my driveway. The wind chill is 10 F. I came in and my mustache and eyebrows were iced over.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Pictures Z, just spectacular.

The music's good too! Thanks LA.


Z said...

Chuck, I'm not even sure what "blowing out the driveway" means!! You blow the snow off?
By the way, how do YOU like THE BAND? Familiar with them?

Pris..isn't it great music? it's a litle Rockabilly, you know..twangy Southern rock with AMAZING lyrics, too..fabulous!

MathewK said...

Beautiful Z, would be nice to unwind with a glass of wine or whatever one likes to the sight of that every evening.

Elmers Brother said...

Mr. Z takes some great pics.

LA Sunset said...

//"INFAMY"? a slip of the tongue, i guess? //

Yeah, with two Stella Artois beers and a shot of Grand Marnier under my belt (while watching football), I am liable to say anything.

I meant to say fame, but was evidently think about today being that very fateful day "in infamy". The synapses get missed, one thing leads to another, blah, blah, blah. Sometimes I get to sleep on the couch when that happens ;)

Chuck said...

Chuck, I'm not even sure what "blowing out the driveway" means!!

Sorry Z, using a snow blower. It draws up the snow and throws it to the side of the driveway. Shoveling is not fun. The difference is on tv they are nice and neat. In reality you shoot the snow up and the wind blows it in your face.