Friday, April 13, 2012

This hurts, but it's compelling

This is a video the likes of which I never thought I'd EVER post....but the Black man talking shares something in common with so many of us who feel that some people in Black America are using the Trayvon case to their advantage.  Please try to overlook his word choices...they bothered me so much I got a little teary-eyed, to tell you the truth.  On the other hand, it also is tear-provoking in a very good way to see that this man is an American who wants to tell his truth.  I applaud him for that. (I just listened to it again after I'd written this post and felt even worse and more shocked at his choice of words than I was before, but I'm using hurts, but I think it's important.  You can see he's very clearly very angry.)  Let me add that the reason I posted this is because I SO STRONGLY BELIEVE that Black America's 'leaders' should all be at least as upset when Black on Black crime happens, when young Black kids are KILLED by their fellow Black kids, as they are in a case like Trayvon's. 

Tell me honestly what you think.  Should I have posted this?  Ya, it's risky, but we're all adults and I think it's important we see all points of view and stop thinking that all of ANY group blindly follows the Al Sharptons of the world.


Anonymous said...

It's time to find out just what many. many Blacks believe.

The Black callers I hear calling ( ) in are sick of the 30 year crusade from the pimps and whores like sharpton, the malik shabazz's and the other racists in Congress.

Not all Blacks feel that they have any representation at all by these "minstrel" clowns who's only purpose is to continue the hate...continue the divide...riot...stir up more hate and chaos...all so they can line their pockets.

Not all Blacks thank god...follow these black nazis...and they're angry and ashamed that these frauds "represent" or speak for them.

Anonymous said...

And this is the guy the Great Divider and the Kenyan in Chief needs to have a beer summit with. Not...NOT INVITING the turd sharpton into the WH!!

What's wrong with Obama? He must agree with the race baiter...he must honor his hate with an invitation into our House?

It'd be like Truman or Roosevelt having Hitler over for dinner to talk peace after he's murdered a few more people.

How many people will die because of Sharptons hate? He's an accomplice to any violence that occurs.

This man who being called the "Black Michael Savage" by some black callers. They argree with this man.

Z said...

Imp, so you hear a lot of Black callers who feel like Mike?

By the way, remember when Malik Shabazz's name was found frequently on the White House visitors list? And this WH said "it's not THAT Malik Shabazz?"!

Jay Carney said the same thing about Hilary Rosen after her faux pas....He said he personally knew 3 Hilary Rosens so the 35 visits might not have been this one's.
You can't make this stuff up.

Z said...

Malik Shabazz is the chair of the NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY.
I just researched to make sure I was right about what I just commented...I was, and then I found THAT information.
This is getting VERY weird.

Anonymous said...

"Malik Shabazz"..

This wanna be Idi Amin...this in photos with the Kenyan in 2007 while he was campaigning.!!

Z said...

well, he visited the WHite House, but the WH says "it wasn't THAT Malik Shabazz"
I know a lot of people with that name, don't you? :-)

Anonymous said...
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Ducky's here said...

Post whatever you like but the result is that it deflects from the main issue of the Treyvon Martin case:

Why was Zimmerman released?
Why was the boys life considered worthless.

What's happening in the rest of the world (and be sure there is plenty of violence) doesn't mean squat.
Why was a young boy on a slab as a John Doe for so long and why didn't anyone care about his life?

He was born and to my way of thinking just showing up means we have a collective responsibility to answer those questions.

The desire to push this case as a racial incident is diverting it from the important question.
Or maybe someone just decides Impertinent is a threatening pain in the ass and blows his face off.

You get my drift. All this talk about Sharpton who has done a good job of keeping a lid on the rage.

Why was a kid valued so little that he visits some acquaintances and ends up as a John Doe on a slab for days WITH NO ESTABLISHED PROBABLE CAUSE except that a lot of right wingers are "afraid of the dark" and they feel that is sufficient reason for lethal force.

Lisa said...

Wow Ducky how is it that all the lefty's act like they were there and have all the facts? Oh that's right they are all so much more wise that the rest of us.

This wasn't about race until the media labeled Zimmerman a "White Hispanic"
If Al Shartpn kept n a lid on this it would be the first time.
Even near us when a black teens father shot and killed a white teen Sharpton was out defending the father who got a pardon by Gov Patterson. I just don't recall the Noe Nazi's calling for a bounty on the father.
Of course we mustn't forget Sharpton's false accusations to stir the pot on Tawana Brawley and not to mention how people got killed thanks to him for his part on the Crown Heights riots.
Man we have come really far in 30 years,no thanks to people like Al Sharpton.

Jan said...

Z, thanks for posting this, because it's probably the only way some people will get to see how bad it really is.

The speaker in the video said it all: It is what it is.

What it "is," is that it is very dangerous, and destructive for all concerned.

And it's time that more people began to understand that.

"Malik Shabazz"..

This wanna be Idi Amin...this in photos with the Kenyan in 2007 while he was campaigning.!!"

Yeah, Imp, I saw the photos of that, too...marching with them.

I wonder how the photos escaped getting scrubbed from public view, like so many other things have?

Ducky's here said...

Everyone knows that the suspect's father in the Tulsa shootings was killed by a black man and that the son was full of rage about it and decided to take some random black people out in revenge.

However, as it turns out, the father's killer is in prison NOT for any degree of murder, but for a weapons charge.

Police did not charge him with the shooting because of Oklahoma's STAND YOUR GROUND law.

These laws are a petty thugs wet dream. Thank you A.L.E.C., the NRA and assorted gun loons.

In this case, the victim of a burglary doesn't call 911; he calls a friend, who comes over and argues with the burglar. The burglar goes home and gets his piece and shoots the friend. The friend's son is the suspect in the Tulsa random "kill blacky" shootings.

Stuff is bleeped up

Z said...

Lisa and Jan, it is an important video, isn't it. Here's a man who's obviously paid close attention to what happened and he believes Sharpton's stirred things up.
He believes all children deserve to have people marching in the streets if they're killed.
I hope you've seen the interviews with Trayvon's mother; she's shown a lot of dignity and isn't at all a race-baiter.

The reason I posted this is that ALL CHILDREN COUNT. That man in the video is SO RIGHT.
A case of everyone over reacting from fear and suspicion needs to be looked at realistically ...from Zimmerman's correct call to the cops because he is in charge of neighborhood watch and knows to spot people he doesn't his shock when Trayvon came to his truck ...and Trayvon's anger at feeling singled out... all he had to do was to have walked home instead!
Well. He's gone, it's a loss, and we need to treat this as the legal situation it is, not the crazed race situation so many are misrepresenting it as.

Sam Huntington said...

