Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trayvon and Tyrone......you draw your conclusions

So, we have another Black/White vicious murder, but this time the rape of an elderly White woman is involved.  HERE is the information.  A young Black man rapes and kills woman and badly beats her husband.  But does the media care? 

I'll just leave you here with the last two paragraphs from Doug Giles' article linked above:

I wonder if President Obama is going to lecture the nation on this despicable act and tell us something similar to what he said regarding Trayvon’s shooting, namely:
“It is absolutely imperative that we investigate every aspect of this and that everybody pulls together—federal, state and local—to figure out exactly how this tragedy happened. I think all of us have to do some soul searching to ask ourselves how does something like this happen? And that means that we examine the laws, the context for what happened, as well as the specifics of the incident.”
Will Spike Lee and the New Black Panther Party tweet Tyrone’s address and put out a bounty on the remaining pieces of crap who have yet to be arrested for killing Nancy and brutally beating Bob? Spike and his ilk are all about “justice,” correct? Or is it more about “just us”?

Z reader;  What do you think of this?

By the way.  HERE is the page that opens when I Googled the name TYRONE WOODFORK (the guy who did this crime).   Anything from the NY Times on this?  No, of course not.  But it's covered by plenty of Conservative Black and White blogs who think this is horrible and both the crime and the media and Obama hypocrisy should be addressed.
In comparison,  I Googled the name TRAYVON MARTIN and got THIS result.   Sure...NY Times, ABC.News, USATODAY, Washington Post...ALL the big ones, you know the drill.  OUTRAGE that a "White" Hispanic (remember how the NYTimes played it till they had to retract that description?) might have killed an innocent Black kid, but zip on a nice old couple like this:

-The Straits just celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary.
-Bob served in the 101st Airborne Division in WWII.
-Bob loved woodworking, and Nancy loved quilting.
-The couple used to sit on their porch and play the guitar and sing together during the warm summer evenings.

Happy anniversary, Bob...we're so sorry you lost your beloved wife in such a brutal manner and we hope you live through your injuries.  Your family matters to most good Americans, too.  God bless you and your family, who is probably grieving at least as much as the Martins are.   Just sayin'. 



net observer said...

this extremely tragic story is not in any way analgous to the trayvon story -- unless i'm seriously missing something.

having said that, does this tyrone @sshole deserve to be castrated, flogged and quartered? yes. big-time. but in terms of the trayvon case, "tyrone" is irrelevant, esp. if he's already in custody, or if there's already a warrant for his arrest.

to be really honest, comparing "tyrone" to "zimmerman" isn't even a good example left-wing hypocrisy.

there are many, legitimate examples of left-wing hypocrisy. but this isn't one of them. this, unfortunately, feels more like some very predictable hal turner/american renaissance/derbyshire-esque fodder. (and for the record, i know full well that Z has nothing to do with such vermin)

my point is this: these trayvon marches/protests aren't about the fact that someone was killed. they are about the justice system's treatment of the perpetrator. that point seems to get lost on a lot of right-wingers, unfortunately.

having said that, it doesn't necessarily mean that the marchers cause is right. but it's also not evidence of wholesale hypocrisy. but it is if you view the situation incorrectly.

these are two different questions: one is about a sick, twisted violent criminal who can burn in hell for all i care. the other is about, as far as i can tell thus far, a crucial legal technicality. no reason to conflate the two.

and btw, if a news reporter asked obama about the tyrone case, as he was asked about trayvon's, i'm certain he would comment in sympathy for the victim. he did it with taylor swift vs kanye west. he would surely do the same here.

Rita said...

I don't know if you've seen this or not.

Click on the blue link in the post at my online friend Joan's place.

Zimmerman's former attorney spoke for about 30 minutes, just a couple words made it to the news, ANY NEWS.
This link is the outtake of 8 minutes from that speech.

He talks about the circus that became of the case and Sharpton.

Rita said...

(And thanks Z for the remedial lesson on figuring out how to put links in the comment. I know it isn't that hard, but for some reason it just wouldn't "stick" in my brain.)

Always On Watch said...

Excellent link! I hope that others here will access it.

namaste said...

a terribly sad story, Z. unfortunately for Bob and his family, it didn't have the right news angle. we are living in a dismal time.

Always On Watch said...

"Justice for Trayvon?". Excerpt from the article published on April 23, 2012:

MOBILE, Alabama -- Mobile police need your help to catch a mob that beat Matthew Owens so badly that he's in critical condition.

