Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Don Lemon...CNN's guy says WHAT?!!

I've always kind of liked Don Lemon;   most of the time he even seems slightly even-handed, for CNN, but his "No Talking Points" above really blew my mind.   I don't agree with it all, but I agree with the essence of his disappointment with Obama, and I think any fair-thinking person will, too.  And, of course, it's stunning to hear anything remotely like this (even REMOTELY) on CNN.  From anyone there.  Ever.  Not there.  Not if you listen enough.  Not if....  wait, have I covered that enough?  Ya. :-)
They may not keep him now...look for him on FOX :-)


Anonymous said...

The Quote (LIE) of the Decade:
“The fact that we are here today to debate raising America 's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the US Government cannot pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government's reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America 's debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that, "the buck stops here.' Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”

~ Senator Barack H. Obama, March 2006

Anonymous said...

Hmmm! Is it possible that people in media are finally giving up on Hope and Change? This CNN video is big news.

Rita said...

And as another shining example of the "tolerant" party's hypocrisy the onslaught of tweets after his No Talking Points were rife with gay slurs and telling him the conservatives had no tolerance for gays. It would be funny if it wasn't so horrible that some idiots think insulting gays or blacks is fine if the person they insult isn't toeing to party line.

Ducky's here said...

Sarah Palin, Little Miss Rectitude.

We are so far down the rabbit hole.

Our media are sad jokes.

Elmers Brother said...

Duhkkky once again comes up $.02 short

Mustang said...

I disagree, ElBro ... Ducky's intellectual deficit runs into the tens of billions.

cube said...

That is fair. That's all I ask from my news sources. Investigate and report the news.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone has ever said so precisely perfect and with such awed admiration as Silverfiddle did on his blog when he said
"Ducky: And your acid comments show you to be an angry, frustrated, twisted-up old man.

I posted this for people to comment on what divides us, not to take cheap political shots.

For your gratuitously stupid and insulting comments that had nothing to do with the article, you get the Sphincter of the Day Award!


Now go discharge your quacking flatulence somewhere else. We're tired of your noxious gases."

Thersites said...

I agree with the duckman. Our media are sad jokes.

...but THAT isn't Sarah Palin's fault. THEY chose who and what to cover.

Thersites said...

...and What NOT to cover.

Leticia said...

I am a bit surprised that CNN allowed those videos to be shown and to allow the comments to be aired.

Granted I didn't agree with most of what he said, but all in all, not bad for a liberal admitting the truth and falling out of the Obama zombie zone.

Rita said...

Is it REALLY so difficult for the liberals that comment here to come up with at least SOME type of logical point that participates in any type of worthwhile debate?

There HAS to be some intelligent liberals that could visit and challenge our dicussions.

Where are they? The ones here are becoming a fairly pathetic representative of other viewpoints.

Z said...

Oh, yes, but you HAVE to hand it to Ducky again!

He completely missed the point of the video and zero'd in on what HE wants to so's to divert the incredible news that even CNN can be fair minded sometimes.
It's hard to take for leftwingies, isn't it.
Ducky, you NEVER let me down. I'm surprised you didn't comment on Don Lemon's tie color or something "nobody on CNN should ever wear.." :=)

Darth..."WA is shifting the burden of bad choices..." Man, he was a prophet. Or he knew EXACTLY what he was doing and what it would cause, huh?

Rita, I didn't know that...what do gays have to do with this, is Lemon an open gay?

cube...but it's kind of shocking from CNN. A big relief, too.

Liberalmann said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kid said...

"There HAS to be some intelligent liberals that could visit and challenge our dicussions."

Rita, I've never met one on the internet comment sections or message boards in 20 years. They're all like defective win-up toys spinning around in circles.

Rita said...

Z: Apparently he is. I don't know why that would be relevant, but apparently the left thinks it is because a gay man shouldn't be wondering why Obama has failed.

Kid: I used to know a lady online who referred to herself as a "moderate" liberal, but she was actually nowhere close to being a moderate.

She was very good at providing logical arguments. Then one day when I objected to her using the term teabagger, she defended the term. I explained how derogatory it was. That it was offensive as were her term "Christianist".