No one requires any more evidence that Ducky is a complete idiot than this: Police did not charge him with the shooting because of Oklahoma's STAND YOUR GROUND law. These laws are a petty thugs wet dream. Thank you A.L.E.C., the NRA and assorted gun loons.

Stand-your-ground or Castle Law simply means there is no reason for anyone to run and hide from persons who a reasonable and prudent person believes is going to do them grievous bodily harm. Further evidence of the left’s dishonesty is that Treyvon Martin was no “little boy,” and if it is true that this 6’3” gangster was pounding Zimmerman’s head into the pavement, an honest person will conclude that he got what he deserved. Ducky, you need to stop taking estrogen with your Shirley Temples.

A Pissed Off Irishman said...

Remember that behind every great man is a stay at home Mom. And Obumma is stuck with Moochelle. Oh well, it could have been worse, it could have been Rosie O'Donnell!

Z said...

Here's an excellent look at how weak the affidavit is in the Martin/Zimmerman case.
Fascinating reading if you have no agenda. It's just both sides, explained.
I know it's hard for the leftwingers to digest anything that doesn't go for the jugular in a situation like this, but I think it's important to get all the information; most conservatives do.

Z said...

Sam, it is such a privilege to have you commenting here...thanks.
Well said!

Irishman, did you watch the video? Or a little too much Irish whiskey? :-)

Pris said...

Good grief Ducky, don't you get the point the man in the video was making?

He didn't say this young man deserved to die, he was pointing out that when black kids are killed by other black kids, it doesn't seem to disturb the black community, as this one shooting does.

My question is, why not? And why don't Sharpton and Jackson come out and speak in behalf of black kids who are killed by other black kids who are targets all the time?

They have the wherewithall to do it, they just don't care because it's become commonplace, and it's not controversial as is this incident. However it should be!

Sharpton and Jackson are poverty pimps and use their own race to get into the limelight. I can think of nothing more sad and hypocritical!

Talk about race baiting!! Hate is hate, no matter how you cut it.

As for President Obama, he seems to have lived a life which doesn't include the black community unless he want's their votes. But then he never has been who he wanted to seem to be.

Z said...

Pris! "Ducky...get the POINT?" why start now?

you're right...that it doesn't seem to disturb ANYBODY when black kids kill black kids is the reason this guy "MIKE" made the video and why I posted it. It's unbelievable.

net observer said...

unfortunately, i can't see this video from my cell :- !

but, i can take a wild guess. this guy probably sounds like me and my old GOP buddies when no one's looking.

but i wanted to answer imp's first question, "what do blacks think TODAY?" i can honestly say, from my teen years 'til now, that "we" are light years more nuanced. that does not mean "conservative" as much as "independent".

black conservatives weren't even acknowledged in most black neighborhoods 30 years ago. now, you see them depicted on BET, and in a respectful way.

most blacks remain solid dems but not at all solid liberals. (can anyone say "Jews"?) and blacks today don't consider anybody their "leader", right or left.

also consider: except for "trayvon", you haven't heard much from jesse jackson during the obama years; and except for msbnc, not much from sharpton either.

farrakhan used to be on donahue and larry king. but now, if it weren't for drudge's occasional race-baiting, we wouldn't hear about him at all.

Ducky's here said...

z, if you and Pris don't believe that black preachers, politicians and others have spoken out about crime then:

1: You are living under a rock.

2: You continue to avoid the significant point of the case. The police didn't care enough about this kid to investigate.

Yes, I read. And yes you are trying to scam a misdirection here.

Anonymous said...

"Why was a young boy on a slab as a John Doe for so long and why didn't anyone care about his life?..."

Ask his "father / mother" about that. Apparently the kid goes out for a walk and no one missed him for 3 days....then dear ole dad didn't hear the commotion just 30 yards from his girlfriends apartment?

"Or maybe someone just decides Impertinent is a threatening pain in the ass and blows his face off."

Are you threatening me you scummy thug?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"don't believe that black preachers, politicians and others have spoken out about crime..."

Don't know how most of them would ever get the message if they're always out in the streets gang banging each other...watching MTV or grooving on rap say nothing of not being in a pew to hear the preachers...unless of course like "Mike" says...they're handing out Air Jordans or Cell Phones to get a flash mob revved up. ( Ever see any white Flash mobs" )

That is other than Fat La...who's "pew" is anywhere he can make a dirty racial buck.

Wanna bet the last time TM did that was around the time his "boy" pictures were an angelic little innocent kid?

net observer said...

duck makes an important point: it is not at all unusual for black people denounce twisted black behavior. it happens all the time.

but what's the typical black person's solution to black street crime? very similar to what white people: protect yourself or move elsewhere. there's not a whole lot more you can do if you aren't committing the crimes.

black thugs aren't known to follow the lead of law-abiding blacks. but for some reason (probably based in history) "we" feel "pressured" to defend/mentor these vermin.

but that's almost like asking non-molesters to "turn-around" molesters. how would one propose to do that?

also, fwiw, the trayvon issue is a based entirely in his family's, and others, bewilderment at the fact that the killer wasn't arrested. it may turn out that zimmerman's non-arrest was totally lawful and that the problem may be a very flawed law. but i'm sure these parents would have been just as outraged and diligent if zimmerman were black. even though THAT story would not have made it to the national media.

Anonymous said...

Hey duckcrap....why don't you tattoo "I LOVE Trayvon & Obama" on your forehead and come on down to Sanford and
Tell Malik Zulu Shabazz you want to volunteer? I guarantee He'll kick your lilly white can down the road.

Silverfiddle said...

Yes, it hurts. And you can tell it pains the man to say what he is saying.

And my guess is he is not a republican, but rather a common sense man disgusted at what's going on around him.

Ducky: You're nuts. Make My Day laws save lives. Concealed carry and liberty-respecting gun laws save lives. Look at the "gun free zone" of Chicago.

It is a fundamental human right to be able to protect one's life, family and property.

Anonymous said...

"awful and that the problem may be a very flawed law..."

Flawed law? It's been in affect now for 7 or 8 years. You think this is the first case of stand your ground defense in Florida Net?

Hardly. I just read of an incident "road rage" a couple of weeks ago. The shot..and killed. And I think it's been used quite a few times in Florida. Do you think people who are threatened with bodily harm should run away and not defend themselves or their

Or to ignore a felony taking place in front of them?

If you dislike the 2nd amendment....and guns...fine. Don't buy them or use them.

Personally..I think the 1st amendment needs a more people are motivated to kill by words than by guns.

KP said...

net observer -- great commnets.

As for Mike, I watched some of his other videos on you tube. It is clear to me he is not supporting 'white conservative' America. What he is is trying to do is shake up that element of black America that he feels is destructive to the black community, and at the same time have whites listen to him and hear his concern. He's accomplising both tasks.