According to police, Owens fussed at some kids playing basketball in the middle of Delmar Drive about 8:30 Saturday night. They say the kids left and a group of adults returned, armed with everything but the kitchen sink....

More at the above link.

Silverfiddle said...

Net Observer is right in that these are two unrelated incidents, but I understand where you're going Z.

People will focus on what they think is important. Everyone wants to hang the sins of the world on George Zimmerman, and paying too much attention in one area ignores others.

Besides, the professional pot stirrers can't feather their nests on ordinary crime...

The Debonair Dudes World said...
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The Debonair Dudes World said...

It's going to be very heard to have a fair trial with the left-wing hypocrisy and especially when the Dog Eater in the White House and the race hustlers in the streets have already convicted George Zimmerman.

The people in the streets led by that phoney creep Al Sharpton along with the New Black Panthers have already convicted George Zimmerman. They made it so bad for him that he wasn't even safe in Jail. He had run out of town in fear for his life from that angry black mob.
The possibility that he acted in self-defense is not even questioned. They want his hide strung up and nothing less is going to satisfy them. Is it asking too much for his to get a fair trial, and to respect the rule of law and not act like an out of control mob calling for his head!

Lets face it, originally, the police felt that it was self defense and they chose not to even charge him. And then, and ONLY then the only reason he was charged with 2nd degree murder was because of political pressure from the race-baiters and hate-mongers in the Black community.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

It wouldn't surprise me in the least if liberals secretly think this crime is a sort of acceptable get square for past racism and persecution. So long as its not them getting raped and killed that is.

Sam Huntington said...

I think we could fill volumes with examples of horrendous behavior from all around this nation of ours. It would necessarily include assaults involving Americans of every ethnicity and skin color. The murder rate in our largest cities, particularly in those that restriction firearms, precludes the media from covering every story. They are all horrible examples of behavior, so how one choose to cover one story, and not another?

Didn’t it take a couple of weeks before the press ran the Martin story? Why do we no longer hear about flash mobs? I think it is because government agencies have asked newspapers to exercise restraint in reporting violent crimes so as not to inflame ordinary citizens. After all, it is an election year.

We can at least conclude that the race baiters in this country are consistent: we never hear Mr. Jackson indicting black men who randomly shoot up neighborhoods and kill 6-year old little black girls, and certainly never when black criminals kill or injure white victims. Why should they? There is no revenue from denouncing black on white, black on black, or white on white crimes …

Ducky's here said...

I don't know. He was arrested after an investigation unlike Zimmerman.

Maybe the media should showcase the white potato head who broke into an apartment in Southie looking to get money for his heroin habit and slit a 75 year old woman's throat.

Let's face it, the story here is why the fringe right is absolutely obsessed with finding Zimmerman innocent.

Chuck said...


I don't know. He was arrested after an investigation unlike Zimmerman.

We don't investigate and then arrest people. We investigate and then charge people if they have committed a crime. Don't even bother mentioning the placation that the state AG put forth.

The real travesty here was the link AOW provided. I believe we have not come even close to seeing the last of this type of "revenge".

BTW Z, I think the husband may have served with my Grandfather. He was in the 101st Airborne in WWII.

Lisa said...

Ducky it's not that we want him to be innocent but it's the fact that the left wing race baiters that force us to want to defend him being you and the rest of you race baiter's have already tried ,convicted and put out a bounty for him in the usual OWS manner.
This what the left under Obama has been doing the last 4 years. Picking out people and going after them like they did in Nazi Germany.I quess he has to do what his bossinstructs him to do

Anonymous said...

This is the world we live in. Killing the killer has become a bad thing. I'll grant you that killing someone for the crime of murder is not a deterrent. It's not meant to be. It's meant to be punishment.

The larger problem is that this kind of crap might get all black-against-white. Having sacrificed 750,000 of our own white blood, the black provocateurs should understand that killing people is something we are really good at. Having conquered over 2000 miles of a continent --and stopping there only because of the ocean --and you want to mess with us? Really?

You know, this nonsense was never an issue in my life until that damned Hawaiian took over. Now I'm supposed to be some candy ass white boy who let's his black wife beat him because *SHE* in *HER PAST* might have had a slave as a relative.

News flash: Every race was once enslaved.

Anyway, it pisses me off and I'm not putting up with this third grade BS anymore.

Fredd said...