Instead of recognizing it, she fumed off the blog and then wrote an absolutely scathing post on her own saying every nasty comment ever uttered about conservatives, Republicans, anyone that dared think something she didn't agree with.

Sadly, her post only left me believing that even logical liberals harbor the hateful feelings against those who disagree with them.

Her blog now only has extreme liberals who repeat over and over, "Rain, I agree with you completely.", save one lone moderate friend of hers.

It's just a bore to read.

Even though Z only has a couple of libs here, we all feel free to say when we disagree with her or each other. It's a lively exchange and is NEVER boring.

Well, except when Ducky and Libdip spout the same boring lib talking points and insults we can get from reading DailyKos.

Kid said...

Rita, You Exactly defined the path of every conversation I've had with libs on the net. Or in person. The best of them start off making intelligent sounding arguments. Then one day, they can't stand it anymore and Blow.

Like driving 25 mph behind a cop car for miles, and suddenly Smash the gas pedal and tickets be damned.

Like Thersites. Apparently, I had him pegged from the start (not hard). He starts off like the typical lib with the idiotic arguments and talking points posting nothing to back up his absurd claims. My request for a link to his claim goes ignored. Of course. We go back and forth. He posts a couple things that indicate he can think beyond step 1, then Whammo, the last thing he says in response to me commenting about how oblabber is caught on open mic telling Medvedic he "has to wait til after the elections" before he concedes something obviously of significant anti-American Interest to the Russians that "It doesn't matter".

I've talked to them back and forth and had them actually comment back that I was right and they were wrong and the very next day, they're back with the same s*.

It is a mental disease, based in fantasy addiction and a lack of mental development.

The best of them spout what any first grader would and think they're geniuses for it:
-World Peace
-Be kind to animals
-No pollution
-No corruption in government.
-lollipops for everyone.

They have the minds of children and think they're geniuses. No chance of ever connecting with reality.

Which, if you cannot recognize or even define the problem, you have zero chance of doing anything to make it better.

Z said...

Rita and Kid........I find that, too.
Libman just keeps regurgitating stuff he's read at far-left crap venues and then "LOL" when anybody quotes from FOX. You can't make this stuff up.
Ducky has become even worse at ignoring the points of peoples' posts by mentioning some slight thing in it which he can find to criticize. It's useless.
And they whine when we delete...Ducky even does at other blogs "Z deleted me" after I've asked repeatedly to stop the insults, etc.

it's just plain WEIRD.

Socialism is their bag and one doesn't have to THINK in socialism, either; or there'd not BE a socialism, right?
So it suits their mentalities to a T.

Kid said...

Z, there are a few basic types of people who are attracted to socialism in my opinion.

- Mega rich (surprise?) Warren Buffet, George Soros. Used Capitalism to make their billions, and now that they are insulated and 'safe', they favor socialism.
-Losers who [think they] benefit from taxing 'the rich'.
-Misinformed and too young to know any better.

In any case, lib? Duck? Waste of time to talk to them, and as Fredd recently verbalized, they should be shunned. They're F* up our country, and there is no reason to be polite with them. They neither deserve it or respond to it. They're losers, bleating for the attention and discipline that they never got at home. I'm not their mom and frankly it's too late for discipline anyway.

Do you see any improvement in them for all the polite constructive attention you give them? Not a criticism, just an observation. 20 years worth too.

Look at duck, still obsessed with Sarah Palin. and Lib- BUSH! SQUAWK!
pathetic just doesn't do it :-]

Want to get liberals hopping around their monkey cage, walk into a lib spot and yell PALIN! haha.

Z said...

I've been thinking about Rita's comment...
I think the left puts gays on some pedestal where they aren't allowed to fall of..i.e. think differently than they do. LIke they're so cool that they're gay and 'out' that they just MUST BE LEFTIES.
man, the fun never quits, does it.

Of course, the celebrate LEFTWING gays but can't wait to 'out' and slam anybody on the Right who's gay.

Kid...I think you're TOTALLY right about who actually thinks SOcialism's a good idea. well done. I agree.

No, I don't see any improvement ...none. They are screwing up our country, no doubt about it..they've encourage illegals, they've made our kids morons, they've made entitlements a 'right', ...we could all go on and on.