He is pissed off at just about everybody, left and right. Black and white; for good reason.

Z said...

Silverfiddle...why would you think he's a Republican? He could be, but he gives no suggestion of that.

I agree. He's a common sense man disgusted with what's going on around him. Wait! HE IS A REPUBLICAN! (smile)

Ducky, think what you want.

net observer, it might happen in your community, but it sure doesn't in the public eye, sadly.

I have never seen Sharpton or Jackson march against the too frequent black on black crime...and KIDS are dying and it always seems like the kids who die are the ones who get caught in crossfire; the ones the principal said had a great future and had good grades, etc.
This can stop. Or at least we can discuss it., would have thought a half Black president would have the sentiment to help.

Z said...

KP, exactly right.
So this MIKE has other videos? On other subjects, or??...

Did you get the impression from ME or anybody else that he supports white conservative America?

I didn't think that for a second; I think he's VERY ticked off, as I said above, and I feel almost as ticked off as he does. I'd say "AS TICKED OFF" but none of us knows what it feels like to walk in someone else's shoes.

This guy told the truth; he's probably not Republican, he's probably not a Conservative at all.
The point is he's right.

Anonymous said...

"Obama, he seems to have lived a life which doesn't include the black community..."

Exactly...and as the son of a Kenyan national...he has no connection to slavery or Black American history. He's coasted all his life....and raised by whites to boot. He has no inclination of what being "black" is about...and judging by his racism...he's decided you use it to divide...again.

Z said...

Does anybody know how to dig up these guys other videos? do you find his others??

viburnum said...

SF:" Make My Day laws save lives. Concealed carry and liberty-respecting gun laws save lives.

And did right down the road from me a few months ago.

Ducky's here said...

Ducky: You're nuts. Make My Day laws save lives. Concealed carry and liberty-respecting gun laws save lives. Look at the "gun free zone" of Chicago.

You kind of lose your reason when the gun loon in you comes out, Silverfiddle.

Do "stand your ground laws" save lives or give human piles like Impertinent an excuse to shoot if he gets a jones for a little violence.

I'll say it again, if you don't think Bangers are using these asinine laws to their advantage, often, then you just love your pop guns so much you can't think.

Anonymous said...

"These laws are a petty thugs wet dream.."

That pretty well sums up your twisted view of the law assclown. No "petty" thug would ever be issued a permit to carry...not in Florida or anywhere else. You commie interlopers and weenies in Boston have a real perverted view of the Constitution.

Many states, clown, allow OPEN CARRY...And's not Texas or a deep southern state like you'd expect as the dolt you are.

Virginia....has had OPEN CARRY for a very long time. And there aren't any cases of anyone...being a a thug or having a "wet dream" over shooting anyone. Facts...which you ignore...prove that states with carry laws and permits...have far less crime that those who ban firearms. Illinois being the most egregious example ( and DC & Newark & Camden & NY have never solved their crime problems by banning guns either) of dictatorships that don't allow their citizens to protect themselves from the criminals..and real petty thugs...that have never been stopped or slowed down in their quest for guns to murder their own. Arizona is OPEN CARRY...Alaska is OPEN CARRY...California was OPEN CARRY until the brain damaged drugged out moonbeam....crawled under a table and again denied Californians their constitutional rights.

"Gun Free" zones....advertise to the criminal scum....that no one will be there to stand their ground. TM might have been wise to have realized this...being a resident of Florida.

You see...down here....there's lot's more respect...lot's less of flipping off someone...lot's less road rage...lot's less of coming after someone cause they took your parking space at Walmart ( where ammo is cheap and plentiful too BTW )...lot's less of being attacked in a park over the weekend.

Out of the 600,000 permit holders in Florida...there have been less than a dozen who've had their permits revoked. And in no case was it for shooting anyone.

The law works.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ducky's here said...

From your link viburnum --- This statute states the use of force upon or toward another person is justifiable when the actor believes that such force is immediately necessary for the purposes of protecting himself against the use of unlawful force by such other person on the present occasion. 18 Pa.C.S.A.§505(a). The use of deadly force is justifiable if the actor believes that such force is necessary to protect himself against death, serious bodily injury, kidnapping or sexual intercourse compelled by force or threat. 18 Pa.C.S.A. §505(b)(2).


Reads like a normal self defense statute, no?

I think the matter here is not self defense issues but the fact that some people call them "make my day" laws. That shows the lack of respect for life that was shown Treyvon Martin.

Kid said...

Sorry Z, I didn't cringe at any of the language.

First.., this was a tragic situation that none of us know the critical details of.

Otherwise, my honest feelings about the people who get together and try to incite are after something. They want something more than justice for Trayvon. Sorry folks, but from my experience - SOME small number of black people have simply grown up in a culture of trying to cash in on situations like this.

Some simply flock to a tragedy like the people who slow down and stare at a bad accident in the freeway.

People of various station, like politicians try to cash in on any emotion packed situation.

I wrote a post yesterday about how all of this is being used to misdirect away from the day to day important things in our lives.

Politicians and liberals have the throttle to the floor driving toward full blown socialism, and people are worried about what they're saying about Palin, or Ann Romney, or this case. This is an important case, but it involves Nothing other than a kid who was tragically killed, the person who killed him and the immediate family members and friends on both sides.

As tragic as this is, there are more important things happening to Millions of people just in the USA, let alone the rest of the world. Things have been put in place to investigate this episode and personally, I believe they'll get to the bottom of it, find the right answer and come to the right conclusion.

How about the white people killed by black people? Or 11 year old girls, raped, tortured, and murdered by black men. A case here in Cincinnati just 2-3 years ago. Did you hear about THAT? I doubt it.

I only mention it for perspective.

The media and 'leaders' in this country are like a drunken out of control mob in Rock Ridge, BuckaZona in 1823, looking for a lynching.

Not the citizens. 99.999% of US are content to wait for a proper investigation. No, The Leaders are the ones whoa re out of control. Sorry for My language, but how F UP is THAT !?!

Kid said...

PS to the Black community. YOU Don't Get to Freak Out when a black person gets killed by a non-black person.

People of all race and station get killed all the time. Have White people EVER pointed to blank on non-black crime as a Racial situation? I Don't Know of one. It's always been categorized and labeled for what it is. A tragic crime committed by a person who is or was screwed up in the head against another person.

Someone point me to a link to a news story that has the phrase White person killed by non-white person.

There are some number of whackjobs in any society, in any company, in any group of people in any category. Deal with it. See it for what it is. Some people do not know how to live in a society peacefully.

They Say/We Say said...

