Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blagojevich.....Will he go free?

Blagojevich may get off from the heinous senate-seat-sale accusation . I knew this could happen. "Wiretaps were illegally obtained" Big surprise.

Man. I guess it's just crooks who know our laws this well............ATTORNEY Fitzgerald didn't? What's UP with America, folks? A guy can be wiretapped saying what HE said (we've all heard it) and get off because someone didn't quite follow the law? The article I linked's me out here.

Unreal. Will he have something to brag about? "See what happened? But, I'm still HERE!" And, since he obviously has no sense of decency, and he obviously doesn't care about his 4% approval rating.......what's HE CARE$$$ WILL HE GO TO JAIL?



David Wyatt said...

My opinion, fwiw, & it ain't much, is that the investigation was stopped when it was because the powers that be knew our illustrious president-in-waiting was soon to be implicated, & that just couldn't be.

Steve Harkonnen said...

He will not go to jail. I second that of David Wyatt, above.

cube said...

Heck of a prosecutor that Fitzy is, eh?

Chuck said...

To be honest, once I saw Rahm Emanuel's name come up so prominently, I had a feeling we were headed towards this.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I say don't get down about this. The impeach procedures were convened very quickly with it seems little to go on. Fitzgerald's investigation has just started to be made public. I don't think a prosecutor would go public with information unless it led somewhere. Let the investigation play out. The Illinois legislature isn't a court, it's a political blackhole where everyone was grandstanding. I think once Blago is pulled in and confronted with the evidence it's going to hit the fan. His attorney is doing what attorneys do, talk s**t. That's why he gets the big money.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...


I find the idea that you would believe laws actually apply to Democrats to be preposterous, or at least extremely naive.

christian soldier said...

Business as usual in Chicago - so - the answer is no...

Average American said...

They just have to dump that chia pet! I get sick just looking at him. He probably won't see the inside of a jail though, but he sure should!

Anonymous said...

A democrat breaking the law and getting away with it, now that's s real shock!

Like David said, sounds like they don't want anyone to dig too deep, lest this fellow take some others down with him.

Elmers Brother said...

I don't think a prosecutor would go public with information unless it led somewhere

I thought it was the newspaper who made it public...the procsecutor had little to do with it becoming public knowledge? Is that the way everybody else understands it?

Z said...

"Chia pet"! Welcome back, Average... that's HILARIOUS!

Anonymous said...

"I find the idea that you would believe laws actually apply to Democrats to be preposterous, or at least extremely naive."

Beamish said it all. can't improve on that.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

FT..beamish ALWAYS 'says it all'! Just right

shoprat said...

Remember that OJ went free too, but everyone knew and it caught up with him.

Papa Frank said...

What can I say? He's got friends in high places now. Get out of jail free card number one. If we keep track for the next 4 years we should reach into the hundreds.

Always On Watch said...

He may not go to jail, but lots of people are disgusted with this entire mess.

BHO is starting his administration under a cloud, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

I'm betting Fitzgerald will eff this up. Just like he effed up the Valerie Plame Leak case. He'll nail someone other than Blago on perjury or something. He could have brought this case in July, but he didn't want to hurt the Obamassiah's election chances.
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