Net Observer is spot on: the two are not similar in any fasion.

Regarding Spike Lee, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, no kind of crime will catch their attention if the victim is white. Under any circumstances. All three of them are the worst kind of racists imaginable.

Z said...

I can't stick around today for long, but I wonder what anybody thought I considered these cases similar except in the way I highlighted the hypocrisy.

Not ONE story in any mainstream newspaper. Not ONE mention on the news.

Net Observer, for you to even mention whoever those "vermin" are here (and no, I don't know who that is, never heard of him, why have you?) is beneath me and you.

I personally think this couple is just as important as Trayvon was.

Yes, Silverfiddle, the 'professional pot stirrers' can't get anywhere with this, in fact they keep as far away from it as they can.

ALL PEOPLE COUNT. that is the simple message behind my post.

ALL people. And if Sharpton and Jackson linked arms against this pathetic creep Tyrone, maybe more kids would get the message that their 'leaders' aren't too pleased?
And wouldn't it set a nice tone for all of America?

I think so.

Z said...

Fredd...I think I made my point and the hypocrisy in the coverage of these two cases does count. The difference is what does make this noteworthy to me....the difference seen in the (lack of) handling of it by the media and the Black "leaders" (sharpton and Jackson, and all the rest who said Trayvon was 'hunted down like a dog' Seems like this old couple was really hunted down, sitting in their homes minding their own business)

Ducky's here said...

Well Fredd, it's like this. As we keep building an underclass the violence WILL grow.

Why is this class growing (and only a damn fool would say it isn't) is something that should be discussed open and honestly without the baggage we have now. It won't be.

And the culture will be in the hands of the morons who expect a violent response to be the panacea.

And it's not going to change till we wise up. And that includes the gun loons who are more interested in their moronic carry permits than a functioning economy.

Lisa said...

we can thank LBJ's "Great Joke Society" who built this underclass that put them into perpetual slavery to WIC, Welfare, Unemployment, and EBT cards.

Anonymous said...

The media and the professional racists don't care about any murder victims. They have an agenda. They thought they had a slam dunk case of racism. When it didn't turn out that way they tried to fake it.

Anonymous said...

"that includes the gun loons who are more interested in their moronic carry permits than a functioning economy."

I'm more concerned about the 1st amendment loons that the 2nd amendment's protection and purpose.

How many words did it take for Fat Al, Malik Zulu Shabazz, Jackson and Spike Lee....use "legally" to drive the mobs into a killing frenzy?

See...to me the first is and can be way more dangerous than the second.

Those that abide by the seconds rules of conduct have proved they're trustworthy and citizens whose character cannot be questioned. Otherwise they are undeserving of that privilege.

How many more "loons" are running around without a permit and of low character that can propel their acolytes into mob frenzy or "street justice"?

Maybe we're more interested in a functioning society first...then the economy ought to follow along?

cube said...

The lunatic right fringe isn't obsessed with finding Zimmerman not guilty, we are preoccupied with the lunatic left finding him guilty without a trial.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the right is a "lunatic" fringe.

Anonymous said...
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Mark said...

As I said over at my place, a race war is imminent, and it will be started by the race profiteers, and the catalyst will be Barack Obama by virtue of his silence on black on white crime and his outrage at white on black crimes.

Ducky's here said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Z said...

Ducky, I'm sorry you can't take open discussion and have to name call again in any language. What an utterly stupid and ridiculous little person you can be.
And what utterly silly conjectures you make here.

Fredd...the whole point is exactly that. Where's Spike on this?
Why wouldn't the NY Times cover this? No networks, no newspapers...except maybe the Tulsa paper.

This is irresponsible. ALL kids need to learn that you're going to get in trouble no matter what color your victim is.........and what color the victimizer is.

Let me ask everyone a question:

Are you so interested in clearing Zimmerman or seeing that justice is done?

And, Ducky, let me ask you: Is your hypothesis that all Conservatives just want Zimmerman freed based on what you think is racism toward Trayvon? We just want any white guy cleared?

Can you honestly even suggest anything like that?
if it weren't so sad, and so uninformed, I'd say that's very funny

Liberalmann said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ducky's here said...

z, the fact that you posted this topic pretty much demonstrates where your head is at.

You seem to be with the crew that is itching for serious race problems to erupt.

Well anyway, who should be my role model here, Impertinent, maybe. There's a temperate voice.


It's only going to get worse.

Ducky's here said...