A City Worker was out of her office for a while, and returned to find someone stealing her stuff---City stuff assigned to her as well as her personal stuff. She called him out and he attacked her. She fought back and was getting the better of him (he was bigger than she, by a lot), he pulled a knife and stabbed her, then slit her throat. He was later caught-and at his trial, he claimed "self defense".
Ha, a burglar and thief protecting himself from the Authority of the City Office Employee--to stand her ground to protect the peoples property. Non the less, the Jury did not see it - the Defendants side of the accounts of what happened.
That is the same logic of some of the comments I read here from apparently agenda driven agents from the other side- Enemies foreign and domestic working together thru the media- yes, even blogs (comments sections).
This a psychological fight for the for the Hearts and Minds of the American Way- "Clear Thinking" and Blunt Speaking", the way the Founders intended!

"You know the one thing that's wrong with this country? Everyone gets a chance to have their fair say."--President William Jefferson Clinton 5/29/93

"[the United States] can't be so fixed on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans..."--President William Jefferson Clinton, March 1, 1993 during a press conference in Piscataway, NJ source: Boston Globe, 3/2/93, page 3

We will defend the rights of speech (wild and krazy comments), but, just to let you know...

Anonymous said...

"Some people do not know how to live in a society peacefully..."

And many like the Bantu's and Zulu "warriors" in the NBPP openly advocate race war, separatism, disdain inter racial marriage, advocate for all black states ( they'd like to have about 5 - 12 existing states ) Jews, the constitution over "street justice" ( like they have in Somalia and Liberia and Ethiopia ), and openly espouse hatred for al whites.

I dare you to Google Malik Zulu Shabazz and listen to one or two parts of his...ultimatums and not subscribe to this scumbag what you'd do with the KKK or a Neo Nazi group. Now....this is from a supposedly educated man with a Phd and a law degree.

I hope and pray that he didn't achieve this through some "minority grant" or an AA program.

None of us should have to had pay for his hatred and racism.

At least we know the KKK are dopes....but no one wants to call the NBPP idiots or dopes either?

Kid said...

Hey duck, at a glance, I see you're an anti-gun nut.

Given 13 ear old kids can get whatever drug on the street they want after 40 years of the 'war on drugs', and it's only getting worse, how do you think criminals will be disarmed. ?

Seriously, that's the Pinnacle of stupid and ignorant. Not an insult, a fact.

Anonymous said...

"He was later caught-and at his trial, he claimed "self defense"...

Like the thug murderer who pleaded with a judge.."Your honor..I wouldn't have had to rape and kill her if she just gave up her purse...that's all I wanted." He had to kill her...she could identify him.

viburnum said...

Ducky: "Why was Zimmerman released?"

Because police are bound by the law not popular opinion. Prosecutors have more leeway, but this one may have overreached herself charging Zimmerman with 2nd degree murder.

" Why was the boys life considered worthless."

I don't see that anyone considered his life worthless, and I can't imagine that this would have fallen through the cracks without all the hoopla. Just because you don't see the wheels doesn't mean they aren't turning.

In the article I linked, my local DA took 4 months to hand down a ruling that the shooter was fully justified and no charges would be brought.

Kid said...

IMP, and I wasn't even talking about the people who are trained for violence. Black power people, white power people, muslims, etc.
I was just talking about your everyday screwed up in the head biped.

Z said...

Kid, I thought you meant the language HERE and then I realized you meant the language on the video I'd warned about.

I'd like everyone to calm down and stop with "Human piles" and "disgusting little shit face".

I agree with the second of them, but please stop.

Z said...

You know, this really IS a great diversion from the stuff Obama's been doing and saying lately.

When we have this HORRIBLE, Country-ruining 24-7 news, we have to REALLY fan the fires of stories they know our public will go nuts over so they can hide how we've sold islands to Russian, taken more presidential control of our natural assets, not allowed for drilling here but helped Brazil drill, ...I could go on forever ...

Also, it REALLY helps divert from the Obama pictures...marching with New Black Panther Party guys and Hillary.... that's just finally coming out because our media didn't think it necessary to tell us.
Of course, the NBPP party's like the BLack version of the Klan, but you sure would know about it if ANY white President was jerk enough to invite the Klan president to the WH like Obama did Malik Shabazz, no??

Kid said...

Z, Yes, the video. I see it as nothing more than real talk by a reasonable man, concerned about Real Serious situations going on in America that are Not healthy and are just getting worse.

I don't know of an easy solution. I don't know of any solution at this point.

Kid said...

Z, how about that hillary not thinking a stay at home mom with kids, is work? hahaha. Libtards are a daily wonder of stupidity.

Z said...

Silverfiddle, I was just reading comments again and you clearly didn't say you thought he was a Republican but I read it that way..sorry.

This guy just cares about his community and this country...that's clear.

Z said...

Kid, imagine FIVE KIDS? wow, that is definitely work!

By the way, what REALLY got me is that Jay Carney shoo'd off the press conference attendees who asked why she's been to the White House THIRTY-FIVE TIMES if she's not a real adviser to the president (as Carney tried to say) and he said the same hilarious thing he said when people found that Malik Shabazz (new Black Panther Party) had been to the WH (actually , Bob Gates had to lie that time, now it's Carney's turn to look the fool for Obama).........."I personally know three Hilary Rosens" he said.." So we're not sure those are this Rosen"

You can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

" Impertinent an excuse to shoot if he gets a jones for a little violence."

You disgusting little twerp. I've had a permit for 25 years. And have never violated the conditions or my oath..nor my responsibility with that privilege and responsibility.

Tell ya what...I'll leave mine at home and we can still hook up so I shove a Samuel Adams can up your weasel face.

net observer said...

imp, i've been hearing about some of the more dubious cases of "stand your ground" in florida. it sure sounds like a law that could stand a slight alteration or two.

it also begs the question, "why don't most states have it?" i.e., if it's such a great law. a law can be 10% flawed and still be very flawed if it results in unnecessary deaths.

Rita said...

So I'm sitting here trying to figure out if Ducky hates all Hispanics or only the ones here legally.

Anyone else here the table while it turns on the hypocrits?

KP said...

<< So this MIKE has other videos? >>

Yes, I found eight of them, equally as impassioned.

Here is one:

I found the one about Beyonce and 'black face' equally scolding. Still, there is no out of hand reason for him (or us) to support conservative whites or bash liberal blacks, per se. The man is trying to make a point. I get his motivation but that is a long way from me supporting the vehicle.

<< Did you get the impression from ME or anybody else that he supports white conservative America? >>

No, not from you or anyone else,

<< I didn't think that for a second; I think he's VERY ticked off >>

He is pissed off.

<< This guy told the truth; he's probably not Republican, he's probably not a Conservative at all.

Other tapes make it clear he is a Christian; and that he calls out specific politicians.

Z said...

