Friday, December 5, 2008

Sooooo....What do YOU think Obama will say in his "Islamic Speech" ?

Obama: Islamic Speech in First 100 Days

Barack Obama is considering making a major foreign policy speech in an Islamic capital during his first 100 days as president in an effort to mend rifts between the U.S. and the Muslim world.

Helene Cooper of The New York Times spoke to several sources, including diplomats, about which Islamic capital Obama might choose, and the consensus was Cairo, Egypt.

The reason: Process of elimination.

A speech in Baghdad would appear to validate the Iraq war, which Obama opposed. A visit to Damascus, the Syrian capital, “would look as if he was rewarding the Syrians and it’s too soon for that,” Ziad Asali, president of the American Task Force on Palestine, told Cooper.

Asali also ruled out:

  • Ramallah on the West Bank, noting that “Palestinians seek Jerusalem as their capital.”

  • Tehran in Iran. “Too soon for that.” Amman, Jordan. “Been there, done that.”

  • Islamabad, Pakistan. “Too dangerous.”

  • Ankara, Turkey. “Too safe.”

  • As for Jakarta, Indonesia, where Obama spent part of his youth, “people would yawn about that,” said Asali.

    One of Obama’s foreign policy advisers ruled out Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and other capitals around the Persian Gulf.

    Cooper concluded: “It’s got to be Cairo. Egypt is perfect. It’s certainly Muslim enough, populous enough and relevant enough. It’s an American ally, but there are enough tensions in the relationship that the choice will feel bold.”

    Whatever capital Obama might choose, press reports don’t explain why the new president feels it necessary to give a speech so early in his new administration.

    During the presidential campaign Obama indicated U.S. foreign policy was too skewed in favor of Israel and that he would seek to balance that approach in his administration.

    He was also dogged with claims that he was a secret Muslim, an accusation he denied.

    In fact, Obama had been raised a Muslim and converted to Christianity after meeting the Rev. Jeremiah Wright in his 20s after he moved to Chicago.

    Obama was born to a Kenyan father who was a Muslim. His mother divorced this man and later remarried an Indonesian muslim who became Obama’s stepfather.

    The couple moved to Indonesia with the young Obama. There he was registered at two schools as a Muslim student.

    Earlier this year, Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs claimed: "Senator Obama has never been a Muslim, was not raised a Muslim, and is a committed Christian."

    But in his autobiography, "Dreams From My Father," Obama mentions studying the Koran and describes the public school as "a Muslim school." Obama’s campaign web site later removed the claim made by Gibbs that Obama was never a Muslim.

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    Gayle said...

    I have no earthly idea what he will say. Nothing will surprise me!

    Everything that was damaging to Obama's image has been removed from You Tube. I had more than one damaging You Tube video published where Obama made either totally idiotic statements or talked about cutting our military, getting rid of our nuclear capabilities, and ruining the coal industry! All of them were removed from You Tube. We don't even know if the man is a US citizen or not! This entire thing is so ridiculous I feel like I've woken up in an alternate world. :(

    kevin said...

    Change. Hope. Yes We Can.

    Ducky's here said...

    Good move. Cairo seems a good choice.

    Z said...

    Ducky, what do YOU think he'll say? Just how guilty will AMERICA BE? (See article below)

    How much of our money will he throw at them as penance for having FINALLY reacted to a thousand years of terror?

    Think he'll wait for an apology, some kind of words about how HUMILIATED Islam is for the acts of their extremists? Ya think?

    Gayle....we need to wake up because this is NO AMERICA I RECOGNIZE.

    Kevin....Bush ran on 'change', too.......thank God his 'change' happened to be fighting back for a change. glad to have you here.

    Ducky's here said...

    I think it will be a generic feel good speech that indicates he wishes better relations with moderate Muslims but will not tolerate any threats to security by fringe elements.

    He's mature and I have hopes that his background allows him to be seen as someone who has a broader view of Africa and the Muslim world than the white bread evangelicals who understand so little.

    Z said...

    Well, Ducky, since he never mentioned terror or islamists throughout his candidacy, I wouldn't hold my patriotic breath that he'd threaten in ANY way.... But, we can hope!

    As for Evangelicals (every president, including him, apparently, is a Christian Evanglical..but, anyway...anybody who's not RC is scum, is that right, Ducky?), thank GOD they SEEM to be the only bunch who really DO understand the threat from islamists. NO Evangelical hates ALL MUSLIMS, if that's your inference...any more than Christians hate gays.....

    No. We just can't live with pandering and appeasement anymore, but I'm betting that's more of what we'll get. He can't be too unkind to the faith of his childhood. If he was, ALL 57 (Islamist) states wouldn't be too happy.

    Anonymous said...

    No. We just can't live with pandering and appeasement anymore.

    Yes we can. Change. Hope. Another attack on the USA and its people. More hope. Course correction, and uh ... did I mention, "Yes we can?"

    CJ said...

    "Give it a year, guys, and then we can take over."

    Anonymous said...


    How about this for his speech:

    I thank you for your religious help and especially for your GIGANTIC financial support.