Remember z, the Martin case is important and deserves to be judged on its own basis, not by ridiculous straw man arguments.

Z said...

My GOD, Ducky, do you even READ comments to you?
YOu sure don't show it.

Lib man...by.

Z said...

"the Martin case is important and deserves to be judged on its own basis"

Really? More important than an elderly couple being attacked and raped and killed? really?

I believe all cases deserve the same care, the same media attention, the same justice.

stop with your strawmen. thanks

Pris said...

"we can thank LBJ's "Great Joke Society" who built this underclass that put them into perpetual slavery to WIC, Welfare, Unemployment, and EBT cards."

Lisa, you have it exactly right! The so-called progressives have practiced paternalism re what some refer to as an underclass.

They do not believe that minority races can take care of themselves. If they did, we'd be in a much better environment today.

To me, it's all an evil game the Progressives play. They look down their noses at people whom they think are inferior, and play the same old condescending game over and over. Why? To get their votes, and to gain power.

Net, my problem with the Trayvon/Zimmerman case is the fact that the NBBP called for a bounty on on Zimmerman's head, "wanted dead or alive"! Not a peep from Holder, or Obama. Is this unifying? To let calls for violence or murder off the hook?

Funny, I didn't know we could take the law into our own hands, regardless of color!

This is most disturbing and I believe it's a plan to cause chaos. This administration works best when chaos reigns.

The fact that you don't see it, I think, is because you don't want to. I guess I can't blame you, but please, don't lecture us on hypocrisy.

"Are you so interested in clearing Zimmerman or seeing that justice is done?"

Z, I am interested in justice, pure and simple. Whether there can be justice in this case is anyone's guess. As I said, chaos will ensue if Zimmerman is not found guilty, regardless of the facts, and evidence.

net observer said...

i apologize for offending you, z. even tho' i honestly have no earthly idea how i offended you.

i referred to people like derbyshire as vermin. i then went out of my way to separate you from people like him.

somehow, you still saw something offensive in that -- i guess. i don't get it. i honestly don't.

i'm probably the most fair person here based on my experience. i really don't get how my post would offend anybody unless they're friends with derbyshire & co.

maybe you can enlighten me.
regardless, again, i apologize.

net observer said...

pris, just like there may be a legal technical reason why zimmerman eventually receives an acquittal, there may be a legal technical reason why nbpp haven't been arrested.

i just don't know either way. any legal minds out there?

indeed, in terms of their rhetoric, the nbpp is stupid and disgusting at best. frankly, i'd love to see them get arrested, along with spike lee and other mindless tweeters.

but what does the law say? that's the crucial question.

Anonymous said...

The beasts strike again in Mobile, Al...and beat his man into a coma...all over basketball( and his whiteness )...and of course, one for "Saint Skittles".


Anonymous said...

"there may be a legal technical reason why nbpp haven't been arrested."..

The reason Net...is Pam Bondi, the AG in Florida. And his baldness Rick Scott...who also lacks the required Testosterone ( can't blame Pam for not having any can we? ).

The reason is fear Net..pure fear that enforcing both Federal law and state law...the mobs ( Being kind ) will rain so much destruction, chaos, lawlessness and mayhem ( murder too ) onto innocent citizens all over this country. And you know it....Saint Skittles has replaced the old poster boy, Rodney King as their new hero. And SHARPTON AND JACKSON are cashing in as usual. Stirring up the pot...making race once again....the great divider in the US.

Personally....I'd like to see GZ hang if this case is one where he abused the stand your ground law. If it's found that he used this defense illegally....I'd put the rope around his neck myself...as he'd can be blamed for placing all law abiding citizens in Florida in real peril.

sue hanes said...

Z - That is a very sad story - and it is hard to imagine how their marriage could end in this manner.

I'm so sorry for these people.

Z said...

Net, I'm not offended, and I thank you for the apology, but it's not really necessary.

But, you see, I think this IS a perfect example of left-wing hypocrisy, a HUGE one, so if this feels more like some "predictable...fodder", I guessed that turner must be some supremacist freak that I happen to somehow agree with for once! I did, of course, see you exclude me from him, but the connection seemed, if not intentional,somewhere on your mind. If I misread, I'm sorry. And I'm sure I might have :-)
I know with certainty you know I'm no racist!

I'm very surprised that people like the npbb who blatantly, openly threatened death to Zimmerman...and Mike Tyson who said he thought that would be a dandy idea, aren't locked up.