KP....that's amazing.
He's clearly not an Obama lover!
And he sure does lay it out "How can you be a Christian and vote for a guy who supports abortion, etc..etc..?"

But, the names he calls Black Americans are REALLY AWFUL and so it's hard to listen.."savages" "Monkeys" and worse...NOT GOOD.
Ya, he's making a point and feels he needs to get tough to get attention, but.....

Well...he's right on a lot of his points. And he SURE isn't going to VOTE OBAMA :-)

thanks for taking the time to link that........I still don't see how I can catch the rest of his because his name's not like on a YouTube title, you know? I can't write in MIKE TELLS AFRICAN AMERICANS>. or anything :-(

FairWitness said...

The saddest thing is his observation about the "Trayvon Martins" killed in their town by other blacks. Heartbreaking.

viburnum said...

Ducky: "Reads like a normal self defense statute, no?"

Yes, it does because PA's version is different:

"Pennsylvania's law requires that the attacker have a gun, a replica of a gun, or "any other weapon readily or apparently capable of lethal use. Florida's law doesn't have that requirement. Instead, it says people can use deadly force if they "reasonably believe it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm."

IDK what the truth is in Zimmerman's case, but if someone is banging my head into a concrete sidewalk I'm going to err on the side of survival. Mine.

Z said...

FW, it is truly heartbreaking, isn't it.

Viburnum...and, of course, GZ didn't know if TM had a knife while he was pummeling him from above, right?

net observer said...

a few things: the issue is rarely about "how many blacks kill whites versus the other way around". the protests are almost always based on a belief, right or wrong, that the courts aren't treating the perpetrators equally. in most cases, they're not marching simply b/c a white guy killed a black guy, even tho' it may seem that way.

it's not my particular community. it's many, many black communities over decades where people consistently denounce twisted black behavior. from people we like (like walter williams) and people we don't like (hardcore ethocentrists). why is it not in "the media"? i don't know.

if i had to guess, you won't hear it on foxnews b/c they have a silly right-wing narrative they insist on keeping alive at all costs and on msnbc, they have an equally mind-numbing left-wing narrative that they insist on keeping alive at all costs.

it ain't journalism. it's journo-ganda.

They Say/We Say said...

If you click the youtube logo on the bottom right of the video and or find any vid you like even at youtube---look just below the vid at youtube and you see a >published by [a account holders sign in name].<
This one in paticular is "5723 michael".
So, if you are at youtube, in the search box type -5723 michael- and results will be the top few vids, below that will be some other close to the search results.
try this link and there are 9 vids.
> <

Rita said...

When I listened the first time, I felt almost "assaulted" by the language. Most likely because I was taught by my parents and my culture that you cannot use those terms to talk about blacks. It's very difficult to not hear those names first time around without losing the message.

Especially since he started off with some type of Uncle Tom reference. I automatically assumed he was referring to a black conservative. That moniker has been so attached by the liberal base to any conservative or logical view expressed by a black man, my mind immediately assumed he was beginning a rant in support of hanging Zimmerman to right every wrong against every black slave in America.

When I listened again, I could concentrate more on his message. And I wonder just how many in the black community actually think like he does and we never hear from them.

A life, white or black, taken by someone, white or black is valuable.

One is not less valuable than the other.

What happened to every other life before that one or after that one has no impact to that life that was lost.

They Say/We Say said...

And if you click the account name such as
[published by - "5723michael"],
that will take you to his "You Tube Page".
This is the way to find any ones You Tube Page.

net observer said...


the nbpp shows the same eight people everytime foxnews "exposes" them lol

how important are they? how many people do they represent? and what exactly IS the law regarding "free speech" and their threats for "race war"? i don't know. do you?

i'm assuming that you could go on any corner in america and scream "race war" and most people would think you're nuts and just go somewhere else. if you're not a real threat, who cares?

and if there's a in face a true double-standard at work, you can march, you can protest, you can test the courts. bakke did. and if you fail, you can go to foxnews and they'll air your grievances for years to come. what's the problem?

this new conservative victimization mentality is bizarre to me.

viburnum said...

Z: "..and, of course, GZ didn't know if TM had a knife while he was pummeling him from above, right?"

Probably not but I don't think it makes a difference. What's going to set this case off again is that none of the events leading up to the altercation really matter. As I read Florida's statute even if Zimmerman is found to be the aggressor he could still walk. Here's the relevant section:

776.041 Use of force by aggressor. —The justification described in the preceding sections of this chapter is not available to a person who:

(2) Initially provokes the use of force against himself or herself, unless:

(a) Such force is so great that the person reasonably believes that he or she is in imminent danger of death or great bodily harm and that he or she has exhausted every reasonable means to escape such danger other than the use of force which is likely to cause death or great bodily harm to the assailant;

I think that "unless" is going to start more trouble.

KP said...


At the end of the video(s)you will see other similar options on the right hand margin.

To be clear, I think he is a bigot. My point, it doesn't matter that he agrees on some political points, disagrees on others or is a Christian and dislikes certain politicians. He has an agenda and I don't like it. He reminds me of self loathing whites on the left who rail becaise they have an agenda in the name of their idea of good. Bigots are bigots.

Z said...

TS/WS, thanks...I had no idea!

Rita, I found the language even more awful the second time, but maybe because I knew it was coming and kept cringing.

Net... tell us what you think the "new conservative victimization mentality" is.

Viburnum....I don't think GZ's thinking TM had a knife is pertinent legally, but it sure is pertinent to shooting someone who's pummeling him, right?

I think the whole thing is doomed.....many lawyers are saying now that he will walk because the affidavit's really weak... which will cause race riots.

KP...his language is hateful or his thoughts are hateful?
He's certainly entitled to his opinions, no?
I can't see how a Christian who doesn't believe in abortion could vote for someone who is pro choice, either.

I don't think he has to go as far as he does with his name-calling, that is FOR SURE.

Rita said...

KP: Why do you believe he is a bigot?

I'm thinking of how many feminists who want to tell me I hate my gender simply because I don't buy into all the bull they use to sell their agenda and make their profits.

That I want women to die because I do not want one dime of my money given to Planned Parenthood.

I find the liberal mantra that women have to be treated differently to be insulting to hard working, intelligent, strong women everywhere.

I don't hate my gender. So why do you think this guy is a bigot?

Z said...

Rita, good questions...........I'm curious, too. away! :-)

Anonymous said...

the nbpp shows the same eight people everytime foxnews "exposes" them lol..."

And with all due respect my friend...if it showed just one racist named David Duke behind Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum or George Bush a few years ago while campaigning...or a known KKK Grand Kleagle ( Bobby a "respected grand old man of the Dem party or Gore senior who called blacks the "N" word )...what would have been said about that?

Let alone an invitation to the WH??? Come on man...there's no double standard when a black separatist and avowed racist is given the welcome mat to the Oval Office?

