Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear....."

I had an illustration here of muslims threatening the British, but it was removed. In its place was a huge nasty looking lime green unhappy face. This is really quite something...why would that happen? HOW? WHO?

"OBAMA HOPES TO REBOOT U.S. IMAGE AMONG MUS-LIMS" by using his full name during the inauguration.

WHAT? So, apparently, he's far, far more interested in not offending THEM than not offending US. Personally, if that's his middle name, that's his middle name, and he's entitled to use it since, obviously, not enough Americans thought that might be a red flag on top of just about every other horrid red flag he sent up to thinking Americans before the election.....but.......

Because we were hit on 9/11, and because we went into Iraq and kicked a murdering dictator out of a Mus-lim country so its people could finally live in peace again (and the other hundred reasons it was a good idea), and because we've been trying to protect our own shores, WE need to have OUR reputation REBOOTED?

Have any of you seen Americans carrying anything near the kinds of signs we see mus-lims in Britain carrying, threatening the very fabric of British society if not threatening the very lives of the people who have lived their for thousands of years?




Anonymous said...

"And if I laugh at any mortal thing,
'T is that I may not weep; and if I weep,
'T is that our nature cannot always bring
Itself to apathy, for we must steep
Our hearts first in the depths of Lethe's spring,
Ere what we least wish to behold will sleep:
Thetis baptized her mortal son in Styx;
A mortal mother would on Lethe fix."


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

He also, of course, promises to give "a major address" in an Islamic capital soon after taking office as he seeks to mend America's image in the Muslim world, a Chicago Tribune interview said.


(((Thought Criminal))) said...


I thought using his middle name was the equivalent of smearing him as a Muslim.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

[Because being called a Muslim is a smear to leftists]

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding about the picture being removed? Who would do that?


Z said...

No, I'm not kidding, Morgan! it was up, it looked good, well illustrated my point...and five minutes later...replaced by a BIG EVIL LOOKING LIME GREEN UNHAPPY FACE kind of thing.

I wish somebody could answer my question about it........

thanks for reminding me..maybe another commenter has some input?

Law and Order Teacher said...

Have you been hacked? That's is surprising in disturbing. Or could it be something in the picture? Interesting indeed.

David Schantz said...

"This is really quite something...why would that happen? HOW? WHO?" I don't know, maybe you have offended King Hussein Obama?

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

Papa Frank said...

I thought The One and HIS media told us we weren't to use that name 6 months ago. When are they going to start issuing rule books and expiration dates on the do's and dont's of the Obamastration?

Z said...

L&O I don't know.
Suddenly, too, if I'm writing in a document and an email comes in, the scan throws stuff off and my doc jumps out of the page and I can't type.
If I'm at a blog and an email comes in, my blog superimposes somehow on the blog...etc.. I don't think these two have anything in common, but that's a problem, too! It does right itself.

I have to email WARREN THE COMPUTER KING! He'll know

Ya, about the image disappearing, that's SCARY.

highboy said...

The anti-Christ is suppose to have control over everything when he rises to power. You actually think your blog is going to be protected? He'll make us disappear.

Anonymous said...

What do I think of Barack Hussein Obama?


~ FreeThinke

Chuck said...

This is why he is putting all of The Great Appeasers staff in his administration. We're back to bending over backwards (or forward?) to please the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

Hi Z! As a new reader, I have a possible answer to the mystery of your picture. If it was linked from another website, some servers try to discourage that use of their bandwidth by swapping an unpleasant image instead. However, if you uploaded the image from your computer, it's still a mystery.
Keep on posting Z, and I'll keep reading!
- tenmei

Anonymous said...

Obama is going on apologist tour to appease those in the world who would kill us.

I read he's chosen Egypt to give a major speech regarding the muslim world. I think I'll call it "The Muslim Love Tour".

Yep, this ought to win them over huh? Just a peace loving bunch who are misguided, and all they need is America on her knees.

God help us!

And suddenly, after intimidating anyone who used his middle name in the course of the campaign, it's now desirable and downright necessary.

I wonder how all those moderate to conservative dupes who voted for "The One" are going to feel about this? It's just the beginning
folks, stay tuned!


Z said...

tenmei, thanks SO much. I think I did get it from another website, which I don't usually do. It had to be something like that....
I appreciate your input and your being here!

Pris, how long will it be before everyone's just FED UP with this guy? Then, we're ALL stuck with him.