    Doesn't matter where he speaks, it is the thought that counts.

    In Christ eternally,


    Z said...

    Jack, you made me laugh! Thanks!!Yes.:

    "Listen, we know WE caused 9/11 and we're sorry the Right's made it look like islamists had...those 19 yr old kids must have been VERY good guys and it's a shame they got caught up in this. Darn. As an amazing concidence, when I was little, I went to islamist school with one of their dad's..oops! OOH MY GOSH!!...that's IslUmist clean up ghettos, sorry for that silly slip of the tongue!! Anyway, ya...we're sorry and we hope that you understand how sorry, so we're going to do what my buddy Biden discussed in a well-documented statement by his employees that we should give Iran $200 Million dollars after 9/11 so they realize we don't dislike them. Joe's going to see to it you guys get that COOl, or WHAT? So....after all that, can you contact every single terror cell around the world and call off the attack dogs? Tell them if they must continue to look for 72 virgins, I'm making Bill Clinton Secretary of Virgins and he'll get back to y'all....thanks!!"

    Ya, it's mean, and I honestly DO hate to do that when the guy's going to be my president (wait, I have to clear my throat.... okay)...but...That Biden thing IS corroborated by HIS employees. NOT MEEEE!!

    Anonymous said...

    Recent Presidents who were apologists for America:

    Jimmy Carter - Democrat

    Bill Clinton - Democrat

    Will Barack Obama be consistent with his party's blame America position? Probably. Change? I doubt it.


    Anonymous said...

    Maybe he will say "Allah Akhbar!"

    Chuck said...

    If he wants to mend ties between us he could ask them to stop flying planes into our buildings and bombing nightclubs with tourists in them, that would be a good place to start.

    I think Ex-Preacher was on the right track. He will probably go to the country that donated the most to his campaign. I mean, it's only fair.

    Z said...

    Hermit, I thought about that...ugh.

    Chuck; How ANYBODY could think he won't pander is just ridiculous..You are SO RIGHT. It'll be about how we're a loving nation and we forgive and we need to be one big happy family and, when they nuke us later, maybe he'll have the decency to admit "Man, DID I SCREW UP!How could I have believed them?" Ya think?

    Here's the BIGGEST RUB that MOST PEOPLE DO NOT ADDRESS and it's important:



    SO, WE HIT IRAQ AND "HOW awful..THEY did nothing to AMERICA!" you see?

    ANYWHERE we hit that isn't PINPOINT on a terrorists house, is BAD....the world and the lefties here are OUTRAGED (even in WAR, the fewest collateral damages ever in the history of war, but WE're STILL BAD). Why isn't it BADDER for horrid men to go into hotel lobbies than it is for us to rough up a few prisoners at Abu Ghraib?

    Did MUMBAI get HALF the coverage of ABU GHRAIB?


    Anonymous said...

    I don't care what he says. His policies will sunset in four years.

    Anonymous said...

    In essence what Barry will say will probbly amount to this:

    We'll go on a bender,
    And then we'll surrender
    To Allah's Almighty Sword.

    We'll give up all that's tender,
    And then we will render
    Insults to our own dear Lord.

    Of course he won't put it that plainly and certainly not in rhyme, but I imagine something like that is in his dark, deeply deceptive heart.

    ~ Freethinke

    Z said...

    FJ....the problem is terrorism between now and then can be pretty devastating to America's future, if not our whole existance.

    FT....well done. i hope you're very, very wrong. But....probably not. Since it's in RHYME, it's probably more like something Rev Jackson would say! (Lol!)

    The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

    in an effort to mend rifts between the U.S. and the Muslim world.

    What rifts?! Other than many of my fellow right-wingers who want to lump all Muslims together as practitioners of a "vile" religion, what has the U.S. done to Muslims?! We've fought for Muslims around the world.

    A speech in Baghdad would appear to validate the Iraq war,

    How ridiculous would such a speech be anyway? al Qaeda killed more Muslims there than we did.

    Z said...

    Wordsmith, it's not sane, patriotic or informed Americans who feel WE need to 'mend rifts', of course.
    But, we have a VP-elect who, shortly after 9/11, said we needed to send $200 million to Iran so's they know "we still like them." this attitude going to prevail?

    The Vegas Art Guy said...

    Isn't the price for apostasy death? So why would Obama go to a Muslim country where true Muslims would call for his death since he converted from Islam to Christianity?

    Z said...

    Vegas Guy...GREAT POINT!!

    (((Thought Criminal))) said...

    I wonder if Osama Bin Laden will attend to accept our formal surrender personally, or if he'll send a flunkie.

    CJ said...

    Oh they'll soon understand that Obama was just being a good Muslim when he "converted" to Christianity (what kind of conversion was it anyway to get him into Wright's church?), just the accepted method of lying to the infidel to gain an advantage. Maybe they understand it already and are just playing along. Muslim kids already get it, according to that song they sing about how he talks peace to get into office but is really serving Allah. So, sooner or later he's going to try to make us all over into the United States of Islam.