When Malik and Fat Al have invitations during this terrible festering wound over race relations and struggle to remain civil...objective and unbiased?

Isn't it enough of a message to all of us when the Kenyan says TM would like like my "Son"?

KP said...

Rita? C'mon. If you think he is doing a Bill Cosby imitation because he wants publicity, alright. But even in that case his is a bigot in the way Bill Maher is a bigot.

"Bigotry is the state of mind of a "bigot," a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices, especially one who exhibits intolerance or animosity toward members of a group."

"Bigotry may be based on real or perceived characteristics, including sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, nationality, region, language, religious or spiritual belief, political alignment, age, economic status or disability. Bigotry is sometimes developed into an ideology or world view."

Z said... said "And with all due respect my friend...if it showed just one racist named David Duke behind Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum or George Bush a few years ago while campaigning.."

Oh, my GOSH, imagine? You are so right.

Anonymous said...

""why don't most states have it?..."

Net...33 states have modeled their CCW laws to be exactly like Florida's. Thats why 33 states recognize Florida and reciprocate and recognize Florida's carry permits.

EG..I travel frequently to NC by car. Every state I pass through ( GA, SC and NC ) recognize and honor my permit to carry. With one exception...South Carolina. Why? Because SC doesn't issue permits!!

If one states CCW laws vary one iota from..say Florida's...then technically they can't be 100% reciprocal. However...when I called Columbia, SC to ask...they told me that. And if were stopped and a trooper asked if I was carrying...all I had to do was tell the truth and show my Fl permit and all would be fine..

The trooper in SC thanked me for my inquiry. And assured me that I was legal.

And last year I was stopped for speeding in Laurence, SC. And I was asked because they assume that I'm from Florida and I might be carrying a weapon. I told the SC trooper I was....I got out of the car...told him where my gun was. He reached under the seat...took it out..unzipped the case / rug and said....I have a Bersa too...good little gun.

No ticket either....just a nice....Slow Down ...I was doing 82 in a 70.

Now...contrast that with the commmie state of New Joisey...I was told..I'd be arrested...thrown in jail...regardless of the fact I had a legal permit to carry in my home state.

So...I figured that once I crossed the Delaware River from Pennsylvania...I'd have to throw my legal $400, Bersa into the river so that I wouldn't get busted in the republic of Sopranos.

viburnum said...

Z: "....I don't think GZ's thinking TM had a knife is pertinent legally, but it sure is pertinent to shooting someone who's pummeling him, right?

Sure, but if his head was being banged into the sidewalk that would seem to me to be sufficient. Particularly since it comes down to a subjective measure of "reasonably believes" he is in imminent danger.

It may, be the case that GZ did absolutely everything wrong EXCEPT pull the trigger and save his life. How do they explain to the angry mob that "the law may upset reason, but reason may not upset the law"?

Anonymous said...

"I don't see that anyone considered his life worthless..."

Judging by the pictures of Trayvon Martin...and the only pictures that the biased media will release..when he was 14 or so...This was a beautuful kid. A smiling, apparently well rounded kid. Happy to be an athelete...happy to be wearing a team color and be a part of something. His mother is a very articulate and attractive woman too.

I feel for her....I feel for her loss of a kid that she once had some control over. yet...for whatever reasons...she lost Trayvon. Lost him to the the the gangs and to the morons.

His record shows he was becoming a problem. A full fledged gangsta teeth...suspensions....drugs....petty crime. And on his way to worse things IMHO. Too bad a kid like that had to be be seen as "cool" be seen as "hip"...for his peers.

Another number among the thousands
wasted lives that Fat Al and Jerkson never address. Nor the Kenyan in his own homey turf.

Rita said...

If I go strictly by that definition of bigotry, then I'm a bigot toward virtually every race, sex, orientation, nationality and political leaning.

At least for me I AM much more critical of women because I (should) identify with them more. I get sick of being told that I should be voting democrat because they value women's rights.

I find the man's language hard to listen to but I don't believe he's a bigot in the terms that are more commonly understood no more than I am.

KP said...

About TM and GZ:

How about we stop judging and let the legal system try this.

Anonymous said...

"A life, white or black, taken by someone, white or black is valuable..."

Damn well said Rita. And given the fact that Black folks are only 12% of our many great kids can they afford to lose to violence...drugs...gangsters?

How many potentially great minds have to be wasted to a thug culture?

How many potential Job's, Gates or Zuckerbergs and Speilbergs have had their lives and potential good cut short by a Mac 10?

We'll never know. But I would think there had to be many among the senseless crime and barbarism that is so prevalent in these urban war zones. And they're always...Black on Black.

Anonymous said...

"How about we stop judging and let the legal system try this..."

I'm on board Kid....but it's already been decided. Solomon's law.

KP said...

Rita, give yourself a break. A bigot is someone "obstinately" or "intolerantly" devoted to his or her own opinions and "prejudices", especially one who exhibits "intolerance" or "animosity" toward members of a group. I dopn't think that about you because you have a strong belief system. C'mon!

KP said...

@ Rita -- I am willing to listen if you want to convicne me otherwise :-)

They Say/We Say said...

I must be a bigot, cause I say that-the democRats will take us straight to Hell!
And, the Repubs take the scenic route!

viburnum said...

KP: "How about we stop judging and let the legal system try this."

I'm all for that, but either way it's adjudicated there is going to be fallout. Should we not be looking down the road? All of us are going to have to live with the result.

Kid said...

Imp - April 13, 2012 9:32 PM

There is some poetry right there Imp.

Anonymous said...

"But, the names he calls Black Americans are REALLY AWFUL and so it's hard to listen.."savages" "Monkeys" and worse...NOT GOOD..."

Jesus Z.....I've been living in the south..the real south since I was discharged in South Carolina. I turned to the East...and said...which way? LOL. I went South. And you wouldn't believe what whites down here call...toothless swamp shit?

Who the hell knows better what to call ignorant bigots? Southerners that's who. Why is it that Blacks thrive and succeed in the South? Look at Georgia for Gods sake. Everytime I go seems like every successful Black man / woman....drives a Bently or a Mercedes. At least a Bimmer..LOL.

It's see really upward mobile people get to taste the bennies of success. And I don't give a damn if it's black on black business or not. They've made it....the American dream.

Z said...

Wow...I could comment on all your comments, but what's the point?

This is why I blog...what a fantastic bunch of thinking going on. thanks so much, all of you.

Z said...

UGH...I just saw this:


Anonymous said...

"Z: "....I don't think GZ's thinking TM had a knife is pertinent legally, but it sure is pertinent to shooting someone who's pummeling him, right?"...

