Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's called Christmas .... what more can we say? This is a really fun song..take a second!

Thanks, Priscilla!

Really good!



Chuck said...

I will never get the problem here.

Over at Pasedena's blog today he had this quote from a Jewish girl about Christmas trees

"I think they're pretty," Marilyn Lerner, a junior who is Jewish, said of the Christmas trees that graced the Student Union in earlier years. "It's just a Christmas tree. I don't mind."

I see a Menorah display, I think that's nice, then I go on with my day. I don't need to run off and see a therapist. Why can't others do the same with Christmas?

Z said...

My Jewish friend Mike says the same thing, Chuck...he loves the beauty of the Christmas stuff.

I had a Christmas party one year with all girlfriends... and one of the Hannukah nights was that night......One friend was Jewish, I said 'Bring the menorah and light it with us ..' It was a beautiful moment, honestly!

Seems like the secularists have something niggling at them about God and hate that niggle so they have to STOP IT. They deny it, but if God doesn't exist, just walk the heck BY..NO BIGGIE. If you think you might be wrong....then, maybe you want to GET IT OUT OF YOUR FACE, huH?

just a highly self-righteous thought (!) but, you NEVER know.....

it's like all the yammmering about SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. WHERE? One letter by Thomas Jefferson, right? Our founding fathers came here FOR religion...they weren't for separation..just no official religion.

namaste said...

merry merry christmas, z! thanks for the video.


WomanHonorThyself said...

sssshhhhhhhhh..we can only celebrate rammmmmmmadan now right!..pfftt!

Anonymous said...

Merry CHRISTmas, Z!