Yet...that's a beguiling cause "MONEY FOR EVERYBODY".
and not ONE OF THEM has asked himself "WHERE'S IT COMING FROM?"
They can't be SO STUPID not to have heard that if every billionaire in America gave everything they had that would last a week or so..wasn't it about a week of America's bills?


Z said...

I just GOogled and Don Lemon is gay, came out in a recent book.

Shepard Smith is supposedly gay, too.....I've had many emails asking me if he's gay and if he's got AIDS because he's lost SO much weight and was thin already. I hope not.

I can't STAND the guy but it's not because of his sexual orientation...I just think he's smug beyond acceptable and doesn't share my politics or my values.

Rita said...

I find it interesting that it's automatically assumed that all gays are liberals.

Of the three guys I am friends with on Facebook that are openly gay AND list their political preferences are ALL conservatives.

Several of their status upddates include comments about their disdain for Obama.

I would love to see a REAL poll of just how many gays consider themselves more liberal than conservative. I suspect it may not be a pervasive as the left would like us to believe.

Z said...

Rita, I was in an industry with a lot of gays and wasn't political, so I don't know what they were thinking then...
I know one gay man now who's very conservative but I'd have to say the rest of the gays I know are liberal.

But, I suspect you're right. There's also the Log Cabin Group of gay Republicans...I guess that's still in existence.
Ya, just GOogled and it is..but get this:

"LCR is the only Republican organization dedicated to representing the interests of LGBT Americans and their allies."

The "ONLY"? REALLY? What Democrat group that we can talk about in polite company is dedicated to representing the interests of LGBT Americans and their 'allies'? :-)

Thersites said...

Like Thersites. Apparently, I had him pegged from the start (not hard). He starts off like the typical lib with the idiotic arguments and talking points posting nothing to back up his absurd claims.


Thanks, Kid. You never fail to make my day by proving the counterpoint. :)

Thersites said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thersites said...

like you actually had me believing you weren't nicrap because I thought we were friends and nobody'd lie THAT overtly.

...I'm not nicrap/ never have been. I can't help it if you're incapable of reading your own sitemeter and can't distinguish a post from Maryland from one from India. But hey, it must be MY fault because I post under multiple avatars. People who do THAT are simply evil. Just ask beakerkin and/or beamish.

Rita said...

Kid: I just ignore those that find it cute to playact as different online characters. If someone cannot just be themselves and hold an argument, they aren't worth my time. Just ignore Sybil.

Thersites said...

...and you broke my heart, Rita. If my arguments could be worth ANYONE's time, I always hoped that they might prove "worth" yours.

As for my multiple personae's... Plato's Socrates ("Phaedrus") once remarked...

There was a tradition in the temple of Dodona that oaks first gave prophetic utterances. The men of old, unlike in their simplicity to young philosophy, deemed that if they heard the truth even from "oak or rock," it was enough for them; whereas you seem to consider not whether a thing is or is not true, but who the speaker is and from what country the tale comes.

So I guess it just proves that some things never change.

Kid said...

Good advice Rita :)

Z said...

Right, Thersites, and it's just a coincidence that my friend Mike and all of your LEGION of sock puppets are the only commenters at Sue's right? ...oh, and nicrap.
WHAT a coincidence!

Rita said...

Sometimes I really suspect that Sue is just another version. If so, at least that one is better at hiding the tale tell "pattern".

Don't forget Joe Conservative and the extremely nasty gay one.

I suppose "they" fool some people into believing Joe Conservative isn't written to actually bash conservatives or the gay one isn't there to bash gays.

As I said, after finding 20 or so of these Sybils a few months back, I don't bother.

-FJ said...


I don't deny that nicrap and I are friends. We're the only commenters at Nietzsche Girl's, too. So what? We all tend to hang with the same bloggers. There's usually some comfort in it... but I guess "not so much" when you lose the trust you once held, right?

And by all means, Sue and I are the same blogger, too. Rota, just admit that you have a crush on Stanley, and I'll let your Titan slurs slide...

Stanley Kowalski said...

...cuz this hunka hunka burnin' love is here just 4u. ;)

The Absolute Marxist said...

Not everybody on-line is a stick in the mud 24/7... but I suppose that there ARE exceptions.

Z said...

take good care, fj

Thersites said...