Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Economic Woes

We've all seen parts of this video...I've posted the Daniel Mudd "deer in the headlights" speech myself...but I ran across this collection of really pertinent information that the media's missed in their damning of Republicans.  While I don't believe Republicans are innocent of involvement in our economy's mess, I do believe in truth.
'nuff said?


Liberalmann said...

More lies and edited bullshit from wingnuts.

Z said...

thanks, Libman!
You see it with your own eyes AND you deny.
typical liberal :-)

Average American said...

Hey Z, ever heard this before?

"If you want to piss off a Conservative, tell him a lie. If you want to piss off a Liberal(mann), tell him the truth."

This post's comments prove it.

Z said...

AA>..I hadn't heard that.

And yes, you are SO RIGHT.
Imagine seeing with your own EYES what was said and done and declaring it's BS? WOW

Right Wing Theocrat said...

Give him another 4 years and fannie and freddie will be upon your nation in an unrecoverable state. There won't be any bailouts for you.