Lets go back to the GZ 911 tapes. GZ said...he has his hands in his waist...reaching for or...holding onto something? Would I be wary? Would I assume that he might well be armed? Regardless of the fact that he was in his "late teens" as GZ described TM?

Would I be assured that because he was in his "teens" that he wasn't carrying a 380 or his own 9mm?

They carry them anywhere...ILLEGALLY. Would..if I were concerned that this "kid" might be armed....or possessing a weapon? especially of he decided to confront me?

Florida law doesn't suggest that you wait for a weapon to be used against you.

If Trayvon approached GZ in a hostile manner...and I believe he did....would GZ have a legitimate belief that he was being threatened?

If he did....and I mean he really did...under Florida law...he was well within his rights to show his weapon to stop TM. But...GZ suffered a beating...that's when he defended himself.

Z said...

Imp, from all we've heard (which isn't all the info, of course) and the audios you and I have listened to, it certainly sounds like the kid came to his truck and accosted him, belligerently asking something like "you got a problem?"

I just wish the kid had gone home or that GZ had talked to him from the get-go "hi, what're you doing around here..oh, your dad's visiting a friend? ...okay, be on your way."

But, ya...GZ had every reason to feel he was threatened by that second time they were in each other's sights.

Z said...

KP, I think it's absolutely true that we all need to wait till the justice department goes into action.

But, my post here is less about the Trayvon situation and more about all that this brings up re race, crime, self-defense, etc.., you know?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Z said...

KP...holy cow! I just listened to 2 minutes of the Beyonce video and he uses words for Black AMericans that are SO OFFENSIVE that I can't listen anymore...I don't care how it's acceptable or 'done' anywhere in this country, I'm with's just too darned hard to listen to.
And, truly, it does make him sound like a bigot against his own color.
I don't think he's wrong in a lot of what he says, but is it really normal for Blacks to call each other SUCH vile names? And I'm not talking about the N word, either. That's bad enough to my ears.

Z said...

Imp...that's going a little far on my blog, pal, as I've said before!

but that line WAS clever ...I have to admit.

KP said...


<< either way it's adjudicated there is going to be fallout. >>

Sure there is going to be fallout. Maybe less, maybe more than discussed. I've lived with similar fallout for over 50 years. I am as prepared as I can get. I understand the discussion. On the SoCal scene I have made it through the Watts riots, Charles Manson, Rodney King and the OJ crap. There have been wars, terrorism, earthquakes, fires and floods out here. In will survive the SCOTUS decision on the ACA. Heck, I survived a six hour Dead concert :-)

KP said...

The two things I am not sure how I would survive are being a parent who has lost a child (I came very very close over a few years time) and some of the things I can only imagine imp had to experience.

Anonymous said...

"I just wish the kid had gone home or that GZ had talked to him from the get-go "hi, what're you doing around here..oh, your dad's visiting a friend? ...okay, be on your way." ..

Z...lets just say that GZ had had enough? lets say that he had seen his neighborhood vandalized a dozen times before. And he copped an attitude?

I'm not sure I'd blame him. And I'm not sure that he had had enough of the "creeps" taking off and never arrested.

I'm sure that he was pissed..he said as much. "These assholes always get away".

I'm sure he was pissed and frustrated that here was another black male among many that had victimized his home and neighborhood.

He had had....enough. And he wanted this to stop. And he wanted this kid to get stopped. After all...he lived there.

So..the "kid" turns punk. The 911 tapes show that GZ was calm and in control.
The kid...turns on him.

GZ is a pussy....he's terrified..he has never had to confront a situation like this. The kid is fired up....his GF probably egged him on...The kid knows how to confront and intimidate due to his size and stature.

GZ finds his gun....we'll most likely see that he fired it from his jacket.

GZ...made a bad situation worse....I know that...but under the circumstances....he was within his rights ( with his head being pounded into concrete ) for shooting the kid.

Try to keep this in mind..a gold toothed kid....snarling and telling you..."you're going to die tonight"....scared the shit out of GZ.

I'd feel the same way. Except if Ducky was breathing on me.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

"and some of the things I can only imagine imp had to experience."...

Kid...elaborate please. I'm not following friend. Not enough info.

KP said...

Hi imp, this is KP, not kid. I was referring to the difficult combat experiences that you have shared tid bits of with us in the past. Much respect.

Ed Bonderenka said...

IMP: It just occurred to me (from reading your April 13, 2012 9:14 PM, that while libs want us to recognize one state's same-sex marriage in all 50 states, they refuse to let us exercise our CCWs reciprocal.
And I'm not tossing the gun when I drive through Illinois.

I've known and worked with blacks like our video friend. They'd talk to me like this guy does. Some ran numbers, some were just hard-working skilled tradesmen with side businesses.
But the MSM doesn't shove cameras in their face.
We wouldn't have seen our friend here w/o youtube.

Rita said...

I used to work with a younger black guy that was a supervisor over the help desk. It was a casual office but he dressed a bit better than most of the other workers. He spoke very well. He told me several times that he taught himself to speak differently at work than he did back "with my boys". He said his friends would make fun of him if they would have ever heard him talk the way he does at work.

In hindsight I realize he might have been referring to this kind of language, whereas I was thinking in more of a slang language that is commonly heard on our more sensitive televised version.

But I do know what Imp is referring to when he's talking about whites in the south. Bob used to have an uncle just north of Baton Rouge. We were eating lunch in a fairly nice restaurant among both white and black.

Uncle George starting talking with words we just don't use up in our part of the country. And the words were certainly loud enough to be heard by the diners all around us.

The four of us northerns literally cringed and squirmed until we could change the subject. Not one head turned in our direction, it was obvious the deep south was clearly used to it. George had many good "colored" friends as he would call them. Even that term is just not comfortable, at least to my generation.

Scotty said...

" net observer said...
imp, i've been hearing about some of the more dubious cases of "stand your ground" in florida. it sure sounds like a law that could stand a slight alteration or two."

As in most laws the "stand your ground" law here in Florida is a very common sense law. Where we often have the problem is not that it needs an alteration or two but, it's when lawyers get involved that we have the problem.

Lawyers will often twist the simple meaning of a law to fit their own needs and the needs of a case they are representing. That happens often in cases like this.

Personally, for the above reasons, I think that the Zimmerman/Martin case should have gone to the grand jury first......

As to why other states don't embrace the "stand you ground" is not an argument for this law being a bad law....only that they chose not to have this law on their books, for whatever reason.

Z said...

KP..."I survived a six hour Dead concert :-)"
YOU WIN :-) (what a great experience that must have been...but I think 2 hours would be enough for me!)
By the way, I think you said the concert was at a school, outside...was that at the Santa Barbara open field/school near Brophy Bros? Or is that way too small a venue?

Z said...