And, you know, for a few days, once he was elected, the AMERICAN in me said "Hey, he's your pres now, get used to it.....the office deserves respect, maybe he'll rise to the occasion." Honestly, I did!
I was wrong, so far.
What hurts me most is the lying....the smoking thing, this "I didn't talk to Blagojevich.." etc. HOW could he not have discussed THIS? Axelrod just writes it off with "Oh, ya, I THOUGHT he had, but hadn't!!! Yuck yuck".......and we're supposed to say "OKAY!"

I can take a different philosophy than mine in a president, I can even take someone who's really got a very different vision for America...but this guy? I don't believe ACORN contributed to a 'fair and square' win and I don't think he likes America, and I think this Statement about OUR 'rebooting' is disgusting.

Just the WORD is long and hard did they have to search for something SO nebulous, SO hard to be TOO angry with? What were he and Emanuel and Axelrod saying "let's see, we can't say APOLOGIZE to muslims..we can't say KISS UP...we can't say about REBOOT?"

ick Any REAL president would be saying "Extremist muslims are after us and it NEEDS TO STOP! And I think it's moderate muslims who just MIGHT want to be REBOOTING THEIR RELIGION TO US"


Ducky's here said...

Let me get this straight. He shouldn't use his full name because it might offend a group of people that wouldn't vote for him even if there were a gun to their head?

Folks, get used to it. Here's the deal, your abject paranoia about all things Muslim is last season. It's over.

Z said...

Ducky....get real.
I SAID "it's his name, what the heck", but to USE that name to APPEASE is just plain stupid...more 'hate America first'

Ya, let's just ignore the fact that nearly every terror act on our shores and most terror acts around the world today are done by extremist muslims...I'm thinking the moderates among them just MIGHT be the ones appeasing us, not US doing same.

have another chicken wing

Anonymous said...

Ducky, so jihad is seasonal? Who knew? Those 3000 dead innocents in NY were just a 2001 Autumn tradition?

Mumbai is just a bleep on the seasonal calendar I guess.

Oh, I get it it's just a killing season, part of the religion of peace. After all it's Islamic tradition.

From now on we'll just accept slaughter as a seasonal event, and just figure those Islamists are just silly butchers who have to express themselves.

We can play pretend, you know like a movie, and as long as you or I aren't hurt, why should we care?

Seriously Ducky, you're a real piece of work.


Anonymous said...


The BO man misspoke.. instead of Reboot, he he meant Jackboot.

So now I feel much better -- surely those of us who addressed him in our Blogs as Barack HUSSEIN Obama will now get a reprieve from his jackbooted thugs.

Much better.,..

In Christ eternally,


Papa Frank said...

Duckling -- where you go amazingly wrong is in your thinking that we are paranoid about anything muz-lim or that we fear anything muz-lim. Those who you address here , like myself, are not scared by muz-lim extremists. We do not think they are behind every rock and tree and we do not think they have a snowball's chance in hell of taking over our country. Instead we have an intense burning and searing LOVE for America and burn with rage for those who seek to harm her. For those who from the outside seek her destruction. In fact, the only thing worse is those who have lived under the shelter of her broad and powerful wings that seek to hand her over to those enemies. Those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear can recognize friend from foe.

Mike said...

I'm shocked that your picture was removed. Have you contacted Blogger? It's either A) a hacker or B) censorship.

Re: now deciding to publicize his middle name...I'm really getting tired of the idea that politicians are bold-face liars. They can say anything they want and if they are called on it, they just say they "misspoke". It's ridiculous.

Average American said...

If memory serves me correctly, those of us brazen enough to call the messiah "Hussein" were labeled racists, were we not? And so now, is NObama a racist? I've always thought so. He abhors whitey and his wife hates us even more than he does!

Greywolfe said...

Sorry I'm late to the game... First off, it's never been answered satisfactorily,in my opinion, whether the guy is christian or islamic. I tend to believe that he's probably neither. I really don't see this guy as having a spiritual center at all.

Second, I wouldn't be surprised if the site that you found your pic on got hammered by some group like C.A.I.R. and pulled the pic.

And lastly, idiocy from ducky is a given. I've yet to see that knucklehead give a reasoned response to any post out here. I keep hoping that once he gets thru puberty the hormone drop will allow for clearer thinking.

P.S. You do realize that we're gonna get hit sometime right after the innaugeration? Biden predicted it, and I for one don't doubt it. ( he said we'd be "tested". I'll give a dollar to a dime that the test will be in American blood."