A lot of people, including on CNN, have said "well, the npbb's only a very few people"....but I just have to laugh and question how long a right wing person would have been kept out of jail had he/she threatened death to anyone so publicly! And carried night sticks and dressed in camouflage just to seal the threat!

From Wikipedia:
As of 2009, the NBPP claimed a few thousand members organized in 45 chapters, while independent estimates by the Anti-Defamation League suggest that the group is "much smaller" but is nevertheless able to attract a large turnout of non-members (some of whom "may not even realize what this group actually stands for") to its events by focusing on specific issues of local interest.[14]"

"may not realize?" :-)
sounds like Snopes when Michelle Bachman misspoke about some historical fact and Snopes NAILED her BADLY....and when Obama said we have fifty-seven states, they said he had said that but "he was probably tired" :-)
not a little whitewashing going on.

Imp, if GZ abused that law, he needs to pay the penalty...
I'm sorry that nobody but that witness "John" who has claimed since Day 1 that Trayvon was on top of him and beating him, has come forward to corroborate John's and GZ's story, it seems John's story isn't flying somehow. But, maybe in court?

If someone was beating me, he was 6'3" and I didn't know how far he'd go, AND I was on the ground and had a gun...
Well, that could never happen to me because I have no gun.

I just SO WISH that Trayvon had just GONE WHERE HE WAS GOING. THat's what I wish...so much.

Z said...

Pris, I hope that chaos doesn't follow...

And I hope pundits are wrong for suggesting that all of the hoopla in this case isn't done to solidify Obama's black base which has pretty much dwindled, apparently.
Shocking insinuation but not out of the question. Divide and conquer.
ugly, isn't it.

Elmers Brother said...

Duhkkky could care less about due process and tainting a jury pool. Well said Cube.

viburnum said...

I think the difference between these two tragedies is one of clarity. This in Tulsa is crystal clear criminality without reason or excuse, whereas in Florida the entire situation is murky and muddled with so many possible interpretations of both law and fact that it's virtually impossible that it will ever be resolved in a 'political' sense, however the verdict comes down. At least not until the color of all involved fades from our consideration.

Anonymous said...

"some of whom "may not even realize what this group actually stands for") to its events by focusing on specific issues of local interest.[14]""

You see...this is precisely what infuriates me about the "progressives" that Prisc speaks of. That they get away with this condescending, racism and paternalism that they dare think that the (shhhh) "darkies" just don't have a clue about the NBPP!

That they must be so stupid, so ignorant, so clueless that they can't see or hear when the NBPP calls out for the murder of "whitey" on the streets of Philadelphia.

That blacks are so unsophisticated and ill informed that they must think the NBPP, NAN and the pimps are all about..."justice" and worthwhile community activism...that BTW...the original BPP was all for and accomplished rather well...even if they were very militant. ( Even if Bobby Seal was so...vocal ) And now...he sits in Congress.

They never, as far as I know, ever espoused the hate that Malik Zulu Shabazz and his idiots now march to.

And as far as how many members they have? Who gives a rats ass? The KKK is a tiny useless group of losers too...just like the NBPP.

But..the difference seems to be..that the rhetoric of the pimps and NBPP....have an enormous, rousing, effect on those who listen.

Why is that? Who seems to be more predisposed to violence...of the two?

Anonymous said...

"Imp, if GZ abused that law, he needs to pay the penalty... "

Z...I totally agree. if he's used the law for a shield....he needs to pay for the rest of his life. He's done more damage to Florida law than the Norwegian gunman has done to Norway.

viburnum said...

Interesting to note that the OLD Black Panther party completely disavows the NBPP.


I don't know if it's still in force but they did at one time have an injunction against them for using the name.

Anonymous said...

" they did at one time have an injunction against them for using the name."...

And??? You think that makes them tremble in their combat boots? I have to admire one thing about them though.....they have flipped the bird to all of America....and dared them to do something about their "racis" militia.

Gee....maybe if the KKK dressed as spiffy as the NBPP...they'd have more members?
Or if the neo Nazis would just give up the swastikas...they'd be cooler? And they'd have more Jewish members?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Face it.....even the NYT has... for all you deranged "progressives.

Whose to blame?

The militant NBPP and race pimps aren't aware of the "unintended consequences" of MILLIONS of legally armed citizens.