Rita, that's quite an illustration of that kind of language and the different effects it's got on Southerners and NOrtherners...thanks for that.

KP said...

Z, the Dead concert was on the UCSB campus in Isla Vista at Harder Stadium, which was a football stadium until 1972. The concert was actually in '73. Most people were sprawled on the grass with blankets. As that space filled up people sat in the lower stadium seats. All open seating.

KP said...

The Dead concert at UCSB I was 17 and still in high school. The "Day On The Green" series concerts were up in Oakland and were also very long. They were held on grass at the Oakland Coliseum. The two I saw were:

1977 Day On The Green: Peter Frampton, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Santana, Outlaws.

1978 Day On The Green: The Rolling Stones, Santana, Eddie Money, Peter Tosh, Toots and the Maytals

I think they were even longer than six hours.

I was particularly impressed by Lynrd Skynyrd (Free Bird, 15min +) and The Outlaws (Green Grass and High Tides, 15min+). Some crazy guitar licks.

Kid said...

Hey Imp, that was KP

Anonymous said...

"Hey Imp, that was KP.."

Thanks.....sorry...I see the "K" and get it mixed up sometimes!

Anonymous said...

I don't think the second video is the same "Mike".

Anonymous said...

Powerful Video by a Black Pastor and a Phd.

Totally opposite of the frauds Sharpton.

Anonymous said...

Doctor manning stated that if Obama had a son.....he'd look like George Zimmerman!

That'd be closer to the truth.

Z said...

net...just saw you wrote this "foxnews b/c they have a silly right-wing narrative"

re race? How's that?

Anonymous said...


I just noticed this Rita..."which will cause race riots..."

How can there be a "race" riot when whites will stay home? What you mean is that given a not guilty decision by a jury in this country...and blacks don't like it....THEY will riot?

What does that say about them, not me?

How long do we have to feed the beast with hand wringing and capitulation to chaos, lawlessness and violence? How long to we have to listen to the Waters, Conyers, Sharptons, Jacksons, Jordans of the CBC and the NAACP spew their obvious hate towards white Americans?

And we remain unresponsive, save for making excuses and apologies?

I am no more bothered by accusations of racism than of vegetarianism, or of prefering mayonnaise to butter.

At one time homosexualism was deemed unspeakable, but now is lauded everywhere and almost required in some quarters.

I, personally, would prefer human life to come to an end than to see it
sink to the level of New York, Mexico, sub-Saharan Africa, or
Hollywood, where current ideals are much worse than nothing at all.

Kid said...

IMP, When white people start rioting and committing violence against black people when Stuff like this happens Then I'll think black people rioting is a reasonable thing. Can't be a one way street.

Anonymous said...

"When white people start rioting and committing violence against black people..."

You and I both know we can find dozens...dozens of stories and links like this...every damn day.

And yet....we cower and refuse to say what we know has to be true.

net observer said...

the silly right-wing narrative with blacks: "we love responsible, clean-living, upward mobile, Christian blacks doing positive things. but when it's DEMOCRATS doing these things, we don't like it nearly as much. why? b/c it conflicts with our insistence that responsibility and positive life choices is more of a GOP thing.

Anonymous said...

"it conflicts with our insistence that responsibility and positive life choices is more of a GOP thing..."

I think that's exactly the point "Mike" was making in this and another video plea.

This "new" dem party doesn't seem to embrace Christianity nor it's values any longer. So long as it's the party of atheists, homos of all stripes, abortionists, socialists, marxists ( godless ones at that ) terrorists, islamists and jews.

How do blacks vote with and against long held beliefs on such issues?

Anonymous said...

If a Republican doesn't like guns, he doesn't buy one.

If a Democrat doesn't like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.

If a Republican is a vegetarian, he doesn't eat meat.

If a Democrat is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned for everyone.

If a Republican is homosexual, he quietly leads his life.

If a Democrat is homosexual, he demands legislated respect.

If a Republican is down-and-out, he thinks about how to better his situation.

A Democrat wonders who is going to take care of him.

If a Republican doesn't like a talk show host, he switches channels.

Democrats demand that those they don't like be shut down.

If a Republican is a non-believer, he doesn't go to church.

A Democrat non-believer wants any mention of God and religion silenced.

If a Republican decides he needs health care, he goes about shopping for it, or may choose a job that provides it.

A Democrat demands that the rest of us pay for his.

If a Republican reads this, he'll forward it so his friends can have a good laugh.

A Democrat will delete it because he's "offended".

Z said...

net...are you quoting from someone or is this your imagination? "we love responsible, clean-living, upward mobile, Christian blacks doing positive things. but when it's DEMOCRATS doing these things, we don't like it nearly as much..."

Why's CHRISTIAN enter into it? Who said that?
And who said Conservatives don't want Democrats doing the same?

Z said...

Imp, I think a lot of Americans don't see the benefits of how America thrived when people were living up to the tenets of Christianity; they've painted it as a slave-approving, charity-hating, loony bin and that's a great detriment to our country.
Even atheists will soon discover that, if they haven't yet.

But, I think Judaism is the same.

Political Correctness has taken over ALL Americans, not just Blacks, that's for sure!
Ya, better to leave people to their own devises of abortion, the gay agenda, socialism, marxism instead of capitalism, admiration of islam, etc......then to actually put something genuinely good and helpful into our lives, right?
That's not a Black thing; that's an America mistake.

Kid said...

Net, I would have said "we love responsible people enjoying Life, Liberty, And the Pursuit of Happiness."

I don't consider myself a Republican by today's standards. The party is broken, but a Republic is what got us this far. My problem with the Democrat Party is that they're incredible liars and are only interested in enriching their own lives at the expense of all of us. The Dems brought the slaves over, they fought to keep them in the civil war and then put their KKK leaders in a Senators. Why a black person votes Dem is beyond me.

And 5 Trillion in 3 years. For What? This administration of killer clowns is raping us with telephone poles and laughing right in our faces. Truly fascinating. I noticed oBAMa today taking credit for Google and Facebook. Good GOD ! There is no end. They will say anything and everything.
The ignorance in this country is deafening.

Anonymous said...

A must read

"Members of the Black Caucus have talked a lot about the Trayvon Martin case, calling it an “assassination” and a “murder” and alleging that Zimmerman shot Martin down like “a dog.” This too is not new in the age of Obama. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee said debt arguments showed racial animosity toward Barack Obama. Rep. Barbara Lee accused Republicans in racist fashion of trying to deny blacks the vote. Rep. Andre Carson claimed that the Tea Party wished to lynch blacks from trees. Rep. Charles Rangel alleged that Rick Perry’s job creation in Texas was “one stage away from slavery,”..."

And this...after 50 years and three generations is the state of race in America.

VDH has nailed it again: