Monday, April 9, 2012

Mustang Sends.....

My guest is the distinguished blogger and friend, Mustang, who has honored this blog again with another piece for his column "Mustang Sends" ... After reading, you, too, will be wishing Mustang would reopen his blogs! 
SO, tell Mustang and me what you think.....agree? disagree?  Let's talk about this:
Charles Krauthammer wrote an interesting commentary a few days ago, entitled Obama v. SCOTUS.  It is worth a few moments of your time, and I think Krauthammer is mostly right when he tells us, The fundamental deviation from custom and practice is not the legal challenge to Obamacare but the very manner of its enactment.”
President Barack Obama is nothing if not disingenuous when he tells the American people the Supreme Court has no business ruling on a law overwhelmingly passed by Congress.  The facts are otherwise.  This ridiculous usurpation of the United States Constitution, the purpose of which is to limit the power of the federal government, was finally passed by seven (7) votes.  Seven cannot be described as “overwhelming,” no —not even when you are a Chicago politician.
What does the United States Constitution say about this law?  The Constitution says what the Supreme Court says that it says.  We will find about this later on in the year.  Meanwhile, all of us waiting for the Supreme Court announcement should be anxious.  If the court upholds this atrocity, then the federal government will have successfully achieved absolute power over a free people.  Need we remind the American people that this is exactly why colonists revolted against the English parliament’s “intolerable acts”? 
By voting to install a communist president and a tsarist cabinet, the American people abrogated their right to remain a free and independent people.  This is nothing short of stunning, and if it turns out that the Supreme Court upholds the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obama Care), it will signal the end our federalist republic.  Why?  Because, if the federal government can force Americans to buy a health product, they can force Americans to do anything at all.  And here is the bottom line: it will mean the United States of America has joined the same family of socialist nations we find in China and the former Soviet Union.
There are two important postscripts to this odious turn of events: the first is that Barack Obama is not to blame for what has happened.  The blame rests squarely on the shoulders of the millions of American people incapable of critical thinking before voting for an avowed communist*.  The second postscript is that we are at least fortunate Hillary Clinton wasn’t elected, instead. (end of article)
*I'm told that (SURPRISE!) some of the sources have been deleted from the net.
So, weigh in, everybody........tell Mustang what you think!


Lisa said...

If this is upheld we will be "there" because the way things are now we are already halfway "there"m just by voting in an unvetted person who if he gets 4 more years I think even his supporters will be kicking themselves,particularly the media when those useful idiots who will be put out to pasture.

cube said...

It's clear from his actions that BO doesn't revere the Constitution. He and the liberal supremes are on the same page in thinking that it is an irrelevant document.

Liberalmann said...

Half the facts and all hypocrisy as usual. Funny, Bush criticized the SCOTU much more severely. And used the 'Congress' excuse as well:

Bush Called Judges that disagreed with him "harmful to democracy:

Bush's Supreme (Court) Hypocrisy:

Obama did not say has the SCOTUS 'has no business ruling on a law overwhelmingly passed by Congress.'

Nice try.

Liberalmann said...

"The blame rests squarely on the shoulders of the millions of American people incapable of critical thinking before voting for an avowed communist*. "

Just plain cuckoo!

Silverfiddle said...

In a democracy, we get the government we deserve.

namaste said...

i'm pretty sure most Americans forgot all about their elementary school history lessons. obama's disregard for our Constitution and SCOTUS is something he figures on getting away with cuz most of the Americans who voted for him are no longer paying attention. i hope we can put an end to this reign of terror in november.

sue hanes said...

Z - I do not believe that President
Obabma is an avowed Communist - and I think that Hillary Clinton
would have been good President.

Other than that I thought the article was good - and my hat is off to Mustang - for writing it - and you - Z - for posting it on your blog.

Thanks - Z.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

This was another prime example of Obama's manipulation of the truth. He and the rest of the liberoids think that we are as stupid as they would like us to be!
We have a choice, elect Romney and make this all goes away.

Ducky's here said...
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Ed Bonderenka said...

I believe he's a socialist.
That's provable.
"Avowed communist" is disprovable.
He never swore he was a communist.
It's undeniable he was raised to be one by some.
If ACA is upheld, it's not the end.
The end would be Chavez', I mean Obama's re-election.

Z said...

Ed, the links at the bottom of the linked article within Mustang's article are pretty compelling.
I'd asked Mustang to remove "avowed" but take a look....I don't know quite what else redistribution of wealth is...

Ducky, when you can have a mature discussion without insulting, let us know. thanks. Till then, you're out.

Deb Dude...let's hope that'll be the end of the socialist slide.

Sue, thanks for that...I think Mustang did a very good job, too.

namaste, we're talking about young people who haven't a clue who the VP is or where Iraq is. And we expect them to vote wisely!? :-)

Ducky's here said...

Chicken shit. My post was factual and you can't deal with it.

Z said...

From Mustang to Liberalman and others:

How does one know when he or she is winning an argument with a communist? It is simple. The communist will invariably resort to, “Oh yeah? Well Bush…” This article is about Obama, not Bush.

But let’s examine the conservative point of view for a moment. We do prefer a traditional court, rather than one who is confused about their role in federalism. Conservatives prefer that legislatures pass bills; they prefer presidents sign them into law; they expect the highest court to entertain arguments involving matters of constitutionality. This was the role of the federal judiciary when first established, and this is how conservatives would like for it to remain.

In the case of Liberalmann’s video, where is the hypocrisy? A conservative court over-turned legislation that is “unconstitutional.” Bush admitted that he disagreed with the court’s decision, but he did abide by the court’s decision. And I should point out that Mr. Bush was commenting on a Supreme Court decision, rather than a matter still before the court.

The three branches of government serve as a system of checks and balances; there is a certain confrontational nature, but one that is reserved and polite. Mr. Obama has his point of view, and it is the role of his Solicitor General to communicate that view to the Supreme Court. It is not appropriate, nor even refined, for the President to make public accusations about the court while they are in deliberations. In doing so, he politicizes the court. Conservatives want their courts to remain above politics.

It is also the conservative view that whenever judges attempt to supplant duly elected legislators, they threaten democracy. Judges do not represent the people, members of congress do. Conservatives expect judges to rule whether a law is constitutional; we want legislatures to concern themselves with social policy. However, none of us are surprised that “liberalmann” doesn’t know this. How could he? He’s been infected by liberal teachers at an American high school.

Z said...

Ducky, really?
Well, then, write it factually without the idiotic and insulting slams, and let's see if it stays, okay?
And quit crying; it's not like I haven't asked you for months to stop the insults, the homophobia, the anti-semitism, the stupid nicknames.
Then you blame us for reacting? :-)

good luck.

Leticia said...

Mustang, COME BACK!! We miss you.

This post clearly states the facts about Obama's disregard for our constitution and to be blunt, if the SCOTUS decides to pass Obamacare we are screwed.

The United States will be under a strict and heartless dictatorship.

Well, done Z and Mustang.

Z said...


"Let’s not get tied up in semantics. According to Vladimir Lenin, “The purpose of socialism is communism.” If Obama is merely a socialist, to what purpose?"

sorry, folks..>mustang closed his accounts down so he can't comment directly.

and YES, LISA.."Come back, Mustang!"

Liberalmann said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Liberalmann said...

Mustang" "*I'm told that (SURPRISE!) some of the sources have been deleted from the net."

GO FIGURE!!!LOL!!! Hey, it must be that liberal media conspiracy, ROTFFL!!!

Kid said...

obama is anti-American, racist, hates what America is, hates white people. Ditto his wife.

obamacare is pure evil. It will result in:
- the rationing of critical health, let alone reduce quality care like a new knees into non-existence.
- because the law forces affirmative action into the HC business, the quality of what care is available will be a big problem.
- watch for current doctors who has the majority of their income from Medicare (old people are the ones who need healthcare) to quit because they're not going to take a 50% pay reduction.

What don't people understand about Canadians, only on the government HC system having to wait 6 months to see 'a specialist' when they have cancer, then more time, enough to kill them off actually, when the specialist says "Yep, you have cancer."

People in Canadia now all have private health insurance if they want health care. This means they're paying the tax that was created to fund the HC system which has gone totally dysfunctional and useless, and once again have to buy HC insurance of they want HC.

And someone thinks the American government can do better? Led by the communist democrats?

How many know that muslims are exempt from obamacare's rule regulations and fines. Look up Dhimmitude.

And that's just the 'cream' off the top of this pure evil unnecessary POS legislation. There's a couple thousand more pages to this thing.

There is no problem with HC in America. Anyone can walk into an ER and get treatment.

The problem with health care Cost in America are the ambulance chasing vampire trial lawyers sucking it dry by suing every aspect of the healthcare industry back to the stoneage. Politicians are by and large lawyers.

This is all very simple. Unfortunately, obama and the democrats have amassed a voting army of mob mentality brainless twits who will vote for anything if they think 'the right' doesn't like it.
the 'minds' of children.

Which btw, some liberal tell me what you have going for you that most 4 year old children don't have.
Ability to do higher math or drive a car are not valid answers, plenty of drooling morons can do math and drive cars.

Bottom line, I'm not going to have a heart attack over this. In fact, I'm going to go out smiling knowing what a total screw job you have done to yourself (if you're an obama/democrats supporter). You will have created the world you deserve. I only hope it becomes painfully obvious to you before you die.

Fredd said...

Yes, I agree with Mustang that the blame for the loss of our representative republic over a short period of time can be laid squarely at the feet of the voters. The plurality that either looked the other way at Obama's communist ties, or were simply too stupid to notice.

Either way, the blame is on the dummies who put him into office.

Z said...

Libman, oh, no, there is no leftwing media conspiracy.
By the way, you're out.
You'll be deleted every time because you just can't help the insults.
I don't know what it is with the lefties....rejoicing over peoples' deaths, insulting anybody who doesn't agree with them, denying truths.
Well, you won't be doing it here, anymore. I'm not on line all day, but please know none of your comments will stick. thanks!

Z said...

Fredd "Either way, the blame is on the dummies who put him into office"

yes, conservatives and leftwingers.

KID: BRAVO! Do you know people here STILL think "Germans get free health care"? They don't realize two things:

1. it's THEY who are paying for it through ridiculously high taxes.

2. My stepdaughter pays $1000 a MONTH for her "Free" German insurance in Munich.

But, as you say in your excellent comment; you can't get people to listen when they believe their anointed ones. And people like the entitlements!
Ask any leftwingie how they think socialism survives; who keeps coming up with the money when the rich aren't there to pay their more than fair share? they just don't understand. And we'll all have to pay for that.

Kid said...

Thank you Z. Libs live in fantasy land. It is why they get so p**** when confronted with facts. It threatens their fantasy life. Try taking coke form a coke addict.

And good choice on libboy imo. I mean it literally when I view them as monkeys howling and throwing their dirt from the cage. Who would stand there and try to reason with them? Let them wallow in their own ignorance and classlessness, to say the least.

As in Fredd's recent post, it's time to shun them. Treat them like Leapers. It's not like you're ever going to rationalize with a one of them. Let them live with their own.

Z said...

Silverfiddle wisely said:

"Liberalmann: I view your comments like little cartoons in between the serious adult comments."

sadly, that's the case.
I've banned Libman before, but this is really it; he can go haunt someone else now. Whether he takes a cut in pay from his puppet masters, I don't know...and I don't really care.

viburnum said...

Meanwhile, despite the President's purported reverence for Acts of Congress, the Department of Justice lawyers are in the 1st Federal Circuit Court in Massachusetts trying to have a law declared unconstitutional that passed by a vote of 342-67 in the House and 85-14 in the Senate, and signed by Bill Clinton in 1996.

The Defense of Marriage Act

viburnum said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Huntington said...

If I have told my liberal friends once, I have told them at least a thousand times. Never take Stoogesta without first consulting with a licensed physician. Good job, Z and Mustang!

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Kid -touche' on your most truthful and passionate comment.
Liberals don't realize that without a robust economy none of their fantasies will have sufficient funding excet they will rant on about taxing the rich an blaming Bush. But then again why work and pay taxes when we can just print money.

Anonymous said...

We can always count on liberals pissing into the wind. They can't help it. It's no wonder their ideas stink.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Semantics matter sometimes.
We define things (and problems) by what we call them.
I do not believe that Obama wants to equally redistribute the total wealth of our country (communism).
I do believe he wants to dictate policy and rule by fiat while regulating private concerns, ala Mussolini or Chavez.
Communism and fascism are hard to define precisely.
Not quibbling or arguing, but explaining my thought.
I know he was raised and mentored by avowed communists and that his worldview is antithetical to America as we understand it.
I think the more important point of my comment is that the SCOTUS can be saved with the right election results this fall. It's scary that it's come to this.

Z said...


Z said...

Ed, my comment didn't take, and I'm too pooped to rewrite it in its entirety.
Suffice it to say that I, too, don't believe he wants complete redistribution of wealth, 'a la' Maoist China, etc.,
but I do believe his beliefs are antithetical to America at its greatest.

very scary times, indeed.

Kid said...

Lisa, thank you. I always enjoy reading your comments. You're Legit as they say on Triple D :)

It's so sad that so many have allowed their brains to be hijacked by such non-talent.

A guy who never worked anywhere. Lecturer at Harvard, which means he stood in front of people and read what someone else wrote. Two books, ghost written. Community organizer which amounts to teaching people how to work the system instead of striving for personal achievement and the True happiness that brings.
Good God.........
Stunning. And many Still see nothing wrong with it.
Protect yourselves folks.

FairWitness said...

Great post, Mustang. I agree with every word.

If we don't defeat Obama in November, our country is over as we've known it.

I hope and pray that SCOTUS overturns ObamaCare.

beamish said...

I'll be the first to admit that Obama is a scumbag leftist.

But, to his credit, he's not Romney.

Z said...

beamish, now there's an original thought from you!

Anonymous said...

"There's another old saying, Senator: Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining. "

Always On Watch said...

*I'm told that (SURPRISE!) some of the sources have been deleted from the net.

That ties in with my post today.


If the principles of federalism are destroyed -- and I believe that is the primary goal of BHO -- then America as we know it will be no longer.

IMO, the electorate remain astoundingly ignorant about the principles of federalism, especially just how important those principles are to the preservation of our individual freedoms.

Ticker said...

"Bush admitted that he disagreed with the court’s decision, but he did abide by the court’s decision. And I should point out that Mr. Bush was commenting on a Supreme Court decision, rather than a matter still before the court."

The total difference in libs like Libturd, ODUMMER and the rest of the idiots on the left, they never admit anything but always try to blame someone or something else. Bush had his faults but when he was wrong he said so. Odummer will go to his grave saying he was always right, never wrong.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

The Americans who voted for the fellow need to shoulder some of the blame, but i think much of it also rests with the media who abandoned their responsibility to report the facts and vet this man.

I just hope enough people have learned from their mistake.