Legally too I might add....the second amendment still has meaning and power....as much as you twerps want to disarm Americans...you've only succeeded in forcing millions more...in arming themselves.


Z said...

viburnum, they SHOULD still have an injunction, if that's the truth...and we have no reason to believe it isn't. Don't you think?

Imp, the last thing libs want is an armed America. THey'll BS us that it's to keep innocent people from being killed; I think we all know different.

Z said...

Sue, I am too. Imagine, after 65 years?

Anonymous said...

"THey'll BS us that it's to keep innocent people from being killed; I think we all know different..."

Z...this was from the NYT!!!! Realizing that even in NYC...state... that Americans are buying and arming themselves more than they have never done before?

Nice job race pimps. You've singlehandedly jacked up the numbers of armed and ready Americans 10 fold.

Additionally...I hope all African Americans do the same to counter the pimps and violent among them....which are way too many of blacks with the majority of crime...black on black.

viburnum said...

Z: "they SHOULD still have an injunction, if that's the truth...and we have no reason to believe it isn't."

It's not now mentioned in the FAQ since the site has apparently been revamped from when I first saw it, but I did read it earlier when we were discussing the NBPP in regards the voter intimidation case in Philly.

The old crew seem quite earnest in their denouncement, even going so far as to quote Che Guevara at them "...the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love.”

Makes for interesting reading, but bring your own salt. ;-)

beamish said...

I gotta agree with Net Observer here:

to be really honest, comparing "tyrone" to "zimmerman" isn't even a good example left-wing hypocrisy.

This Tyrone Woodfork specimen did not rape and kill that woman in self-defense.

Right Truth said...

Everything is selective with the media. whatever meets their agenda,

Right Truth

Bob said...

Guess I'm late to the party, again.

Net's right. There is no comparison to the two stories, and this speaks to the power of the professional racists Silverfiddle mentions. It also demonstrates the mind set of the news professionals.

The interesting thing is that the facts of the Martin/Zimmerman case have been out since the beginning, but the media chose to ignore them and to fabricate portions of the story.

The miserable saga told by the media was just an attempt to solidify the black part Democrat Party base. I can think of no other reason.

Always On Watch said...

The miserable saga told by the media was just an attempt to solidify the black part Democrat Party base.

That is exactly what is going on.

"African-Americans for Obama," one of Obama's campaign groups, hadn't been doing well. Then along came the Zimmerman-Martin case. Voila! Exploit the case for political purposes and along race lines.

Is there any reaction from the Hispanic community that Obama seemed to indicate that Zimmerman is guilty?

Brooke said...

Exactly. Obama needs street cred with black voters.

I can't wait to see how many more of these stories the MSM trots out before November. Gotta keep Obama's base riled up!

And Beamish is dead-on!

Z said...

Bob, the irony is why I blogged this, not a comparison.
Media's NOWHERE on this Tyrone story...absolutely nowhere.
And where is anybody walking, arm in arm, against what happened to that old couple?

Brooke, right.

Kid said...

I wonder how many of these kids were born to career baby makers paid y the state to put democrat voters out the assembly line. Why doesn't the media complain about government sponsored, taxpayer supported child abuse ?

I was in Detroit several years ago around Christmas. The local news had a human interest story about a female who lost her apartment while she had 8 kids and was living in a Buick for over a year.
Some idiot or group bought her a house to move into. When she moved into the house, she had 9 kids.

1. She got kicked out of an apartment while getting money from the government to the tune of 8 kids? Where did the money go?
2. She got Pregnant while living in a Buick with 8 kids.

These are indisputable facts.

The 2 local news female anchors just smiling away about this fantastic feel good story.

Stick a fork in this place.

In other news, Trayvon will be in the front page news until Nov 4.
They're pulling Rodney King out too. Watch him stay in the news.
All the hip hop people are making music focused on Rodney King, who eventually admitted he deserved to be beaten.

There is liberal thinking and tactics. Insult, complain and accuse to mis-direct. It is all they have. I'm sure glad I'm not one.

Z said...

Kid, what a story. THAT"s "feel good"? FOR WHOM? Those poor kids! And the cycle continues, huh?

I'm beginning to think so many of us are right..the race card's here to promote Black voters for Obama.....the gender card is to draw the women to him, the class warfare card.,. etc.

Well, just wait till my THursday post. I wish I could be here during the day to see and respond to the comments...I'll be home by about 4:30 PST....

see ya!

John Long said...

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Clarkxfrx said...

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